Exxxxxcellent! [Mr. Burns voice]

[prickly paws rubbing together in an evil way]



As featured at the Hedgehog club! Photo by Bryan Smith. Thanks to pointer-outer John M.



  1. Eeeeep! So cuuuuute!

  2. That is exactly how I feel at this very moment!!

  3. OMG, the Cute Overlord has met his match!

  4. (side note… I’m reeeeally tempted to put the “point” part of “pointer-outer” in boldface)

  5. Oh I wanna just snorgle ow ow OWWWW!! Hey!

  6. oh my gosh …

    he looks like an edible rumball …

    glompf … yum

  7. Snorgoggles, PetMuseum! Snorgoggles!

  8. He kinda looks like the oriental-sauce rice I just ate. =)


    Oh man that’s funny.


  10. Very zen. Get enough of those and youd have a great (prickly) rock garden.

  11. He looks like he has masterminded the PERFECT evil plan. I wonder. What is his latest conspiracy? Looks can be deceiving. Obviously, he looks cute…but that look in his eyes says much…what’s lurking in that widdle brain of his?

  12. Perhaps this is what hedgie is thinking: I have taken control over CO. They are under my evil spell. Now I can succeed at WORLD DOMINATION!


    I am warning you! Do not give in to hedgie! Sure, he’s cute as all hell! But, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, give in to his sinister demands and his evil plans!

    Oops…I spoke a little too late…

  13. Too bad snorgling a hoggy is such an “iffy” proposition. Did I spell that right?

  14. “There’ll be no croquet this fine evening, my friend.”

  15. Noel, reading without one’s glasses can get so interesting. I thought you wrote “evil pants”.

  16. Pants made of hedghogs would be evil.

  17. How… where did you… in what possible… WHAT???!

  18. Sorry, t’was the first thing that came to mind. I’ve had a long day.

  19. And honestly theo, after seeing hedgehogs crawling all over some Brits head…isn’t anything possible?

  20. cute and evil, love it 😀

  21. excellent sinister-furrowed-eyebrow action!

  22. DKN — oh.
    Good point.


  23. Best. Headline. Ever.

  24. Aubrey-

    Beware the evil plants, and plans, and pants, and pans, of the hedgehog…or whatever the heck that word is!

    What the heck are you doing reading without glasses, anyway??? Doesn’t it make the hedgie look blurry? He’s supposed to be PRICKLY, not BLURRY!

    Should we name the hedgie Blurry Evil Pants?


  25. i feel dissed and reprimanded looking at this. What did I do wrong, Mr. Hedgewinkle?

  26. Noel, however we name hedgster, we must always remember to do as they did at MST3K, and “Sing The Praises Of Pants”.

  27. Noel (for the love of pants) says:

    I love pants. I always wear pants. I really detest dressing up in skirts and dresses. In fact, if I ever get married someday, let me be a bride in pants. When I get old and gray, let me get old and gray in pants. And, let me carry around a hedgie at all times.

  28. Aubrey, by the way, did you put your glasses on?

    Or, if your glasses are still off…

    aid yau but our gasses an?


  29. “And, let me carry around a hedgie at all times.”

    In your PANTS? A WEDGIE???

    (puts on glasses)


    And, the gas isn’t on. I checked the oven.

  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    I think he may be plotting the hegemony The Hon. Gladys was talking about in the earlier hedgie post. Hegemony, aggression or domination of a large hedgehog over others, in order to achieve world domination.

  31. too too funny!

  32. brilliant, Brillian, BRILLIANT caption for this fantastic hedgie.

    funny, Noel, i always find skirts more comfy than pants, especially in summertime (i hate having sweaty knees, and, well other places…). it just seems there are less perameters that have to fit, and less fabric overall. i know a lot of gals (and guys) differ on this, though.

  33. acelightning says:

    That’s not an expression of evil, and the hedgie isn’t rubbing his front paws together in a sinister way. That’s an expression of piety, and he’s got his paws folded in prayer. Because this is a close-up of

  34. What’s really going on here is that little hedgie is curled up comfortably watching TV with his human. And with that look of concentration and mild confusion, they must be watching LOST.

  35. http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/05/iraqi_hedge.html

    omg look! evil hedge conspirators. they probably communicate via desktop intercoms with crackling speakers.

  36. Nataliej75 says:

    I know he’s all spiney and stuff, but all I can think about when I look at him is *POOF*

  37. Lordy..
    LOVE the posts.. you guys CRACK ME UP!

    btw.. I don’t see his feets.. where are his feets??

  38. OMG…..this hedgehog made my day….but the thread is the funniest I’ve read in a loooong time….I sooooo needed that!

    Evil hedgehog pants, indeed. :}

  39. He’s absolutly acutable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hedgehogs are like nature’s Popples.

  41. Golden,

    see the places where the spikes cross each other in the middle under his head, the feetsies are in there.

    Hedgers are perfect balls when they contract their muscle ring around the lower part of their body. he did that, probably he is a little gruffy about being picked up.

    Or he wrapped up in his own blankie, it is all snuggly to him, dont care about the delicate skin of those two-leggers around him.

  42. book_monstercats says:

    Great posts, making my day. HRH you’re right, he does look edible. D*mn. there goes my diet. Again. But for this hedge? Absolutely. I’m loving the tucked-away feets.

  43. Cathryn Bauer says:

    If you go to the site, then click on the photos, to the right of this commanding presence, there’s a hedgehog doing the Princess Di eyes.

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    STOP MAKING FUN OF PEEPS WITH GLASSES!!(sorry about the yelling…I had to type it that big so I could see it 🙂 )

    Mr. Prickly MacPrickleson looks VERY disgruntled this morning.

  45. Wow, he’s adorably cranky-looking! He’s giving disapproving bunnies a run for their money….

  46. We welcome our new Hedgie overlords.

  47. On the subject of pants, when I read the line:
    “As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing”
    in Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, I wondered, “what the hell kind of trousers are those?”

  48. Anner,

    My biggest reason for hating skirts and dresses is that, well, my chubby thighs rub together badly. It gets to be quite painful after a while. With pants I don’t have that problem. Also, I could never get pantyhose to last even an entire day without getting runs.

    Now back to the widdle hedgie in my pants pocket…

  49. “Concentrate…feel the Force flow. Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past.” – HedgeYoda

  50. By the way, folks, I just got an invitation to speak with someone from the House of Representatives regarding my identity thefts ($600 total stolen from my bank accounts)and credit card fraud that was done to me. I am to submit an essay about my experiences within one week. At the same time, I am filing for bankruptcy because of fees and other costs directly and indirectly related to it all, hence why I am very moody, exhausted, and irritable at times. I really could use a Lucky Hedgie in the front pocket of my black mini backpack during this whole process. Perhaps he could look over and edit my essay and bankruptcy paperwork.

    Please send me a Lucky Hedgie ASAP!

  51. acelightning: Now look what you did. You made me spit soda all over my monitor. Saint Tiggywinkle, indeed. I hope you’re happy.

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    Maybe when he grows up he wants to be an owl. Or an egg. Or an owl egg.

  53. “On the subject of pants…”

    Laurie, I laughed my butt off at that! It is insidious isn’t it…in a very nice way of course.

  54. What, no comments yet about the moist nosicle?

  55. does anyone else see that nub of a finger sticking out on the bottom left? he’s obvs. eaten his evil owner for dinner and is plotting world domination.

  56. FireFinch — PHLEHH!

  57. “fast thick pants”…must be made of neoprene?

  58. This guy looks like one of those Japanese Daruma dolls. He’s sooo roly-poly!


  59. I bet the fur underneath all those spiny things is fuzzy soft and silky to the touch. Cute fuzzy wuzzy spiny hedgie thingee poodee ooodee woodee poo….(disintegrating into incoherent baby babble).

  60. two things
    1)The hedgie isn’t planning evil he is just grumpy anyone would be having a flash go off just as you wake up, once S/He was told it was for CO then S/he smiled and siad I’m ready for that photo now
    2)If S/He is planning eviol we at CO are safe the Nuffinghams will be amonst first to face the wrath, of course Meg and Teho will be suitable rewarded as honourary hedgies

  61. You have to view the photo section of the hedgehog club link, a rich source of the qte

  62. I wouldn’t mind hedgie snuggling up under the covers in bed with me if it weren’t for the OUCH factor.

  63. Noel, ID theft sux! I’m sorry you are being put through all this, but I hope your essay gives them he!!. Hang in there!

  64. DINSDALE!!!

  65. acelightning says:

    LeFox, the pose just reminded me of statues of saints, with their hands clasped in prayer and their expressions of celestial contemplation. And so far, the only hedgehog to achieve sainthood is, of course, Saint Tiggywinkle. I’d light a teeny tiny birthday candle(*) to Saint Tiggywinkle for all the creatures in need of healing… but I’m afraid the hedgehog might try to eat the candle…

    (* And I’m not even Christian.)

  66. Ball of prickles, with Severely Disapproving Face smack in the middle of it. I think Hedgie here has mastered Animal Disapproval, beating even the Rabbits.

  67. the hedgie is so CUTE (scowl) but it can’t be comfy holding him (ouch!!)

  68. Well I want to hang him from my christmas tree, so he can disapprove of holidays.

    Or he could be the valentine’s day hedgie — a totem animal for people who don’t happen to feel cuddlesome on the 14th.

  69. Pwickly widdle pine cone. Awwwww.

  70. guineapiggin9 says:

    looks painful, yet a feel an incredible urge to snorgle it.

  71. book_monstercats says:

    Noel ID theft AND big chubby thighs! Luckily no ID theft experience, but I know about the thighs!!!! Pantyhose (aka tights in England?? Don’t start me!!!Give ’em hell at the House of Reps. Invisible hedgies will accompany you, I promise.

  72. that is too wonderful! I love the way the prickles look like fingers. My hubby does the Mr. Burns’ “exxxxcellent” all the time; I had to call him over to look at this one. 😀

  73. OOOOOOOooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!
    He is so preciuose and cute!

  74. “This guy looks like one of those Japanese Daruma dolls.”

    Heh, first thing that came to my mind too.

  75. You misspelled “Egg-cellent.”

    Because this guy is a giant egg with spines.

  76. Aubrey— I think you just started a new CO category—Hedgies -n- Wedgies

  77. Pika Hikari KT says:

    We’ve seen evil hedgehogs before…just look at Shadow!^_^

    But yeah, very Burns-like pose. And that scares me to no end. …Okay, I’ve heard worse from dub Gaara.XD

  78. Fark vs. Cute Overload. Two sites enter. One site leaves!

    Err… anyway, Fark has a photoshop contest today involving this guy: