I am as seeriouss as zee heart attacke.

Mes mecs, pull up your chaises and leesten to moi.

I have just returned from le tabac, [takes puff of unfiltered Gauloise] and have heard zat zee Champeeon cheep bocce ball tournemant—eet weel happen as scheduled at fourteen hundred hours today.

Zut alors, WE WILL WEEN THEES TIME! [rubs lucky bocce ball with paw]

Ready your boules, gentlemens!


Allison G., you’re killin’ us. Serious. 😉



  1. I love it when you do zee Freeiinch accente!

  2. He looks like a disapproving old gentleman! Wait, I thought only kittehs and bunnehs gave that disapproving look…

  3. Reminds me of my grandpa.

  4. Third!! Exciting much.

  5. useta hada kitteh says:

    Lookit that! It’s Maurice Chevalier McPuggersons in person! er, in dogson!

  6. LOL!! what a mug on that pug!

  7. I think this guy was driving my cab the other night…

  8. SixFootJen says:

    Yep. I lived in the south of France for a few months and this dude would hang out and play petanque. (They don’t call it “bocce” because, well, they’re not Italian!) He was a killer. Played with real finesse.

  9. Why do I imagine him flying a plane with the lil aviator goggles on???

    Oh oH Oh… Better yet …

    His owner on a motorcycle with him riding in the side conpartment!

  10. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Ugly bastard

  11. The Pug is NOT amused. . .

  12. OMG – he reminds me of Pavarotti!!!

  13. Nah.
    He eez distingueeshed looking.

    What a cute puppers–looking awfully stylin’ in his hat and scarf!

  14. Seriously, Meg, you need to create a book with the best pics and the best captions. I am almost positive it would be a top seller…

    Just a thought…

  15. Hilarious! I love eet!

  16. OMG! It’s the Dogfather.

  17. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Love it! Of course, I love pugs so I may be biased.

  18. heheh…kinda reminds me of the little frawnsh dewd from Hogan’s Heroes. Louis LeBeau!
    or somethin’.

  19. *****
    Five gold stars! (out of four)

  20. I zink zees chien is le reincarnation of Sartre. He’s experiencing le ennui and having le crisis existentielle.

  21. Maybe it’s just me, but I hear this pug talking in a Jack Nicholson voice.

  22. Hahahahahahaha! OMG I love how pugs look all dressed up!!

  23. pugs = aliens

  24. FrancoFile says:

    Zut alors! We are playing ze petanque, not zis stupeed Italian bocce zing!

  25. All he needs is a pair of oversized goggles and he would make ze pairfect aviator (or early-twentieth-century motorist).

  26. “Come with me to the Casbah!”

  27. Redzilla – Exactly what I was thinking. That’s mos’ def’ Nicholson.

    He’s *also* sorta Brando-esque.

  28. Linders, I had exactly the same thought when I read this post. I would absolutely buy a CO book, or maybe a Cute O’The Day calendar with captions. Think about it, Meg!

  29. He looks like Pavarotti

  30. Hee!

  31. He looks more disgruntled than disapproving.

  32. Freya — or possibly Chef Paul Prudhomme, y’know, from New Orleans?

  33. Noel (VERY bocce ball lovin') says:


  34. He looks like he could seriously cream me at games of checkers and chess….as well as Bocce Ball.

    Oh, man, don’t get me started on Bocce Ball. That sport is BIG TIME here. We have Bocce Ball all over the place in this city.

    Chess playing puppers. He’d seriously diminish my already low rating. LOL

  35. Persephone says:

    Naw, he’s totally Jacques Prevert: http://www.lemensuel.net/IMG/jpg/ET080614-Web.jpg

  36. Woaw, excellent picture! Great look, and great dog. Hats up to the stylist and the dog!

    And I was agreably surprised by the french words, even more the “zut” one. Meg, do you speak some french? 😀

    *waves* woohoo ;p

  37. Persephone:

    LOL!!! You kill me! LOL!!!

  38. Wait – you’re kidding, right? Bocce + CO = my complete life. Much of my time online is spent involved with one or the other.

    I’m actually the captain of a bocce team in a bar league here in NYC; we are the champions of the league (sorry, just have to brag a bit…). Anyway, this is all very exciting.

    Though, indeed, the French would call it petanque or boules. Zee pug, hee ees tres disapprovink.

  39. Alexis:

    A fellow Bocce Ball player! I never thought I’d see the day! When I talk to most people about Bocce, they’re all, “What’s Bocce Ball?”

    I got invited to join a league, but I had to turn down the invite due to very poor health.

    Long story, but my very first time ever playing was on a tournament that lacked a player, and I was there watching the tourney, and I was begged to jump in, and so I suddenly stepped in. I was very good for my first time ever.

    As soon as I get to feeling a bit better, I will join a league here.

    Right now, I am focussed on getting well and getting in shape.

    But, I LOVE Bocce! It is an addicting and FUN game!

    I want my own Bocce Ball set someday!

  40. Noel:

    Hope you feel better soon! As for your own set, we found cheap, decent sets online (try ebay or sporting goods stores).

    And yes, it is a highly addictive game that you can easily play as a newbie. Trust me, I am about as athletically challenged as it comes, and I’m able to be a decent player.

    As soon as the weather gets better here we’ll start playing outside (instead of in a bar, though that has its advantages as well). I have to test out the new petanque set I got for Christmas!

    Now back to your regularly scheduled cuteness…

  41. Looks like Jack Nicholson

  42. My friends and I are partial to croquet, but only because we love how amusing it is to sip tea and wear skirts and suits and play a game while jumping up and down and swearing intermittently. And again, it is pretty easy to just jump into, so long as you have an even playing field. Sadly, my SO always sets up for us, so we have the most nonsensical games ever. Very Lewis Carrol.

  43. Frawnsch-speakers, what does “zut alors” mean? I see this phrase often, but don’t understand it.

  44. Zut is kind of like “shoot!” or “darn!” Alors is sort of like “so then” and is really just added for emphasis.

  45. Who is famous that has a great French accent that would be wonderful to voice over this pug’s words. Wonderful pic

  46. My fave use of “zut alors” is in The Little Mermaid when the chef discovers Sabastian has gotten away from him and his pot of boiling lobster death “Zut alors! I haf MEESED one!”.

    Well, it was funny at the time, at least.

  47. Jack Nicholson? much cuter!

  48. He looks like Pavarotti.

  49. Yea, a calendar would be great!!! A book n a calendar. See, there is a million dollar idea there Meg =)

  50. le AIEE! He looks so Gallically worldweary!

  51. Did Hercule Poirot ever wear a hat? This could be the dog version of him, even though he’s Belgian not French.

  52. Holy Minnie Pearl, Peter Lorre has been reincarnated as a pug!

  53. I dunno. I’m thinking visually, Jacques Prevert, as above, but voice-wise, Maurice Chevalier.

    “Zank hevins, for little pugs….”

  54. Alright, us Frenchees don’t say ze time zat way. No hundreds forr us. Eef eets 14h00, zen eets “quatorze heures”! Fourteen hours.

  55. I loove eet whenn MegAn doze zee Franch eksennt! Eet EEs soo … hmmm; jenesaisQUOI! -pwt. -voila!

  56. Toubille … or, note toubille…
    -Zat EES! ze quweschioneuw! …

  57. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Puggles are so cute when they’re sleeeepy! That’s about the only time you could get that costume to stay on 😛

  58. Zut Alors, Meg, zut alors. 😉

  59. So distinguished. Only a patched tweed jacket and a pipe would make a finer gentleman!

  60. Oh, he looks like all the little old men in Bella, Italy! I would powerwalk everymorning and see them with their disapproving glares and their little canes! Oh, the cuteness!

  61. OMG! It’s Samuel L Jackson! (the hat people, the hat)

  62. That Pug looks more Italian to me!

  63. Hahahaha! Le plus cutest!

  64. Awww, the little french puggie. I bet he has a name like Pierre or Jaques.

  65. AlbertaGirl says:

    This is how I imagine Hercule Poirot would look. Is it just me?

  66. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson

  67. Wow! Congrats on using “mec” in a sentence! It’s such a cool word. Also, this is the funniest thing that I think that I have ever seen. Well, maybe not but it’s close.

  68. I thought he looked like Orson Wells (who was never cute).

  69. Looks like many of the elderly men that go through my check out lane every time I have work!

  70. Yo rocky…

  71. Haha: Pug for Life!

  72. LOL @ both Jagdrox’s & Nicole’s comments

  73. It IS Jack Nicholson!! That was my first thought when I saw this picture!