May I please eat the fallen bird seed?

Please suh, [English accent] may I scavenge thuh seeds heah? I would be most grateful if you’d let me! [paws clasped, ears in respectful position] 


Please consider it, I shall wait heah for your anssah!


Jorden C. and Paul H.—you’ve got a winner…



  1. Cutest baby ever!!!!!

  2. How sweet!! =)

    … as long as they stay outside…. I helped a friend chase one out of her home a few weeks ago….

  3. pookiepuff says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this squirrel! This is the cutest squirrel I have EVER seen!!!!! AND I LOVE THE CAPTION!!! IT FITS SO WELL! Eeeeeeeee!!!

  4. how cute!

  5. If you give me back my money, my time, my own management of my social persona, my intimacy,my lover,my privacy…yes.

  6. Omigosh! It looks like he could fit into a little gift box! Someone should make a lil’ nesting doll replica out of this guy!!!

  7. I’m first, bleen, firsty, first!! {happy dance}

  8. pistache268 says:

    A red squirrel?


  9. pistache268 says:


  10. Of course you can eat the spilled bird seed.
    Knocked some more seed off feeder.

  11. I hope a bird doesn’t doo-doo on his head while he’s eating the seed!
    We’ve got these little guys all over the place, for the chipmunks are hibernating…they’re both sweeties!

  12. Small *is* beautiful, isn’t it?!

  13. Wow, that’s the politest squirrel I’ve ever met! 😀


  15. My squirrels don’t ask or wait. They just invade the bird feeder and anywhere else there is food, which is OK by me. Their antics are great to watch and they need to eat, too. In fact, I put lots of fresh roasted (unsalted) peanuts out for them.

  16. Thank you for asking. Sweet boy, such good manners. Watch out for the Kitters!

  17. Mwa ha ha, brilliant.

  18. Squirrelly version of the Ice Hotel.

  19. “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

  20. That sounds like a southern accent to me!

  21. Another Angela says:

    Love the captions and I LOVE SQUIRRELS!! This does look like a red squirrel. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have its congener the Douglas’s squirrel, with an orange belly and tufted ears. SO pretty! Much different from the big eastern gray and fox squirrels.

  22. …**Makes note to buy some unsalted nuts for the furry friends. It’s crusted ice on top of snow here so they probably can’t even get to the ground :o(

  23. what a cute hammi in da woods in da snow

  24. Well, hello there, Oliver Twist.

    How did he get there without leaving a trail? Did he burrow under the snow surface?

  25. He’s really hamming it up for the camera!

  26. The caption is PERFECT!

    I imagine he sounds like Arthur’s butler, remember him?

  27. Squirrels playing prairie dogs!

  28. Oh! I want to take that squirrel and bring it inside and give it a warm coffee!

  29. Why, it’s Squirrel Nutkin! He’s missing his cute little breetches tho….

  30. ooooohhhh! Yes, lil baby cutie sqwirly; you can have all the snackeroos you want! :pats head:

  31. My question to the squirrel: “Mr. Squirrel, would you care to partake of a cup o’ tea and some biscuits with me at high noon?”

    His reply, “Why, yes, sure, m’lady. I shall meet with you then on your front porch.”

  32. I think I want a respectable animal like that. It’s cute, fluffy, and fantastic and I want one.

  33. omg the picture commentary is too funny. lol

  34. I have plenty of food left from my fatty birds. He can has a cheezburger!

  35. This squirrel is a pretender! None of them are as sweet and quiet as this little guy.
    Our squirrels hang on the feeder and can empty the feeder in a day. The birds eat from the ground and once in a while get a turn on the feeder. I will not even count the many ways we have attempted to protect the bird feeder from these pesky little guys.

  36. the captions are hilarious

  37. Aww… he’s adorable! I can still say that even though they’ve tinkled and pooped on my car when I’ve forgotten to throw a handful of nuts out the side door. Who’s trained who here? I ended that losing cycle a couple of years ago. And here I thought I’d finally beaten them.
    There’re always one or two really smart ones, though.

  38. The story of Squirel Nutkin:

  39. Stephanie S. says:

    wait! when did 😉 change? 🙂 ? 😉 ? 😉 ;o

  40. (standing on a mountaintop in the Nepalese Himalayas)
    “Yes, my child, what is your question?”

  41. I see squirrels all the time, but never thought of them very cute until this picture! I love the apparent lack of neck and pressing of little paws to chest! =3

  42. I’m thinking:

    1) Oliver Twist

    2) Scrat from Ice Age


  43. Is it churlish of me to say this skwerl looks more grey than red? Almost like… a grey squirrel?

    Compare and contrast (yes, I know this is a youngster)…

    A minor point, of course… it’s still giving good skwerl.

  44. Queek! Someone give this fella some snacky snacks!

  45. He is a red squirrel. Although the baby grey squirrel in the link above looks like a monkey squirrel. I have such faith in the squirrel proof birdfeeder that I now can happily entertain “Squirrel Nutkin” and his friends with snacks on the ground. He was perusing them under the snow, and came up to ask for a napkin.

  46. Subhangi—–Scrat gets MY vote! :o)