Princess Di eyes + interspeeche action

[Sing to the tune of Ebony and Ivory]

Inter-speechies snuh-ggl-ling!

Nap together in perfect har-mo-ney

side-by-side my amigo, eyes up, snores-oh,

why don’t weeeeeeeeee


Jamie C. Nice hand-spun art yarns, by the way!



  1. I possered the bleen conga. Although this has nothing to do with the picture above, i’d like everyone to look up what a “pink fairy armadillo”’ll enjoy it!

  2. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Don’t tell me the Mafia have started using cats and dogs instead of horses heads!. Seriously a cutiefatootie pic.

  3. Mr. Kitty seems to be crossing his eyes. I’m jealous! I can’t cross my eyes.

  4. “FEED US!”

  5. Lost.. ability. to talk.

  6. They are SOOOO cute! De look like de sad puppy and kittah!

  7. I’m singing out loud at work. This is probably my last day here.

  8. Interspecies snore-gling!

  9. genetic lemon says:

    How Pets Use Us: A One Act

    Pooch: I’m calling in sick today.

    Kitteh: Word. Want some Chloraseptic?

    Pooch: Nah. If we just lie here and act sick, the person with the camera’ll get it for us. Won’t you, person with the camera?


  10. Just one of the most perfect shots taken EVER! I love this so much! ;D

  11. German shepherds and shepherd mixes are my favorite and this is one of the reasons, those soulful eyes!

    oh and yes the kitty looks cute looking all cross eyed too. my cat tends to look cross eyed, must be a cat thing eh?

  12. ohhhhhh soo snuggly in their blankies!! the markings on the cat are beautiful! 🙂 i like that their colorings match each other. ohh <3 <3 <3

  13. Is the person writing the captions that go with the pictures retarded. I hope I never accidentally wind up on this site again. Have fon all you f-at-ass house wives with nothing better to do 🙂

  14. Greyhound eyes?

    Greyhounds have the most soulful faces. They make me melt.

  15. I don’t understand why the person that posted that first comment did that. This site is just for fun. It is a diverson from all the crap out there. Why would you also come here and call people names? Perhaps you need this site, where the rest of us just enjoy it! Just a suggestion!

  16. Just a quick note to ole snotty… I’m a medium ass university professor and I come here at least once a day just for a laugh, a smile, an ahhhh, or whatever shows up on the screen. When things are looking gloomy a quick stop by cuteoverload helps me make it through the day. Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

  17. *

    Chawchee: I hope you never appear on this site again, too …

    a charming email address


  18. This is the first time a CO photo has completely neutralized the hater comments for me. I barely glanced at the comment as I skipped past, and never lost that initial silly grin. The faces scrunched down into the bedding, the cross-eyed blue eyes, those eyebrow whiskers. ::melt::

  19. violetgreen says:

    Am powerless against puppie’s goo-goo eyes. Will do what he asks…resistance…is..futile!

  20. This picture melted my heart and really made me smile. As for Chawchee, we really need to feel sorry for him as his life must be miserable and he must be an empty person. This site is wonderful. I am far from fat and far from a housewife. I send these pics to my friends at their jobs. My best friend said the animal pictures I send her makes her day. The world is tough enough as it is…this site just adds the “aw” factor and keeps our hearts soft! Hats off to CO!

  21. Doh jez cuddowee and woowum and vewy cody-cody wid big bwown eyezums n fuffy earzums inna big skishy bankie bobo wookin all tweet der jez a snugglebuggin aw day shoowa nuzzle dees un nuzzle dat un der ya go dats niiiice ya-ya I tee dat tailio tippy-waggin n I heeya dat purrbox rumblebumblin cuz two fwends wuuuv each uvva and wuv wuv wuv da beddie-bedz oh yeah.

  22. useta hada kitteh says:

    Under da covers, yet! Yes, kitteh and puppeh, I will do your bidding, whatever you ask.

    As for the nasty, if my name was Joanie, I’d say Joanie definitely doesn’t love this Chawchee. Meantime, for those of you who were asking about trolls a few posts ago, this is a troll. Do not feed it. (“feeding it” meaning responding to its nastiness) see glossary

    And Teho? I just noticed while scrolling through the glossary — you added Snorglish! You just made my day!! 🙂

  23. Oh, those doggy eyes!!!

  24. Chawchee…you jerk…I’m not a fat-ass housewife. I’m a hot chick, and I love CO!!!

    Nevertheless…Aaahhhnnn!!! Intersnorg has struck again!

    I need to send in my picture of me sleeping on my sofa with 2 dogs and a cat. LOL.

  25. sadiesauce says:

    Due to a simmilar scene at approximately 6:45 AM EST, it was veeery difficult to get out of bed.

  26. OK, so I’m a cat person…no way around it, but this dog? This dog is priceless…he’s so cute he makes my brain go numb.

  27. I’m not fat! It’s glandular!

    **I love the eye wisps on both of them.

  28. “we have to pee”

  29. have we discussed the cuteness of dogs’ miniscule foreheads? because that is serioulsy in effect here.

  30. The kitty is cross eyed from the dog breath.

  31. Sweet pup : “But Moooomm…we’re all comfterbuls in bed. We don’t wanna get up.”

    Pretty kitty : “Yeah Mom. C’mon. Get back in bed with us. You know you want to.”

  32. Irresistable!

  33. Wow. This takes the cake. It’s so perfect it’s incredulous.

  34. Okay, I’m at work, can’t marry my sweetie legally, and more of the apple than pear persuasion.

    Nonetheless, take inspiration from the pic, folks:

    Power to the FAHWs of the world! And to interspeeche understanding!

  35. This is TOO MUCH! I love it, I think I’m going to die of cute overload this morning! 😉

  36. Puppeh & Kitteh say, “You’re not gonna change the sheets are you? We’re so comfterbuls and the sheets aren’t *that* dirty.”

  37. Chawchee,

    YOU’RE the only fat ass around here. Go work out at the gym and bring that fat ass down from a 50-inch-wide ass to a more appropriate size. Go join Weight Watchers or something, and put down that Twinkie and Ding Dong.

    GO AWAY!

  38. Chawchee,

    Oh, by the way, you misspelled “fun.” It’s FUN, not FON.

    Check the dictionary before you go putting people down.

  39. Just too adorable!!! *splode*

  40. Aw,

    those two look kind of ‘mommy, why do you spend more time spinning and dyeing this yarn than playing with us’ bored.

    I am feeling for them.

    Maybe if they sneak up to that roving and hide in it, mom will notice their boredness (is that a word? )

  41. We’re not gettin up…YOU make breakfast…we’ll be here all day.

    Pyrit: I hope you din’t break anythin, that was sooo good. I got me a lot o dat purrbox rumblebumblin wush I hadz sum tailio tippy-waggin in my beddie-bedz

  42. For some people, this blog REALLY makes their day. This site is for those who enjoy the “aw” factor and are feeling people. The comment added has no business being here. Go away! It’s people like YOU who try to bring the rest of us down. 100% in favor of cutenessoverload? YES!

  43. Oh they are so CUTE! I would like to snorgle both of them (despite not really being a dog person)

  44. And what’s wrong with being a fat ass housewife anyways? Better then being a mean spirited person any day!

  45. These two are adorable and I love how the cats eyes are semi-cross-eyed.

  46. They look sooooooooo comfertubuhls! 😉

  47. Those here who are college professors, please give the mean people here an F on their report card and a trip to the dean’s office. How’s that idea?

    I’ve been studying CO very diligently. Do I get an A in this class?

    I should do OK on the final exam in CO 101, by the way. I’ve been taking good notes.


  48. so cwute!! oshhiegooshie cutiepiesss it makes me ooze sunshine and lollypops from every pore…

  49. ‘Scuse me while I grasp my head to stop it from spinning. I’m overcome with cuteness.

  50. that doggle has the most beautiful eyes. well, ok, second most beautiful since MY dog has the MOST lovely. close second, though!

  51. Awww!

  52. omg, those puppy eyes are so deep and soulful. I love the expression.

  53. [i]The kitty is cross-eyed from the dog breath.[/i]

    After I recovered from the ‘Splosion of Cute and Hilarious (thanks so much!), my thinking was similar. Either —

    Kitteh: Oh, man, my tummy. Whew.
    Puppeh: Oh, man, not AGAIN.

    Or —

    Kitteh: Dude, that was rude.
    Puppeh: Saw-ry.

    Guess that shows y’all what goes on in our house a lot — The “I’ll Out-Poot YOU” Show, Starring Kitteh and Puppeh! Hee.

  54. pyrit—— lol! Stuck in mush mode? Anyway, couldn’t have said it better :o)

    Love the furbrow viskers on both of em.

  55. Awwwwww! Nothing sweeter than these two!

  56. grandfille—-Watch one of em cheat and pull the cover over the other’s head. (know all about those pooty-toot contest)

  57. I’m bettin it’ll be the CAT. Look at the shifty eyes…

  58. teaka, well said. Better bigass housewife than mean person of any size/location.

    And the picture is too wonderful. I have a hard enough time getting up with one kitteh trying to inter-species snorgle so I can’t move.. .if I had these two looking wistfully I might as well just quit my job cuz I’d never make it to work. I love them!

  59. Hey, anybody fancy a round of Troll Hunting?

  60. “We didn’t eat the cookies – honest!”

  61. German shepherds are the best, and the tux kitty ain’t bad either.

    And it looks like their owner is sick, by the look of the bottle in the background. My guess these two climb into bed to tell him/her:

    “We lobes you!”

  62. AuntieMame says:

    Argh! I can’t decide whether to make this photo or the sushi-eating kitteh my new background photo! Cuuuuuuute!

  63. That’s what my dog does at 4:00 in the morning when she wants to go out. I’ll be sound asleep and suddenly wake up to a cold, wet nose on my cheek and that exact same expression, chin propped on the bed, right in my face.

  64. kitteh has some serious “shmooshface” goin’ on. You know, that prosh self-contented smooshy look they do. Content, indeed.

  65. BTW, everyone: nothing wrong with being a housewife. Some people pay maids, cooks, and accountants to do what they do. If that’s what someone wants to do or that’s their area of expertise, why should they do it for someone else? Just to take a paycheck to stick it in someone else’s face as a way of legitimizing it?

  66. China's Mom says:

    Boy if those aren’t “we weren’t doing any thing wrong – REALLY!” eyes, I don’t know what are! LOL!

    Oh yeah, who’s got a big scary junk yard dog we can sic after the troll and put him out of his misery?

    Taking deep breath,
    Ok, I need to go look at the kitteh on the red sateen sheets again!

  67. SQUEEEE-riffic!

  68. I think the kitty is a jokester and crossed his eyes purposely for the picture. I bet he was about to throw up the bunny ears behind the dog, but the camera clicked too fast.

  69. Ok, I think THIS one is my favorite in a long time….I pretty sure it is……It’s definitely a good one…yup…it’s my favorite….I think…

  70. This is my favorite in a looong time too… 🙂

  71. Another college professor who just sent this super-cute pic to my college-professor friend…. 🙂

  72. Alice Shortcake says:

    Lovely. Two best friends sink slowly into the duvet.

  73. Kitteh: “Looky, ma, I can cross my eyes!”
    Puppeh: “Oh no, not that trick again. Last time she did that, they got stuck!”

    Ah yes, we can achieve world peace again with a photo like this. If a cat and dog can sit together on a bed and get along, anybody can. Those eyes on both of them…aaaawwww!!!

    As for the troll hunting, I got the torch and pitchforks. Let’s barbecue the sucker who objects to the mighty power that is CO!

  74. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I needed this today. Thanks and ever thanks! By the way, did we ever figure out what breed or mix thereof the dog is? Those eyes-!

  75. I wonder if Mommy’s got a cold and they’re playing nursemaid. Check out the sore throat spray by the bed. Mine seem to get surgically attached when I’m sick.

    And little trolls are cute, aren’t they? Especially when they fall on their little squished faces.

  76. “This city is headed for a disaster of Biblical proportions.”
    “What do you mean, ‘Biblical’?”
    “What he means is Old Testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath-of-God type stuff.”
    “Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling.”
    “Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes…”
    “The dead rising from the grave.”
    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.”

  77. The dohgey is no dohgey. It is a loaf of bakery product ready to be nibbled… a cinnamonney confection with rootbeer barrel eyes…. perhaps with a spritz of that generic Chloraseptic in the background if you’re feeling adventurous.

  78. I like how the cat’s sort of glancing over at the dog. “Poochie, do that thing with your eyes! Maybe they’ll give us treats!”

    “Like this?”

    “Yeah, yeah! That’s it! Keep it up!” XD

  79. They’re best buddies! 🙂

  80. acelightning says:

    I think someone is suffering from a severe case of Cuteness Deficiency. In his severely deprived state, though, he might not be able to take anything as powerful as a kitten; perhaps he’d be better off starting with a duckling, or a hedgehog, or a baby moose, until he gets used to having a proper level of Cuteness in his system.

  81. What I love is how cross-eyed the kitty is.

  82. Noel: how did you know?
    and Anne: now I’m wondering, just how many of us ARE there?

  83. This is sooooo cute… I love those droopy eyes and lovin’. How do dogs know that it’s totally adorable!

  84. OH. MY. GAWD. I LOVE this picture!! That cat is so freakin cute.

  85. OMG I could look at ’em all day long…SOOOOOOOOOO adorable

  86. *Melts*

    *melts again*


  87. Wow the angry fat lady mob sure is protective of their cute little animal pics. I get the feeling most of you pork chops would eat the animals in the pics if you could!


    p.s. To the flubbering retard that said I didn’t spell “fun” correctly. “Fon” is how the other retard that makes the captions for the pics spells “fun”. Thanks for making my point for me whale hips.

  88. Chawchee — wow, you really know how to make an ass of yourself, don’t you?
    I’m impressed.

  89. I can hear it now…kitteh says, “Okay, pup, let’s try the ‘I’m innocent’ look again. Follow my lead. Head down, down, WAAAYYYY down. Eyes up, UP! Goooooooood! They’ll never suspect us!”