Here—hold this for a sec

Here—can you hold these? I gotta do something.

I’ll be right back.


PLEASE don’t miss the back legs, People, it’s the whole reason for the post. You lof eet! (Especially sender-inner Katie P.)




  2. Squirmy wormy kittens! I’ll gladly take a few of ’em off your hands. ^-^

  3. Bunnajenny's Busband says:

    Wheee! Handles for dippin’!

  4. Sooo precious! how did she manage to scoop them all up like that…. having a cuteness attack…. LOVE the feeties…

  5. I shall gladly hold these for you while you go and do you…. ::runs off with kehettens::

  6. *singsong voice* Heads bigger than bo-dies.

  7. okay, somebody is totally on fire with the captions today!

    i’m having fun imagining the sounds that would come out of this little bundle o’ kittens. so sweet.

  8. Oh my gosh. No probs. I’ll just tuck them inside my shirt and keep them there all day while I work. They’d probably all start slepping and be nice and warm and soft.

  9. I hold them, they’re mine – Possession 99% of the law

  10. Ahhh, the commonly known but rarely seen five-headed kitten. ‘Tis very hard to balance all those noggins on just two little legs.

  11. gloom raider says:

    I knew you could buy these in bulk somewhere! Heh.

  12. China's Mom says:

    OMG! I want them, I want them, I want them!!!!!!!
    Must snorgle each belly and kiss each widdle nose!

  13. China's Mom says:

    OMG! I want them, I want them, I want them!!!!!!!
    Must snorgle each belly and kiss each widdle nose!

  14. China's Mom says:

    OOOPS = must have had a hick-up. Sorry for the dup.
    Bebbeh kitties make me so happy – I get a seratonin overdose!

  15. I love the skinny little legs sticking out at the bottom and the stubby little tail sticking out at the top! So many tiny little toes with razor-sharp claws.

    Baby kitties open mouths in unison and say, “[pause]eehn!”

  16. No one has yet remarked on the fact that these kitties are obviously clones. Cute little fuzzies with needles at the ends….

  17. Gosh, but this looks SO familiar:

    … a post I particularly enjoyed.

  18. BABEEEZ!!!!


    Must have!!


  19. In keeping with the current theme of mutant animals (see the four-legged duckling), this is a very rare five-headed kitten.

  20. Uh Oh… Do I detect another Rule?

    Babies in Bunches?

  21. And this, ladies and gentlemen is the rare and deadly Kittihydra – known to slaughter adventurers with it’s sheer cuteness.

  22. What we don’t see is MamaCat just off camera bipping at her leg going..”Um yeah..’scuse? Bebehs back in the basket NOW please.”

  23. Do those qualify as “dainty paws?”

  24. Yes, leetle feets and pink muzzlepuffs! Prosh!

  25. Hey, it’s a bridal bouquet of kittens!

  26. Carlos, let’s just hope it gets caught on the first throw.

  27. baaaabeeeeessssss!
    so soft

  28. i wanna put der heads in mah moufs…..

  29. They are soo snurfelicious.

  30. Squweeeeeeeeeee! *my head pops with the cuteness of the feetsies! At the leeeetle toe nails***

  31. Moral: Don’t hold more kittens than you can snorgle.

  32. Five! Five little kittehs! Ah! Ah! Ah! *Thunder booms, flash of lightning*

  33. Subhangi–I can snorgle as many kittehs as you can hand me. I am a snorgling machine. Why I once snorgled a hundred kittehs in a single afternoon…

  34. Cara N.: Are you channelling Sesame Street, or is it just me hearing the Count’s voice in my head?

    Aaaaagh! New earworm! The chinchillas had me on Mary Poppins, now I’m stuck on Sesame Street! Why, oh why?

  35. There’s six of them… there’s one at the bottom that you can only see the squished nose of – maybe the hanging legs go with that nose actually. Unbearably cute.

    Jen: What we don’t see is MamaCat just off camera bipping at her leg going..”Um yeah..’scuse? Bebehs back in the basket NOW please.”

    – LOL exactly… I can totally picture it.

  36. A bouquet of kittens for me? You shouldn’t have! 😉

  37. 2 is a party, 6 is a crowd!


  39. Hi all, just got back from lunch, what’d I mi–


  40. OH NO! You’re not leaving me with those babies and going out for a pack of cigarettes. OK maybe just for a few hours.

  41. Can you imagine the noises? An endless multitude of “Riuw! Riuw! Riuw! Riuw! Riuw! Riuw! Riuw! Riuw!…”

  42. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I can see it now! Clint Eastwood starring in his first pasgetti western in like 30something years called “Two Fistfuls of Kittens!”

    Yeah, bad joke, but cute pic!

  43. SNOOORG!

    *tickle feetsies*

    -Repeat as necessary

  44. Oooh, you can almost smell them!

  45. Kitten Prozac. Take 5 at the first sign of a rotten day, repeated as needed.

  46. useta hada kitteh says:

    Her mittenses are full of kittenses! I want them. Now. Pleeze? I was just thinking today about how I used to line up all five of our kittens on my arm — they were older than these guys when I tried that though. (When I was small, on the farm, we were always told “Don’t touch the new kittens or the mama will move them!” So we just looked at them when they were this tiny. and said Awwwwwwwwww a lot.)

    Like I said before, I wants them. Now.

  47. Feets, I just want to squiiiiiiiiiiiish them!

  48. …I got feets that dingle, dangle, dingle…..

  49. *asplode I want to cry it is soooo cute

  50. Its like a deck of cards, only a deck of kittehs. Please oh please don’t go playing 52 pickup with that deck.

  51. I’ve noticed we never hear about the Trifecta anymore. Well, I think we’ve surpassed it and moved on to the Quintfecta:

    2. Look helpless: Can’t get anymore helpless than this.
    9. Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially: Did we ever decide if there were five or six of them?
    14. If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute: Have you compared them to the size of her hands? Her wristwatch is bigger than her kittehs!
    19. Dainty paws: If those paws aren’t dainty, I don’t understand the word.
    25. Dangle your paw: Those two back legs go beyond dangling.

  52. fittys are a hanging all over the place (aka feet people) what a wonderful picture I bet mama was having either a fit while that lady was holding all her kids or saying thanks i needed a break……great pic and may I too say squeezeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee but I add a few hundred kisses too that

  53. OMG.. The paws! The wee little paws! OMG *splodes*

  54. littlemiette says:

    *inhales sharply*
    and my poor coworkers just looked at me very strangely.
    *smiles sheepishly* well, you see, it’s not my fault.
    *points at kittehs*
    See? *inhales sharply*

    I know. I’m hopeless.

  55. The danglin’ legguns, folks! Just look at the little,skinny danglin’ legguns!!!!

  56. Gold star, Brinann! That was exactly what I was doing. 🙂

    (EDIT — I fixed the dup. – T. )

  57. Why has no one mentioned the tiny claws that are now as delicate as … I dunnowhat … but will someday be the Claws of Doom!?

    And I don’t see a 6th one, I think that “nose” is the holder’s fingertip. Isn’t it?

  58. acelightning says:

    I wish somebody would have given me a bouquet of kittens for Valentine’s Day!

  59. The squished 6th one is right on top of the index finger! Poor baby! All you can see is his/her nose!

  60. ooh ooh! I call dibs on the drumsticks…

  61. Elizabeth H — I think what you’re seeing is feets & fingertips. Fivesies.

  62. Yes, Meg, you are right. You are always right: I LOF EET!!

  63. …and Caitlin — did you mean to comment on this post, or the 4-footed duckling post?

  64. The teeny claws are speaking to me: “HEY – where’d the ground go?”

  65. yes Teho, I *did* mean the kitteh drumsticks. I’ve no wish to chomp on ducky, as I think he earned his extra feets. 🙂

  66. A handful of cats ! That’s too cute !

  67. Methinks “number six” is really just a back paw all caught up and displaying jelly bean toes.

    But I would love being number six. All squished with purring mewing warmth.

  68. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I lurve the un-opened eyes.

  69. This picture has even more…..

    And I wish I could hold them all!!!!!

  70. my god. those legs.

  71. *dry scholarly look over the glasses* Harumph, yes, as a mythology buff I looked this up. It’s the five headed kitten Cerapuss ;p. And Carlos, I was think a bouquet of kit-tays, too!

  72. Megaliscious and Theo, would you please take a peek at the link cecilia posted? Several of the photos came from Cute Overload, without any credits given for sources and stuff. I sent them a note suggesting they document sources, (since I do not know who is the copyright holders on the stuff you post) but it would have more weight coming from you.

  73. And I got the name wrong. I meant the link Celina posted to the the Kattelog. Many apologies.

  74. Yzabet — yeah, a number of those photos probably did show up on Cute Overload first, but lots of them didn’t. There are other sites that are more obviously and egregiously Cute Overload ripoffs, y’know, lifting CO photos wholesale & reposting them without the commentary or credit. Those tend to be international sites (like, the colloquial English was lost on them anyway) (or “Snorglish,” heh!) but it’s one reason I’ve been toying with the idea of Cute Overload photo watermarks, like these:
    (Haven’t heard yea or nay from Meg, though.)

  75. holy crap! a 5-headed, 6-pawed, one-tailed kitteh! this is even more incredible than the duckling.

  76. Yeah I think the “6th” kitten is just feets.

  77. Yeah, like you’d get them back ever.

  78. You know you can’t snorgle just one.

  79. ginettissima says:

    Rear paws indeed… it’s too much ya’ll. Notice even further, the little spread-out-ness of the claws on the paws. That might be an addendum to the Cute Laws, “spread out paws/claws”… what’s the consensus?

  80. First of all, let me say that this is my first ever comment on CO.. I visit this site everyday, usually twice (once at work then again home) cause at work they block the videos.. 😦 so of course , I must visit again at home to see that portion.

    Secondly, the kittehs in that link that Celina posted at ‘shopped, and badly I might add. (lol) The kittehs themselves are adorable however.

    ok. back to work… (/sigh)

  81. Theo, watermarks = great idea, IMHO … for images originating their internet lives on C.O.

    Would love to see my cats’ faces if I offered up this double handful to them! “WTF??” Hee!

  82. ginettissima –

    them spread-out claws can be awful scary later on in life.

  83. Chacha — exactly.
    I used photos I took myself for the Joseph Conrad bit, so I figured it was OK to stamp ’em.

  84. I just wanna play “kitty lips” with those irresistible weensy widdle muzzlepuffs!! (To play “Kitty Lips”: Gently squeeze a muzzlepuff between each thumb and forefinger and sing Kitty Lips!)

  85. Another extra cute thing about these guys is that, the parts we can see anyway, appear to be identical. Usually kittens are a mix of colors/patterns but these guys all look the same.

    TOO much. (“moishe” in CO lingo)

  86. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Little pink noses! Little pink noses! LITTLE pink noses! Little PINK noses!

  87. My cat Caperucita (Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish) is the mom of these five kittens. I sent the picture to my daughter Guadalupe in Michigan, she sent it to Katie and Katie put it here. They were born on December 10th and I found homes for four of them. Chiquitin is still with us. Guadalupe said they should have all been called “Copy-paste”. They all looked so so so much alike!!! My daughter Trini is holding them in the picture. And no, Capreucita didn´t mind us holding the babies even when they were just a few days old. We had to! We wanted to send Guadalupe a picture of her five nephews and nieces!!! It was so nice reading all your blogs. I almost forget to tell you these babies live in Villa Allende, Cordoba, Argentina.

  88. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ana — thanks for telling us about your kittens, and Caperucita. The kittens are sweeties, and I’m sure their mama is, too!

  89. five fantastic fluff balls!

  90. Teho, thank you for the feedback.

    ginettissima, we call the spread out claws/paws thing “starfish paws” at my house. As in, “Fredina (the elder of our two Feline Persons) was making starfish paws on the rug again…” Anyway, so the addendum to the rules would be “starfish paws are always qte!”