Who turned the ‘lectric blankie all the way up?


Deanna H.—Did YOU turn the blankie up!!?



  1. Ooh, it’s a Cat Dancer. That’ll drive any kitteh over the brink.

  2. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    As someone else said frist.
    Some serious clawsitude going on hear. We Ninja cats deal in death.

  3. pheas, you beat me to it. that’s an unmistakable cat dancer original 🙂

  4. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Blast Pheas, you beat me to frist.

  5. I think this is what cats would look like as astronauts….zero gravity, claws out to try to get a grip….

    I can only imagine the panicky look on the cat’s face that goes with those wigged-out claws!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OUch the claws.

  7. Kitteh claws! I luvv them

  8. Heehee. And you can already see the snags on the blanket that the kitty claws have caused.

    They’re dangerous things, kittehs.

  9. aaahhhehehehehehe
    good caption

  10. The claws say: “I weel keel you!”

  11. Pheas, yah!! “I can’t believe it’s not catnip!” My kittee loved her Dancer.

  12. WOOOOO!

  13. Um, pardon my ignorance, but what the heck is a “Cat Dancer”??!??

  14. I’m with Rumi on this one….


    This photo’s going on my desktop.

  16. Cat Dancer! http://www.catdancer.com/products.htm

    Fun for the whole family! 😉

  17. Ooooh Razor Sharp Implements of Death!!


  19. This ‘lectric blanket goes to 11!!

  20. All my kittahs love the cat dancer. We would achieve vertical lift offs of 5 feet into the air once we were warmed up. Fast tight circles were the norm too. The best cat toy ever invented.

  21. *BOINGY*!

    Talk about a Tigger kitty! That bottom is definitely made out of springs.

    And those are some serious Claws of Doom!

    Never duct-tape a laser pointer onto a cat dancer. Your cat a splode.

  23. Remember the movie/book – The Man who loved Cat Dancing? Where can I find that man? Love the clawsitude and the captions/comments.

  24. Whew! Some serious clawsitude there!

  25. We have even made our own homemade cat dancers out of a busted guitar string and a piece of crumpled foil.
    There’s just something about about the boingy elliptical movements of a wire that drives kitters wacko! This is the toy we take to the vet to keep the girls calm while waiting in the exam room.

  26. Theo – I like that idea! And after, duct tape the kitteh back togever.

  27. Skinny kitty legs! Git ’em. Yaaaa, I will grab skinny kitty leg and never get my hand back! G’head wild thing, kill the hand, while I gnaw yer skinny butt, ha, ha, ha! Argh! Ow! Mercy!

  28. theo: lol – but true.
    catfusius was a wise one.

  29. Gabriel Taylor says:

    wow…nice shot of the claws…

  30. heehee–blankie snags!

  31. I made the mistake of putting the cat dancer near the stereo…

    HOLY 3 am radio ‘splosion!
    Scared the kitty, too.

  32. I’m guessing that’s a waterbed he’s found…..


  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    good thing that’s not a waterbed. If them clawses landed on a waterbed… instant multi-faceted fountain effect.

    My cats (no longer here, but in the hereafter) have no idea what they missed. All they had to play with was a long blade of wild brome grass (has long wavy seed thingies on the end, works great as a cat toy). They were happy to chase it as long as I would drag it or wave it for them.

    sigh…those were the days…

  34. useta hada kitteh says:

    hmm. My comment took so long to post, that aj got there with a theory that it IS a waterbed. Let’s hope it isn’t.

  35. Nah, looks to stable to be a waterbed.

  36. Is it just me, or does Dancing Kitty look like she has six toes?

  37. Heh-heh, thanks for the “Cat Dancer” explanation….my Summer-kittles would LOVE one of those! I’ll have to check into it…

  38. Feeling HOT HOT HOT

  39. WATCH OUT! HE’S GOT A KNIFE! or rather a bunch of ’em.

  40. Rebecca,

    Nah, count the claws… 5 each…

  41. Our youngest will play only with a ratty old bootlace. My husband had a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed and tried luring Robin into chasing the bootlace around and around the pile Robin loved it, but the wear and tear on the comforter was excessive– sort of like those blanket snags multiplied by hundreds. Doesn’t help that Robin DOES have six toes.

    Love the video on the cat Dancer website:


  42. the last thing you’ll see before the kitty claws your face off

  43. OMG – what a terrific pic. I am in love. Give this photographer the Nobel, please. I am certain this photo can bring about world peace.

  44. The Cat Dancer is definitely the greatest invention of all time – at least as far as felines are concerned. I have no idea how a piece of wire with some little cardboard bits on it was magically altered to make it irresistable to kitties, but it works!

  45. Wow – that is one pointy cat!

  46. Martin-san says:

    haha, I think this pic is taken .5 seconds before poor kitteh was laying back up cursing the new high power air vent system:D

  47. Teho: LOL. You are teh funny 🙂

  48. Rebecca — I wondered the same thing. Then I counted and realized it just looked that way because of the amazing maximization of paw acreage. Do not mess with this kitteh!

    Wow, I was “frist”! I’ve seen the excitement of others over this achievement, but so far my life has not changed that much. Will a prize arrive in the mail?

  49. Angela-

    As Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes observed, (paraphrased) Kittehs do have 5 out of 6 pointy ends.

    Claws out, kitteh, claws out!

  50. Whats your vector Victor?

  51. ok, first off, AMAZING capture right there. The claw action is exactly why cats make me nervous 😡

    I’d also like to mention just how RIDICULOUS cat toys are! lol I can’t believe someone would actually spend money on a wire with cardboard on it! I don’t mind buying dog ties since I can’t very well make a Nylabone myself… but seriously, next time just cut up an old box and put it on some string and call it a day!

  52. Binkage has crossed species’ boundaries! Lagomorphs are up in arms! Disapproval is rampant!

  53. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Pheas, your prize will soon arrive, be carefull when you open it. It’s a boxing glove on a spring holding a sign “Youv’e been warned” love Theo

  54. lol @ martin-san. Alien space ship sucking him up was what I was thinking!

  55. Great pic!!!

    Those claws should be considered deadly weapons. Which reminds me, mine really REALLY needs his trimmed.

  56. For full enjoyment of the Cat Dancer, one must choose the appropriate musical accompaniment. I’d like to suggest “Sabre Dance” or “Flight of the Bumblebee.”

  57. martin-san, katherine – Kitty is being sucked up by the Yellow Submarine Sea of Monsters Vacuum Flask Beast!

  58. I’m still a little unsure of trimming a kitteh’s claws. I took Little Sister to be spayed a few weeks ago, and they trimmed hers while she was there. At first I thought she was missing her jumps onto chairs ‘cuz she was still drunk, but after a few hours she was still doing it. She was walking kinda funny, so I checked her paws, and to my suprise her claws had been cut halfway off. It was at least a week before she’d mastered jumping onto everyday objects again. The vet didn’t even bother to tell me they were going to trim them.

  59. Another failed assassination attempt. Fooled by the pillow-under-the-blanket trick, the oldest one in the book.

  60. Kitty needs its claws trimmed! Once they start curling under like that you know it’s been too long between clippings! Your kitty and your blankets, rugs, furniture, skin, will thank you!

  61. Kitty not jumping.

  62. Softclaws,or new blankie. I think its the lure, the wood and wire on the bed and not a hotbed

  63. Unsuspecting cat
    Thought bed was his
    “Mine, it’s mine, it’s aaaall mine.”
    He knew not the fact
    That something’s amiss-
    “YOW!” went the feeeline

  64. Are we sure that this kittie isn’t part of the first strike team of kittie paratroopers that are beginning their initial invasion?

  65. Dewi – Have you ever met Captain Obvious?

  66. What time zone is this clock set in? My post…Ooops, I mean my comment says 10:53 AM, but it’s almost 1:00 here.

  67. brinnann – trim your claws a little.

  68. Ned, ‘purr-atroopers’?

  69. Sorry, couldn’t help it. It was just…there.

    But really, the claw trimming thing, her claws weren’t long at all. When my Willimena was still alive (she was almost 18), we never had to trim her claws.

  70. looks like Pacific, brin. Which makes sense.

  71. For all your Captain Obvious resources, turn to the Uncyclopedia!
    Because knowledge is boring.

  72. I trim my cat’s claws but just the very needle-y tips. The mistake is trimming too short. Just taking off the very very tip is enough to save skin (ever had “biscuits” made on your tummy with claws? ouch!) but they can still grasp whatever they need.. climb curtains, shred blankies, and so on. Get them used to handling their toesies when they’re young and they get used to it. My cat loves to have a “manicure”.

    And on this photo, my fav. part is the delicate whiskers in contrast to the needley claws. Lovely!

  73. The only thing that can compete with a cat dancer for my Shadow cat’s attention is the plastic ring off the milk jug. The sound of one of those hitting the floor will bring him running from wherever he may be.

  74. cute…but need more! friday! wine with lunch! need…more…qte!!1!

  75. This is a kitteh filled with helium. The two snags in the coverlet mark where it was attached. It has somehow become disengaged and is now heading skywards!


  77. anner, some wine with this feline would be devine…which grapes from de vine?
    Care do define?
    Would you mind?

    Gonna have puddin?


  79. The Kit-denburg!

  80. The ramekin-denberg!


  82. …crap, I misspelled that.

  83. good old whatshername says:

    Houston, we have achieved geosynchronous orbit.

  84. Teho you’re killin meh today!

    I had to share the “your cat a splode” comment with my little ones. They agreed they would, in fact, a splode.

  85. Oh, jumpy kitty! Now that Elvis is in his Old Fat Elvis years, he doesn’t have this much lift anymore. Too bad he didn’t have a cat dancer during his glorious, vibrant youth. I’ll get him one anyway, ‘cuz he deserves it.

  86. (whacks T. with a ruler)

    Step to the blackboard, young man…

  87. OW.

    FYI for KaterPie:
    The “head a splode” thing is originally from HomestarRunner.com … and refers to this silliness:

  88. Aubrey- you blow my mind, and it feels just fine. how ’bout some pork rind?

  89. “Oh Aubrey you’re so witty
    “You don’t understand
    “That you cause us to delay
    “All this work that we had planned…”

  90. I wuv Homestar!

    You’ve inspired me to spend the rest of my Friday afternoon over there snortling over new stuff. My boss will be pleased with me! 😉

  91. Anner:

    You’re too kind!
    Just wait for my sign…

  92. Thank you, T. You can go back to your seat now.

    (hits him with the ruler again)

  93. Hey cut it out!

  94. this is too cute =^_^=

    cats dont need to have their nails trimmed, but as long as you do it slow and nice and give them time to adjust to it (starting as kittens if possible), they dont mind it.

    when my cats hear the nail clippers they come running– they know when their nails get trimmed they get treats after!

    the only struggle they have at all is to get to the kitchen and get the treats faster!

  95. Stephanie S. says:

    way cute! I love how cats freak out.

  96. Unfortunately, treats won’t work. She’s used to getting a little taste of whatever I’m eating; she’s almost as bad as the dog. So far her favorites are wheat bread and powdered sugar donuts.

    Do I need special kitteh nail clippers, or will the puppeh ones work if I’m gentle?

  97. yay-yay –

    cats may not need to have their nails trimmed, but I need them to have their nails trimmed. It’s rather unpleasant to be awakened at 2:00 a.m. when my (rather large) cat decides she needs to knead my head. Scalp wounds are never good.

    And Aubrey – you seem to be having way to much fun whacking Theo with the ruler!

  98. Aaattaaaccckkk!!!

    off topic: http://www.randomkittengenerator.com/

  99. I’ve had Katie-cat since she was 3 weeks old and she is terrified of the nail clippers. She lets me play with her toes and claws without problem, but if she sees the clippers she runs. I have to have someone scruff her so that I can trim them. And we’re talking about a 5 pound 9 month old!
    LOVE this pic! Someone is very good in being at the right place at the right time.

  100. Cirque-Du-Soleil-Kitteh !!

  101. Ahh, the amazing, much loved Wire Toy. My Pancho carries it around in his mouth. He’ll bring it to me in the living room when he wants to take a few leaps. I think he wants to play when I’m sleeping because I wake up every morning with it in the bed. He can play with it alone, though. He bites down on one end and chases the other. He luuuuuurrrrrrves his Wire Toy (AKA Vietnamese Wire Death Trap for the number of times I’ve caught a toe on it in the dark and gone flying.)

  102. the makings of Lethal Weapon 6 here … awesome clawz;

    Theoretical Q. peeps: would Garfield bother to get off his fat butt to catch the Cat Dancer or would he glompf it and demand more ???

  103. Yooooowwwwwwww!!!!

  104. Theoretical A. HRH:

  105. Speaking of clipping, I do my kitty’s claws when she’s asleep. Really out. It doesn’t bother her as much, and then when she wakes up, TREATS!

  106. First of all, does anyone still have that Cupppycuppycake song in their head? I do and it’s drivin’ me a little nuts.
    Second of all, Random Kitten Generator… well, it’s really hard not to squee out loud at work as I click on the …show me another kitty… button. The teeny tinyness of those babies is JUST TOO MUCH QTE!

  107. BeenClawed… if you reeeeeally need to get THAT song out of your head…
    [rubbing hands]
    [cracking knuckles]

  108. Yes I got this great big beddie al to my self and that human forgot to turn off the electric blankie!!! whohoo!!!says kitty but as we try to get coomfie we find our little pink pads turning red to quickly OUCH!!!!!!

  109. Ooh – waiting, waiting, waiting for the new earworm…

    I trimmed Mr. Elv’s claws once when he was just waking up from a nap. He was perfectly fine, considering he wasn’t terribly aware of his surroundings.

  110. Yes T.? tapping foot while waiting…

  111. wait wait don’t tell me
    (Carl Castle voice)
    is it “ring ring ring banana phone!”

  112. It had better be Bananaphone! If not, I’ll be disappointed and have to stick it in my ear myself.

  113. Oh, would you like to ride
    In my beautiful baloon?
    Way up in the sk….


    Kittty doesn’t do balloons.

  114. and lw doesn’t do spelling.
    Though you’ll be glad to know she isn’t an automated spam thingy.

  115. *threadjack alert*

    Check out the world’s largest archive of animal sounds at:


    If you’ve always wanted to hear the mating call of the common loon or horned screamer, this is the site for you.

  116. how many of us immediately thought:

  117. BeenClawed — top marks for “Carl Castle voice”. And you’re quite correct, of course.

    (PS — you may want to go back and click your namelink, under your first comment.)

  118. Note cute, but cool action shot.

  119. Yay! Catdancer! Though I have to say, the toys our cats enjoy best are the ones we spend no money on. Like plastic forks and rubber bands… And paper bags…

  120. “He luuuuuurrrrrrves his Wire Toy (AKA Vietnamese Wire Death Trap for the number of times I’ve caught a toe on it in the dark and gone flying.)”

    LITERALLY made me LOL, Willa! 🙂 Thanks for that.

    Also reminded me of similar situations with my feet and my cat’s toys, heh-heh.

  121. useta hada kitteh says:

    He’s gotta be gettin’ tired, up in the air like that for so long. Not to mention having his claws extended all that time (gonna need a paw massage, that kitteh is. I’d offer to give it to him, but, well, I’ve seen his claws.)

  122. I laughed when I saw this, I could totally picture my Delilah doing this.

    And CatDancer? Never heard of it. Delilah is estatic to play fetch with my hair ties, so we don’t need a stinkin’ CatDancer. >.>

  123. acelightning says:

    “Houston, we have liftoff!”

  124. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  125. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  126. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  127. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  128. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  129. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    Someone needs his claw-claws clipped..

  130. I wouldn’t want to be in that really hot bed when the cat does the flying-off-the-bed-with-all-claws-fully-extended

    OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!! That would really HURT!

  131. if you’ve had the pleasure and patience to read every comment so far, here’s your reward, peeps … look at this leaper:

  132. HRH — wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  133. Theo – have you seen the going price for a Savannah puss …

    feeling generous ???

  134. I may need to invest in a “Cat Dancer”. My used-to-live-outside kitty finds most cat toys insipid and pointless. Probably because there isn’t a tasty snack at the end of playing.

  135. Robyn — funny, that’s how I always felt about algebra.

  136. Heehee. My cat indeed has a look of “I did your stupid, overly complicated math problem” after playing with a feather wand and realizing there is no mouse head as reward.

  137. useta hada kitteh says:

    HRH, that video is too wunderful! It’s like fly-fishing for cats! or is that fishing for flying cats? I love the way the cat judges the trajectory, figures out the lift needed for the specific height, and sproings right to the right spot. Amazing. And now I’m going to google Savannah Cats, despite the hints above about priciness of said spotted body striped tail Catts.

  138. fly-fishing for cats! or is that fishing for flying cats?

    both, useta hada kitteh …

    US$5,000 is the asking price …

    YOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Ooh, look at that kitty go! This breed of cat is new to me; I thought it was a Bengal or Egyptian Mau at first. This guy’s a regular Tigger!>^.^<

  140. really hot!

  141. Alex Wells says:

    Switchblade kitteh!

  142. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Does anyone else hear the sound effect of a diving board in the background?