Holy Venn diagrams!

Where oh where on the blogging spectrum does C.O. fall in the four shperes of audience reaction? In the "Lust" category? nyerhe. In "Indignation"? nyerhe!

According to Valleywag, we’re planted firmly in the "Affirmation" sphere! (But dangerously close to ‘outrage’!)


Nice submishe, Das Hajjen!



  1. blah

  2. But even closer to “Novelty”
    very appropo, I’d say!.

  3. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Surely stimulation and lust!!!!!!

  4. It does seem that a stray ducky has escaped Cuteville and landed in Novelty.

  5. Hmmm…and I always thought that CO was off the charts.

  6. Same here, Aubrey.

  7. Must be all those ‘This’& Racks images that’s pushing the Outrage envelope ;).

  8. CO is definitely affirmation (It’s cute therefore I am). I think the proximity to “outrage” is because of outraaaagious fransh accent posts.

  9. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    If you’re looking at CO for purposes of Lust, Honourable Gladys Anstruther, then this should be under Perversity. ^_^

  10. I think CO ought to be at the convergence of Affirmation/Outrage/Novelty. It is all these things.

    Oh, and the Outrage? Clearly a product of the Nuffingham Factor.

  11. I think it’s novelty. I mean what a “novel” concept…a website of all things cute?

    I have to admit though that it’s somewhat “titillation” (what a FANTASTIC work that is) without all the icky sex things implied with that.

    I’m obviously stimulated and tickled by what I see here but not aroused! Even with the fantastic racks, this is so not about sex but it is sort of pleasurable in a wholly “my brain is overwhelmed with feelings of joy” sort of way.

    Where’s the part of the circle where all areas meet? What is that called? Overloaded. I think that just about right.

  12. What a pretty pastel petal flower.
    CO affirms me, CO affirms me not, CO affirms me, CO affirms me not, CO affirms me!

  13. Hannah, ‘it’s cute therefore I am’ – the philosophy propounded by Rene DeCute.

  14. How about “I meep, therefore I am,” Aubrey?

  15. re: “Stray Duckie” escape — I think that’s Ze Frank, PonyGirl.

  16. I think it’s closer to Stimulation/Novelty, myself.

  17. This chart totally makes my head hurt.

    Is gofugyourself.com on there? That’s my fave fashion-bitch-fix blog.

    CO still rules my universe.

  18. Huh??

  19. how about more cute animals and fewer venn diagrams that don’t really make a whole lot of sense?

  20. I was thinking “Titillation”– but I agree with Ali: more cute, fewer diagrams, please.

  21. ali, how about you have a little patience, dude.

  22. “Fewer Diagrams” people — um, go back and count them, ‘k? Actually, here, I’ll do it: 1…

    . . . .
    …yeah, we’re done here.

    (Note the categories, peeps. It’s a shoutout, i.e. publicity. The fuzz continues after these messages of success and inevitable world domination.)

  23. DKN, I think the Fug Girls are going to be a little annoyed about this!

    T., “I squee, because I can?”

  24. I am not afraid to ask:

    Who is the person next to the CO logo with the rather unaffirming expression?

  25. Anyway, without a diagram, you might get poignant.


  27. Hold on … I *used* to be good at this …

    *tries to start up brain*


  28. Teho, world domination has already been addressed by the kitteh in Backlit Extravaganza. Sometime yesterday afternoon I channeled kitteh while trying to concentrate on work and learned that Teh Qte will indeed rule the earth. Oh, and he told me his name was the Great Floofy McFloofersons. Go figure.

  29. WTG, Meg, being an island of kind and happy sanity in the midst of a sea of much-too-serious crap.

    I think the slight nudging toward Outrage probably comes from those Nuffers still hanging around…

    And EliottM, that’s Heather of dooce.com.

  30. One more thing: Sidney, I think you meant to say “bleen”

  31. Whoever came up with this diagram does not have enough to do. They need a bit more Stimulation in their life – the kind that does not come from a computer screen. How about a book? With big words? :o)~

  32. So, boing boing is the center of the blogosphere? huh.

  33. thinkie, you’re absolutely right re: the Nuff dust still kickin’.

    Meggie is the *best*!

  34. i think the proximity to “outrage” has to do with the questionable language some of the animals use. it’s like people think Meg is making them say that stuff or something. and what is she to do? censor the animals, without whom there would be no CO? i think not! if a panda or a baby polar bear wants to call me a bizzatch i plan to sit here and take it as long as they want to dish it out.

    because i am a willing slave to the Qte.

  35. Instead of

    “Affirmation — Indignation — Titillation (heh. he said tit.) — Stimulation”,

    it were

    “Sqeeeeee! — Bleen — ‘Tocks — Splode”

    to make it a truly CO Universe?

  36. anner – And, as you yourself so deliciously said, “Don’t forget the hoes.”

  37. And then the Affirmation/Indignation overlap “Outrage” could be replaced by “Critter ‘n’ Racks”;
    Indignation/Titillation overlap “Scandal” replaced by “Interspecies Snorgling”;
    Affirmation/Stimulation overlap “Novelty” replaced by “Snorgling” (you know, the good old, decent kind);
    and “Stimulation/Titillation” overlap “Lust” replaced by “Kid Licking Pig’s Nose.”

    The center of it all? The Cosmic Meg.

    Yes. I have Too Much Free Time.

  38. jaypo, what if i don’t wanna?!


  39. I’m going for the Trifecta here:

    The even smaller overlaps between three of the orbits…

    “Sex” replaced by “Kees”;
    “Perversity replaced by “Leek”;
    “Revenge” replaced by “Nyyeeeeh”;
    and “Schadenfreude” by “Ehn”.

    Not quite sure where Theo fits into all of this.

  40. Thanks Theo. I would have said “bleen” if I knew what it meant? Wanna give me a clue. Pweese

  41. Aubrey: “I *beep* therefore I’m Jaypo”?

    Except, obviously, I’m not.

  42. ZOMG! The stupid “prove you’re not a robot” thingy. It just made me type “k9nfur.”

    Did I just receive a cosmic message from Teh Qte? If the next post is a puppers…

  43. Redz:

    “I’m sweet, therefore I’m Maypo?”

  44. AuntieMame says:

    Yum, Maypo!

    And I recognize approximately (less than) half of what’s on the diagram, but I still think it’s a hoot. I’ll have to look at it again at home, when I can make it big enough actually to *see* most of the icons.

    Boo to the “I don’t like this, post more animals” crowd. It’s a CuteOverload mention, so it gets posted.

  45. I admit I am not sure what is titillating and almost lustful about EBay. Since our society is saturated with “I spend, therefore I am,” maybe it should be over in Affirmation.

  46. I’m deep, therefore I’m Thoreau.
    I’m Jeep, therefore I’m turbo.
    I’m a Peep, therefore I’m Theo. (except, obviously, I’m not). Snicker, Redz 😉
    Oh don’t start…I have to go, and miss all the fun.

  47. This is pretty darn cool. It reminds me of all the strategery I learned in Corporate Life. We could diagram the heck out of anything. This is by far the most useful application of Diagramnostication I’ve seen.

  48. Amy, please tell me you made up the word “Diagramnostication.” Or are you a Diagramnostitician?

  49. “jaypo, what if i don’t wanna?!”

    Then I beep you on the nose.

  50. brinnan – I prefer Diagramnosticator.

  51. “Yum, Maypo!”
    LOL, AuntieM! My eye went RIGHT to that!

    ElliotM–my thoughts exactly. Guess it depends on what you’re inclinations are.

  52. Yeah, I would have put CO right where they have TechCrunch. Affirmation, Novelty, and close to Stimulation.

    Or, in a category all its own. Because we know Teh Qte Rules All.

  53. hrh.squeak says:

    *threadjack – warning – sad*

    Dear Peeps, what about sorrow? I lost my dear Booberkitty http://farm1.static.flickr.com/83/242559775_69296df64b.jpg?v=0yesterday – he had a heart attack during a grooming at the vet’s office. He was 14 years old, and we had him in our lives since he was a sweet silly stupid (in an adorable way) kitten. He grew up to be a sweet silly stupidcute beautiful loving cat. Hugs from my Peeps would be most gratefully reciprocated.

  54. (((hugs)))
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry family member. All the best to you and yours.

  55. Squeak,

    This is indeed sad – I’m so terribly sorry. Your Boober was the triple-s trifecta and clearly was much loved. He’s watching you from the Rainbow Bridge and while he waits, he is thanking you for the love you gave him.

  56. wheee such fun…..

    when did the acid go in my tea……..

  57. {{{BIG HUGZ}}}
    hrh.squeak, I can understand how this must be a terrible time for you right now. When you’ve had a pet that long, they become a family member and can be just as close to your heart as family, if not closer.

  58. AuntieMame says:

    Aw, squeak! Boober was a cutie. (((((((hug)))))) I’m so sorry!

  59. {{{hrh.squeak}}} So sorry to hear about Boober, but I confess that I did hiccup a laugh on reading “heart attack during a grooming,” because that’s how I feel every time I go to have my hair cut, like I’ma have a heart attack during a grooming.

    Oh, AmyH, I really think of you more as a Diagramnosticatrix, you know, like a dominatrix.

  60. useta hada kitteh says:

    hrh squeak — many hugs to you (((((hugs)))))

    ever’buddy else, I’m lovin’ the I (this) therefore I’m (that) thingies! Specially loved “I beep therefore I’m Jaypo” (except I’m not).

    I’m not very clever, but

    I squee because I can.

  61. I honk-shu, therefore I am comfortuhbuls.

  62. omg did you die or something? you arent updating. I think im going to kirk out…

  63. *

    here’s affirmation:


    a designer doggie with natural beauty and awwwwwwwwwwe-someness


  64. Couldn’t we have a cute post along with the “shout-out”? I agree with the first comment. “blah”.

  65. Oh no! Poor Boober Kitteh!

    I’m so sorry for your loss, squeak. What an awful thing to have happen!!!!!!


  66. am i blind, or why is there no ‘humor’ on this diagram. b/c I love CO for its affirmative cuteness mixed with saucy humor! c’mon people, it’s not just the kitties and hammies that bring us back for multiple visits a day right?

  67. Fifi — unless you consider the whole diagram concept to be tongue-in-cheek humor, which I do.

  68. ((((((((((((Hugs(((hrh.squeak)))Hugs)))))))))))))

  69. Every time I try to send in a picture of something cute, my e-mail rhttp://ljplus.ru/img2/e/x/extel/050706_hello.jpgejects it…this is probably the absolute wrong place to send an image, but I do it anyway in the hopes that someone will help… x.x

  70. Hmm if it were the animals deciding they`d choose “Indignation” I`m sure.

    People – Outrage/Tittering.

  71. TJ — that pika photo was already featured here:

  72. hrh.squeak, so sorry for your loss. Many hugs from Toronto.

  73. EliottM:

    > Who is the person next to the CO logo with the rather unaffirming expression?

    Umm. Keira Knightley perhaps?

    Although I’m not sure why she would represent Affirmation…

  74. I thought she looked like Keira Knightley too… but apparently it’s a blogger. See Thinker’s comment here:

  75. hrh.squeak – hugs and condolences from CT. Your sweet Boober must have had a happy life with such a caring person!

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    Thanks for all the hugs, Peeps (((hugs back)))), but now I need prayers, lit candles, Prozac, kitters to huff, puddins . . . .. My 74 year old mom is in Emergency right now. She was all “I’m at the hospital, dear, you don’t have to come down” (I live 50 miles away) and I was “Mom, I just took my cat to the vet for a BATH and look what happened! I’m on my way!” So I’m on my way but I stopped for a quick dose of hugs and Teh Qte. Aaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!

  77. ka9q's wife says:

    prozac and very huffable kittehs coming your way. I have some deeeleecious puddin’ in the fridge just a waiting for you.
    It’s chocolate.

  78. useta hada kitteh says:

    hrh.squeak — many hugs, kitters, and puddins comin’ your way. Hope your Mum’s okay. Take care of each other.

  79. Oh, squeak, I hope everything’s okay. Your mom sounds like a trooper.

  80. Another Angela says:

    HRH Squeak, I was so sorry to read that Boober Kitteh had a heart attack, and then your mom in the emergency ward. ;( I had to help my 12-year-old disabled house bunny Kito to the Bridge yesterday, so I understand how sad you must be about your kitty. All the best to your mom.

  81. HRH Squeak,
    Just heard huge hugs and sympathy, Extra qte huffable kittens and your bowls of your favorite pudding, are on their way.

  82. useta hada kitteh says:

    Another Angela — hugs and puddins to you, too…

  83. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh, Another Angela, how sad. I was feeling lucky that Boober didn’t suffer (it was fast and painless, they tell me), and that I never had to make the decision to help him to the Bridge. My sympathy to you. (My vet sent a lovely sympathy card – very nice.)

    Mom’s OK. Turns out her arthritis med was making her stomach bleed so much that this little, 4’8″, 130 lb. woman sucked up TWO PINTS of blood on Saturday. She gets a big ol’ scolding for letting it get that bad.

  84. hrh.squeak – so glad to hear it you’re mom’s ok.

    what is it with these moms? mine is so worried whenever i or my husband gets the sniffles, but she was coughing and hacking all the way through xmas and i was like, “how about going to the doctor?” to which she was just kind of evasive; turns out, 2 mos. later, she had pneumonia! and she would be so mad at me if i didn’t take care of myself!

    there definitely comes a point in our lives when we must scold our parents.

  85. floppycat says:

    Excuse me. I didn’t see this post until today, therefore the late post, but I just gotta point out…

    Apple is in Lust.