Backlit extravaganza

Um, this kitteh looks about five times more dramatic than she should—she’s like backlit to all heck… Even her tail has tripled in size! It’s almost like her lil’ face is floatingks in sunshine.


Yubi S., I curl up next to you on the stairs.



  1. that is such an awesome photo!!!

  2. pookiepuff says:

    I absolutely LOVE this picture!

  3. now THIS is what angels must look like.

  4. Such a great picture. You must be a photographer. What a great little model. Just squeezably delicious.

  5. What a great pic!!!!

  6. “…And so, the prophecy was fulfilled.”

    I’m afraid I did not take that photograph – I only WISH I had a kitten that fluffy. A friend of mine showed it to me on a forum.

  7. Haha! This kitteh almost looks ‘lectrocuted.

    Ha! ‘lectroCUTEd, that is.

  8. Ah yes, the famous “kitty has reached critical mass” picture. 😉


  10. OMG! It just hit me. I was going to say this kitty looks like an angel. But anner said it first.

  11. I dub thee Knight Poofy McPoofersons. Verily thou art the Poofiest of all floofball in the land. So it is written, so it shall be done.

    Now I must go sneeze.

  12. lab mixes rule says:

    I’m proshing on sunshine, whoa-ah-oh;
    I’m purring on sunshine,
    And don’t I “ehn” good!

    Kat-rina and the Rays

  13. I wonder: is that kitteh quantum leaping?

  14. This kitteh should get it’s own theme song!

  15. lab mixes rule says:

    Er, Kat-rina and the (Light) Waves?

  16. Mr. LT and I have just had a good laugh at this floooooooooofy darlingk.

    I can hear a choir in the background — celestial “aaaaaaaaa…hhnn!”

  17. guineapiggin9 says:


  18. Cute Encounters of the Purred Kind!

  19. Ahhh!! What has happened to that poor kitteh’s right back leg?! I don’t see any sign of it!

  20. beenclawed says:

    Can you say “static electricity?” I knew you could.
    What a sweet mass of floofiness! Even those tiny tocks are lit up!

  21. “This photograph is intended to more accurately represent the size of kitteh minus floof.”

  22. Peg of Tilling says:

    Wow, I thought the static in my house was bad…

    Bee–BZZAAT! nose

  23. I dub him Psychic Kitty … qu’est-ce que c’est? Something about that lovely white aura. Or would that make him Transfigured Kitty?

    By the bye, where is the kitty’s fourth leg? I hope he’s doing an arabesque and it’s not one of those cute-or-sad deals.

  24. chelonianmobile says:

    Neat. Kitty Moses descending from Mount Staircase.

  25. our kitty Bounderby had a blurry outline like that when he was small. natural light always makes for great photos. plus – FUZZY!

  26. DoodleyDog says:

    Chubby ankle alert! Chubby ankle alert!

  27. I agree – that’s not back-lighting – that is ELECTRIfied!!!
    This, and the dog & kitty in bed are probably 2 of my top three fave’s ever.

  28. Kitty fireworks! Kitty is a firecracker kitty, all lit up for an early version of Fourth Of July!

    Mew-boom! Mew -boom! Boom-ow instead of meow?

  29. ….then again, the hair-gel hammy’s pretty awesome, too – this is a great *cute* day ….

  30. What, no “beam me up, scotty” jokes yet?

  31. Has no one seen the back leg chub all on fluffy that makes this pick 10Xs as cute. Oh and also mentioning his whiskers are longer than he is!

  32. blackcatgirl says:

    His right leg is there, it’s just behind the left and a little further back.

  33. Aaaaaaa! My eyes! Teh Celestial Qte!

    *clears throat, hums, taps mic*

    “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Teh Qte,
    It is standing on the stairway overwhelming us with floof,
    it is soft and very cuddly and quite snorglable to boot,
    Teh Qte is marching on …”

  34. Sunshine Superkitteh

    “Sunshine descended on my staircase today
    She could have tripped easy a-but she could levitate…
    She takes her time, I know it but you can’t deny
    The kitteh doth shine, I know it, she does it in style
    ‘Cause I made my mind up: I’ll bow to the feline

    I know them by heart now
    Any post on CO now, baby, all that I can find
    This kitteh’s just musclin’ them right out of the scene
    When I say that it’s cool I think that you know what I mean
    She stands on the stairs at sunrise; cute doesn’t pretend.
    CO’s the place where, baby, the cute never ends
    ‘Cause you’ve made your mind up: you’ll bow to the feline

    Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
    The kit of Sun-Ra will slowly blow our little minds
    ‘Cause we’ve made my minds up: we’ll bow to the feline

    This kit knows every
    Magic trick in the book now, baby, all that I can find

    Superman or Green Lantern ain’t got a-nothin’ on she
    She descends like a miracle and dives for some more Fancy Feast, yeah!
    When you decide to put her on her velvet throne
    All from the Rainbow Bridge worships her as one of their own
    ‘Cause we’ve made my minds up: we’ll bow to the feline…”

  35. Holy crapulence! That pic is fantastic!

  36. oh! anyone else loving the little fat-stubby-kitteh wrinklies on the back legs? total meltitude!

  37. Lord have mercy, Aubrey. Wow!

    *bows in awed silence, then curtseys while applauding, for good measure*

  38. A friend sent that image to me months ago with a typed caption, so I added some typesetting to it for him to hang up at work… I never knew the source 🙂

    (url for the result included as my “posted by” name link)

  39. I *heart* Poofy McPooferson.

    I *heart* Aubrey, too. Wow!

  40. *Applause, applause* to Aubrey!

    You let the sun shine in, girl.

  41. “Little Miss Sunshine”


    Holy kitten has evolved into holy cat 🙂

  43. Aubrey, words fail me.

  44. Oh dear God! I’ve just become aware of the chub! I don’t think I’ve ever seen chub on a kitteh.

  45. katseattle says:

    Aura… Out…. Of… Control! Must… Floof…

  46. Tee hee…reminds me of a self-important scary woman I use to work with. She had the most unbelievably bouffant teased hairdo. I saw her once standing in front of a window and saw a perfect outline of her teeny tiny skull. After that image, I never was scared of her again…:)

  47. This is the best feline impression of a 1980’s Linda Evans publicity photo that I have ever seen.

  48. “I am the Great Floofy McFloofersons. I have traveled from the future to foretell the coming of a new era. The world shall be ruled by Teh Qte, and Rules of Cuteness shall become law. All will be powerless to resist. A new international language shall be born, derived from the Glossary of Cute, Interspecies Snorgling shall thrive, and those who abide by the Cuteness Trifecta will be rewarded.”

  49. Miki – LOL! It’s true, nobody looks like this unless they’ve drunk plenty of Crystal Lite. Must be the Nutrasweet.

  50. lol it can be the basis of a new reality show:

  51. pistache268 says:


  52. i swear when i opened the page i heard a celestial chorus… Aleluia! She is risen (from her nap)!

  53. aww, his head almost appears to be floating as if independent from his body!!

  54. Ack! Nice catch, Debbie!! I hadn’t noticed that.

  55. kitty with heavenly nimbus = awwww.

  56. FUZZZZZ!

  57. ::melt::

  58. I love the little rolls on her hind leg. It’s like she’s wearing comfy sweat pants.

  59. violetgreen says:

    “I have scuffed my feet across every rug in this house and if you don’t give me a sardine, I will touch your nose!”

  60. violetgreen says:

    Kitteh got aura! (heavenly choir sound)

  61. Oh I lerve it!

  62. Ohhh, I just laughed for five minutes straight. It’s just too good!

  63. She sure is floofy!

  64. Pika Hikari KT says:

    What’s the scouter say about her cuteness level?



    (someone had to do a DBZ joke…)

  65. now this is a white light I will definitely walk into!!! 🙂

  66. She looks like a Louis Wain painting (and I mean that in a good way).

  67. Carol Ann… Carol Ann… come into the light, Carol Ann!

  68. Oh… this has to be one of my all time faves! How cute!

  69. PROSH!

  70. StainedCyrano says:

    This made me giggle… ALOT!!!

  71. **turns on old Adrian Belew record and cranks it**:

    “Big Electric Cat!
    Big Electric Cat!…”

  72. That photo is AMAZING.

    Absolutely amazing.

    It’s beautiful, and creative, and I started squealing, “eee! Eee!” in my head.

    One of my CO favorites

  73. Fluffy static kittyyyy!!

  74. what an awesome photo!

    i think i see jesus!

  75. Wow.

  76. You get all the fun of seeing how tiny a cat really is under all that fur, without taking your life into your hands by getting the cat wet.

  77. I bathe my cat once! oh my! big mistake! never want to see this again….eeeeew! big,big mistake for him and for me…he was at toddler though..but still…can barely look at it! mew! i dont think its a good think to do to a cat…they get too transparent…but its a good way to know how tiny they are inside:)

  78. Behold the floofitude! Floof!

  79. Hey! i got a true , yes true, cat storie. The most heartbreaking moment in my cat owner story. My cat got bitten by a swuirrel. And oh my! oh my! i open my door and the first view i got was my kitties, with his paws swollen, but like HUGE swollen and crying! and not able to stop. I crumbled! it was late at night we could not bring hi to a vetranian or nothing. Nothing! I had to ear him cry! Ifreaked out! me parents had to put him into the bathroom, cause i would just freek out earing him scream! it hurt! it hurt! of course it was benign and it got all right the next day…but it hurts;)

  80. john denver-like:

    Sunshine on my kitteh
    makes me happy
    Sunshine on her fuzz
    can make me squeee!

  81. wOw! Cute nite lite!

  82. *puts on sunglasses* 8) COOL!

  83. The Chub! The Chub! Must peench!

  84. Nicolletta says:


  85. beam me up scotti, I am ready to go!!!!
    but can my mom come along ????????????
    what a wonderful pic, this little kitteh is so snorgalable ( wait is that a word) wonderful laughing tonight here in MN

  86. The picture itself is worth about 500 giggles.

    The comments below are busting-my-gut high-LAR-ious.

    You people make my day ROCK.

    And my hamham has been STARING at me without moving for the last hour and a half.
    It’s really creepy.

  87. acelightning says:

    That little sweet kitty is just SUPERNATURALLY cute!

  88. paulajeanne says:

    grandefille, now I’m going to be singing that the rest of the week! Gee, thanks! Pretty neat tho. Also Aubrey and anner, wish I could create like that

  89. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    The Holy Kitteh of Antioch.
    And on the 8th day God created the Kitteh and lo he looked on his works and saw they were good,and it came to pass that the cute was created by his hand maiden Meg and peace and happiness abounded.

  90. Skip a bit, sister…

  91. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Aubrey dowhat?

  92. that’s it. i’m in lurve…

  93. Stairway to Heaven?

    “Theres a kitty who’s sure
    That all kitters are gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
    From her head to her toes
    The more she all glows
    With a purr she can get what she came for.
    Ooh, ooh, and shes buying a stairway to heaven.”

  94. The Divine One has come amongst us.

    We are not worthy.

  95. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther –
    Alright Gladys
    You thought you had us
    But listen I’ve got news
    Your wife’s not dead
    I just saw her
    Talking with
    Her new lawyer
    She did not look amused.
    You must ignore her
    When she’s a snorer
    Or you’ll be poorer
    When it’s you she sues.

  96. that’s not leg chub… It looks to me like cat fluff that has separated into ‘fins,’ as it can do.
    but any way you read it’s cute and that rules b/c I just about froze my paws off trying to get the ice off my car so i could haul myself to work.
    boo hoo pore me
    aaaaahhh cute cat…problem solved
    this website is corrupting my brain.

  97. Did anyone notice that the kitty has a little chub going on on his back leg!!!

  98. Looks like she had a session with the clothes dryer! A fabric sheet next time? Huh?

  99. ebee, I think the instructions say “Lay flat to dry,” or “Cuddle and snorgle ’til soft and warm.” Or maybe she’s “Dry clean only.”

  100. I’ve been granted a vision of Electric Kittyland. Her name must be Jimi…

  101. electric kitteh…bzzt!

  102. I can’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if anyone answered this yet, but regarding the 4th leg: it’s directly behind the other back leg. If you look really closely, you can see part of it just to the right of the other back leg. They’re the same color, so at first glance it looks like one leg, but there are two.

  103. Is there such a thing as the Kitteh Electric Light Orchestra?

  104. No, really. It’s not chub, nor is it a 3-legged kitten.

    Hugely fabulous photo. So sweet!

  105. “Behold, I am not Gandalf the Grey, whom you betrayed. I am Gandalf the White, who has returned from death.”

  106. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Thanks a bunch
    I’ll take her lawyer out to lunch,
    in the ensuing melee
    over the felis felidae,
    the lawyer I will punch.

    He’ll sue for every penny
    sorry mate I haven’t any,
    While despondent and alone
    my thoughts began to roam,
    On my money she’ll get fat
    so I left it to the cat.

  107. Who runs ultra-high currents of electricity through their stairs? I mean, cmon! Poor TeslaKitty!

    Great Scott!!!!!


  109. cfhistorian says:

    Wow, really superb photo!

  110. Gladys –
    It “may” be human
    But you’re assumin’
    The lawyer is a “He”
    That’s OK, I’ll give you that
    Because you left your money to the cat
    Now when your fist is not embedded
    You will still be legally wedded
    But your cat will be rich
    And you wont be indebted
    To the lawyer or the bi***

  111. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    If the lawyer is a female,
    despite my name, I am a hemale,
    Now a thought I have been thinkin,
    I’ll take that Lawyer out adrinkin,

    Then i’ll get her in the sack,
    Say take your money out of that,
    though she’s clever and she’s arty,
    she’s become an interested party.
    And we all no she can’t sue,
    when she’s been invoved with you know who.

  112. Gladys, it was just a Python reference:

    Please don’t send any lawyers after me.

    But I do need guns and money.

  113. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Whew I thought I might have offended your religious sensibilities.
    Now as for guns and money,I have enough problems geting hold of my own money. No I don’t want to top up my phone or pay a gas bill,what the f**ck are you checking my details for, you’ve already done it once doh!
    Now guns I might be able to help you with.

  114. Oh can I go a drinkin’ too
    We could share a rum or two
    See which of us is more able
    To out think that lawyer under the table
    Bring your cat and here is why
    It has more money than booze can buy
    And no need to explain
    Despite your name
    Glad is as glad does
    Mostimes Gladys is for women
    Who is to say what is fem’nin.



  116. Psssh, don’t you know? It’s a vision of St. Kittehkiss of the Mountain. I’m so going out to get a prayer card right now.

  117. Kimby, it all depends…on what your hammie has been smokin…LOL

  118. Gladys. The detail hunting has just begun, my friend.

    (takes puddin out of Gladys’ reach)

    (shines light in Gladys’ face)

    OK, Gladys – if that’s your real name – WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?

  119. Aubrey: “…and what are your intentions?”
    Gladys: “Completely Honourable, Ma’am.”

  120. Be honest ands truthier!

  121. …it’s his *cat’s* name, y’all.

  122. Yowah! Theo! You scared me Man. Don’t DO that.

  123. pyrit, I’ve always heard that Gladys SansTruth. Her interrogation is justified.

  124. But, the Truth will speak for itself.

  125. Alice Shortcake says:

    Holy transfigured three-legged kittens!

  126. y’all be trippin on the electric light kitteh high!

  127. pyrit,

    So will Honor. If its Able.

  128. that is a wonderful picture!

  129. Ah. (swinging gold chained watch fob like a pendulum) Well, then, (tucking watch in vest pocket) join me for tea? Feeling peckish? (Donning hat & gloves, checking flask, extending elbow for Aubrey & Gladys) I know a little place.

  130. (adjusts bustle)

    (tightens corset)

    (puts pin in ‘picture’ hat)

    Darling. Too honored. Honorable, that is.

  131. Nice hat, Aubrey. (ducking brim while dragging Theo by the ear.)

  132. Aubrey, ever actually worn a corset? If you’re going for tea (without me, I might point out) you’ll want to LOOSEN that thing.

  133. brinnann,

    I’ve never worn one, though I long to. As for having to loosen the laces, I can bring along a sweat suit for back up.

    As for tea – and I love me those bitty sandwiches! – come along: you can Jabberwocky next to me.

  134. i wants to come too! being an opera singer, as well as a bit of a hoochie, have plenty of corsets to go around! they will enable us to play critters *on* racks (corset rack is a soft, comfy shelf), once we’re sufficiently snockered, that is.

  135. See how the light makes kitteh’s neck look almost nonexistent? When worn properly, though not suitable for tea-drinking and sandwich kronsching, a corset will do that to your waist. And the only time I have a substantial enough rack to play critters ‘n’ racks is if I’ve got on a corset. So, Anner, I like your idea, particularly on one of the most dreadful Fridays I’ve had – LET’S GET SNOCKERED! (I’m guessing that means drunk.)

  136. (steps away from the bathtub)

    Gin, anyone?

    Oh, and anner – anything in a black brocade?

  137. Aubrey, I prefer tequila, with an amaretto sour chaser.

    Anner, I like red, whatcha got?

  138. *Snicker* Can you see us attempting to quote Jabberwocky after a few drinks?

  139. Aubrey, i got yer black satin (sadly, no brocade), brinnan, i got yer red satin with black lace (very can-can girl), and i got yer white satin (complete with stage makeup stains). oh and the top of my wedding dress is sort of corset too; unbleached muslin with gold buttons in back and grosgrain ribbon straps. we’re, good, ladies. we’re good.

  140. New & Improved Kirlian photography picks up a perfect nimbus of elusive “cute rays” which are theorized to be a factor in animal magnetism.

  141. and a nice, peaty single-malt scotch for me, see voo play.

  142. HA! That’s the most plans I’ve made for a Friday night in a looooong time. I’m young and single, yet I choose to stay locked in the house with the kitteh and the puppeh.

  143. The Glowing Kitteh commands me to have vodka shots tonight.


  144. tewtelly understandable, brinnan. nobody is is better company that furry mammals who love you!

    but you can use them to your advantage, also. my relationship with my husband began with an innocent, “want to come over and meet my rats?”

  145. Theo, LUV IT! So what’s your drink of choice for tonight?

  146. …sadly, probably Diet Pepsi.
    But there will be pizza.
    Oh yes there will.

  147. (and remember, those comics aren’t mine; it’s )
    (and see also )


  149. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    HA!.. all the conversation about corsets.. I must comment!
    Aubrey – My Corset is black brocade.. however it is for the.. er.. upper plus size gals.. (I’ma 2X)
    So perhaps I can do Opera as well..(sigh, sips raspberry tea)..

  150. What kind of pizza? Wait, who am I kidding? It’s PIZZA! Wow, now I’m really hungry. It’s after 3:30 here, and I haven’t had lunch yet.

  151. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Thank goodness I’m 21 now.. I can relate to all the funny alocholic jokes.. and knock out some guy’s teeth for hitting on me too much.. anyone else at work??

  152. Faekitty

    corset+full-figured gal=hot!

  153. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Ya know Anner.. I agree..(nods proudly)

  154. *Gzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

    Now that’s science!!!


    “Whennn you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallkkk dooownnn the rooooooooadddddddddd…”

    The head looks almost detached. lolll!

  155. So, it’s agreed then? Pizza at Teho’s house tonight?

  156. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    And Tea and Diet Pepsi apparently.. (well I’ll take regular pepsi actually).. nyeerr..

  157. is anyone NOT at work?

  158. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Actually I’m going to go sit at Mcdonalds for about 45 minutes after I leave here at work in ten minutes because of the stupid Buffalo Snow got me into a *%^%@$)* of a car accident yesterday…
    I feel like being clawed to death by an adorable kitten wouldn’t be so bad..anyone.. else felt like that??

  159. brinnann – if you drunkenly spoonerism all the words in Jabberwocky, do you think it changes the meaning of the poem? i think we should find out.

    Faekitty – ugh, i’m sorry to hear that. on the up side, though, mmmmm…QPC!

  160. ok, it’s been great horning in on y’all’s virtual plans, but the library i work at has a party starting now that promises to be stranger than anything we could come up with (librarians+karaoke=wtf?). off i go!

  161. Absinthe I’m not going to anner’s karaoke party (what fun!), I’ll be taking my green bottle to T.’s pizza soiree, brocade and all (Faekitty, we can adjust!).

    Pizza: the perfect snicker-snack.

  162. Heh. The CatCave (and the dull suburban house it sits in) could indeed happily host some Peeps, though not very many at a time. There’d be movies & snacks & computer games & Bounce & Spot & Willow & I’d go absolutely bat$#!t and kick everyone out after about 2 hours because ah needs mah sanity space… so, um, maybe we should keep it virtual. Heh.

  163. Virtual victuals!

  164. So Reality Bites?

  165. creating nightmare for somebody does not proove the fact that dreams are not blissfull…its just bad logic.

  166. You’re babbling, Fable. Again.

  167. Woo hoo, the original of the “critical mass” macro! (Yes, Rev Waldo beat me to it.)

  168. well, the librarian shidig was a blast, and of course everyone LOVED my “bad grammer makes me [sic]” baseball shirt. thank you CO+Cafe Press+One Horse Shy!

  169. ***FAEKITTY*****

    Buffalo Snow? *perks ears*

    What is this “Buffalo Snow” of which you speak?

    Would you perchance be near a Cheektowaga Villy?


  171. aww with teh itty bitsy fluffy kitteh

  172. ferretgirl says:
  173. *Loudspeaker*

    We have a gray-and-white backlight kitteh with major fluffytude. I repeat: BACKLIGHT GREY-AND WHITE KITTEH WITH MAJOR FLUFFYTUDE.

  174. wow.. you people are nuts..

  175. GAHH! Check out THIS one, by the same photographer…

  176. Bothered — we plead No Contest.

  177. bothered – Naah, Man, we’re just blinded by the light, Manfred, revved up like deuce, y’know, Man?