I love Spock. I love kittens. I love this picture.

"My love for kittens is… illogical!" [raises eyebrow, kitten purrs]


Way to beam it over, Deanna D…



  1. Nah. Not feelin’ it.

  2. awesomeness abounds!

  3. Awesome!!

  4. The Qte knows no bounds!

  5. This is gettin to be re-god-damn-diculous.

  6. Ms. Amanda says:

    To heck with space, Qte is the real final frontier.

  7. I remember that episode. Didn’t that cat turn into a woman at the end?

  8. “A curious creature. Its trilling seems to have a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system. Fortunately, of course, I am … immune … to … its … effect…”

  9. *incomprehensible babble about spock and kittehs*


  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Katie: “I remember that episode. Didn’t that cat turn into a woman at the end?”

    Oooh. If that’s the case, does that mean that Spock got himself some pu–?[gets dragged off by the pervert police]

  11. Stephanie S. says:

    Aww! I’m going to rasturbate this!

  12. genetic lemon says:

    Oh no you did not just post this … *distributes*

  13. Do we really need this vulgar stuff on this site?
    Getting disgusting. Bunch of pervs.

  14. LOL at FEnM.

    I remember this episode, too!

    Live long and prosper, Miss Kitka.

  15. FEnM hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (gasp) hahahahahahhahahaha…..

  16. …aaaa hahahahahahah! loves me a good pun, FEnM!

  17. useta hada kitteh says:

    live long and prospurrrrrr

  18. in case people were puzzled (possibly offended) by Stephanie S.’s post, calm down, and let me clarify.

    To “rasturbate” is to use an online program that takes a small picture and will blow it up to enormous sizes, pixelated in Lichtenstein fashion, and divide it up so you can print it on regular 8.5″x11″ paper, and assemble it together for giant picturey goodness.


  19. TeratoMarty says:

    While I’ll concede that any picture including both Spock and cats is automatically cute, this particular cat looks more like a candidate for MyCatHatesYou.com than CuteOverload.com. Of course, kitten wrath is somewhat cute in and of itself.

  20. TAJ, thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t offended by the word, but I was doing some furbrow action trying to follow it.

  21. Kudos to grandefille for remembering that line- I was trying to think of it!

    The question now is did that pic come from Catspaw, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catspaw_%28TOS_episode%29

    of “Assignment: Earth”, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assignment:_Earth_%28TOS_episode%29 ?

    Or were they the same black cat? 🙂

  22. omg… I’ve been trek-obsessed over the past week, my trek-obsession and cat-obsession have merged into one!

  23. I never was much of a Spock fan (*ducks as large objects are thrown, along with pudding*), but I’m loving this picture. He’s obviously trying to resist the irresistable.

  24. This pic is from Assignment Earth where the cat’s name is Isis and only turns into a woman once at the very end. In Catspaw, Sylvia the cat shapechanges several times into a woman and was trying to take over the enterprise and Spock therefore had no chance to touch her.

  25. “Spock it to me”

  26. Spock never had a chance as long as that stud muffin Kirk was around.

  27. I never liked Star Trek (dodges larges objects, catches the puddins), so I’ll just be a Spocktater on this one.

  28. hehehe… Spocktater…

    Its more likely that you’ll have to dodge large objects for that remark.

  29. Another Angela says:

    I am a Next Gen fan myself, and this reminded me of Data and his sweet cat Spot.

  30. The trilling was from ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ They both look uncomfortable in the picture. Although it is cute they both have pointed ears….

  31. Another Angela – hell yes TNG! Remember the one where Data asks Warf to watch Spot for him?

    Data: “You must talk to him; tell him that he is a good cat, and a pretty cat, and…”

    Warf: “I will feed him.” [Klingon grump face]

  32. O

  33. Me’s a HUGE trecki. But I watch TNG. And only TNG! The old school’s a tad cheesy for my sweet taste.

  34. okay, now that i’ve regained a minimum of composure… this picture is too awesome. omg. trekoverload! okay, i’m losing it again.

  35. Oh my Dog, my favorite website and my favorite show all at once? Though, I agree with the others, The Next Generation simply can’t be upped!

  36. This photo rocks!!

  37. Old-skool, original recipe, classic Trek, AND a kitteh!


    (la LA la la lalala)
    (theme song)

  38. actually, TeratoMarty, i would beg to differ. it looks more like a picture for MyVulcanHatesYou.com than MyCatHatesYou.com. the kitteh looks loverly and chilled. Spock looks like he sat on a pin…

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Modulegirl, doesn’t Spock ALWAYS look like he sat on a pin? 🙂 Awesome picture! Mr. Spock was my first TV crush.

  40. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! that reminds me of this one time 4 art class, we had 2 draw a picture in charcoal of someone we admire, but i couldn’t think of anybody so i just drew Spock! I wish i would’ve known about the kitty version. Although i must say that my drawing was th best in the class;it would have been better with the kitteh tho!

  41. “Nah. Not feelin’ it.”

    I think you mean “not feline it” : )

    And Spock looks like he’s about to do a Vulcan mind-meld with the kitteh.

  42. omg Someone beat me to the “live well and prospurrr” which was my first thought on seeing this.

    As for the mind meld image, all I can think of is “PAAAAIIIIIINNNN” (imagine Horta instead of Kitteh)

  43. Peg of Tilling says:

    Vulcan mind meld with kitty…

    Kitty: This is illogical.

    Spock: Want kibble!

  44. ..I swear the kitten’s doing the same “one eyebrow raised” thing as Spock.


  45. I’m sure that underneath all that fur the kitten has pointy ears too.

  46. Right, I meant pointy *eyebrows*! Sorry.

  47. Pointy ears AND pointy eyebrows.


  48. frIda_fan66 says:

    Live long and prospurrrrrrrrrrr

  49. Cmdr. Riker's Kitteh :) (i wish!) says:

    Posted by Lizzie:
    Another Angela – hell yes TNG! Remember the one where Data asks Worf to watch Spot for him?

    Data: “You must talk to him; tell him that he is a good cat, and a pretty cat, and…”

    Warf: “I will feed him.” [Klingon grump face]

    OMG!! LOVED that episode! And for all you TNG’ers out there…ever notice how Data’s cat kept changing? (Go here to read… or my post will be 4 miles long!)
    And as far as we know, he never had more than 1 cat! LOL

    Oh, and the Spock-to-Cat-cute-ratio is OFF THE CHARTS!!! The only thing that would be better is Cmdr. Riker with a kitty…. 🙂

  50. fascinating

  51. I miss my pointy eyebrows soooo moooosh!

  52. And its Radio Jaw! hahahaha!

  53. Glorious. Just glorious.

  54. Spock: “I can resist the cuteness, I can resist the cuteness, I … can … reeesissst … teh… cuuuteenessss….”

    Kitteh: “Resistance is futile.”

  55. Ms. Griffin says:

    It’s like the tribble episode, but cuter.

  56. but you can’t see the pretty necklace she wears in that picture!


  57. Finally! ONE Capt Kirk didn’t get!

  58. acelightning says:

    I, too, love both Spock and cats. I, too, had a massive crush on Spock when I was a teenager. And I, too, thought “live long and prospurrrrr…”

    Come to think of it, Spock seemed to get along pretty well with animals in general. Having tried to mind-meld with my own cat, and my rabbits, I have to say that enjoying cuteness is completely logical ;-D

    Oh, and:

  59. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    This vibrating felis felidae does not compute

  60. Star Trek=teh awesome.
    And this cat looks just like mine!

  61. Im on UR constitution class starship.
    Usin UR warp drive as a scratching post.


    tee hee hee

  63. Heck with Spock!


  64. Yes, it is illogical. We must observe the squeeee!!

  65. Is it me, or does kitteh’s eyes look lavendar?

  66. Meg, you have done it again. Thank you!!! This picture is definitely teh awesome.

  67. HEY MEG: How about some cute panda pictures of Tai Shan from the National Zoo. Somesai has the best pics.

  68. im in ur transporter
    scrambling ur atoms

  69. Elizabeth Spinner says:


    Le sigh…back when I was a tweenie, Mr. Spock was my first serious crush. I totally groove on the reserved, intelligent guys with very dry senses of humor. I think this is why I also love me some Prof. Snape, who also strikes me as a cat person…I see him with a shorthair, probably darker colored, and definitely with that feline “Oh you? You’re still here? And what exactly are you doing in *my* room in the first place?” attitude.

  70. Spock: “Unfortunately, Captain, despite extensive research into the phenomenon, I am unable to ascertain why kittens are so silly.”

  71. Spot rocked- and I really loved Data’s Ode to Spot:
    especially this verse:
    “A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents,

    “You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.

    “And when not being utilized to aid in locomotion

    “It often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.”

  72. LOL!

  73. Be-yoot-i-ful kitty!! One of my favorite episodes, too. Trekkers of the world unite! I love TOS the best (sorry, it’s what I grew up on) but TNG is excellent. I like DS9, but haven’t been able to appreciate Voyager or Enterprise.

  74. My little black cat’s name is Mr. Spock. A friend sent me this pic. It’s blowing my mind, man! lol

  75. spock was the best! look to sets of pointy ears captain!

  76. Whoa… another Jennifer with a black cat…

    I was just going to say that Spock is holding my little Aria!

    I’m not quite a trekker… but if any of the Star Treks are on TV (except Enterprise which made me die a little inside) I stop channel surfing immediately. My dad is the one that got me hooked on Star Trek. He owns all the movies… and his favorite (and mine too) is Wrath of Kahn. >.<

  77. I have to disagree with you folks, I think this photo was shopped! I believe that pic’s from an episode where Uhura’s singing, and Mr. Spock is playing a Vulcan harp. Look carefully at the hands.

  78. [frustrated sigh]
    No, MariaS, it’s not.

    Click on the photo & look at the full-size version. The whole thing is consistently patterned with old-style TV pixels, which would make it a great deal more trouble than it’d be worth to chop together. It’s a simple screenshot from the episode mentioned in some of the comments above, with the shape-shifting lady/cat.

  79. useta hada kitteh says:

    ouchie. I don’t know what Spock would have to say about that, Theo, but, all I can say is ouchie.

  80. I love Spock!

    Though I like TNG better, because that’s just how young I am. 😛 I saw TNG first, and therefore, like it better.

    My favorite characters are always the ones that are supposed to have no emotions *or limit how expressive they are*: Spock, Data, Teal’c *from Stargate SG-1*, and yes, professor Snape.

    The dry wit *and sometimes total ignorance* gets me EVERY TIME.

  81. Villy — how about Marvin, the chronically-depressed robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide, then?
    (…was even voiced by Alan “Snape” Rickman, in the recent movie version)

  82. you guys r silly says:

    i wasn’t able to spend hardly any time on CO this past work week . . . &:o(
    so i’m absolutely loving reading these comments today.
    Lof Star Trek1
    Lof teh kittycatters!
    i lof all of you guys! Sometimes you make me so happy! &:o)

  83. I hate Spock, but I like the kitty.

  84. Great picture! I love the old Star Trek Series, Spock is the greatest! 😀

  85. Oh yes! How could I forget Marvin?

    Its been awhile since I’ve read the books or watched the movie, but he is DEFINITELY up there. 🙂

  86. Well, Theo, if you say so. I don’t remember that scene, but I did think of the other immediately. I’ll give you this one. Reminds me of a guy pal who related better to cats than people. He was a bit like Spock, too, except for some temper.

  87. Mr. Spock was and always will be the absolute coolest in the known universe.

  88. doomchild says:

    I am in looooooooove.