Happy new piglet year!

Happy Chinese New Year, People. Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year festivities. Pigs everywhere are snortin’ (and celebratin’.) A quick Google search shows;

Piglet Yearsare:
1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Pig personality traitsare:
Intellectually curious, honest and tolerant, peeps born in the Year of the Pig are known for loyalty and their ability to make lifetime friends. (Please see child-licking-snout action below.)

As usual, we’re here for all your piglet imagery needs with a Lunar New Year compilation:




  1. Need piglets in tiger costumes, stat!

  2. pookiepuff says:

    I just love little piglets! So pink and precious!

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    I luuurrrve the basket and blankie piglets — so cute. But I fear the ruckus that my be re-raised over the snoutalicious pic. Please God, no.

  4. Well, these piggies are cute, but having grown around pigs, they can be smelly too!

  5. Piggies also symbolize adventure, if I’m not mistaken.


  6. Happy New Year! Tet is the bestest holiday ever! Bring on the year of the boar!

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Aint they cute, I love the kid licking the snout pic.
    To those who say yeuk, you got to eat a peck of dirt before you die.

  8. I’m a PIG!

    Gung hai fat choi

    (horrible, terrible, but almost phonetic spelling)

    …oh Lord, I feel old.

  9. Martha in Washingtom says:

    I feel so bad now…I had bacon for dinner.

    I still giggle uncontrolably over the baby licking the piggy! It is definitely one of my all-time favorite CO pics. I can just hear the pig saying “Uck, yuck, get some iodine! Get some disinfectant!”

  10. acelightning says:

    Maureen, I’m a Piggy too! (And it’s a good thing I don’t have a webcam, so no one can look me up and down and say “yep, you sure are!”)

    I particularly love the self-satisified expression on the piglette being held in someone’s hand. Although the bunch of little McPorkersons lined up for lunch with Mama is a rather evocative picture too.

  11. I’m a piggy three!

  12. ahem … to all the human Piggies out there (I’m an Australian Piglet) read on …

    According to customary superstition, the Pig type is usually an honest, straightforward and patient person. They are a modest, shy character who prefers to work quietly behind the scenes. When others despair, they are often there to offer support. This type of person is reserved with those they do not know too well, but as time passes and they gain confidence, those around them may discover a lively and warm-hearted person behind that mask of aloofness. Despite those born in the year of pig having a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, they have few close friends who understand them and share their inner thoughts and feelings. It is easy to put trust in pig type; they won’t let you down and will never even attempt to do so. Such people simply want to do everything right according to social norms.

    Also according to customary superstition, that these people are not vengeful creatures. If someone tries to take advantage of them, the pig type tend to withdraw to reflect on the problem and protect themselves. All they need in such situations is a little time to find a constructive way to respond. The people of the pig type are conservative creatures of habit. They dislike being made to travel too far from familiar surroundings, unless it is a trip to the countryside. They love nature and are never happier than when they are out somewhere, far from the city.

    There is a tolerant and peaceful side to the character of Pig types. Such people are never afraid to allow others their freedom of expression; they do not want to cause arguments and if there is any way to avoid arguing, they will probably take this option. They are not weak, however, and if the situation forces them to fight these people will rise to the occasion, whether it is to defend themselves or those close to them. People of the Boar type are the most admired by others.

  13. Im a piggy 5!!!YAY PIGGY!!!!!!!!!I’m 12 so haha older piggies. JUST KIDDING!!!

  14. Baby piggies are soooo cute. I hate myself for eating them. 😦

  15. useta hada kitteh says:

    Baybee Peegleets! Mazillions of baybee peegleets! (Despite the smell, dey’s CUTE!) (I, alas, am a Year of the Monkey..sigh)

    I ‘specially likes the little Spotty McSpottersons lined up at the snack bar, but I’m resisting trying to pat them, because the snack bar might take exception to that.

  16. I watched Babe last night and didn’t even realize it’s the Piggy New Year!

    I love pigz. I always have a piggy calendar in my kitchen and I have a piggy pez dispenser hanging from my rearview mirror. And I <3 Olivia.


  17. I can tell my husband that he is a Pig and then claim that I am not insulting him. Hee hee. Oh well, I’m a Rat, so I guess we’re even.

  18. Happy piggies! Happy Piggy New Year to all!

    [beep][beep][beep beep beep][beep][beep][beep beep][beep][beep beep beep][beep beep]

  19. Hey, I’m a Piggy too (and that description sounds pretty right on, except for the part about wanting to get away from the city).

  20. I was born in the year of the pig! Yippee! Yippee! Yiiiiiiippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  21. Power to the pig people!!! Happy New Year, my brothers and sisters.

    What is the sound of me stealing pink piggie in the basket? Yoink.

  22. ^^so kute picture 😀

  23. Don’t forget the daffodil-snorgling piglet!

  24. Thanks for all of the piggy info! I’m having my first little baby this summer and was pleased to discover that he/she will be a fire pig. My father, who just passed away, was born in the last year of the fire pig (1947).

  25. I CANT believe people eat these. That’s why I dont! Anybody looking at this and going AWWW and then going out to have bacon needs to STOP!

  26. Bebeh piggies are definitely anerable, but not exactly the most amicable of creatures. I have friends who raised piggies most of their lives and made the mistake of volunteering to help transport a piggie from another farm to theirs. I let them do most of the handling, and I must say I’m glad. Those leetle feetsies look cute, but after about a month they become powerful weapons!

  27. I must say, having had the chance to hold a wee baby piglet in my arms and seeing her grow up, they are actually very cool and loving creatures. You just have to be careful, cuz they think they can be lap pets long after they are of sufficient weight to crush a car lol.

    But that snout is a cute as can be! Love these pictures 😉

  28. Hurray for piggehs!

    This year, factory-farmed pigs become a relic for us all to pay homage and a tear to.

    Support free-range farming … for the ::heart:: Babe in all of us :p

  29. zambonigirl says:

    The picture of the little kid licking the pig snout will never stop being hilarious. And the lineup of piggies? I’ll take the one with the freckles on his wee cheekies!

  30. Peegs! Peegs! Peegs!!!

    I want the pink piggling in the basket.

  31. China's Mom says:

    This must explain my love of piggies! Another human-piggy here, born in 1959!

  32. another one born in a pig year,

    and another one to whom the description fits in all its facets.

    I love the chinese horoscope, and it will be a good year for all the piggies out there.

  33. little miao says:

    cute piggies!

    happy new year!!

  34. I’d like to apologize to my nieghbors for my sudden burst of “SPOTTED PIGGIES!!!”

    Now they KNOW I’m insane 😛

    Hey Meg, you going to the festivities in Chinatown then?

  35. Martha in Washington:

    I had bacon for breakfast! Don’t feel too bad, they’ll be eating pork in China, I’m sure. I can’t resist such delicious little pigies 😛

    Anyway, pigs have not been quite the same since I saw Snatch…

  36. I’m a human piggie too! 1983 for me. The description fit pretty well, actually. Yay for the piggies, I hope we all have a wonderful year! (and I hope everyone else does too)

  37. I’m a Pig too (1983) and what HRH described fits me exactly. Gung Hai Fat Choy!
    As for those piggies, they’re so cute wit those schnozzles and curly tails…oink!

  38. I’m was born in the year of the snake, and something tells me I’ll never have a new year’s post of snake pictures on cute overload.

  39. acelightning says:

    HRH, almost nothing about that description fits me 😦
    (Although I *have* read other descriptions of the Pig that fit me a bit better.

    Wisefool, I was born in 1947 myself, so I guess that makes me a Fire Pig too. (Insert “roast pork” joke here…)

  40. Bob in KCMO says:

    As a consequence of a United Way drive, the Executive Director of our 10-location library system kissed a pig at our annual staff day this afternoon. The pig, who’d been adorned with a blonde wig, was ravishing. 🙂

  41. Don’t forget that Chinese New Year is also based on day, not just the year. I used to think I was a dragon, but I am actually a rabbit. Don’t forget elements too.

  42. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ant. It’s hard to forget elephants, they’re so big. I wish I was a rabbit. (How’d you turn into a rabbit from a dragon? I’ve gotta look into this year of the whatsit more closely. Maybe I’m NOT a monkey!!! I would like to not be a monkey…)

  43. I’m a relic of the monkey era. But even monkeys can love piggehs (love, not love to eat- not since 20 years ago)!

  44. Aww, how can anyone not love piglets? I’m a tiger myself (I think – now I’m not so sure…), maybe in a few years I can get some piccies?

  45. The baby licking the pig had me crying I was laugning so hard!

  46. why? why? why are they so cute! AKH! I can’t stand the cuteness!

  47. I’m also a piggy!!!

    HRH, That description fits me almost to a T.

    Much more accurate than the Animal Planet one! hehehehehe

  48. Break out the bubbly!

    Love to watch little piggies nurse. Their snouts are perfect for close up titty buggin!

  49. MagillasMom says:

    I’m a piggy, you’re a piggy won’t you be piggy too!??!? 1971 Piggy right here….

  50. Cauliflower says:

    I said eeewwwwwww when I saw the kid licking the pig…but it was a mixture between eeewwwww and a laugh and kinda cute all at the same time…does that make sense?

  51. That little guy licking the piggie is definitely my favourite picture. I show it to everyone I know! They think I’m certifiable, but honestly, who doesn’t laugh when they see that gigantic snorgle?

  52. rubber duck says:

    Ooooooo piggies!! Piggies cute. Cuuuute. Hee. Cute. Little piggies. I loooove pigs! Cuuuute

  53. rubber duck says:

    In fact…is there any chance of getting a “Pigs” category?? I loooove piggies!