Sugar (Glider) lick

You’ve heard of salt licks? well this is a (Baby) Sugar lick.

Leave a little left for me. [Slurrrrrrrrrrrrp]


Meagan G.! I love glider flavor!



  1. First-rate cuteness! I loves me some glidars.

  2. Awwww! So sweet! (Literally!)


  3. useta hada kitteh says:

    Variation on a rule — if its head is the size of your fingernail, it’s cute!

    Oh my doodness, that guy is tiny!

    Just a spoonful of sugar — definitely will help the day go down! (Happy earworm, everybody!)

  4. I feel a definite Mary Poppins theme this week on the earworm circuit.

    This little guy would probably be too sweet to cure even my morning craving for sugar. (Hey, how else am I supposed to get through the day, other than CO?)

  5. can I stick him in my morning cup o’ coffee?

  6. so little!!!!

  7. OHHHHHH! Hurt my heart. So incredibly sweeeeeet. Please take care of the lil guy.

  8. Ack!

    *falls down dead*

  9. There’s definitely some sugary earflop goodness going on.

  10. oh! :faints::

  11. Sneaky, Esther. Bleen.

  12. stagewench says:

    Aw, he doesn’t even have his beady little eyes open yet…

    Speaking of salt licks, there’s a town in Kentucky called Paint Lick…always confused the heck out of me…

    Back to the cuteness! The tail is killing me. ^.^

  13. ehn!
    dat’s all I can say…

  14. I have to kiss his wee little nose/mouth area RIGHT NOW, lest my head asplode all over my keyboard….

    SO sweet and tiny, and I’m sure the fur is eminently smooth and soooooooft……….

  15. I want to leek hees leetle hayd.

  16. ummmm. i’m not sure anything could be any cuter than this. check out the little clawsies! and i think he’s smiling!

  17. Ooooooo! The little foldy ears! The little curly tail! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  18. Ow!!!! My dentist loves these pictures like this one. A cavity every veiwing. Absolutely cute!!!!

  19. oh…my…gosh. this is why i come to this site. seriously way too cute

  20. That is not cute. That is ugly. Gross.

  21. ppppffffffftttttt, Yaya. Go away.

    Curly tailio!!!

  22. shooogare gliiiidaare!!!! the diabetic coma is setting in quickly…*goes off to find some orange juice…and a huffable kitteh*

  23. I want to nibble on his ears and his tail and his little pawses, but they are all so tiny the only conceivable way to do it–one bite nibble-kronche.

  24. i wants to make it sing barry white.

  25. Finn — here you go. Best of luck.

  26. just a little bit more nose is needed.

  27. Squeeee! I can’t take it. So eenyweeny. I like his lil’ flappy ears.

  28. Ins mee pocket fer later leeken.

  29. Awwww, Bless the little glider!

    He looks like he’s just waking up and just thinking about the possibility of having a stretch – see that little paw pushing down.

    And the curled up tail-tip.

  30. You know… speaking of Lick’s… there’s a “Bone Lick” in Indiana, I think. Heh. Heh heh heh.

    On a less pervy note: It’s a good thing that sugar glider is far, far away from all of us. He’d be gobbled up otherwise.

  31. vivian calloway says:

    i think everyone should wear those instad of the bluetooth phone thingys, just think a lil’baby on your ear and when some one makes you sad you could take him off and he would cheer you up! you could wear two so your ears would stay warm

  32. OMG! That’s a sugar molecule!

  33. pookiepuff says:

    Awww! Tiny little sleepy sugar baby! <3

  34. Aww….so cute. It reminds me of the little critter in that movie Flight of the Navigator. 🙂

  35. Having had started the insulin drip I can write. This would be lethal to anyone not used to the levels of The QTE on CO.
    Sneaks big snorgle on Gliders

  36. Stuck in the office and craving a sweet treat?Having a midday slump and need a quick sugar buzz?
    Try the new Pocket Size Sugar Glider! Fat free, carb free and calorie free sugar goodness that fits in the palm of your hand!

    Seriously, my pancreas is going nuts. Look at that curly tail…yum yum! That paw is a little weird though…is that TWO sets of little clawsies?

  37. Looks a bit creepy to me, too bat-like to be wholly cute, but still…the little cupids-bow mouth is working for me.

  38. Yaya — You appear to be outvoted. 🙂

  39. so small! Its impossibly cute!

  40. Aawwww…the teeny weeny little schnookums! squeee…

    Jackie from Michigan – his forepaw is resting on top if his hind paw. If you look close his little back leg is up there too.

  41. He is for sure smilin’! About to break out into a big ol’ belly laugh… which would be teeny tiny by human standards. Can you even imagine the little sounds this guy makes?

  42. And the so-thin-they’re-almost-transparent claws again! Lovely.

    (odd, I am an animal lover, volunteered at zoo for awhile, etc. but had never heard of sugar gliders until C.O. I love them!!)

  43. He kinda looks like Yoda.

    “Cute, I am. Yeeessss.”

  44. Tara W,
    S/he is smiling at being wrapped in a nice warm caring hand, also the glow of all the admoration of all CO’s


  46. Tara W, mine make aaaall kindsa noises! Check out their sounds here:

  47. Bwaaa Vivian C. — best visual evar.

  48. Makes me miss my little guys.

  49. Methinks Yaya needs a time-out.

  50. stagewench,
    There is also a state park in Kentucky called Big Bone Lick.

    Thusly named because a large number of mammoths converged on the area to lick the minerals from the rocks. A large number of fossils (aforementioned Big Bones) are distributed about the park.

    Even though the name makes perfect sense, it still makes me snerk immaturely.

  51. The wee glider is sooper dooper cyoote!

  52. one lump or two, madam?

  53. i_luv_popsicls says:

    Is it smiling at me? I think it is smiling at me.

  54. What IS that animal?? Can someone please tell me! I have never seen such “thing”. Soooooo cute though. Breaks my heart…

  55. that is too cute

    theo, why did the 😉 get changed to the 🙂 in the title of CO’s page?

  56. Yaya, I will respond to your comments at the level of maturity in which they were delivered:

    You’re a big poopy-head for raining on everyone’s parade! We don’t like ourselves very much, do we, hmmmm?

    There, are you happy you got the attention you were looking for?

  57. I don’t know about a Bone Lick, but there’s definitely a French Lick in Indiana.
    Makes people who aren’t from around there giggle. I usually don’t think about it much, meself.

  58. Awwww… he is tiny enough that he will sit nicely for a minute or two 😛

  59. Laila — I don’t know about that. I load CO from its “back door” URL (the direct TypePad blog version) which doesn’t show any smiley at all. FYI, that URL is:
    Anyway, I haven’t changed anything (lately).

  60. I jus’ wanna squiggle his li’l tumsums wif my finger and smooch his li’l earsies! He’da teeny weeny li’l squee!!!!

  61. OMG!!!! he/she is sooooooo cute! can i have one? PLEASE?!!!!!!

  62. alright, just thought i’d ask ya. thanks theo

  63. He kinda looks like he’s already had a few licks off him – a little melty around the head area, y’know?

  64. He’s all sugar-pink nose! He looks like a glider lolly!

  65. his. tummy. matches. that. guys. hand.


  66. If the Sugar Glider bebeh really is sugar free, why isn’t he called a Splenda Glider? NutraSweet Glider? Xylitol Glider? Saccharin Glider? Or, maybe, Agave Syrup Glider? Maple Syrup Glider? (Any of the other sugar substitutes would do as well.)

  67. Noel, this Glider is so sweet, he has no Equal.

  68. sugar…..glider….coma……………

  69. only one post today? I mean, yah, he’s snuggleriffic… but it’s only one post. Makes me worry that our mega-friend is unwell. Godspeed, blogmaster, our lord and saviour… we’ll all await your return and follow your preachings in the meantime (I’m snorgling a kitten right now in your honour)

  70. Cute little bugger.

    Meg and/or Theo: any chance of a cute West Highland Terrier lurking in your files of pics? A friend (George) died today, a former business partner of mine, and he loved his two Westies with a passion… even sewed them clothes. Our office is in mourning, and many of them are CO addicts. He was also pretty fond of canaries and fat calicoes, if the Westie file is empty.

  71. 19Petals: I didn’t notice the hid leg until util after I posted the comment, but thanks for pointing that out. That glider is still cute nonetheless!

  72. acelightning says:

    Woah, that is *tiny*! Must be really concentrated sweetness there!

  73. Hi all! I am the lucky owner of this little bugger, and we thank you for all of the comments! (Except Yaya’s. She can go to hell.) This little boy was born this past Saturday, and has a twin brother (OMG DOUBLE THE CUTENESS!) but he didn’t want his picture taken. I will give him lots of keeses and leeking for all of you when he wakes up tonight! Thanks again for all the ridiculously adorable comments!!!

  74. Aubrey,

    But he sure is Splenda!

  75. Hang gliders are considered to be safer than ever today but as a backup, pilots carry a parasugar glider with them.

  76. Peg of Tilling says:

    Trying to think of sweetener pun…I’m sucrose and yet so far…

    It’s earworm week! Please channel the Archies:

    Sugar glider
    You are my candy pet
    And you got me leeeeeking you…

  77. I’ll probably become diabetic by morning if I keep staring at this sweetie.

    I want to make a mix of cinnamon, sugar glider, and butter, and spread it on toast.

  78. Acelightning,

    Like the very concentrated sweetener Stevia, a few drops of Sugar Glider goes a looooooooong ways.

  79. Peg of Tilling – Good one, as always!

  80. Peg, try using both sides of your brain for your sugeh pun. Become ambi-dextrose.

  81. Soooo Cute! I think his eyes are closed cause of that bright light in his face, though.

    Thanks Sunshine for letting us know about your twinners. Maybe when they get a little older (and less camera-shy), you can send in another photo with the both of them.

    And as Kim asked… everything ok there, Meg & Theo? Gosh, only one post. Oh, wait! I know what it was… that one post was sooooo sweet, it maxed out the bandwidth, right? 😉

  82. “Ambi-…” oh man… I can’t even say it, let alone decide if this is a new high or a new low…

  83. soooo cute it hurts!

  84. just LOOK at the head/ fingernail ratio! OMG! GYAAAAH!

    my heart can’t take much more of this site, really I think the cuteness will do me in.

  85. Yup… one way keeeyuute glider…. who needs a sugar mouse!

    On the “lick” theme… there’s a Knob Lick in Missouri…. left my European mind in knotted giggles…..

  86. Sugar Glider are creepy, not cute. More kittehs, please!

  87. Oh, wow! ^_^ SO ADORABLE! I’m willing to bet those teeny claws are like needles, though – Like a kitten’s!
    Reminds me of a former classmate of mine who would bring his to school with him in the hood (and sometimes the pocket) of his hoodie. Little Mogwai was typically asleep, but nearly gave me a heart attack the first time I saw him poke his head out of the hood! Apparently Anthony had been bringing him to class for months and the little guy hardly ever budged…

  88. Woods Walker says:

    Yaya if you think that cute thing is gross you must think your significant other in the same way.-Woods Walker

  89. useta hada kitteh says:

    Theo — your comment on ambi-dextrose prompts me to respond that it’s not exactly high, but it’s not completely low either. More Sweet ‘n’ Low.

  90. For someone who doesn’t like the post, you sure spend a lot of time here, Yaya. How sad that you feel the need to denigrate everyone else to make yourself feel better. Perhaps you ought to go look at some of the *other* posts that you do find cute to happy yourself up a bit.

  91. Sugar Glider
    (to the tune of Bicycle Built For Two)

    Sugar Glider,
    Give me your answer due.
    Will my butt be wider
    If I choose to snorgle you?
    You’re one cute and tasty bugger.
    I’ll overdose on sugar.
    I’ll put on pounds
    With sugar mounds,
    But I so want to snorgle you!

  92. you’ve got to be kidding me? CO people have started being UGLY to each other? Saying UGLY things? Telling others to F….ANYTHING? PLEASE! Keep the nastiness away from HERE at least! You don’t have to be rude if you don’t think something is cute. Personally, I think all tiny animals are cute, regardless of what they are.

  93. Baaaaby! Thank goodness I don’t have to give up these kinds of sweets for Lent.

  94. Yaya… is that really necessary? You could have walked away with your dignity intact. You didn’t have to act like an indignant teenager.

  95. How much is that glider in the photo
    (To the tune of: How much is that doggie in the window)

    How much is that glider in the photo?
    I want to kiss him, take him home.
    I must have that glider in the photo.
    I cannot leave him all alone.

    Oh, give me that glider in the photo.
    I’ll snorgle that baby a lot.
    I need me some sugar, sugar glider
    Though his sweets will make my teeth rot.

  96. A Reminder To Teh Peeps:
    don’t feed trolls

  97. Never mind, looks like someone got there first. 🙂

  98. I completely ignore mean-acting people, by the way. I don’t give them the time of day.

    Please enjoy my glider songs, the cute posts, the sweet comments, and other HAPPY things. Life’s too short for meanness and cruel crap. Life’s too full of sh**.

    Let’s be nice to each other and enjoy HAPPY and LOVEY DOVEY things, so that we can go out into the mean, cruel rest of the world and promote HAPPY things like world peace.

    How can we promote world peace and make a better world when we keep dwelling on mean people and such sh**?

    I come in here to get some cheer, but I keep leaving with tears and drear. This place is getting ugly, I fear. Let’s all be sweet and be a dear.

  99. Still good after a night in me pocket! Brushed off a wee bit o lint and he was just as sugary-nice as yesterday. What do sugar gliders like to eat? I’m guessing he’s hungry by now.

  100. Claire,

    I have no idea, since I’ve never had a sugar glider for a pet.

    But, I reckon he eats honey and sugar cubes to stay so sweet, and loves to hang around sweet, loving, nice-acting people, and avoids and ignores the mean-acting ones.

    I’m sure he likes you because you treat him really well and are so nice to him. You don’t call him ugly or anything else like that. 🙂

  101. Oh one more thing – don’t worry, I haven’t blinded the little critter with my camera’s flash. He actually won’t open his eyes for another week or two. 🙂

  102. Sunshine,
    Thanks so much for letting us know that! At least having his eyes closed will give his tender, delicate little eyes-ies some extra camera-flash protection! 🙂

  103. *glances at scorched gouges in comments thread* Hmm, looks like I missed a rousing game of Delete The Troll…ah well.

    And whaddya know, the sugar glider is STILL sweet after lo these many days! Better than anyculinary sweetener!


  104. Denita TwoDragons,

    I don’t DELETE trolls. I EAT trolls for DINNER! They are very tasty, indeed, and go well with a glass of white wine. 😉

  105. darkshines says:

    *crams sugar glider in mouth*


  106. (choir) “No-o-el, No-o-el, (higher) No-o-el, Noel, your horn is the thi-ing you blo-ow so well.”
    (I do mean it in a nice way.) 😉

  107. omg it’s so tiny…i want it…O_O…

  108. In real life, I am a freelance poet, by the way. LOL

  109. In real life, I am a troll deleter, by the way. LOL

  110. Well then Noel,
    How sublime
    That you rhyme
    With LOL

  111. Theo,

    In real life, I’m a freelance poet, but on CO I eat trolls for dinner. I smother them with sweetness until they keel over, and then I eat them. LOL

  112. Oh, Noel,
    What a spell
    You have placed here so well
    With your poetry hell!


  113. Never there was
    a troll deleter
    as Cute as fuzz
    and even sweeter.

  114. Sunshine, if he’s so wee, is he still with his mom? What do grown-up gliders eat, besides niceness and sweetness?

  115. Can someone explain the rules of Delete the Troll to me?

  116. that is the cutest thing i have ever saw send more if possible

  117. that is so cute

  118. Can someone explain the rules of Delete the Troll to me?

    I think it means negative remarks?

  119. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teh Rulez of Delete the Troll, by Useta Hada Kitteh

    Teh Rulez, as I see ’em, go like this.

    Troll appears (with gross, ugly, vulgar comments)
    Peeps say “ooh, nasty troll! Ick! Don’t touch it! Ooooh!”
    Then Peeps say “Teho, clean up on aisle 7” or something like that.
    Then the Caped Troll Deleter, aka The Moderator, aka Theo, aka Teho, aka Theo the Good, appears like a flash of lightning, and Poof, the vulgar nasty comment is gone!
    Then the Peeps gather around Theo the Good, and thank him for deleting the nastiness.
    Then the comments made about the nastiness make no sense to those who didn’t see the nastiness, but that’s just how it is.

    That’s all.

    Thank you. (bows)

  120. Sidney and Brinnan: It’s not just negative remarks–hey, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, after all–but negative remarks that become crude and inflammatory. Simplay saying “That’s not cute” is one thing, especially if the commenter gives a reason for their opinion. But calling people nasty names, using foul language, and generally behaving like a snotty child is a whole ‘nother animal altogether–and generally an invitation to be kicked out of the establishment.


  121. Useta & Denita,

    Thanks so much. I’ve been hanging around for a couple of months now and am still learning the rules of the CO game. Useta, I particularly enjoyed your prose.

  122. nums!

  123. His tininess a treat
    By sleep his brow his soothed
    A glider that’s so sweet
    He’s like a sugar…cubed

  124. AuntieMame says:

    A sugar…cubed. Bahahaha!

    Good one, Aubrey!

    This lil’ feller looks so…happy. He’s smiling!

    “Uh-huh, I’m cute. Bow down and worship me!”

  125. AuntieMame says:

    And why do I now have to prove I’m not a spammer EVERY time I try to post???


  126. Denita TwoDragons: I am in total agreement with you. I just find it hard to believe that anyone looking at this sight would have any unkind words to say. Thanks for clearing up trolls for me.

  127. AuntieMame – That spam test is a hoot. I had to type a few numbers and “keg”! I get some good ones.

  128. Denita TwoDragons: I am in total agreement with you. I just find it hard to believe that anyone looking at this sight would have any unkind words to say. Thanks for clearing up trolls for me.

  129. Mame, I always take it personally, having to prove I don’t spam (with a fried egg on top).

    It makes me bitter and dangerous.

  130. …like the espresso we brew, here

  131. Well, I do like my coffee black, like my…never mind.

  132. You know what I just LOVE about a delay between new posts?
    The creativity level goes off the charts!

    Eet ees so fun to read the Peeps poems and puns.

    And now, look closely at Bebe Glider’s tail. Does it not look like a cute earthworm?

    *kisskiss, bebe*

  133. Lauri, you’re right. That does look like a little, no, make that large earthworm wriggling around beneath Mr. Sugarpop.

  134. Little tail-io is to hold onto while you dip your sugar (glider) into your iced tea. (Never coffee or hot tea–you don’t want to scald him.)

  135. Aubrey,

    Spam is bad, both the not-quite-meat version, and the kind that somehow gets past my spam filters and into my email inbox.

    We try to keep Spam out of here, but like the not-quite-meat version, it seems to stick around for 50+ years without going moldy, keeps re-incarnating itself into various forms, and keeps showing up like a bad dream that just won’t go away no matter how hard you whack at it with a sledgehammer.

    I will have to agree, however, that sometimes the touring numbers or whatever, to prove we’re not spammers, gets a bit too aggressive at times, IMHO.

  136. Sugar Glider says “YOW!!! THAT’S TOO COLD!!!” (opposite of the flying cat on the too-hot bed/electric blankie in a recent post) as you dunk the poor thing into your iced tea.

    On second thought, I think we’d better make that LUKEWARM tea, don’t ya think?


  137. Noel — agreed. It’s a TypePad thing, though (the blog service) and not Cute Overload.

  138. I think Suga’ would like to be dunked by the tail into a toasty warm vat of vanilla puddin.

  139. Ah! Dunk him in a toasty warm vat of vanilla puddin, and then lick the puddin off. Wow! That idea just gives me the gooseebumpees! Too much! Too much! Too much for me to handle! Tooooooo much!

  140. i like how he seems to be snickering at something…like all of us for being so silly under his widdle spell!

  141. So… Theo. How’s things goin there at CO? Meg ok? I mean only one post, two days in a row. That must be some kinda record, right?

    Just asking.

  142. Thank goodness for zee animals. Life would be so boring without theem. Can I get some of that?

  143. ahhhnnn! SUGAR BOOGER!

  144. Sunshine! You are so lucky to have baby twin sugargliders!! Please post pics as they grow up. Are you keeping them both? How many gliders in your family now?

  145. Shhhh……..bonny wee one is in slumberland.

  146. I desperately want a sugar glider. If anyone is a breeder or has some available let me know! 🙂

  147. Cuter than bugs ear.

  148. I would paint its nails

  149. Sprout,
    After doing some reading online (go Googled it), I found out that some states do not even allow people to own them as pets, notably California. You might want to look into this and see if it’s legal where you live first.

  150. Lisa,
    DEFINITELY go with purple, only because it’s my favorite color. I could see little Glidee with purple nails.

  151. Okashi-chan says:

    Very cute! I love my gliders and I’m about to have a couple of joeys of my own… *glomps the cuteness* X3

  152. Want to see our pet sugar gliders- Ariel & Kiki? Visit their gallery at