Before interspecies snorgling was kewl…

Sent in on 12/18/06, before we even had an interspecies snorgling category, there was Ella (cat) and Penelope (Pup) snorgling away.


Karen K. says to please note the freckles on Penelope.

ENHANCE! [Say in Jack Bauer voice]




  1. spaniel!

  2. shortly swimming in slung something from some someone for ssssFrist

  3. vivian calloway says:

    OMG such a sweet nose! i could eat her up!

  4. Desert camo pets!

  5. book_monstercats says:

    Ella is saying, “What? What? What’s your problem, Dude?” My problem is, I can’t climb through my PC screen and huggle up on the couch wit’ ’em!

  6. “And your report?”
    “Yessir! We have Confirmed Cute Calico and Canine Camo Cuddling on a Colorful Comforter! Sir!”
    “By God. Another Overload. Captain, prepare the troops for a mass snorgle attack – from all fronts!”

  7. Three dots?
    A hobo puppy!

  8. Well, at least Penelope appears to be snorgling. Ella, on the other hand, appears to be tolerating it with that look of disdain that cats are so good at.

  9. omg.. i love love LOVE the colors on that cat!!! gorgeous!!

  10. Tessa- it seems to me that Ella has more of a ‘caught-in-the-act’ face than a disdainful tolerance…

  11. They’re color coordinated!

  12. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m with Tessa. Pup is snorgle-slepping, Cat is saying “Get this thing offa me!” They’re both exceedling beautiful (that was supposed to be exceedingly, but it looked sorta COish, so I left it). I lurves ’em.

  13. That cat does not like being caught tolerating puppy luvins.

    The frecklatude is too much!

  14. Meet Cathy, who’s lived most everywhere,
    From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
    But Patty’s only seen the sights
    A girl can see from Brooklyn Heights —
    What a crazy pair!

    But they’re cousins,
    Identical cousins all the way.
    One pair of matching bookends,
    Different as night and day.

    Where Cathy adores a minuet,
    The Ballet Russes, and crepe suzette,
    Our Patty loves to rock and roll,
    A hot dog makes her lose control —
    What a wild duet!

    Still, they’re cousins,
    Identical cousins and you’ll find,
    They laugh alike, they walk alike,
    At times they even talk alike —
    You can lose your mind,
    When cousins are two of a kind!

  15. I believe that’s called the Trifreckle.

  16. what type of pup is that?

  17. bluepaint, it’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

  18. i feel the need to point out that was COXCU

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    There modeling matching coats.

  20. Boy, and I thought Wilhemina Slater’s wardrobe on “Ugly Betty” was super color-coordinated! Jeez, these two melt into a puddle of color matched goodness!

    Freckles are cute. Period. Hmmmm…do I smell a new Rule of Cuteness?

  21. Why did this pair of snorgleable cuties suddenly make me crave Pralines ‘n’ Cream ice cream with fudge sauce…? 🙂

    …mmmmmm, pralines and creeeeeeam…*Homer drool*


  22. omg squeeeeee! I love CKCs, they are so cute!
    and Kitty looks kinda POed she was caught with a dog. hehe

  23. I love the markings on the calico! So striking!

    I second Jackie from MI’s motion that freckles on an animal should be added to the rules of cuteness!!

    Whaddaya think, Theo?

  24. useta hada kitteh says:

    RevWaldo — perfect song! I remember that show!

  25. Bestest friends. Animals can teach people alot about caring.

  26. paulajeanne says:

    I think Ella looks maternal! “Shh..the baby is sleeping”.

  27. Perfect colour co-ordinated mutt and moggy…


  28. These are my cute pets! Penelope is a King Charles Cavalier puppy, about 5 months old in this photo. Ella is very sweet and likes to snuggle with whoever will have her!

    Can you imagine how hard it is for me to get anything done? ‘Cause I have another cute dog and two more cute cats. At least one of them is being adorable at all times.

    The freckles kill me. she has a tiny spot on top of her head that looks like a freckle, too!


  29. DKN — I’m inclined to agree. I’ll leave that to Meg, tho.

  30. Karen – That is just not allowed. Nope, not one bit of it. I am calling the Cute Police right now to go to your house. There is a law against reckless and wanton cuteness. 😉

  31. Cute camo. Me likes.

  32. Holy crap – they match!

  33. JulieRaven says:

    Oh my goodness, Ella is GORGEOUS 😀 <3

  34. acelightning says:

    They’re close to color-coordinated, although the cat’s calico coat is classier.
    (C is for Calico Cat!)

  35. i love cavaliers!
    my baby is only 10 weeks old… and likes to use my rottweiler as a step on to the couch!

  36. One word says it…CUTE!

  37. “I swear, if you show anyone this photo, I’m gonna tell them about your Nickleback cd’s.”

  38. they match!

  39. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    I love how kitteh looks as if she has a tail chomphed IN her mouf.

    But that’s just her floofy markings.. how awesome.

  40. “You know”….says the cat……..”I can’t believe I am being put through this….”
    “Who’s idea was this”.

  41. That’s what kind of foo fur my Nate Nate is – and he is a PRINCESS.

    It makes up for his bad breath.

    I love “ENHANCE”

  42. Kittens, Puppies I will take them all. They are Beautiful. Another sign of Spring. New Beautiful Life.

  43. afrecklefaceblenheimyousay?