Sake to me

I like my sake dry, poured into a shot glass, then, that shot glass is dropped into an ice cold beer for a "Sake Bomb". Got a problem with that?

Pass the soy sauce pronto

Oh, and "Caleeforneeah roll, perleeze!" says ‘Zoe’ the ‘kitteh’



  1. … *(almost) speechless* facefacefaceface.

  2. Kitty likes sushi?

  3. Spoiled? Who Me? Not I. Just bring the sushi please, NOW.

  4. I bet kitteh prefers sashimi.


  6. Dewd! You can get your cat to sit the hell down at the dinner table at meal times!

    Dang thats a prosh kitteh.

  7. Yum, sushi.

    I bet kitteh would like some of that raw fish action…

  8. chica con gatitas says:

    yaaays. I lub sake. vewwy mushe. hot sake cures what ails ya.

  9. The first time I ever drank that sake was last night. Weird. That was the look on my kittehs face, too. Is cuteoverload spying on me? Nah, I’m just “there”.

  10. The Honourable Gladys anstruther says:


  11. “Enough with teh camera. Where’s teh fish?!?!”

  12. “What? I thought you were finished! Can I haves the leftovers? Pleeez?”

  13. Duuuude, that kitteh knows what’s good! (My kittehs are absolutely obnoxious when we have sushi. If only they’d sit politely like this gorgeous little woman!)

  14. General consensus states an apparent lack of raw fish. Esp finely sliced tuna.

  15. Kitteh sez: “Sashimi??”

  16. Ebi to tekka, onegai shimasu!!!

    Kitteh made a happy plate.

  17. What a pretty girl she is! Is this an Abby? Just adorable.

  18. “Nothin’ but the finest for you, babe. This is the best Japanese restaurant in Oswego!”

  19. Domo arigato! Maaaawwww!

  20. Kitteh has the proverbial “face that could launch 1,000 ships.” Cool photo!

  21. pardon me, but do you have any grey poupon?

  22. This kitty reminds me of my kitty when I make sushi- “wheres my salmon, mama?”

  23. P.S.–Do kittehs really eat sushi? I don’t have one so I don’t know.

  24. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for this incredibly prosh posting!

    Neko wa ga suki desu yo!!!

  25. Claire – as a matter of fact my bf’s kitty Sassi LOVES sushi.

  26. Holy Cow that’s a cute cat! And so polite-such good manners!

  27. “Do I get egg roll with that?”

  28. Woods Walker says:

    The cat has better table manners and more class than a lot of people I know.-Woods Walker

  29. I’m a vegetarian californian roll person myself. Used to LOVE shashimi, until I viewed Finding Nemo. That’s the day I stopped eating other beings (sorry plants, I still find you yummy!) 😉

  30. *Snerk* Sake Bomb! I think I’ll try one of those the next time I go to the bar. Can’t be much worse than a Jager Bomb.

    My kitteh likes to crawl on my tray when I’m eating in the living room. Even if she doesn’t want anything, she still has to make a couple of passes across it to check everything out. Wish she’d sit politely by like this kitteh.

  31. Cats can totally handle chopsticks.

  32. I’m in ur chair, waiting for ur sushi.

  33. RevWaldo, I’m pretty sure there are no good Japanese restaurants in Oswego. Adorable kitty, though!

  34. That bottle looks HUGE! Kitteh will need some help drinking that. *slurp!*

  35. Kitty has big, crazy, I’m-going-to-attack-your-face eyes! Is he coveting the sake or has he already had a nip?

  36. My cat likes to jump onto the chairs at the table too! They must observe us that much that they’re mocking us by sitting on the chairs hoping somebody will serve them a plate!

    Also, the face on that cat is TOO CUTE!

  37. Yubi Shines – Handel didn’t write chop sticks. 😉

  38. OMG! I hope someone doesn’t eat him by accident – he’s so WEE!!!!

  39. How Cute!

    “Tuuuna Rrrrooohl pleazhe”

  40. That’s funny, I like my Sake the same way! Does that make me part cat?

  41. Harry H: I once saw a wonderful, if snarky, bumpersticker for vegetarianism:
    “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals, I’m a vegetarian because I hate vegatables.”

    Not that you relish in the death of plants, but your apology to them made me think of that quip.

  42. “Hey! Can I get some service – or am I going to have to THINK that bottle over here?”

  43. Izzz…killink…ME!



  44. Ok here we go, the obligatory:



  45. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! Kitteh’s finished with the soup course and is waiting for the fish course.

    Patiently waiting…

  46. Oh how I love this pic!!!

  47. Jupiter Star says:

    This is probably, by far, my favorite pic EVAH on Cute Overload ^_^. It is so PERFECT! And amusing! And, and…*is struck speechless*

    Wow, even my birdies think it’s cute! They’re sitting on my hands while I type and beak-bopping the screen whenever I scroll back up to the kitteh!

  48. ‘beak-bopping’

    Sometimes a phrase just makes me happy.

  49. ActionAttackGoose says:

    No wonder he likes his Sake, he went to Oswego State.

  50. So good. Dying over the cuteness factor.

  51. SUPERB.

  52. are you sure that that cat has not already hit the saki, but then again she would not be sitting like a pretty kitteh, she is wonderful pic

  53. My partner’s mother is Japanese, from Japan (barely speaks English). She turned me on to sushi but she has no problem with the rrr’s. It’s kind of insulting, actually, that a person I love would be made fun of on my favorite sight.

  54. army_kitten says:

    oh my goodness! this was totally my sunday night… including an entire bottle of gekkeikan sake split between me and a friend. however, our sushi was vegetarian, and sadly, there was no curious kitten to keep us company.

    that FACE!


  55. kate setzer kamphausen says:

    ZZZZZZM, I’m pretty sure the r’s were meant to imitate a kitteh purring – not insult anyone Japanese. Please, be happy!

  56. Jupiter Star says:

    ZZZZZZZM, where on here is there someone making fun of the problems most Japanese people have with Rs? I see nothing…

    And even if I did, I highly doubt that it would be put on here strictly to mock your partner’s mother. Relax and enjoy the cute!

  57. What a perfectly composed picture .. leads one’s eye right to the expectant little kitty face.

    Also my kitty’s name is Zoe too! Yay! (Only Mom insists it’s spelled Zoey. Whatevs.)

  58. useta hada kitteh says:

    ebee, I don’t think that’s an Abby (check the coloring…)

    That is one well-mannered, patient cat. More well-mannered and patient than me, that’s for sure. than I… (dang that grammar stuff)

  59. toborzgrrl says:

    I would think this picture was a lot cuter if Miss Sapphire had not tried to steal my dinner last night when my back was turned. Bad kitty!!

  60. ROFL at the cat-ption! Heelarious!
    And there sits the Princess, waiting for her meal.

  61. darkshines says:

    I’m a vegetarian, I used to be a humanitarian, but I ran out of room in my freezer…..

  62. Bwahahaha! I love the expression on that cat’s face. Dad, children, cat all sitting around the table waiting for Mom to serve supper. Like he knows he’s supposed to be there no big deal.

  63. Is this kitteh a tabbico? (see glossary)

  64. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mmm, sake! Kitty’s got good taste, and exquisite table manners too!

  65. Pika Hikari KT says:


    But won’t the sake get her drunk?:(

  66. I say Zoe wants o-toro sashimi. No wasabi. Maybe a little bit of soy sauce.

  67. Upon closer examination of the eyes I believe I detect traces of the devil therein. 😀

  68. Zach — it *is* a cat, after all

  69. Please? I’m acting innocent like…..Please?
    Can I have some fishyfoodies?

  70. Theo, forgive me. I don’t know much about cats. I only learned to coexist with them later in life.

  71. Kitty get sushi or kitty karate chop table faster than anyone can say hikeebah!

  72. Zoe, for your cute lil face an ENTIRE tuna.

    brilliant pic!

  73. acelightning says:

    “I see sake, chopsticks, sauce dishes… WHERE’S THE DAMN FISH?!”

  74. “I see sake, I see France, I see kitty, in a trance”

  75. Kitteh would like to see the dessert cart, please. Tonight’s specialty is tuna a la mode.

  76. Personally, this looks more like the “I can’t believe you didn’t save anything for me” look, trying to guilt kitty’s caretakers into handing over some sashimi bits. My cats were (all chasing butterflies over the Rainbow bridge now) very good at those looks.

    Theo and Zach are right…kittehs all have got a little devil in them, thank goodness. XD

  77. This reminds me of an image from the Yin Yang Cat calendar, which you can see here:

  78. i would like a crunchy shrimp roll pleaze!

    Teh Peeps is Teh Funny, too.

  80. I love the picture- I’ve never seen a cat quite that polite.

    ZZZZM, I’m glad you love this site. So do I. But this site regularly has animals using fake French accents and occasionally speaking in pseudo African-American slang. I’m African-American, and I don’t get offended- it’s all done with a light touch, and not to offend, demean or harm anyone. That said, the caption didn’t come across as fake Japanese at all to me- and considering that I have a good number of students from China, South Korea and Japan who cannot make ‘R’ sounds (as well as a good number who can), even if it had been an imitation of an accent, it would not have necessarily have been insulting.
    Your partner’s mother is just one person. I doubt Meg knows her, or of her. Therefore it’s unlikely she was thinking about her. But if she had been thinking about people with light to thick Japanese accents, well- some people with that particular accent seem to have problems with certain English sounds, just as English speakers have problems with certain Japanese sounds. As long as Meg doesn’t write like she’s making up dialogue for a Charlie Chan movie or an anti-Japanese WWII propaganda film, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, if at all.

  81. marsheeeee says:

    I’ve been to China – some of our guides could pronounce R’s and some couldn’t. After all, how many English-speakers out there who’ve taken French can really pronounce the “u” correctly? (I can remember my French teacher wincing when we’d try to speak it…)