The ‘tousled’ look

How do I get this look?

It’s soooooooo easy—just a skosh of gel, right out of the shower, doused in mah top furs, and I’m out the door—on the go—ready for the day.

The beady eyes? those are alllllllll natural, baby. Can’t buy those.


OK OK, you got me, the real story is this: the sender-inner’s friend decided to bathe his hamster (the hamster’s name is Cristinel – we’re Romanian), because its ears were black. Turns out that’s their natural colour (duh). The photo was taken just after the bath. Thanks, Daniel I…. 😉



  1. If Johnny Depp were a hammie…

  2. Can’t tell skin color/fur color from dirt? Crikey.

  3. I enjoy the mouth.

  4. Hammin’ mousse…what a product!

  5. That’s a really cute hammie! Wet fur is not normally a good look for rodents. 🙂

  6. that is too funny.
    I can’t *imagine* a hammeh holding still for a bath…

  7. LOL!!! What a cutie.

  8. WUAGH!!! I luff hammie!

  9. vivian calloway says:

    i bet he was not happy about that bath the poor thing sure is cute

  10. His face is saying to me, “What the HECK did you just do to me?!”

  11. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a kool dude, how about a few blonde highlights and an earing.

  12. It surprises me that no one realises you can kill hamsters by bathing them.

  13. Agreed, anon! I’m nominating this for “Cute or Sad?”

  14. Anon… unlike a pack of cigarettes, hammies don’t seem to have health warnings…

    Mind you, it’s a poor looking wee thing… with a deeply disgruntled look on his face! If looks could kill… I reckon Romania’s population would have been slightly smaller following that picture…

    Poor wee sweetypie… mwwwaaaa! You are officially Snorgled…..

  15. Uhm, as far as I see, this is just sad. Yes, it’s a cute hammie, but hammies aren’t supposed to get wet. They can get really sick or even die.

  16. Awwwww! Poooor hammie pants. He looks all rumpled and sad.

  17. chelonianmobile says:

    As long as the hamster’s kept warm until it dries, I can’t see any harm.

    Isn’t there a line in one of the old Paddington Bear books like that? When they’ve just picked him up from the train station for the first time.

    “Wash your ears. They look awfully black.”
    “They’re meant to be black!”

  18. “‘Twas thrilling when I slipped and dove:
    sublime and nimble in the wave…”

  19. Well, I rubbed at my late siamese rat’s nose once, trying to figure out what the deal was. She was shiney golden when she was a baby, then her fur lightened to cream, and then she developed the color points. I thought she had been neglecting to wash her nose!

    Hammies can die from getting wet? Are you guys serious? What about hammies’ wild equivalents? Do they have to dash to their burrows when it rains, or they all drop dead like flies?

  20. AuntieMame says:

    I think some folks are overreacting. A little bit of water never killed anything. As long as you don’t drown the creature, and make sure it’s nice and warm after you finish, it’ll be fine.

    I wonder if hammies run around the house scrubbing against furniture the way dogs do after a bath?

  21. I’m new here, and ‘scuse me if I’m out of line…but it seems like for every cute pic there at least a few readers who complain that the pics are cruel – even when they seem harmless to me. It’s weird that someone who is offended by the pics would come back day after day just to be offended. Does CO have a troll problem?

    I love CO and I love the headlines. It brightens my day.

  22. Tachi, this is an odd and constant occurance here. Don’t worry about it. Nuffs (consult Glossary to the right, please) will be mocked in their own good time.


  23. Hi everyone. I am a long time viewer, but this is my first comment. I was just thinking the other day that there has not been a hamster photo in a while, and here it is! I just love the little curl on the hampy’s head. Very adorable. I think I’ll politely excuse myself from the potential debate that is brewing.

  24. Oh he is SO dear!
    I don’t have a hamster but want to know in case I ever do have one-is it really unsafe for them to get wet? Why?

  25. Anastasia_Beaverhousen says:

    yah I think a little water never killed anyone…well other than the wicked witch of the whatever..but this cutie patootie! oh my word, the nose, the tinky tiny mouf, the redonk hair wave…eeeeee i cannot comprehend!!! it’s too too toot!! (toot = cute) i want to stuff it in my mouth! i mean…uh kiss it

  26. Who would have thunk it. I’ve been looking for a new hairstyle and here it is.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    It isn’t, Jorden. Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to bathe a hamster, but neither do you need to panic if it spills its water on itself.

  28. OMG, he’s the Justin Timberlake of hammies!


  29. Ah, Aubrey — it took me a second, but I got it. Excellent! Is that from Hammerwocky?

  30. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Perhaps the Mad hatter had put him in the Tea pot. ‘No room, No room’

  31. I owned a hamster a long time ago and was told never to bathe your hammy because they catch colds very easily. You put chincilla sand in their cage and they will clean off in that.

  32. I love how he looks a little sad and confused, like he’s thinking “Whyfor did you just sit me in water? Did I do sumthink wrong?”

  33. Oh no! This pictures makes me sad…. i hope you dried Mr. Ham-ham off really well, so that he didn’t catch a cold!

  34. So, I never knew porcupines were just wet hamsters.

  35. Hamsters aren’t supposed to be bathed because their hair unfloofs and they can get too cold.
    They are desert animals, so it hardly ever rains, and they prob hide when it does.
    If he is kept all warm, the hammy will prob be fine, but it’d be nice to know for sure that the hammsy survived.

  36. I bathe too when my ears look dirty. Just using a washcloth or a q-tip is just to much of a bother.

    Half a glass of water is enough if you want to drown.

    But this hamster IS cute. DARN cute, actually.

  37. Long time reader but first post as well.

    A lot of times people will bring up a fact that others simply don’t know, and get written off as being a troll (like getting wet and catching cold is dangerous to some of our pocket pets).

    The fact is, everyone who comes here does love animals, it’s just that some of us are a little bit more on the protective side of them, and some have different knowledge than others. 😉

    Wet or dry, the hammy is very cute, and hopefully some of CO’s readers have learned something new today.

  38. Funny Funny Funny

  39. We could always enter him in the Caucus race; that’d dry him off quickly enough.

  40. Ah. Well thanks for clearing that up.

    Two of my late rats lost the use of their back legs when they were very old. They were unable to groom themselves, so I gave them a bath now and then. They didn’t like that at all, though I’m told that some rats love to swim!

    Apparently, hammies are quite different.

    Here is my late great Triton:

    Cute little bugger, wasn’t he?

  41. brinnann, then this really is a sad picture! Hammie’s fallen into a pool of tears!

  42. Aubrey, that’s from everyone crying, worrying he’s caught a cold.

    IMHO, I don’t think someone would’ve sent in the pic if Hammie wasn’t doing well.

  43. OMG!!Hamm!es!!1! dis widdle wun ees pwecious! I also would like to put heem in mah mouf. not sure why…just seems like tha thing to do. that leetle face, tha hairs, tha nosicle, tha mouf, ees too moishe. too. effin. moishe. people. *sigh*

  44. ‘If he is kept all warm, the hammy will prob be fine, but it’d be nice to know for sure that the hammsy survived.’
    Krk- Roftl- Do you think she sent in a picture of her dead hammie? Really now…. calm-toi!

  45. I’m the person who sent the photo.

    Before sending it, I was a bit worried there would be accusations of animal cruelty. Turns out, I was correct.

    Let me assure you the owner dried Cristinel up really well, and the little guy is doing just fine.

    So please, stop it.
    Can’t you just enjoy the pic?

  46. He lookks like that bath was a bit too much on the spin cycle. To much information for one to comprehend at one time here. Oh and human don’t do that to me again thank you very much.

  47. Arvay, I love how, in the last pic, Triton looks as though he’s saying, “La la la! I can’t hear you!”

  48. Arvay! i love the pics! hoodies bring tears to my eyes ever since the loss of my Susanna (the one playing the piano in a previous post).

    she also lost the use of her back legs when she got older (but for a while after that her front legs were SUPER strong; she was such a toughie) and i bathed her as well. the vet also prescribe steroids to alleviate any soreness. she love that because it was apple flavored and she used to like to attack the syringe.

    i’ve had 5 rats and none of them seem to like water, but i, too, keep hearing that they’re supposed to love it. hmph.

  49. Arvay—- Looks like you took excellant care of your “babies”. Love the pics.

    Poor wet hammie -*hugs*

    You know, we’ve ALL done some stupid things with our pets unintentionally.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go walk my fish…….

  50. Looks to me, by the way his hair is mussed, that it was a wet towel bath and not a dipped in water bath. ^_^
    Towel baths aren’t really that uncomon, but make sure the area you do it in is warm and you dry him off quickly.

  51. Daniel, No one said anything about animal cruelty. If we didn’t love animals so much we wouldn’t express our concern. That’s all. And sometimes this is a good place to tell people things they may not know about their pets that could be helpful and beneficial.

  52. ok, Arvay, i’m back. i’ve just looked at more of your site and i wanted to tell you i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. your rats all look so happy and healthy and BIG! the short life-span is such a sad part of having ratties in your life. ok, if i’m going to bug you anymore, i’ll do it through your blog instead of threadjacking the CO…

    oh, and i tewtelly dig the wet hammie. his expression is priceless, like he can’t believe, after putting him through the misery of a bath, his person is adding insult to injury by taking a photograph! recording his humiliation for posterity! yes, it’s just too easy to anthropomorhpize.

  53. he looks like ryan o’neal in his salad days

  54. Cristinel looks confused but D.A. hairdo is good for accentuating BEF!

  55. YUM

  56. awww – dude looks so bewildered. I luv heem!!!

  57. I know I’m a hammie, but I luurrrrve the Stray Cats. Don’t judge me!

  58. I think the “problem” comes from the fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially about any pet other than a cat or dog (and even then…).

    Also, sometimes it seems unfair for us to laugh or say “aw, cute…” to something that is harmful to an animal.

    That said, I agree with others who say that (almost) no one would send in a photo of an event that resulted in their pet’s death or injury. Just doesn’t make sense.

  59. Hee hee, he’s all, “But mooooom! I don’t need a bath!”

    …yeah, turned out you were right, ham.

  60. He looks like a refugee from Beverly Hills 90210: The Hamster Years.

  61. “OMG Bath’s can kill hamsters” comments in 3….2…1…..

    I’m going back to tracking Britney Spears.

    (cute hammie!)

  62. Poor confuzzled hammie! He’s all, “What hit me…”

  63. well, one of my first mousies died from a cold after my mom (meaning well, of course) put antiseptic on him after a mouse fight. so, unfortunately, it can happen… i don’t think people are trying to be downers, but it’s important that people know, right? I was destroyed when Harvey died. but i’m sure this little guy is ok.

    on another note, i kept wiping and wiping my white kitty Gus’s (s’s’s’s’s) head when I first took him in. He had been under a car, and had a few greasy smudges. but it just wouldn’t come off his forehead! finally i realized DUH it was just a collection of dark grey hairs.

  64. I shall call this hair-do a Hampadour. More mousse! Or is that mouse?

  65. I just want to squiiiiiiish hammie…

  66. Arvay,

    I followed the link (cuz i can’t resist rat faces) and fell in love love love with Mr. Grumphus Bumfus Bunn B. Doofus!!!

    I have his long lost brother at home. Maximus Decimus Bunnius. He tolerates me only because that is where the salad comes from…

  67. Adorable Hammie. Arvay, what a gorgeous and adorable little rattie. I can see why you’d miss him. When my nephew was a teenager, he had a boa constrictor for a pet. (Ok, nuffs, don’t go telling me it’s cruel to keep a boa as a pet – I totally agree). Anyway, they fed her white rats (sorry, rat lovers). But he wound up with a pet rat because Chloe refused to eat it. The rat’s name? Lucky, of course.

  68. I think the greater concern getting a hamster wet is weather or not it will sprout more hamsters, which will over run your house, and, god forbid, raid your refrigerator after midnight!

  69. Hammi’s all “Meh?”

    The rest of us “Awwwwww!”

    It’s like watching your kitten fall into the pool. Tramatic. Adorable. No damage seriously done.

  70. Oh my Dog, Arvay, that has got to be the most perfectly preciously wonderfully fantastic rat gallery EVA! I’m so hearting it right now. Lucky you for that priceless experience. Thanks for sharing!

  71. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I agree with the others that the poor hammie looks adorably confused… “Did what I think just happened… just happen?”
    And I so wanna smooth that widdle nose…

  72. …I hear the hamster saying: “…what have I done to you, ehh???”
    (they should have used a cotton tip not a bath!!!)

  73. kbo said:

    “well, one of my first mousies died from a cold after my mom (meaning well, of course) put antiseptic on him after a mouse fight. so, unfortunately, it can happen…”

    are you sure he didn’t contract an infection from HIS WOUNDS FROM THE MOUSEFIGHT?

  74. Noroc mittitelule! (That means good luck little one in Romanian)

  75. The nose! The little pink nose!!! AGHHH! *dies*

  76. I love his coloration. So pretty.

    Heh, to keep him warm, we must cup him in our hands and snorgle him!

  77. *SNUGGLES!!!!* too cute

  78. (I always comment so late, it’s good odds nobody will ever read what I write… but it makes me feel better anyway!)

    I had to bathe my hamham recently when he escaped from his ball and had a huge amount of potting soul dumped upon him (my husband dropped the edge of the bag, dirt spilled as ham was truckin’ underneath… really awkward cancentation of circumstances)… but my ham actually liked the warm towel wash and subsequent “warming” (read: He got to sit in my lap and cuddle in a warm blankie while I played video games.
    I have a weird hamster, I guess.

  79. *points up* Potting SOIL, not soul… it’s past midnight, I can’t type anymore.

  80. I will never forget the day I found my daughters dwarf hamsters WET in their home. I queried the children on why this would be and 13 year old son confessed he gave them a bath in the bathroom sink.

  81. Seriously. Hamsters shouldn’t be bathed.

  82. Claire, see above. We’ve been given some very good advice on the care of hammies. I must admit that this site not only displays cuteness, but it’s a great place for learning about animals that we may not all be familiar with.

  83. Repeatedly looking at little Cristinel makes me wanna go out and buy a hammie or two of my own (and I promise I won’t bathe them).

    Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to keep my kitteh and puppeh from eating a hammie? I’m afraid that at the very least they’d try to play with them in the cage and end up knocking it over, letting little hammie loose.

  84. cfhistorian says:

    Awww, poor little hamster! If his ears were really dirty, he could have cleaned them himself. Hamsters shouldn’t be allowed to get wet, as they can get really sick. I have three hamsters…and they all do a really good job of keeping themselves clean!

  85. I suppose I’ll put my two cents in to the debate. I’ve had four hamsters, and all of them have gotten wet, and all of them have lived for years after. As long as you don’t drench them and then throw them in the fridge they’re fine.

  86. Casey, do you have any other pets? If so, how do they treat your hammies?

  87. “when will deez peeples stop mistooking me for zee luffah spunnge!!”

  88. Oh, no Jen. He’s waaaaay too soft and floofy to be a loofa!

  89. Or are there floofy loofas? Floofas?

  90. “floofas”!! LOL

  91. Casey – so, what your saying is: don’t bathe your hamster or it might die a few years later.

    and it’s good you’ve done the fridge experiment and saved all the rest of us the trouble.

    i’m silly already, and no friday wine…yet! 😉

  92. but, seriously, i have a question for Casey or any other ham-lovers:

    my only encounter with a hamster involved an unprovoked (i think) bite, and my many encounters with fancy rats – even frightened ones – have been positive and lead to eventual snorggling and kisses on the nosicle. i certainly can’t judge from one encounter, but all the (biased?) pro-rat literature says rats are the best pocket pets because they are intelligent, trainable, affectionate, non-territorial, return to their cage willingly and are unlikely to bite (i have found all these things to be true). the implication seems to be that hammies tend not to like being handled by their people and really want to escape. but there seem to be a ton of happy ham-owners out there. plus hammies are clearly anerable and i want to snorgle one. what’s the deal? handle hams with caution? diff’rent strokes for diff’rent hams? rat-o-phile propaganda?

    any thoughts?

  93. anonymous coward says:

    the reason for not washing hamsters is that it can lead to wet tail. a common condition that is potentially fatal

  94. Persephone says:

    My fiance and I like to read CO together.

    This morning:
    HIM: Aaawww it’s so cute even though it’s a mouse.
    ME: Um, I think it’s a hamster.
    HIM: That’s still a mouse.


  95. Persephone says:

    Also, anner, I have known some hamsters that bite aggressively, some that are timid and avoid being touched, and some that love to cuddle.

    I think it partly depends on how they’re handled from an early age — the crazy ones I’ve known have mostly belonged to kids who didn’t really understand how to play with a small animal.

    The sweetest hamster I’ve ever known belonged to my mom, who fell in love with him at the pet store and treated him with tons of patience and gentleness. He liked to sit in her lap and be petted. Sometimes he found ways to get out of his cage (he chewed into his water-bottle holder to turn it into a little ladder, honest to God) but he was so tame that after a day or two he’d come out of hiding and let us put him back in. 🙂

  96. Now I miss my little russian hammie Matilde…:(

    hammies are sooooo cute 🙂

  97. anitacanita, are all common hammies Russian? Or are you from Russia?

  98. About the aggressive hammies, it depends on the hamster. My first one was sweet as could be, the second was a little unsocial, and my third was a terror. My sister’s two have both been sweethearts. I’m not sure exactly what causes this. I just try to watch them before I buy. If they look really aggressive or are skittish when people try to touch them, it’s probably not a good choice.

    In reponse to someone else’s question about the other pets, all I’ve had are rabbits and guinea pigs besides the hamsters, and they tend to ignore each other. Except for when my sister and I had hamsters at the same time. Then they fought if they ever got near each other.

    As for the fridge thing, I actually did put my cousin’s hamster in the fridge for about a minute when I was six and it was fine. Kids really shouldn’t have pets like that if they haven’t been taught how to treat animals. 😦

  99. To brinnann, I know your question was directed to anitacanita, but I thought I would help you out in case she doesn’t make it back.

    A russian hamster is just a dwarf hamster (the little ones you see that are gray and live in groups) and a Syrian hamster are the bigger ones you commonly see that live alone. Our Cristinel friend here is a Syrian.

    Anyways, I would personally advise against bathing, but my hamster always slept under her water bottle and woke up soaked everyday and was fine.

    As for personalities, she was the sweetest little thing. We would take naps together and play for hours. But near her death, she got grouchy. She started biting me more regularly and I just didn’t want to play with her as much anymore (would you?) I read somewhere that hamsters are the meanest of the pocket pets but there’s no way I would believe that after my experience with Bella. Hamsters are so great if you get the right one!

  100. Extremely cute! But why do you bathe your cats, rats, hamsters, mice… ? They are clean animals who keep themselfs nice and tidy with their little tounges! I know nothing cuter than a mouse cleaning it’s pink tail by licking it with the pink little tounge!!!

  101. dont bathe it can get sick that way and die…dont ask how i know

  102. It’s so weird, I don’t even think it’s because of that story, but that hamster TOTALLY reminds me of Richard Gere.

  103. kiwisoup says:

    people assume bathing a hamster is like a human or dog being bathed, and that simply is not true, they are very very susceptible to get fatally sick from being bathed. any expert will tell you only to bathe them in an emergency, such as them rolling around in something poisonous. even if you keep them warm and dry you are still stripping their fur of natural and necessary oils. use chinchilla sand if you are concerned…just please…don’t do it again.

  104. Richard Gere made hamster. Totally.