I’ll take the red ones

Yo. At my crib, it’s the finest Sateen™ monies ken BUY, Nephews.

No messin’ around, Baby.

Yeah, I try ’em out first, what kitteh wouldn’t? These red ones—they’re stayin’—No backsies.


Thanks, Valerie F., and "Nuge" (yes, as in Ted Nugent 😉



  1. Wow, it’s like the kitten version of a Victoria’s Secret model.

  2. So sweet! Is that my late Valentine’s Day present? Thanks Meg!

  3. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    “Mines. All Mines! No toushing!”

  4. I have red sheets, but no cute kitteh to snorgle with on them. (I do have a large, shedd-y collie, and a large, sweaty hubby–neither of which work well with dark colored sheets).

  5. Dat is one very schweet baby.

  6. Aherm…is this kitteh being forced to participate in snorg-sploitation videos?

  7. Aww! this cutie’s like a soft, warm-fuzzy hug for your eyes! ^__^


  8. Cathryn Claire says:

    The pink paw pads! Ohmygod the pink paw pads!!

  9. Sateen luvver says:


  10. That’s one cute bebeh! Looks similar to my little holy terror. Those back legs are killing me! I love it when kitters lay that way.

  11. After reading about the suicide of someone I was a fan of for a few years, this was a welcome site. Lovely kitten. 🙂

  12. That’s totally my sheet! Even the color! They’re not satin though, unfortunately. Just sort of look like it in the light.

  13. What a very ‘Anna Nicole’ pose. Showing kit-tocks.

  14. What a very ‘Anna Nicole’ pose. Showing kit-tocks.

  15. China's Mom says:

    I want to kiss it’s little pink paw pads!

  16. Klyde's Mom says:

    Where is this kitteh’s tail?

  17. I have those sheets, but they didn’t come with a kitten! Should I call and complain? 😉

  18. AWWWWWWW! The tail is going between its back legs. So fluffy and loveable. Why can’t I have one?

  19. Kitty Tocks on display here!!! We are young enough and don’t care what the world thinks, just be glad ya’ll I don’t need undies, or knickers as those British Folk’s would say. I living it up to the fulliest, just remind me of these days when I am 20 years old in human time( 90 in cat time) that I once was this way……Tocks, Tocks and Tocks

  20. little gator says:

    Not Anna Nicole.

    Marilyn posed nekkid on red sheets. But the kitteh is prettier.

  21. Ha! I love the “frog leg” action.

  22. D’aaaaawwwwwwwww!
    I’ll second Denita’s quote
    “a soft, warm-fuzzy hug for our eyes”–Too perfect a descriptor!

    (Speaking of warm fuzzies, I got to volunteer at the animal shelter on Saturday and there were *PUPPIES*!
    Oh, just a big armful of beagle-mixy cuteness! It licked my neck! 8 weeks old there were seven brought in and two went home within the hour. T’other five won’t stick around the whole of next week, I’ll bet…)

  23. I’m not even a kitty person, and I have an insane urge to nawm on those feets.

  24. Such markings! And such a threadcount!

  25. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll grow callous to the cute, being so often exposed to it in high doses, but then I see some lovely blue eyed kitten like this, and I realize that could never happen.

  26. I want to snuzzle the baby kitty.

  27. Cutest kitty eveur :3

  28. OMG, the fuzzitude!

  29. My blood runs cold!
    My sateen sheets have are red and bold!
    My kitteh is a centerfold!

  30. hah! i have those same sheets! but the cats on mine are orange…

  31. EEEE! The fuzz! The lil’ feets! The eye cap-sules! ::collapses::

  32. ImAStrangerHereMyself says:

    DKN: Yes, froglegs!! When our fully grown tabby does this, we call him “The Incredible Frog Boy”. He does it more during warm weather.

  33. Future model for “Kitteh Penthouse.”

  34. Toooooo cute!

  35. WANT IT!!!

    Darn my allergies…

  36. J. Bo: … an insane urge to nawm on those feets …

    what a MAGNIFICENT word – nawm …



    NAWM …

    this kitteh’s feets are made for nawmmmmmmmming …

    *spits out mouthfull of kitteh fur*

  37. You can totally find those sheets in Conway (in red or gold). I dont think it comes with a kute kitty tho! 😀 Adorable little munchkin! I wanna take a chomp of its fur!

  38. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, man.. I really, really needed cute today, and this was JUST the thing. Thanks Meg!

  39. omg!! I Love it! pure cuteness and sweetness



  41. Man, cats are natural at “decadent”, but this takes the cake.

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yes, I know I’m a beautiful kitteh. I can’t help it, I was born that way. Yes, you may stroke my head very gently between my ears, and you may stroke my beautifully striped back. No, you may not have my red sheets.

  43. ::poit::

  44. Many people don’t know, but this was the back-up shot in case Norma Jeane couldn’t make it for her calendar shoot.

  45. that’s a bunny lounging position!

  46. Aww, I have those same sheets but no kitten.

  47. Even my dog appreciates this picture.


  48. Peg of Tilling says:

    These paws were made for nawmin’
    And nawmin’s what I’ll do
    One of these days this cat is gonna nawm all over you…dadadum dadadum dadadum…

  49. what an adorable little litteh!!!

  50. useta hada kitteh says:

    PofT — now there’s an earworm for ya… or rather, for me… great re-wording, I’ll let you know how many days I’m stuck with the earworm… 😉

  51. looks just like one of the kittens we gave away for xmas…misss squiggles…all our kitties have these markings are you from MI?

  52. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Arvay: “that’s a bunny lounging position!”

    Hey, you’re right! Totally bunnified. ^_^

  53. My bunny is lying like that right now! *glances over fondly*

  54. I know I’ve worked at Linens-n-Things too long when I recognize Damask Stripe sheets. Or at least a comparable product. :\
    No kittens at work though!

  55. paulajeanne says:

    Peg, Peg…Usta has it right. Major earworm..good one tho. (goes off singing..”will namw all over you…”)

  56. After asking someone to please show me at least a LITTLE bit of caring and consideration while I fight my health battles, and basically being told, in no uncertain terms, to go find someone who cares, and then getting VERY angry and hurt about this kind of treatment, this photo is JUST what I need. Thanks!

  57. I just fell in love!

  58. Can kitties go frog dog on the back legs?

    Am I so sick I just don’t understand whether or not that is Ted Nugent’s kitten? Or was that understood by everyone else? Whellow?

  59. There’s a nude shot of Marilyn Monroe on those same sheets….

  60. I bought those sheets and all I got was a free shower curtain!!

  61. How odd that this picture hasn’t inspired a flame war.

    I guess I’d better start one: “Hey, lookit the flame-colored sheets!”

  62. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Can any one find the Marilyn picture, for comparison? By the way I am wondering what fellow cuteologists get up to on their sexy red silky sheets,you brazen huzzys

  63. Persephone says:

    A message for Meg and the sender-inners:

    Please, please keep posting the kitteh pictures. They are slowly breaking down Hubby’s resistance, and I think I am almost to the point of actually convincing him to adopt one. He seems especially fond of ones with long, soft-looking hair.

  64. Honourable, here’s the link – the color is WAY off; the original was exactly the red of this post.


    (It’s too bad that I feel I must warn that nudity is involved here.)

  65. acelightning says:

    I love the the way Miz Kitty is pretending she doesn’t know how irresistible she is, with those “oh, I’m just an innocent little kitten!” blue eyes…

  66. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Thanks Aub. Oh dear nudity, where are my smelling salts, for shame for shame.

  67. Ahh, the perfect CO experience. Slowly read the intro. No peeking at the picture. Deep breaths…ok, it says it’s a kitteh. I can handle that. It can’t be any cuter than the hundreds I’ve seen before.
    Scroll slowly down.
    Savor savor…ok….here comes the picture.
    Gaaaaaah! It’s CUTE. It’s the CUTEST one yet!
    How does this happen! Cutecutecutecutecutecute…

    And then…..taaaadaaaaa…
    Aubrey caps it off with the PERFECT twin photo of Marilyn.

    *Lauri goes off to work completely satisfied with her morning surfing*

  68. I love this website, all the cute pictures make me melt! I also love the frequent use of baby talk throughout the site! My husband and I talk this way to each other about cute stuff and this site just makes us feel more normal! LOL

  69. http://www.marilynfineart.com/redvelvetimages.html

    Here’s another link to photos of Marilyn Monroe on red sheets–the color IS exactly the same!

  70. holli: “Am I so sick I just don’t understand whether or not that is Ted Nugent’s kitten? “
    lol, as they say.
    ps I think it’s just that the person’s name is Nugent not Nuge. But maybe your joke was intentional. Anyway, I feel it entirely sums up my own state of cold meds-addled mind.

  71. useta hada kitteh says:

    I kinda figured that the kitteh’s name is Nuge. I’m totally clueless as to who Ted Nugent might be, but I’m assuming gorgeous kitteh is named for said Nugent person.

    Frankly, the caption on this glamour-pussens could be Nuge Nuge Wink Wink…

  72. yankeebird says:

    Useta, hit up wikipedia to learn about Ted Nugent. Well-known rocker.

    And I have the same sheets, but mine are in a decadent shade of purple. And mine came with TWO kittehs that lounge on them.

  73. Suda Nim:

    OK. I’ll start the flame war since no one else has. Here goes! Fasten ur seatbelts! This is gonna be FUN!

    LOL!!! ROFL!!! LOL!!!

    I for one am VERY OFFENDED by the BLATANT showing of COMPLETE KITTEH NUDITY and the SEXUAL INNUENDO of showing this COMPLETE KITTEH NUDITY on a RED SATIN SHEET which, as we all know, signifies all things having to do with sex and sexual innuendos, such as Marilyn Monroe, Victoria Secret, and countless nude models and pinups.

    HOW DARE we DARE be DARING enough to even THINK of being DARING to COMPARE, COMPARING, a poor, widdle, cute, fuzzy-wuzzy widdle kitten to things such as Victoria Secret, the sexy-looking satins of Linen-N-Things, Marilyn Monroe, and various nude models and pinup models and stuff like that.

    The AUDACITY of it all! The BRAZENNESS! The EXPLOITATION of this poooooooor wiiiiiiiiddle creeeeeeeeeeaaaaaatuuuuuure!

    I am SURE that Mother Nature and the kitten’s mother would BOTH agree with me and would BOTH be VERY OFFENDED by all this! But, has no one even BOTHERED to ask Mother Nature and Mother Kitteh? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Just like so many humans use Mother Nature’s resources and totally exploit her without asking, we have done the SAME THING to the poor kitteh.

    I mean, really, I am SURE the kitteh has not bothered to learn English, and NO ONE has even bothered to learn Kittenese to try to communicate with him/her. If anyone really wanted, he/she surely could find a book or tape on this on ebay or something. It appears that no one even considered the fact that the kitten MIGHT have something to say about all this.

    And furthermore, I am VERY OFFENDED by people’s use of a poor, innocent little kitten to discuss Victoria Secret. Did anyone bother to even ask the kitten first? I don’t think so!

    I am SURE the poor kitten has had NO say in this whole thing. If the kitten were to have a choice in this, he/she would SURELY vote NOOOOOOOO! Or, he or she would surely lift a paw full of extended claws in protest.

    There. I started the flame war. Are you happy now? 🙂

    ROFLMAO!!!!! LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!

    This is my mind at 6:30 a.m. Pacific time WITHOUT my first cup of coffee, by the way. Just wait ’til I get some Java down me! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

  74. “No backsies” ^_^ The comment almost made me laugh as hard as the litle ball of holy fluff…

  75. Guys, I’m under A LOT of stress. The more stressed out I get, the more stupid and funny I become. Thanks for bearing with me.

  76. bucky spalding says:

    Kitteh Smoove B sez: i will buy the finest sateen sheetz for you, and there will be cream, yes, even half and half, and girl, i will shower you wis ze purrz.

  77. Oh, Noel, you forgot: This kitteh is obviously underage. Not only are we exploiting kittehs, we’re exploiting YOUNG kittehs who, even if we could understand each other, would not understand that what they’re being subjected to is wrong!

  78. I can’t help but think pictures of animals lying like this look like Superman flying. This would be a good one because kittie is lQQking down.

  79. [shaking head slowly]
    […and snickering]

  80. i’m with noel. the only way i could be more offended by this picture is if there was a tatoo involved.

  81. Ahem! There are three “Ts” in the word “Ta2”!

  82. heh heh. boy is my face reed.

  83. it’s tttaoo, right?

  84. paulajeanne says:

    My gosh, you’re right! Substitute pale blue sheets and what do we have? Superkitty!

  85. RONG!

  86. A tattooed kitten???

    Who’d want to tattoo a kitten? Oh, PLEASE don’t let this be the next big fashion trend!

    Also, since this kitten is underage and is very nude, this could be called kitten kiddie porn!

  87. After reading that very adequate flame by Noel, and Carlisa’s comment about da Supe, I have deduced it is a kitteh from Hell, flying through a Dante-esque inferno of red flames, claiming souls right and left.

    Here kitteh, kitteh, take mine!

  88. Jaypo,


    She’s sure cute for being a Kitteh From Hell!

  89. *singing*

    Don’t’cha wish your kit-teh was as sweet as me?

    Don’t’cha wish your kit-teh luvved tha sheets like me?

    *runs away dodging thrown objects…*


  90. Peeps — FYI — new Meg posts are on the way.

  91. Don’t MAKE me repeat my tattoed-dog story, folks.

  92. Oh — and, OMG, it’s a TREND! Check out Max at:


  93. Suda, by that time we hope to be on to another post. 😉

  94. So, am I mistaken in believing that this kitten belongs to Terrible Ted, and that he’s into kittenporn? Do you think he still has Cat Scratch Fever??????

  95. all day long says:

    So damn cute I could just kronsch kronsch it for days! Give me a kees wittle kittle! God, I hate how this site totally zaps my adult persona. Come on here, oooh and ahhh like a 3rd grader, EVERY SINGLE TIME! :o)

  96. Speaking of tattooed kittehs, has anyone seen the pics of the kittehs with dyed hair? I’ve uploaded them from an email I received into a photobucket:


  97. Jaypo, you never let me have any fun.

  98. This looks like one of those embarassing pictures of you as a baby after a bath.

  99. i’ve seen cuter.

  100. useta hada kitteh says:

    hollus — don’t say that out loud, you’ll hurt the kitteh’s feelings!

  101. Brinnann, those pics come from a book called “Why Paint Cats?” which I’m 99% sure is a joke book, like “Why Cats Paint.”

    Back me here, some of you know-a-lots, the cat pics are actually photoshopped, no?

  102. Redzilla: I’m still debating the photoshop possibility, simply because I know there are strange enough people in the world to have this done to their cats.

  103. paulajeanne says:

    It really is an artform. I have a 2006 calendar with painted cats (vegetable dyes) and explanations from the artists as to why they chose that particular design. Some were beautiful and others just plain too wierd for words!

  104. I also have those sheets – very soft and cotton-y. Currently occupied by two big fat black and white cats.

  105. Thanks Theo. You are the master of all that is internet.

  106. So is it a buy one sheet, get one cat sale? Cause I’m all up for kitten deals! And those super soft looking cronshie ears! … is anyone else wondering where that kitten’s tail went though?

  107. Brinnann — thanks, heh… but it’s funny: MusicChick2 and KCat emailed me about this SAME THING just last night, so I just reposted the Snopes link from MC2’s email.

  108. ginettissima says:

    Oh my god, don’t even get me started on how the bebe has positioned his little back paws. What’s up with the crazy back kitten paws these days?!?!

  109. useta: well, it just doesn’t look like he is putting much of an effort into it. i think he could try a little harder.

  110. After a horrid day of dealing with the horridest boss from the horridest hell, i finally smiled 🙂

  111. Awwwwwww, cute kitty. But boy, is that a LUSCIOUS red.

  112. Red sheets at night, kitteh’s delight, red sheets at morning, kitteh takes porning.
    (from the old “red skies at night, sailor’s delight, red skies at morning, sailors take warning.”)

  113. I work for Ted Nugent’s accountant. I’m totally asking if he has claimed any Kitteh’s lately. LOL 🙂

  114. teh nuge lufs teh qte?
    get out!

  115. You’ve heard of being “3 sheets to the wind”? Kitty here is 1 sheet to the Candle in the Wind.

  116. pyrit, you are so full of sheet.

    (made me snort)

  117. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    ” I’m on ur bed
    waitin’ fer ur luvin'”

  118. DKN: I hope it is Ted’s kitty! Not sure why I felt so dang confident in my earlier assertions…and now I’ve come down with a cold as if in some kind of retribution.
    ah well, at least I know CO is always there for me. And judging by today’s posts, it’s been a rough day for many of our legions, so thank goodness for this crazy tailless marilyn kitteh.

  119. That kitty has some loooong white furs. Check out the foreground of the pic–



  120. my cat totally has tattoos. all over her belleh. you just can’t see them because of the massive fur explosion going on there.

  121. Fifi – that’s hysterical!

  122. Lauri – (sorry for late reply, there was a hovercraft in my kitchen) Was it not you, last week, who said I “sucked”? And now you say I am full of “sheet”? Sticks ‘n stones, Luv!!! 😉

  123. There was a… in your…
    …well, was it full of eels?

  124. pyrit,
    Oh, my dear, did _I_ say you sucked? It most definitely had to have been in some sort of “suck” context…perhaps a cute sea lamprey was posted???

    I am sincerely trying to figure out what a hovercraft was doing in your kitchen.

  125. Lampreys are sort of like eels… with nasty rasping teeth…

  126. A hovercraft full of lampreys! Ewwwww!

    *whispers* but, Theo, why was it in pyrit’s galley?

  127. tangent!
    ever wondered how to get a behbeh kitteh to not go after rodent pets?

    and now back to your regularly schedules cuteness

  128. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Jellybean toes!! And of course, the lovely, lovely swirly cloudlike marking on the side. Steal my soul away, little mister (or miss) kitten-pants!

  129. I will not buy this rrrecord, Lauri. It-is-scratched.

    Pyrit — that’s pretty sweet. I want one of these, though:

  130. useta hada kitteh says:

    Kit, I was figgerin’ that the kitteh’s tailio was betweenio his/her back legs, but now I’m not so sure. Must be an awfully short tailio. Like a taili-

    Pyrit — I covet that hovercraft. Was it reeelly in your kitchen? Cool. The helipopter Teho covets has too many whirly bits for me, but I’d love a hovercraft or two — I could have races with myself! Or you could come over and we could have a hovercraft regatta!

  131. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit — me agin. I’ve just been over at the helipopter site that Teho said, and they need you over there!!!!11!1! All their helipopters say “radio contolled”. They obviously need a Pyrit on staff to say “Rrrrrrr”, and fix all those r-less radio contolled thingamabobs.

  132. Any Hungarians in the audience?


  133. Theo, Lauri, useta, Aubrey –
    [hunting a moth] Hank Spim: Well, I follow the moth in the helicopter to lure it away from the flares, and then Roy comes along in the Lockheed Starfighter and attacks it with air-to-air missiles.
    BBC Announcer: We interrupt this program to annoy you and make things generally irritating.

  134. pyrit – you’ve been SERVED. Would you prefer the provencale manner, or with lemon curry?

  135. useta – My kitchen floor is made of treacherous high gloss tile. I despise it. The hovercraft loves it. A hovercraft regatta – great idea – we could crash them into each other – it would be like bumper cars.

  136. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh boy! Bumper hovercraft! (This could really take off…)

  137. Aubrey – Ooh with Aubreygines and shallots…

  138. useta hada kitteh says:

    you shall lots of aubreygines have, oh pyrit, but I know not what this “Ooh” is that you wish served with lots of shells and aubreygines — some form of Eel perhaps?

  139. pyrit – NEVER forget the fried egg on top.

    (puts on Viking helmet)

  140. [sighs]
    Lovely Spam… wonderful Spam…

  141. Stop it! This thread has gotten entirely too silly.

    And you — you’re not even a proper kitteh.

  142. I never voted for it.

  143. Awwwww…Aubrey’s being repressed……

  144. (running up)

    Suda! Suda! There’s some lovely filth down here!

  145. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    No one expects the comfy chair.

  146. Run awaaaaay! Run awaaaaay! *sound of coconut halves being bashed together frantically*


  147. We have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch…?

  148. “Mooooooooo!”

  149. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My brain hurts.

  150. useta hada kitteh says:

    Someone mentioned a long time ago (up there somewhere) that the kitteh was lookin’ down. The kitteh is lookin’ down wonderin’ what these last comments mean??? Poor puzzled kitteh, doesn’t know what’s goin’ on.

  151. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Twas brillig in the slivey toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe all mimsy were the borow groves and the momraths out grabe. I think that explains it all don’t you?

  152. useta hada kitteh says:

    THGA — beware the Jabberwock, my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch; beware the JubJub bird, and shun the Frumious Bandersnatch!

    Or is the Bandersnatch Fruvious instead of Frumious. There’s a large difference in meaning between the two.

    Oh, and thanks for clearing up my questions about the deeper meaning of comments.

  153. Bravo, THGA! Do I spy a Cheshire cat? Maybe that’s why we can’t find kitteh’s tail…it’s beginning to disappear…

  154. One-two, one-two, and through and through
    His vorpal blade went snicker-snack
    He left the thread, and parting, said:
    “These nuffs can kiss my crack.”

    (yeah… but I’m only here for about 10 more seconds, so it’s gotta be quick-and-dirty)

  155. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Last night I killed my wife, stretched her on the kitchen flooring, I was loath to take her life but I had to stop her snoring.

  156. (stands in uffish thought)

    Gladys, who ate all these oysters?

    Have you eaten every one?

  157. Oooh, OOOH, will there be a Caucus Race later?! I’m not very fast, but I can try!

  158. brinnann, we’ll have to do SOMETHING to get dry. I do have this history book here, however…and that’s pretty dry, too.

  159. Aubrey, it’s about 72 degrees down here in Texas, so a nice game of croquet with the Queen might be sufficient to dry us off.

  160. And if your history book is so dry, you may want to try taking lessons from the catepillar. He’s seems like an interesting teacher, though his spelling is a little off.

  161. Flibbertyjibbet.

  162. brinnann, looking at Tenniel’s illustrations of the croquet game, I seemed to recognize one or two hedgies that have made their appearance on CO.

    And steer clear of that catepillar. Telling you to eat that mushroom and all, I never.

    pyrit, you’re a will o’ the wisp, a clown.

  163. Twinkle, twinkle, little bat,
    How I wonder what you’re at.
    Or maybe it’s really the sugar glider from the next picture…

  164. Aubrey, and I’m always late, but do I make you laugh?

  165. “…but do I make you laugh?”

    Oh, pyrit, allow me to quote:

    “I feared it might injure the brain;
    But, now that I’m perfectly sure I have none,
    Why, I do it again and again.”

  166. all that montey python reminds me of my days with MIT G&S Players. so…

    oh, i was feeling blue,
    but that glider is a cutie
    he has turned my heart to goo,
    as is certainly his duty!

  167. (Crosses arms and sticks lower lip out in pouting gesture.) Not fair, I don’t recognize that one.

  168. Aubrey – Do I get 2 more questions?

  169. *Sulks off to another cute post where I can understand the commentary.*

  170. hmm.well, i seem to have commented on the sugar glider under the kitteh, first of all.

    anyway, HMS Pinafore opening chorus…in my experience, Gilbert & Sullivan peeps recite alot of Monty Python as well…so that was kind of a far-fetched personal association.

    oh, i’m off today. very very off.

  171. Brinnann — I’m guessing that was an MIT-ism, like IHTFP.

  172. pyrit, of course.
    Just remember, I’m old.

    C’mon back in, brinnann! The commentary’s fine!

    anner, I’m not a G&S expert, but it was much appreciated.

  173. Theo – having been just a secretary at MIT (albeit a singing one), i’m not familiar with that ‘ism.

  174. thanks, aubrey. i think maybe i need a long nap in a vat of warm pudding…

  175. ROFL. Ah gawwwd.

    The earthworms are coming the earthworms are coming….

    We attack in 30 minutes.

  176. Yep, thought I’d check back to see where the discussion had led, and I’m still lost.

  177. Anner — OK… so… what were you singing? Gilbert & Sullivan, as others have guessed?

    “IHTFP” info here:

  178. brinnann –

    Are you lost in a tulgey wood? Has anything come whiffling through it yet?

  179. yeah, it was the opening chorus to HMS Pinafore. There have been spoofs of and references to this on Animaniacs and The Simpson, so I think i figured they were more widely known.

    btw, i inadvertantly memorized the Jabberwocky when i was 4 years old, to the amazement of my family. i think at that point the probably expected me to grow up a little more accomplished than i did…but it may account for my random approach to spelling.

  180. ahem…The SimpsonS.

  181. Aubrey, I do think I may have gotten lost in the Tulgey Wood, but nothing whiffling by yet. Unless you count the frequent trips to my office by my office manager, supposedly looking for files, more likely trying to sneak a peek at some CO.

  182. Liddell by Liddell all will be won over to The Cute.

    Alas. I mean, Alice.

  183. Annert — I helped produce an MIT student play. A Rocky-Horror based song (think “Hot Patootie”)

    “Now that I’m at MIT/
    My social life is a misery.”

  184. I keep thinking that I’ll get sick of seeing the cutest widdle pics of kitties and puppies and assorted other furry/cute aminals …..BUT I DONT!!! I JUST <3 C.O.!!!!!

  185. what a mangeball :p

    why don’t you discpline him so he stops kneading my brain while i’m trying to sleep