The only question is…

Will this puppeh fit on a slice of toast


Delicious Puppitude

It’s a burning question only YOU can answer, Colette B.
Oh, and "Paws Up!" to you, too. 😉



  1. Puppy smuchkin-jelly.

  2. May I also just say that I like her tattoo? It’s awes.

  3. umm … scary in light of the tattoo just to the left of this cute puppeh.

  4. pupper tattoo???

    Cute lil baby in hand tho

  5. OH MAN.

    This is like a funky variation of Rule 7 – a puppy next to a tattoo of itself.

    SO COOL.

  6. guineapiggin9 says:

    pupper=cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute!!!AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t think it would fit on regular bread, but it would fit on a piece of that big stuff that you can get in the bakery section.

  8. I love the tattoo.

  9. Is that a dead cat tattoo?

  10. No, tattoos of dead cats are not cute. 😦

  11. pookiepuff says:

    Umm… why is there a dead cat on that guy’s wrist?!?! Save the puppeh! hehe. I’m sure he’s alright. Who could hurt such an adorable little thing. Gaaaaah!

  12. Would that be better with whipped cream, ya think?

  13. I hope that is not a dead cat tattoo. Why would someone get that.

    The puppy is VERY cute though. I think I want to take him home.

  14. That tattoo is downright disturbing.

  15. Most tattoos are disturbing… I like the juxtaposition of freaky ink & sleepy pup, though.

  16. I can’t enjoy the puppy cuteness because the tattoo is too disturbing.

  17. Denise in Nebraska says:

    The wee pup is more bagel-shaped (than toast), no??? I’ll have mine with peanut butter, too. I wonder how old the little guy is? I can almost hear the tiny “honk-shu’s” now! Not sure about the tattoo…I’m afraid it also scared me, like many of the folks who have posted, here..(****writing from laptop while underneath my bed****)

  18. tattoo=disturbing

    puppy=adorable and tiny

  19. Are you sure this is a puppeh and not a dallop of whip cream?

    PS- The tattoo has got to go… bring on Photoshop!

  20. Is that a tatoo of a dead kitteh?
    Not cute.

  21. Such a teeny puppy!
    I can’t make out her tat, but it looks interesting.

  22. Yummy puppy 🙂

    He he, that’s the cutest dead cat tattoo I’ve ever seen!

  23. I want to inhale that puppeh. No other way to say it.

  24. What kind of puppeh is this? I like that the tattoo and the dog look so similar…

  25. Perhaps the precious puppeh could be snuggled up warm ‘n cozy-like in a pita pocket…with the teeeensy pink ears poking out, of course!

    And perhaps I could just stare at the sleeping puppeh instead of studeh 😉 Stare…smooch pup…stare…smooch pup…repeat!

  26. Theo! Tattoos are not disturbing! Tsk tsk.

    I was finally totally won over by my ever-so-col, laid back, amusing, slightly crazy English Prof. when she also said that she couldn’t discuss my grade that coming Friday because she had a tattoo appointment. It was a beautiful floral pattern all down her arm. But the best tattooing was the pregnant woman who managed to go without stretch marks and save her mermaid scales 🙂

  27. *cool

    And geeky. she’d learned me them English good! 😛

  28. *sigh*

    Theo, not all tattoos are disturbing. Please don’t lump all into one category based on your own dislike. 😦 while I agree that the submitter’s dead cat tattoo is “different”, it’s not up to us to judge.

    As a person with nice tattoos, I have seen many people change their mind about body ink after seeing that tattoos can be beautiful. Even my father, who was staunchly anti-tattoo, decided he wanted one for himself.

    Now back to teh Qte… I think I’ll go get a puppeh tattooed on my arse. 😉

  29. its so LITTLE!! *melts*
    ssssh! its sleepin <3

  30. …and Theo this is disturbing?

  31. acelightning says:

    Personally, I find the notion of eating a newborn puppy on toast (or any other way) *very* icky. But I’m not going to get all Nuffy about it.

    I’ve got three tattoos, but none of them are cartoon pictures, none of them have anything to do with animals, and none of them are visible when I’m wearing normal clothes (although all three would be visible if I wore a bathing suit).

  32. that tattoo is hard core! 🙂 i got 5 of em and could never get one on my wrist.
    the pup is also really adorable ^_^

  33. pistache268 says:

    Leave the tattoo alone!
    Nice pink nose thar on both of them.

  34. Alice Shortcake says:

    I agree – the matching pink noses are irresistable. I can’t help wondering if the tattoo critter also has pink ears.

  35. There should be a new catagory – “handheld pets” where all the animals are no bigger than the palm of a hand

  36. As a girl with 18 tattoos, I can proudly say I love them, and anyone who is small minded enough to dismiss someone on their appearence is disgusting. You don’t judge people by their natural skin colour, don’t judge us by our chosen one either!

  37. Aren’t we all being a bit prejudiced we havn’t seen the whole tattoo, it might be a tie tie kitty, to match the tie tie pup.

  38. Sorry natalie g but those are the worst angel wing tattoos I have ever seen…

  39. I agree, bagel shaped; also, as small as the pupper is, it’d still probably have to be some mighty strong toast to hold it up. I’m not so sure about the peanut butter. This picture says “just a touch of honey” to me..

  40. I think the pup is made of marshmallow. He is, in fact, a puppypeep.

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Theo didn’t say that ALL tattoos are disturbing. And nobody is judging anybody by their appearance.

    All that people are saying is that tattoos of dead cats are disturbing. This is dead cat tattoo. That’s what x’s for eyeballs imply. And it is a disturbing tattoo. So there.

    The pup, however, is very cute.

  42. Actually I would feel comfortable saying that all tattoos (and body mods) are disturbing… to some folks. I mean, to whatever degree, it’s all about letting your freak flag fly, isn’t it? I’m not personally disturbed by this cartoonish “dead cat” tat, though.

  43. aaaahhhnnnn!! and her tatoo matches her behbie animal thingie!

  44. This is what you get if you make flesh of the word “vulnerable”.

  45. sweet little croissant-shaped baby. i am sitting here with sixteen earrings in my ear lobes and therefore will not comment on the tattoo. the pup, however, is fair game. what kind is it? i want one. or two. they’re small.

  46. ZePenguinMuffin says:

    puppages are cute, and as for the tat (since it’s getting it’s own credit too) if i’m not mistaken i beleive that’s from a comic by Roman Dirge, called Lenore, i think it’s Lenore’s dead kitty. Lenore is a little dead girl (and VERY cute might i add) and she happens to have kitties…who happen to die, but she loves them anyway.

    and the little slice of puppy there is cute no matter what you think about the holder’s body art. rawk on puppage.

  47. to me, the tattoo looks like the x’s are it’s cheeks, not eyes…maybe? and might i say– HOLY HEAD TO BODY RATIO!!!!!

  48. What a tiny, tiny creature :O

  49. Puppy handwich—yummy!

    Ze tattuu— I thought it was a TIRED, worn out kitty (?) My dad was a tattoo artist, so even though I don’t want one on myself, I’m not bothered by them.

  50. Puppy’s so cute and soft and small! I want to hold him close to my heart…

    As for the tattoo, having gotten two of them myself, that looks like a very painful place for one!

  51. john kerry says:

    cute puppy, stupid tattoo

  52. I would get a tattoo, except that it would mean a year’s deferral from the blood-plasma donation center where I get $50 a week to donate blood plasma. For me, it’s not worth the loss of a potential $200 * 12 = $2,400, all for a tattoo or body piercing.

  53. I’ve been so stupid, I know why people talk about eating the qte its a side effect of snorgling things so tiny it pops straight into your mouth

  54. Heck, some people might be disturbed by the one piercing I have in each earlobe, let alone the tattoo in the puppeh photo.

  55. Peanut butter puppeh???

  56. I’m concerned about Noel, who’s selling her blood plasma every week! Are you seriously damaging yourself? In NY we’re only allowed to donate blood plasma every 8 weeks!


  58. It’s blood PLASMA, not whole blood. The red blood cells are returned to you in the machine. And, it’s entirely FDA regulated.

    (In fact, if I were to donate whole blood, I would not be able to donate plasma for 8 weeks afterward.)

    Are you talking about whole blood or plasma? We are allowed, according to the FDA, to donate plasma no more than twice a week. I have been doing it for almost 3 years now without ill effects.

    They check the iron level and protein level each time I go in to see about donating plasma.

    By the way, I have never donated whole blood in my entire life, only plasma.

    It takes 24 hours for the body to re-make the plasma that is given. That is why we are forced, by FDA regulations, to wait at least 24 hours between donations.

    You are right about having to wait 8 weeks between donating whole blood, however.

  59. Ithacat:
    I donate at a plasma donation center of Biolife.

    If curious, you can read all about it and plasmaphoresis at

    I checked the map of their centers. Biolife doesn’t appear to even have a center in New York. There are other plasma donation centers out there. I guess that you must not be donating at a Biolife plasma center?

    Thanks for your concern, though. I am well screened at Biolife, and they go through rigorous regulations and safety standards. I have passed every single one of them with flying colors.

    And, they have medical supervisors and such on staff at all times.

    Really, it’s a very safe process.

    I just don’t go in when I am having a migraine.

  60. How do they just take the blood plasma?

  61. You are right donation should be done carefully and under the respect of human right and not be forced to be a milking cow statch to a machine that drain you of all you got everyday.

  62. I want to dive (carefully) into a bin of these fluffs.

  63. Yes. Exactly. I CHOOSE to donate. Cows don’t have a choice in the matter. I get paid money to do it. Cows…well…all they get is grass and whatever else is given them to eat.

    (In whole blood donation, a person gets cookies and maybe orange juice. I get money.)

    R. Moore, it all goes through a plasmaphoresis machine. The plasma gets separated from the whole blood. The plasma goes into a plastic bottle. The whole blood goes back into you through a tube in a vein in the inside of an elbow.

    I think the Web site might have more info on the whole process.

    I wish they would open up more centers across the country, but I hear that the machines and such are very expensive, like around $100,000 a piece or something like that.

    It takes me 45 minutes on average just to do the donation, not including the time spent to check in, go through the medical history questions, talk to medical supervisors, waiting time, and whatever else.

    But, I like the money. It pays for a lot of organic and vegetarian food.

  64. How much time in between when you make the donation and when you see the actual money, i am interested…i am very broke these days.

  65. Both the puppeh and the tattoo are cute. I don’t think the cat is “dead”, for those are plus signs in its eyes and not Xs. I think it is supposed to look like a doll.
    Of course, puppersons here sure IS a doll! Wow, how’d the person get the puppeh to sleep in his hand loke that?

    /has 2 tattoos
    //one is a Himlayan cat face
    ///wants a 3rd tattoo

  66. Fable:
    I get the money (cash) as soon as I start to actually donate.

    And the best part about all this? The donated plasma is used to save lives. There are profiles of plasma recipients. It’s quite the tearjerker.

    Saving lives (humans and animals)? Now THAT is Qte! I’m into both.

    You might want to check to see if there is a Biolife donation center in your area. There is a map of centers on their Web site.

    If you folks don’t mind, I need to get going to get some groceries and go work out at the gym. I’m trying to lose 130 pounds and get in great physical shape.

    I’ll be back at this later today, though! (Pacific time, USA)

    Ciao for now! Meow, bow-wow

  67. girlnextdoortn says:

    The Red Cross has changed its requirements for donation- plasma, platelets, whole blood- as long as your tattoo or piercing was done in a state-licensed facility, you may donate at will with no deferral time. You should tell your center that. I started donating (not selling) my platelets a few weeks after my tattoo and piercings with no problem.

  68. For all you kids know, the tattoo could just be a Sharpie drawing. The lines looks wobbly enough that that could be the case, and that’s a hella painful place to get one done in the first place.

    Or have you all forgotten how schoolkids give themselves tattoos? I went home one day with my hand covered in blue triangles.

  69. Sweet wee puppy-luppy!!
    Wee pink nose. Wee pink paws……Sweetie-weetie!

  70. Biolife does not consider it selling, but being paid for the time it takes to donate.

    And, the amount of mL of donation depends on the donor’s weight.

    I had no idea about the no-deferral with The Red Cross. I will definitely look into this and let my center know.

    (They even defer for having acupuncture.)

    I still put up with all the rules and regulations because I need the money.

    Right now I am going from donation to donation until I can finally get back to school and/or work. I got into terrible shape after years of almost-daily severe migraines. Now that the migraines are very well under control through meds, diet, and vigorous exercise, I am trying to re-build muscle and stamina that was lost during all those years, and lose all the fat I gained from being in so much pain.

    At least I am able to donate plasma on my good-health days that, quite thankfully, are much more often now. I rarely get the really bad migraines anymore.

    (And, I want to oh so gently nibble on those teeny tiny deeleeshus widdle puppeh ears!)

    Biolife can’t very well make decisions like that on their own. They have to answer to Baxter Pharmaceuticals (they make drugs and treatment regimens out of the plasma) and the people who are over the pharmaceutical company (folks like the FDA).

    One wrong move with the FDA, and entire centers can be shut down. That’s how controlled by the FDA they are, for health and safety reasons.

    I might make a phone call to Biolife HQ, however.

  71. That tattoo looks like a cat from the Lenore comic book to me:,_the_Cute_Little_Dead_Girl
    I think it’s just as cute as the puppy. I always thought that Roman Dirge’s dead cat drawings were really adorable but of course I have the mental capacity to understand the difference between a real dead cat (which is sad) and a drawing of one that’s drawn to look cute and be a cartoon dead girl’s pet.

    I love cute overload but I hate reading people’s comments. Everyone is an ignorant asshole if the picture involves someone with a body mod or god forbid has visible breasts.

  72. Mrs. Squid,
    Thanks for the URL. I had never seen or heard of this comic book before. I, for one, think it’s way Qte, in its own macabre way!

    OK, folks, now that I have got my groceries, I need to finish getting ready for my almost-daily workout!


  73. LOL @ you guys getting “disturbed” by a little cartoon tattoo. is there anything you all don’t get upset by?

  74. Holy threadjack, Noel!

    I lurve this puppy.

  75. Charlotte:

    Who’s afraid of the big tattoo, the big tattoo, the big tattoo? Who’s afraid of the big tattoo? Not I, not I, not I!

    (to the tune of Who’s Afraid Of the Big Bad Wolf, sung by the three little pigs)

    Dead-kitty tattoos don’t scare ME! I’m strong! I’m tuff! I’m bigger and stronger and tougher than someone else’s dead kitty tattoo!

    (However, I’d much rather have a needle in my arm at Biolife, personally, right about now. I desperately need the money for things like bathroom tissue.)

    I don’t faint from fear of other people’s tattoos. And, they don’t raise my blood pressure any.

    However, I do faint from the sheer cuteness of widdle puppy-wuppies and cuddly wuddly widdle kittee wittees. THAT can knock me straight to my knees any day.

  76. I wanna puppy too….maybe someday…. (sigh) Maybe if I pay down my debt and save up enuf Bio-money.

  77. Christine:
    Sorry about the threadjack. Some folks were really starting to freak out over my donating blood plasma sometimes twice a week. Had to explain to get them to calm down their jitters. It was either that or start passing around some Valium and Xanax. (laughing) Wow…some people…get in such a huffy….caaaaaaaallllllmmmmm
    doooowwwwwwwnnnnn…take nice, deep breaths…inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale….first they get upset over my donating plasma so much, and now the tattoo? What’s next? (laughing again)

  78. I mean, really, honestly!

    It’s not like I have been sticking a needle in my own arm with a tube and hooking it up to a home-made, improvised machine and donating blood plasma all by myself and then go selling blood plasma on e-bay!

    Nothing to get in such a huffy about! It’s all tightly regulated by the FDA and such! (geeeeeesh!)

    Besides, who would want to buy bottles of blood plasma on e-bay, anyway? Wowzers! Some people!

    Now *I* need a Valium!

    Please bring over the puppeh to me right about now. I could really use some puppeh snorgles and a hot, hot, hot shower.

  79. yankeebird says:

    Teho, none of my three tattoos are about letting my “freak flag” fly, as you eloquently put it.

    My first tattoo design was drawn by the best friend I have ever had. It was a commemmoration of friendship and that no matter what happened, I would always keep a part of this person with me. The other two are simply things that are symbols of important moments of my life. No cartoon characters, obscenities, etc. They are all easily covered by clothing. I simply believe my body is a canvas, and I choose to put art on it rather than leave it blank.

    The nipple piercings, however, were about the freakiness. A girl’s gotta rebel somehow!

  80. man-o-man, these comment boards would be a great topic of study for a sociology doctoral student. sheesh.

  81. DLT,

    My sentiments EXACTLY!

    On second thought, better make it a puppy snorgle followed by a hot, hot, hot shower and a hot, hot, hot electric blankie/bed and a flying cat (minus the extended razor claws)!

    I feel like I’m ready for the loony bin right now.

    I find the comment boards to be hilarious at times. Some people! Wow….

  82. I’ve got two (IMHO) tasteful, art-deco-style tattoos, so I think it gives me authority to talk on tacky ones.

    Like, for instance, this:


  83. actually, having two ‘tasteful'(in your opinion) tattoos doesn’t give you the right to judge anyone elses.. what you consider tasteful, i might consider garbage and vice versa… much like all art. just because some people get all worked up over a dead kitty from lenore, doesn’t make it a bad tattoo, it just means that a small portion of the world population doesn’t like it, so get off your high horses and get on with your lives

    the puppy is a Westie, and it’s not sleeping, it’s eyes haven’t opened yet

  84. AuntieMame says:

    Get off your own high horse, bleh. This is an open forum and people are allowed to express their opinions without having their heads bitten off.

    Funny how the ones who scream the loudest about not being judgmental are usually the most judgmental of the lot…

  85. wow, you sure told me.. i’m not the one who decided to pretend i’m superior because i have better tattoos in my opinion than someone i don’t know in a picture.. i’m not the one who makes gross generalizations about people based on what they like or dislike… and strangely enough, i never told anyone to shut up or that they couldn’t express an opinion.. however, if you choose to express an opinion in an open forum, preople can choose to react however they want to it, funny how open forums work that way, innit?

    nnice to meet you, pot

  86. OK, I take it back. I can think the monkey one is stupid, even if I didn’t have tats of my own. Does that work for everyone?

    And back to the topic, that’s one adorable puppy. I’ve gotten all but one of my dogs as adults, so I don’t get to play with puppies nearly enough.

    Actually, I *can* link the two topics. I had my driver’s licence number tattooed on my mastiff’s inner thigh for ID, back in the day before microchips. Once, in a store that allowed dogs, I wanted to pay by check and they asked for my DL number.

    I had the dog roll over.

  87. That puppy is just precious! With his little nose and ears and awwwwww.

    *ahem* It is pretty funny how half the people here seem to have gotten their panties in a bunch over a tattoo. The dead cat is from a comic as others have pointed out, and is one of the (loved) cats of a cute little dead girl.

    Now chillax people, and enjoy the puppy. I’m sure there might be some almost-boob posted soon for you all to freak about.

  88. I’m in love with Colette B so very much. Her repertoire of adorable puppy pictures only cements that fact.

  89. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    People with Tatoos are extremely dull and wish to appear interesting and alternative. They aint

  90. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    People with Tattoos are extremely dull and wish to appear interesting and alternative. They aint

  91. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Note spelling correction caused double post

  92. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Could I also say its hell getting up at 03:56 AM to post these admonishing comments. Actually it’s 12 noon in the UK.

  93. john kerry says:

    tattoos are for the trendy

  94. I for one could care less whether someone gets or doesn’t get tattoos, or what tattoos they do or don’t get.

    It’s THEIR body!

  95. [insert obligatory “Fantasy Island” reference here]

  96. Wow…And I though my “Captain Obvious” comment was received badly about the HOT BED kitteh!

  97. Gladys, I’m sure you’re far more bright and thoughtful than your unfortunate remark makes you appear.

    I have two tattoos, and neither one of them has anything to do with trying “to appear interesting and alternative,” as you put it.

    I used to be a night cops reporter, and I got a small Route 66 shield tattooed on my left shoulder blade after the second or third time I covered a story about a homicide victim whose body was identified by means of her tattoo.

    I also had a pair of fireflies tattooed on my right ankle this summer, after my twin nieces were born three months prematurely. I referred to the girls as “fireflies” because they shared their light with us ever so briefly before slipping away. Long story, but the tattoo allows me to symbolically carry the girls across all my finish lines. (I’m also a marathoner.) The girls’ mother, who has had a tattoo of her own for several years, appreciated the tribute.

    Most of the time, my clothing hides both tattoos. I like them and am not ashamed of them, but I do not feel the need to flaunt them in inappropriate venues just to get a rise out of people, either.

    There may still be a few rebels without a clue who get tattoos for shock value, but I think most people realize that tattooing has become so popular that in reality, it’s probably more “alternative” to remain uninked.

  98. I don’t have a single tattoo on my body, btw, and the only piercings I have are one in each earlobe. I really stand out in this city full of brightly colored hair, tattoos, and multiple piercings on just about every imaginable body part. But it’s my decision to right now stay relatively uninked and almost entirely unpierced. To each person his/her own.

  99. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Red Fork Hippie Chick, I stand corrected, your reasons and the fact that your tattoos are not on display, i heartily approve.

  100. Red Fork, I just wanted to say that your story about the fireflies was very sad and beautiful.

    I like tattoos because they give you little hints about the person who wears them… I’d definitely like to know more about the person with the Lenore tattoo.

    Especially if “knowing more about them” includes snorgling their little pink-nosed puppy.

  101. hmph. i didn’t realize tatoos were still considered so deviant and/or controversial in this here ’07. color me some drab shade of inverse naivate, which word would look better if i had the proper diacritics at my disposal.

    but, more importantly…puppers! little warm sausage-y love lump! i want to sniff it’s puppy-scented fur fuzz!

  102. and i want to spell “its” without an apostrophe.

  103. For some reason I suddenly have a powerful urge to say “Monty Python’s Flying Circus!” in an annoying nasal voice. Strange.
    My brain hurts.

  104. This ‘ittle guy is EXACTLY the right size to fit in a cargo-pants pocket! I want to take him/her away with me!

  105. I must be an idiot. Until I read the comments, I hadn’t noticed this tat, nor the “pro-life” sticker behind the bunns ‘n boobs pic, nor death in the pile of sleeping huskies, nor any of the other stuff youse guys talk about.

    Do you guys really seriously scrutinize all of these photos? I just give them a glance, oo and ah over the cuteness, and then go back to work… Yeesh!

  106. Say what you will about the tatoo; but here’s my opinion: it looks like it was done by an ameture. Not someone doing it themselves, but whomever originated the drawing for the tatoo shows little artistic talent. I can’t tell what four legged animal it’s supposed to depict. The thickness of the tail changes, as if the ‘artist’ was working under a… er…handicap(?); likely self induced. If we can’t figure out what it’s supposed to ‘mean’, how can anyone else? For that reason alone, I wouln’t want that tatoo.

  107. Gandalf — the tatToo is a *copy* of a stylized cartoon cat, from a comic. Scroll up & read.


  109. someone says:

    meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that guy is soooooooooooo

  110. she seems a sick girl