Bald is IN

It’s not just for Britney, People, Guinea piggles everywhere are shaving it all off:


Jessica V., Let’s just hope that nobody’s heiny gets chapped.



  1. Aaaw! I love the little skinny pigs! I had a friend who had a little brown guy named Sebastian. They’re so precious!

  2. hilarious caption for this one.

  3. that’s “some pig(s)”

  4. oh, and THIRD POSSER!!!! lol teho

  5. But I wonder. In the winter, do you have to moisturize them? Wouldn’t they chap otherwise?

  6. At first I was like “Why are there chicken cutlets on CO?” Then I got a closer look and I was like “whoa!” Those are some strange looking piggies. And yet, still adorable, with their little hairless ‘tocks. And I think I actually have that exact fleece pattern.

  7. *Where* are they?! In a disco??? <: -o

  8. These little cuties look like teeeeny tiny hippos! Soooo purdyyyy!

  9. thalias_ash says:

    Um…is this a natural look for piggies? Did someone actually shave them? And if so, why?

    Doesn’t this bother the guinea pigs? Or is this like a hairless cat thing?

    I’m all concerned and stuff. *furrowed brow*

  10. I thought they were hairless puppies …

    *shakes head*

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Guinea Dad-I SO thought the same thing! Little chickens just waiting to be put in the oven. I would definitely NOT eat roast guinea pig tho’.

  12. thalias_ash says:

    Oh, and Britney is officually a total freak. I have to admit that I really wanna hear the reason behind the bizarre baldy-tattooed persona she seems to be assuming.

    (But you know, mebbe she just got lots and lots of gum stuck in her hair. It could just be a tragic gummy accident. Poor Britney.)

  13. I’m with thalias_ash… Why would someone shave them, and how did the piggies feel about it?

  14. Guinea pigs are born fully-formed with full hair. They look like Guinea Mini-Me’s. I’m not sure what these are.

  15. Are you sure those are guinea pigs? They’ve got some pretty big ear flops for guinea pigs.

  16. Wait, wait, I thought they were pigs, piglets. I didn’t notice Meg put ‘Guinea’ up there.

  17. pyrit- exact same reaction. i was wondering where every1 was getting ‘guinea’ from….

  18. Those are Guinea Pigs?!

  19. Chapped Heiny! LOLZ!

  20. These are skinny guinea pigs. They are born without fur. Don’t worry, guys. xD

  21. They’re “skinny pigs” – there are a couple kinds – Baldwins are born with hair and then go bald, the others are born hairless and stay that way…

    “Baldwins require more frequent baths using a facial cleanser or exfoliator. There is
    no need to use moisturizers or oils on the skin as they produce their own.”

  22. LOL!! They look so nekkid and wrinkly!! These are GUINEA pigs??? They look like PIGGY pigs…Having only ever having cats, is this a common practice, or are these newborn or what? Please forgive if this is explained above….haven’t read it all yet.

  23. Yay for all the guineas lately!

    Poor nekkid babies. Regular guinea pig babies are born fully furred, FYI :).

  24. I thought they were really fat naked mole rats.

  25. Hey Everyone!
    Just to let you all know these are, in fact, Guinea Pigs! I have a Baldwin Guinea Pig from Iowa. She was born with a full body of fur but at about 5 days of life she started to lose it. Skinny Pigs on the other hand are born bald with just some hair on their ankles and nose. These pigs tend to get chilly and need to be kept ideally around 70 degrees. They can die from heat exhaustion at 85 and can’t really deal with temps much cooler than 65. They also do need to be bathed and lightly moisturized every once in a while. I find that udder bag balm is a good product. 🙂

  26. I hope someone thinks to put a blankie on those bebehs :(.

  27. Aggghhh! Skinny pigs are scary! They’re still cute, but in a different way.

    In the war between cats and guinea pigs, skinny pigs would be the creepy scientists developing new cat defeating technologies. (No time, or enough fur for love.)

  28. Nekkid ‘tocks!

    I bet they’re soft and velvety when you pet them though…so cute!

  29. Skinnle pigs!!!

    I want to eat their ears. :-X

  30. Nekkid lil’ pigglings? I thought they were hairless mice!

  31. pookiepuff says:

    hahaha! I was literally laughing out loud when I read that some of you thought they were chicken cutlets. hehehehehehehe! That was cute of you guys. I at first thought these guinea pigs were kind of ew, but they are kind of cute in a different way like someone said. And yes! Someone put a blankie on their poor nekkid tocks! hehe! ^.^

  32. They look like somebody just skin them before serving them with an apple in their mouth and a creamy white sauce to feed the world.

  33. I saw one in the pet store. A male. This was more than I ever wanted to know about Guinea Pig anatomy.

    Yes, sometimes clothes do make the male piggie.

  34. Cute though. All the wrinkles, pink color, little folded earies.

  35. “These little cuties look like teeeeny tiny hippos!”

    Coincidentally, my local pet shop sells these guys under the name House Hippos.

    I think they look like squeaky, walking potatoes. Weird, but cute.

  36. Brrrrrrrrrrrr…..I hope someone puts a warm blanket over us and tucks us in so we are cosywarm!!

  37. Hmmm. Well, our guinea pig (I have no idea what kind, I didn’t even know there were kinds) had two pups without us even knowing she was pregnant. And they were born fully-formed, with fur and everything, looking just like mini-adults. They were MUCH cuter than these naked mole rats!!!!

  38. I love guinea pigs, but these poor little guys look just a wee bit sad with no fur.

    I do love the “teeny tiny hippos” comment, tho – it’s so true!!

  39. I always wondered where the term “Guinea pigs” was derived from, unless they were originally from that region. But that still doesn’t explain the “pig” part. This picture, on the other hand, does. They truly do look like little piggies!

  40. Guinea Pigs, I believe are called such because they are from Guinea, and are used the same that we use pigs. As food. I have heard, and wouldn’t mind myself, quite good food.

  41. oops, the first part of my statement I belive is not true. Their origins are not known.

    The second is a chef’s speculation that I have heard on a number of accounts, but also the origins are unknown.

    The last part however, I believe is quite true.

  42. For some odd reason, the imagery of piglets in diapers comes to mind. Whenever I see a naked baby’s ‘tocks, I think of putting a diaper on it. Motherly instinct, I guess. LOL

  43. OMG nekkid piggies! P0rn on CO! Who will save the children?