Slinky+ shifty eyes

This is no typical two-cats spooning pic. Will you please get a load of the black kitteh, and his shifty eyes. How funny is that. He’s all wrapped around the other kitteh like a Yin Yang. Someone needs to animate those eyes—soooo comfortuhbuls!


Maria B., you know what I’m talkin’ about [looks left then right quickly]



  1. Why can’t my kitteh be lovable like that! I want to get him a sister but he will not allow it! Spoiled brat he is! grrrr!!!

  2. sssssuper sexeh kittehs!!!!
    i feel a little dirty walking in on this!

  3. tiptoes away, very quietly.
    don’t disturb the puds.

  4. The black kitteh is saying “Do you like to watch? Go on, you KNOW you do……”


  5. reminds me of the way my husband and I found out our bedroom door lock was broken…or should I say BUSTED!

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    That is a definite “Go Away We Are Busy” look.

    I want to be next! The gorgeous black one looks so soft and velvetty and sexy. ooh la la

  7. I needed some Cute after the Bald Brit pics I’ve just seen…

    I’m sure the answer is yes, and I’m just not very observant, but did the little hammies on the bakcground always have shorts on?

  8. Ohhh! how sweet, I need a guy like that!

  9. thalias_ash says:

    You know, if you even tried to touch the tabby, the black kitteh would *totally* shred you. That’s HIS kitteh-kitteh!

    And btw, I think black kitteh should be named Clint Eastwood. He is daring you to take another step forward. Go on. Make his day.

  10. paulajeanne says:

    Is that the tail of the black one also wrapped around the other? Awesome!

  11. me and my friends go (glance glance) or GGR which is glance glance revolution

  12. This is the look my sisters and I would caption “squint, squint.”

  13. i can hear the barry white in the background

  14. Love the kitties snugglin’ pics. Mine do this ALL the time! See?

  15. MINE, Git UR own!

  16. *sneefle* The black one looks so much like my kitty that escaped the house and ran away… *sigh*

    So cute!

  17. Warm up the Courvoisier.


  18. Isn’t this Kitty porn?

  19. paulajeanne, yes that is the tail. i love that someone else noticed that. it’s the best part.

  20. No tabby for you! **giggling like a mad woman**

  21. It looks like some mob boss and a bimbo who is always hanging all over him. Look, the tail is curled underneath too!!

  22. “Okay, we got the blankets, the floofy pillows and the lights down low. It’s just you and me…hey, who is that human with the camera? Do you MIND?!? Go away!”

    Such a sweet pic that just SCREAMS computer wallpaper!

  23. michellemybelle says:

    I believe the Latin for this is “in flagrante delicto.”


  24. once you go black (kitteh), you never go back…

  25. They look ticked off at being interrupted (I just noticed the rollover title).

  26. The black is definitely all “Go Away NOW.”

    The tabby is all “Eat your heart out.”

  27. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This looks like the classic “caught in flagrante dilecto” photograph.

  28. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Ahem. I see that Michellemybelle and I had the same idea. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

  29. Ooh sexay kitty smoove.

  30. acelightning says:

    “Could we have a little freakin’ PRIVACY here, you idiot?! Sheesh! Humans!”

  31. Alex Wells says:

    Mah Kitteh.

  32. OMG. Monsieur Black Kitteh is all, (Cue Barry White voice…)” C’mon bebeh. You know you wants it. Ooooh yeah!”. Ms Tabby on the other hand is coming over all Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Mysterious eye action combined with seductive draping of one’s body. I almost feel like this picture should be pixellated out to protect everyone’s modesty!

  33. im in ur bed, snogging with ur girlfriend.

    (In case you’re not British, ‘snogging’ doesn’t mean what you’re thinking.)

  34. i feel dirty

  35. why did you wajke us up we are working on a serious version of a long cat nap here!!!!!! So now that we see stars as soon as they stop we’ll be out again …..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. …This, folks, is what I call a “Barry White Moment”… *giggle!*


  37. Can’t you just hear the Barry White music in the background?

  38. Kitty Pr0n!!!!111!!one!

  39. Oooohps!

  40. She looks a little young for him. But who am I to say…

    The tail adds a fifth hug. Just wonderful.

  41. *blushing*– Agrees with IHateToast

  42. Those cats are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  43. What did you think they were doing while you were at work.

  44. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Black kitty says, “Don’t you EVER knock?” Annoyed squint.

  45. I can just hear the Pepe LePew voice…”bebeh, come wiz me to ze cazbah”.

    Musicchick2, I have a cat named Tipper as well, for the white tip on her tail (she is otherwise all black). Why is your tabby named Tipper?

  46. would you be happy if someone walkied in on you and took your picture, while you were doing…uhhh….”that”

  47. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    This reminds me of when I had to fit a ‘lampshade’ collar to one of my kittehs, to stop her scratching herself. I new I couldn’t do it on my own, so I got some mates to come back from the pub, when we came in she was in a similar embrace with my other kitteh and we just could not do it, nor did I ever manage it.

  48. Jason Ozuma says:

    >>This is no typical two-cats spooning pic.

    I love this site.

  49. Dirty kitties!

  50. ScarlettsMeowmie says:

    The only time my cats are this close is when they are trying to kill each other. I have three and they do not get along. And to make matters worse, we live in a 2 room closet of an apartment.

    *sigh* I’m jealous.

  51. DuckLoverrr says:

    Ohh deary me. Looks like the black one hear has been caught cheating on his wife. *slowly and guiltily unwraps his arms from hears and hangs head in shame* Can’t you all just see it, people?

  52. Curling tails of love! Poit!

  53. holy god that is sooooooooooooooooo cute – I want to do things to those cats!

  54. Actually, you have not posted many cuddling kitties on CO before. I was looking through for snuggling kitties as part of a Valentine’s art project present for my partner, and I looked through ALL the kittehs, and there weren’t any that were suitable! Of course NOW you post this, which was perfect…but it comes too late! *cries*

  55. black cat says: don’t laugh, this could be your daughter!