Glurpitty glurppity [repeat]

Nuthin’ like splayed squirrel ‘tocks to get your weekend started.

Ahn. [head tilt] glurpglurpglurp

His tiny little gut is fillllllin’ UP! [dancing around room]


Pass the leche, Heather M.



  1. How cute! I’ve never seen one so splayed out and chilling before.

  2. GLURP! how cute.

  3. I think this is my *new* favorite post! Thuper Thirsty Thquirrel. I just wanna tickle it’s feets.

  4. He’s so tiny! Look how he holds onto that thingy (I forget what its called) SO CUTE!

  5. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww… enjoy the yummers, little squirrel!

  6. OMG! That pic took my by complete and utter surprise … I think C.O. just killed my with cuteness

  7. huh?

    behbeh squirrels dont have fluffy tails?
    *scratches head in puzzlement*

  8. Pass de leche pon de lef’ hand side?

  9. B3BB3H SKW1RRLS0N5! *splodes*

  10. When hees tummy ees full hee will roll away.

  11. nana his tail will bush out proper once he is 6 weeks old 🙂

  12. BIG *sigh* I used to take care of these littles ones for a living. I never thought I’d miss them SO much. I just love little ones.

  13. I used to have a squirrel, too! He was only 3 weeks old when we rescued him and we successfully raised him and got him back into the wild with coaching from the Audubon Society. I will never forget Mr. Nibbles. He was so sweet and so much fun….

  14. ahh, thanks Sproggie, learned something new, now time for my sleepdreamiephase.

    over and out.

  15. Can I babysit please please please!

  16. I love how he’s holding the syringe like a bottle. Such a cute baby!

  17. “when hees tummy ees full he weel roll away.” — jaypo

    Dude, that’s like the cutest comment I’ve ever seen on here. You win. 🙂

  18. I’m going to die.

  19. He’s having his baba and then it’s nappietime for de widdle skwirl. Better get the bankee all warm and ready.

  20. His head’s as big as all of him …


  21. It’s SANDY as a baby!

  22. Oh, oh – and more pointy-eared goodness too!
    I louf me some squirrels!!! Weeeee!

  23. useta hada kitteh says:

    Somewhere in a book (Gerald Durrell perhaps? or not…) I seem to remember a squirrel called Squillil Small. I think this is him! he. (that grammar stuff is tripping me up again…)

    He’s so sweet. I want to stroke his little back very gently with my forefinger.

  24. That is Skinny Skwerl, but not going to be skinny much longer, the way he’s chugging. Go little Skwerl!

  25. poor cute little slip of a squirrel! hopefully the sustenance will fill out his Gollum-like figure.

  26. Useta, I think “Squilil Small” was in one of Gerald Durrell’s wonderful books. And for all those who “want one”– these little buggers have to be fed about every two hours… AROUND THE CLOCK. At least with baby birds you can take a break when it gets dark.

    “Squirrel” is pronounced in interesting ways– my English friend said “skwir-ell” and insisted that I said “skwerl”, and my Czech prof said “skveerull”.

    Croatian actress Mira Furlan, now playing the crazy Frenchwoman on LOST, hadn’t seen Bullwinkle cartoons and wondered why fans wanted to hear her say, “Ve must get moose and skvirell….”

  27. Oh, I love that pose! We always called it the frog pose, as in, “That cat must be super hot, she’s all frogged out in the bathtub!”


  28. luckycliff says:

    hee hee looks like the baby is hitting the bottle pretty hard there! reminds me of this posting

  29. What a teeny little dude!

  30. Actually, they ship them all flat like this, and then inflate them on-site.

  31. all day long says:

    My head just exploded. Do you know how hard it is to type when you lack eyeballs? Thanks a lot C.O. !

  32. chug!

    you go for it widdle man!

  33. It’s just going to grow up to be evil… EVIL, I TELL YOU!


    I love how his little ears are laid back in concentration.

  35. OK – I’m sorry, but this needs to be in the cute or sad category! He’s so scrawny and anemic looking. 😦 If I wasn’t told it was a squirrel, I’d have wondered what species it was.

  36. “Actually, they ship them all flat like this, and then inflate them on-site”

    Thanks lauowolf…. tea still dribbling down nose…..

    Cutey sqwerl tho’ I shall love it forever….

  37. These is one sad thing about this picture the squerril has run out of milk(carring big jug of warmed milk)the poor thing is hungry look at it sucking the last drops out. It needs milk to make its belly suitable warm and full for correct snorgling

  38. he looks like hes smoking a huge doob

  39. Adorable! He looks very healthy. They’re just thin at that age. I reahab little squirrelies, too! It’s neat to see them develop .

  40. oh my GOD.
    this is just wrong it’s so cute.
    the leggies all splayed out, the skinny tailio, the head too big for the body, suckin on the syringe like a dopehead!

  41. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Tewtally Qte.
    I’m a Heather M. too..


  42. Jabooble says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw how cute is that? That was the cutest squirrel ever.

  43. Squirrel Girl says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this little guy!!!! We had Lucky Girl and had to put her in a warm tea cup when we first got her (holding her head out of the water, of course), because she was so cold. Her eyes weren’t even open! Hey, anybody interested, there is …great newsletters and pix!