[wink] Hey… Behbeh

Bebeh, I may have gotten neutered just yesterday, but I can still put the "hey bebeh" moves on. With one wink, I’ll seduce a hamburger right out from under you.

You think that medium rare patty is still on your plate?

Look again, Honeh. Look… again.


Winkitudes to Kozmo pup and Laura K. 😉



  1. vivian calloway says:

    ohhhh baby how sweet!

  2. I vink at you bebeh

  3. It kinda looks like that skeptical, one-eyed, “Are you sure about that?” expression.

  4. Or maybe he’s thinking, “If I squint my eyes just right, your nose looks like a chew toy.”

  5. Holy muzzlepuff!
    Silky curly ears, meltable eyes…

    Ok, pup.
    I’ll split the hamburger with you.

  6. So cute. I am bored and frustrated (livejournal is having server issues) so I have come to the QTE for solace. Help!

  7. I want to smooch that muzzlepuff!

  8. All we need is Blinken & Nod.

  9. Wait, wait, it’s a pirate pup. “Argh.”

  10. Ah, not watching the hamburger while in the presence of teh k9 qt.

    Rookie mistake.

  11. I do like Spaniel Smoove, AND his nice hardwood flooring. (Maple?)

  12. He is way-cute, but the winky eye is kind of weird–almost like he’s missing an eyeball….

  13. Once again, I have to comment on your amazing connection to us commoners. I IMMEDIATELY knew *exactly* what accent you were going for. Perfect! Brilliant!

  14. Ooooh. Is that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pupdog?!

  15. My manager confirmed that she believes it is a “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pupdog” as you call it..:)

    All I could think of seeing that was Joey saying, “How you doiiin…”

  16. Woooo he so cute and a big flirt too

  17. pookiepuff says:

    I love his floofy ears and his fuzzy little white muzzlepuff!

  18. Looks AND talks like David Caruso on CSI Miami.
    “I am cute, baby. I. Am. Cute.” [turns suddenly and strides away]

  19. “Buddy the King,” the original inspiration for “muzzlepuff,” was a CKC Spaniel. 🙂


  20. Kevin – you forgot the **puts on sunglasses**…..
    walks away.

  21. He could have my burger anyday. Couldn’t resist his charm.

  22. Re: Buddy the King photo link – OH. MY. GOD!!! Look at those puppy eyes!! “May I have a crunchy? Pwease? I’ll be yo’ bes’ frend!”

    Kozmo is definitely workin’ it too, but not with the big liquid puppy dog eyes. He’s more “Yeah, I know I’m cute. Heh heh heh….now where’s my boigah??”

  23. It looks like what in Hawaii call a ‘stink eye” (Dirty look).

  24. Honey, you’re so fine – I coule lose my head over you!

  25. Argh. ‘could’.

    As in ‘I could click on “preview” a little more often.”

  26. Hehe there’s puppy star-dom all over its cute face 😛

  27. I love that! I have a photo somewhere of the dog I grew up with winking like that! So cute!

  28. Thank you CO for helping my boss make it through the day. You also helped me because when she’s feeling better about all the stress we deal with…I feel better.

    I’m such an CO addict.

  29. Aubrey – S’OK. I didn’t even notice there was a preview button until a couple months ago.
    Oh what’s that? doink. We-heh-hell, that’s how Peeps work those looong comments.
    I had always marveled at multi-paragraphed-inches-of-screen-space that could come out of this eensy-weensy box. I always took the size of the box personally, as a hint to keep it short. (Pavarotti voice) Not any more!
    Yup, I just learned about pimentoes too. Olives do not grow with pimentoes in them.

  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit, it’s the other way around. Pimentos grow with olives around them.

    As for length of comments, I like to think outside the box, myself. Just keep typing and typing, and like magic, the box grows!

    But preview, schmeview, I like to live dangerously and just type and post. Hmmm… the button we click to make our comments says “Post”, it doesn’t say “Comment”. Bwaahaha, Teho, I’m posting! (Trots quickly outta here, posting all the way.*) (*English-style riding joke.)

  31. Yes, yes, you’ve posted a comment, verbed your noun, crossed your eyes & dotted your teas.

  32. useta – I saw a jar of huge pimentoes at the grocery store and said, out loud, “Wow, think of the size of the olives those came from!”

    “Just keep typing and typing, and like magic, the box grows!” *My* box is not magic. Hmmph.

    “think outside the box” – touche’.

  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit… Coming soon to a theatre near you, “The Night of the Giant Olives”…

    When I think about it, my comment box doesn’t ezackly grow. Like I can’t see the whole what-I’ve-typed all at once or anything. The gray scrolly downy thing turns blue, and lets me type more, but he words I’ve typed keep getting eaten by the kitteh (or monster) that’s lurking just above the comments box, so I can’t see them anymore. I tend to scroll up with the (now blue) scrolly uppy thing to check if I’ve spelled things correctly (according to Snorglish spelling), rather than hitting Preview, because one time long ago when I was a very new peep, I clicked on Preview and nuffin happened. I don’t mean nuffs came out of nowhere, I mean nothing happened. I didn’t get to preview anything. So now I just type and hope for the best.

    And I think the squinchy eyed doggie up there is saying “enough already, you silly person that didn’t even useta hada puppeh!”. So I will click on post so that my comment will appear. (Not wanting to incur the wrath of Theo, who sees all and knows all, and saw my posting thingy, er, comment, as soon as I had commented it…)

  34. Thanks pyrit. It was traumatic at first, but I think olive.

  35. useta – Starring Laurence Oliver . . .

    Your box is much more exciting than mine!

    With that – I’m done.

  36. Ack. Laurence Olivier.
    Past bedtime.

  37. ok…..ban me …delete me…do whatever you want …but that dog looks druged, like somebody put some GHB in his drink or something….and could you please explain to me how this is cute? even if it was administered by its master…i dont think it is cute in any way i put it.

  38. Looks like he’s aiming… *takes off sunglasses*

  39. “Laurence Olivier”

    Yay! With his lady played by Olive-ia de Havilland. And the evil,’dark’ woman played by Zasu Pits.

  40. Aub & Pyrit – You guys are a riot! I love it! 😀

  41. Oh, and Useta too…. the whole lot of you. HILARIOUS!

  42. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This pupster’s got it goin’ on!

  43. Fable.

    (PS — you’re no more interesting in French.)

  44. Fable
    If you read the caption the poor doggy just got fixed so is still a bit sore and groggy, Personally He would have had his own extra rare hamburger with out him having to make his moves unless he wants seconds?

  45. I will…do not worry….i will.

  46. Pup sez in his best “Joey” voice, “How YOU doin’?”

  47. Adorable puppers! I followed the link to the “original inspiration for muzzlepuffs” and found this link to a google video…it’s hilarious! (I hadn’t discoverd the qte until after this was posted.)

  48. “Hey bebeh. Did you burn the breakfast again?”

  49. That’s my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, and no, he was not drugged! I just happened to catch him in a wink. He’s recuperating just fine from his ordeal and was very excited to see himself online- thanks CO!

  50. Awww—He’s adorable!!! The next dog I get will most likely be a spaniel. They seem to have such a good temperament.

  51. my friend sent me this picture and told me that this is what she thought i would look like as a puppy! I was extremely flattered! Would you mind if i used this picture (I will totally link and credit you) on my blog? I want the world to see my seductive puppydog self…

  52. i wish to be keesed by the FUZZY LEEPS 🙂

  53. SouthpawMeg says:

    All I can think of when I see this dog is … “Yaarrrr matey!”

  54. If you dont mind,i saved the picture as my wallpaper!Sorry if you do but it’s irresistable!

  55. ya don’ see that every day.