"Whenever I’m working at my computer, my cat Grace insists on sleeping in the trash can next to me" says sender-inner Elaine M.



Gracie, our love for you is constantly recycled…



  1. Hehe, rectangular kitty.

  2. man, that cat sure is a square.. bahhahaa. (yes i know it’s a rectangle people)

  3. Trashcat is not amused!

  4. Literally, the meatloaf cat.

  5. Heh, better the trash can than the work itself!

    I await the day I’ll be able to read a chapter or do paperwork without it being crushed by a kitty butt.

  6. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I wonder if kitty likes the feeling of being in a small snug place? Maybe Gracie could get a little box next to her computer for her kitty to sleep in?

  7. pookiepuff says:

    I didn’t know cats came in the rectangular variety. hehe! 😉

  8. paulajeanne says:

    I had a student once who turned in a much mangled crushed paper, his excuse being his cat had slept on it. I said, yeah, right. It wasn’t until I got a cat I realized he was telling me the truth!

  9. What a sweet sleepy kitteh. Staying as close to her mommy as possible. I had a cat that loved paper, newspaper, any kind of paper to sit on. I don’t know where this fixation started.?? Looks like mine wasnt the only one.

  10. Ah, at last a kitteh! Enough already with the gliders & ‘hogs. Gimme my kittehs, please!

  11. My cat also insists on being on my desk. He likes to mark the pen I am using, while I am using it, with his nose; even I can’t read some of my notes! When I want him to come see me, I just have to open a book and he is on my lap or in bed: instakitteh.

  12. Bonsai kitty!!!

  13. I love “my cat destroyed it” stories.

    My first semester of college my cat spread dirt all over my homework handouts and chewed on my notebook. I still have it and giggle. The instructor of the Humanities course I was taking told fun stories about her papers being torn to shreds and bringing those in to prove her story true, and her mother’s dog jumping on the table and peeing on her student’s papers when she first started teaching.

  14. Note the particular pawsitude!

  15. Samsuma: The self-same cat as the notebook chewer has, since wee kittenhood, preferred a newspaper or book being read to all other bedding. I think maybe it’s something to do with genetics. Was this kitty of yours black, too? They seem to have higher rates of curious behavior. Of course, my kitty’s speckled with white from age, now.

  16. Oh holy jumping montezuma I needed this…I had a coworker I thought was my friend–who had, only minutes earlier, been all sweetness and light to me–proceed to launch herself at me like a scalded wet cat and hurl a long list of Things She Didn’t Like About Me at work, and it kinda harshed my mellow. I needed some cuteness, STAT!


  17. This rectangular kitty made my evening (LOL)

  18. ADORABLE. oh man… cutie just wants to be near her mommy 🙂 🙂

  19. That is insanely adorable!

  20. *Seinfeld voice*

    What IS the deal with cats and trash cans?


  21. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I wonder if she’s still rectangular when she gets out the bin. Denita tell her to spin on it(:})

  22. “Hail trash can, full of Grace”


  23. Monitors, printers, keyboards, laps… but this is the first example I’ve seen of a computer kitteh insisting on staying in a trash can. Way to be original, rectangular one 😉

  24. “Hail trash can, full of Grace”

  25. Mm. Enclosed spaces.

    TwoDragons- Sounds like a horrid person. Sympathies here. Kitties for us all!

  26. Peeps, its way too late for me to be commenting. Evidence: a comment, of doubtful taste, sent twice.

    Bad Aubrey. No puddin for me.

  27. hahaha, cats and their love of small, cramped, uncomfortable places!

    My cat is just as weird.

  28. Lynne & Nellie says:

    I have had many trash kitties over the years. Now I keep round trash cans for their amusement.

  29. minnesnowtah says:

    elementary Science class: “A liquid will usually assume the shape of its container.”

    Are cats liquid?

  30. Who would throw away a perfectly good cat?

  31. We once “lost” a tiny kitten and ended up finding her inside a garbage can filled with paper that she had fallen into and couldn’t get out of, so she went to sleep there. We just about lost our MINDS looking for her. Now, she’s a behemoth and would only fit in a 50 gallon drum. But we love her anyway. 🙂

  32. Brian in Minneapolis says:

    Hey Aubrey;



    Some comments bear repeating whether you were sorry or not. Don’t be so hard on yourself; that’s what WE’re here for. :^)

    Help yourself to some liquid Grace.

  33. Kitty is feeling a bit down in the dumps. She’s a bit of a basket Grace.

  34. oh my god…that is too cute. you can’t see me cuz I’m covering my face!

  35. its their nesting instinct that makes them aleep in such weird place:)

  36. Our cats lurve crinkly crackly paper!
    I have to pull a second chair up next to me so my Speak can curl up in it, but still be close enough for the occasional scratchin’.

  37. one cats trash is another cats treasure evidently.

    i’ve never seen a rectangular kitteh before. kitteh filet?

    too cute.

  38. hehehe looks like a Bento Box kitty!

  39. I just found out that I am going to have to declare bankruptcy due to a combination of identity theft and chronic severe migraines draining me out of almost all my money and causing financial ruin. I needed this cuteness BAD!

  40. It’s worse when you’re the instructor and you have to hand back students’ essays with cat-chew marks on all the corners.

  41. Denita TwoDragons,

    A few days ago I was totally lambasted and verbally chewed to bits for no good reason while in a checkout lane at my favorite health-food store, and all while I was suffering from my severe migraine disorder. The cashier did and said nothing during and after the whole incident. He just stood there and let it all happen. It was so bad, I left the store weeping like a baby, and had to go back in and talk with a supervisor. I refuse to ever be checked-out by that same cashier ever again, and am in the process of talking with management and other staff about the incident and my desire to never again go to that cashier. I totally hear ya. Some people are REALLY CRUEL. It can be a really NASTY world out there. Thank goody-ness for places like CO! ((((( hug )))))

  42. Grace remembers when she was part of a litter, and is trying to recapture her youth…

  43. This is why I love cats. They are the most ridiculous animals on the planet.

  44. LOL, my kitteh used to sleep in the recycling bin too! Look! http://www.ratemykitten.com/pictures/000000667/115322/

  45. I’m in UR trashcan
    Smashin’ UR trash

  46. It’s proof, positive.

    Kittehs are TEH STRANGE.

    I thought I’d seen it all, in terms of kitty sleeping-space preferences (or should that be slepping-space). But this…this tops all.

  47. It took me a moment to mentally assemble those various body parts into a whole cat.

  48. Grace…under pressure?

  49. Everbody remember these?
    http://www.bonsaikitten.com , DO NOT SEND ME HATE MAIL , this is an oax , and yes it is cruel to even think of doing that to a kitty! even fro a joke!

  50. On the other hand….drinking kitty…is cute:) giggle!

  51. Oh, if only our Romeo would curl up in the trash can instead of walking all over the keyboard, chasing my hand that holds the mouse, trying to sit on my lap… The ONLY time he tries to sit on my lap, is, of course, when I am on the computer..

  52. “White Trash Kitty”

  53. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m gettin’ a crink in my neck just lookin’ at this kitteh. Like viohma, it took me quite a while to figure out how the various body parts assembled into a kitteh.

    And yes, minnesnowtah, kittehs are liquid. Sorta like mercury, they can slide and slurve all over the place, and fit into and under places that seem unpossible for creatures with bones.

  54. Also, like mercury, kittehs make great thermometers, rising whenever the temperature gets high. Case in point: the flying kitteh on the hot, hot, hot electric blankie/bed.

  55. Noel, hon, I’ll keep you in my prayers. I’m so sorry about your situation, I sincerely hope the thief in question comes to justice, and that your migraine problem clears up soon! *HUG!*

    Yeah, some folks are just weird I guess. Apparently her area of “personal space” starts somewhere around the county line…and by default, I invaded it. @.@


  56. I had a trash-can sleeping kitteh when I was in college. She’d scrunch into the wicker trash can in my living room.

  57. wish my kitty would sleep in a nice not-in-the-way spot like this! she wants to be ON the keyboard!
    **so cute** like a lil kittyloaf! 🙂

  58. Why!? That kitty probably has a snuggly soft bed somewhere in the house…and there she is, sleeping in one of the most awkward positions anyone can imagine. I’ve had kitties in my life and still don’t get what goes on in their funny little heads. lol…!

  59. But…. how does she get out?!

  60. THAT is going to have me laughing ALL DAY!
    What a charming, funny cat!

  61. Who would throw away a perfectly good kitty? (waits at dumpster)

  62. Carlisa, yours is the best comment so far!!

  63. YAY! Folding kitties!

  64. Folding kittehs? Do they do laundry too?

  65. This cute kitteh totally proves my long-held hypothesis that cats are actually fur-covered-liquid and they will take the shape of whatever container you pour them into.

  66. I like her pristine white belly!

  67. For all those of you who have had bad (and really bad) days, just remember, the sun’ll come up tomorrow! Thank goodness for places like cuteoverload.com that make my day daily. Have a good one everybody and hug your CAT(S) or your PET of choice. They rule!

  68. I love how gracie covers her face while in the trash can. I wonder though does she react to paper being put in the trash can while she is inside??????????
    Hope she has plenty of good naps in there.

  69. my kitteh is the same way.. if i’m writing or reading he will walk all over my book or paper and nudge my pen until i pay attention to him and drop whatever i’m doing… animals are just as loveable as people and they’ll never hurt or leave you!. much loves to the kitteh!

  70. paulajeanne says:

    I too finally had to put another chair beside mine at the computer as Molly would eithe be on the keyboard, dangling over the monitor so I had to keep lifting a paw or two to see, or under my forearms (which does make typing difficult but probably good for carpel tunnel). Fortunately she’s happy with the chair as long as it is right beside me close enough for her to touch. I must admit I am touched by her insistance at being at my side somehow. You are all right, Kitties are strange creatures. Does that mean we are for loving them so much?

  71. paulajeanne, we’re all strange, whether we want to admit it or not. Our pets must just detect that in us and feel a kindred spirit. If you ever find a normal person, please let me know, so us weirdos can make fun of them.

  72. Cats LOVE to sit/lie on paper. Can’t read the newspaper at my house without a kitty trying to crawl on top. I’m sure Gracie thinks she has found the best place ever for a nap: small, confined space with crinkly paper to lie on!

  73. Hail trashcan, full of Grace.

    Ok, Aubrey, now THAT is my favorite!

    And, D2D, forget the biotch.

  74. Finally, Garbage Pail Kids have a pet!

  75. darkshines says:

    If anyone is having a rough time, please add me on MSN or myspace, I’m having a rough time too…….. 😦

  76. I have a bunny-wrecking-stuff story…
    Once in junior high I was doing a project on a large piece of paper. Once I finished it I placed it too close to the rabbits cage, and when I went back to it, she had somehow pulled it in her cage, tracked water+pee+food-filled footprints all over it, and eaten a giant hole right in the middle of it. I had to go in and explain that the rabbit had eaten my homework.

  77. Kittehs make me giggle with their constant need to be “in” things. I was rearranging my closet yesterday and had my suitcase open on the floor for all of five seconds yesterday before my Schon colonized it. I’ve never seen a cat in a trash can, though.

  78. Noel, you win the “Oh I need a hug in the worst way” award. Sorry you’re having some trouble.

    Does this remind anyone else of that fast food commercial with the square fish?

    “That ain’t natural.”

  79. You know, there are theories that cats have high rates of schizophrenia, and that this is the reason for the weird behavior.

    (bats at air)
    Think about it. It makes sense.

  80. Helene—- Gracias. b/t/w… peeped in on your kitty and gave it a “10”. At least you recycle YOUR kitties!

  81. R. Moore—Yes! They’re called skitzo-freeny-cats. That’s the name my brother and I came up with one Christmas Eve when my cat calmly sat staring at the Christmas tree, then all of the sudden scurried to the top and back down, all in the matter of 10 seconds. That brother passed just about 4 months ago so that’s a special little memory I have of him *sigh*

  82. acelightning says:

    That kitty sure knows how to make efficient use of a small space!

    (P.S.- *hugs*, snorgles, and healing purrrrrrrrrrrs to all those who have been having a rough time lately…)

  83. Cheapest cat toy ever… tissue paper. My kitty will hide in it, roll on it, hide other toys in it, shred it to bits and sleep on it… all for just pennies a day!

  84. Now that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white cat like that.

    (ok, black-and-white. and a cookie of the same kind for anyone who gets the reference.)

  85. “Now that’s a real shame when folks be throwin’ away a perfectly good white cat like that.

    (ok, black-and-white. and a cookie of the same kind for anyone who gets the reference.)”

    Ha!!Better off Dead!! Perfect reference!!

  86. bunnyslave says:

    Once one of my rabbits ate her way through a SEALED letter of recommendation that a professor had given me. This was one of those things that was supposed to be confidential, and here I had to go and explain that half of it was in the belly of a bun, could he print me another please?

  87. and i thought my cat put himself in the weirdest positions…

  88. Carlissa, just saw your reply, thanks for your vote!