This is not a Village People concert, Honey—It’s not even "Stuff on my Cat"—this is my nap.

Now take this RIDICULOUS hard hat off before I wrench you over the head.


Sasha R.—he’s posted. 😉



  1. blueberries4me says:

    Hehehe, love his expression and the fluffitude on his back paws.

  2. Gorgeous eyes!

  3. Eet would be betterr eef ze chapeau had ze holes for ze ears mos’ velvetee, non?

  4. Is he a Snowshoe or a Ragdoll cat? I always get the 2 confused.
    He’s gorgeous! Look at those eyes and floofy fur!

  5. Renee in Texas says:

    “Can we build it? Yes we can!”

  6. Okay, I’m DEFINITELY dead. I’m a-splodin’ with teh cuteness. This is beyond funny. BEYOND!

  7. He is just gorgeous. Looks like my friends cat named BATMAN. Flys through the air with the greatest of ease.

  8. He’ll fix your toilet.
    He’ll fix your wagon.
    He’ll kick your ass.
    He’s Hardhat Cat.

  9. ***UPDATE***
    He’s definitley a Ragdoll breed cat. Beautiful!!!

  10. vivian calloway says:

    oh he is so mad! it looks like he is going to eat you! so so so mad! (and sooo cute!)

  11. What the heck it a ragdoll breed. Never heard of it.

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Now madam what seems to be the trouble here. You forgot to empty your husbands overall pockets before you put them in the wash! …sucks hard on teeth.. this is going to cost you a lot of money madam, a lot of money.

  13. ***** UPDATE #2******
    Here is a link to info on the Ragdoll breed of cats.


  14. lurkingsmirk says:

    Im in ur toolbox fixing ur bedz.

  15. Mel – it was worth the double post! Too funny.

  16. Mel — love the verse; fixed the dup.

  17. Those are the biggest cat feets I have ever seen!

  18. As a ragdoll’s person (I was going to say owner, but I know better), I have got to say that is a big cat! Or maybe a really small hat. Do not get between handsome boy there and the tuna.

  19. Was it Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the lead pipe.

    No it was Disapproving Kitty in the bedroom with a wrench.

  20. This kitteh is HUUUGE. the paws! zomg!

  21. Thanks Sweetpea I looked up the ragdoll site you posted. They are an adorable cat. Very layed back and lovable looking.

  22. Sammy's Auntie Wendy says:

    ” So, where’s ur leak, lady?”


  24. Kitty is prepared to keep that perfect napping spot on the bed.

  25. Your sooooooooooo cute when you’re mad!

  26. that cat is going to take revenge on his owner. its just a matter of time.

  27. “That’s Homey Depot to you.”
    Don’t mess with Bobcat the Builder. He could bolt at any second.

  28. Suffering succotash!

    My goodness, I see another Deb has joined the fold.

  29. Deb (whichever) — yes, heh. The variously-spelled CO “Michelles” outnumber us all, though.

  30. Yes, cats are way cuter than ferrets.

  31. Give this guy a claw hammer and some nails and he’s good to go.

  32. Kitty says, “You understand that I could kill you, right?”

  33. The only reason the owner is still alive is because that is a Ragdoll cat. If that had been a Siamese, the owner would now be bleeding on the floor and needing medical attention. I love the sweet tempered cats, even if they look disapproving.

  34. I bet if he leaned over to fix the toilet with that wrench, you’d see a bit of butt crack.

  35. SexAY blue eyes. But I think I sense kitty disapproval emanating in waves here.

  36. No cats were harmed during this photo shoot. The photographer is expected to be moved from Intensive Care by Tuesday, but donations of A-positive blood are still urgently requested.

    That is one of the best “hairy eyeball” expressions I’ve seen since… oh, last night.

  37. Mel, TFMS, pyrit, Aubrey — STOP IT already! If the cute don’t keel me, the peeps’ hilarity weel!

  38. Pheas, it’s all part of the daily drill.

  39. Da feets!!!!

  40. Um…. what Pheas said.

    And THE EYES, peeple, the eyes! He’s definitely ticked off by the choice of chapeau. I’m sure it didn’t stay on very long.

  41. (Looking up at Theo’s “chapeau” comment. Doubletake at the accent. Shakes head.)

    Theo – Maybe kitty here is a flathead, screw, driver.

  42. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s the construction foreman for the C. O. dream office!

  43. Phineas – NOOOOOOO! I need the hilarity while I’m at work. What else is there to keep me going (except of course more CO posts)?

  44. “Ace is the place with your Hateful Hardware Cat.”

  45. Kitty butt crack ahahhhahaaha you’re killing, ME.

  46. Teehee…I work at a company that deals with many construction companies, and I must say that this kitteh’s expression is very similar to those seen on site foremen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more human-like expression on an animal. He’s the epitome of a construction worker.

  47. Now, everytime I see a displeased foreman, I’ll be comparing him to a disapproving kitteh.

  48. Makitteh: the power tools for all your home furr-nishing needs.

  49. He’s a hardhat cat
    with a tool in his paw
    and a yeem in his eye
    and a ready claw.
    He’s on ur bed
    fixin’ ur tools.
    He knows what he’s doin’
    and he don’t *suffer* fools.

  50. That rivetting stare!

  51. i love his come-hither expression. it’s like he’s been working out front, and the the lonely and beautiful housecat invited him in for a refreshing glass of water…and then “bum-chicka-bum-bow-bow-bow-da”…kittie porn!

  52. anner – I think the word you are looking for is, “screwed”.

  53. Heehee I love the look on his face =3

  54. [sings]

    “Top Cat,
    The most effectual Top Cat-
    A floofy handyman-
    Close friends get to call him TC,
    With the hat this Supercat’s
    As cool as can be…”

    [trails off]

    Anyone else remember this cartoon? Look at that pose and those eyes, man. He’s all like, “How’s it coming, Dibble?”

  55. Good God, SubH, I surely do! That was a long time ago, I’ll axe you not to hammer home the fact that I’m such an old girl.

  56. /threadjack

    Javi is back online with Baruchito’s homecage! YAY!!

    //end threadjack

    It’s so great to be on CO for a little while. I just don’t have as much time at work as I used to and miss it vewy moishe.

  57. Ha ha, I love his expression. I wouldn’t be suprised if it was accompanied by a tail flick after the camera flashed. You know the one I’m talking about. That “I’m becoming slightly annoyed with you” tail-flick. :-}

  58. It’s even funnier with him on that girly pink and white quilt!

  59. How do you people manage to get these animals in such poses? Mine won’t do much in the cuteness arena. I just love this kitty with the hard hat!

  60. *blink*

    where exactly does one find a kitty-sized hard hat?

  61. WE are NOT amused … be gone with u!

  62. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m in ur hardhat, plotting ur demise…

  63. I’m in ur hardcat, looking for de mice.

  64. Or ‘hardhat’.

    Time for lunch.

  65. “de mice”
    LOL, Aubs!

  66. (I’m in ur pantry looking for de rice)

    (I’m in ur spice rack, looking for de chipotle flakes)

  67. Holy bizarre-ass eyes.

  68. Tony James says:

    Owner: “I don’t remember calling a technician – what are you here to fix?”
    Cat: “I’m here to adjust your attitude…”

  69. OMG!!! You posted Thor! He is my pride and joy…fully deserving of the worship he’s receiving here. Thank you!

  70. Sasha I’ve heard that ragdoll kitties are quite compliant…but this is just redunk. Any cat I’ve ever had would’ve shaken that hardhat off their head faster than you can say YMCA. Good work, dude.

  71. It looks like a horror flick is about to be in the making: The Revenge of the Construction-Worker Cat. Run for your lives! Run for your lives before he does something to you with it! The blood and gore! The wrench! The extended claws! The hissing! The ffffffising! The horror! It’s horreebulls! Would make a great movie. Please pass the popcorn.

  72. If this beautiful kitteh’s name is Thor, shouldn’t he be holding a hammer?

  73. Thanks for enlightning us, Aubs.

  74. China's Mom says:

    What a gorgeous cat – what a priceless look of tolerance on his face! I would be hiding your shoes if I were you!

  75. Well, Aubrey,

    If he had a hammer,
    He’d hammer in the morning.

    That’s why they didn’t give Thor hammer.

  76. Aubrey – Oh, ignorse them, or you’ll get a thor head.

  77. Thor doesn’t need a hammer to wield enough damage in the latest, up and coming horror flick. A wrench will do nicely enuf. lol

  78. He looks tolerant for now, and looks innocent enuf, but the owners better watch their backs while they are sleeping…..
    The Revenge Of The Construction Kitteh….

  79. Back to the good old days of hammer god kittee wrath … roll eyes…i know some people that should of got…oh well!hmmm, lets remember that one isj ust like you and me, he created us in his image…being good is something else…

  80. Created us in his image….that goes soooo well with Narcissus here doesn’it? i see a them…i see a theme…and then who would be echo? the wrench!!!!! the wrench of course!

  81. Ok then one sentence….the water goes in the plumbing….santance!!!!

  82. My boy has those colors, but he’s short haired! Beautiful kittie!

  83. acelightning says:

    “How many union-member plumber cats does it take to fix a leaky faucet?”
    “Seventeen. You got a problem wit dat?”

  84. Actually yes….its an awfully expensive bill…

  85. ABI,
    If your cat looks similar but is short haired that he may be a Snowshoe breed cat.
    Also very beautiful!

  86. A fitting tribute to the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in The Hat”!

  87. Aubs – YAY for the mythology plug.

  88. Kitteh has a hard hat and wrench, and now has what it takes to finally break into the cans of catfood when the owner isn’t looking. That’s a keniving (sp?) look he’s got in his eyes.

  89. Noel — http://mw1.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conniving
    (but yeah, I can see that too)

  90. Long lost brothers < .< *points to URL*

  91. Oh, that cat is so tossing up a hairball into someone’s shoe in the middle of the night! He looks P.O’ed!

  92. As the slave of a Ragdoll (also SEALPOINT MITTED, which this one is), I can assure you of 2 things: One.Yes, they would let you do this to them. Two, their revenge will be terrible, and will probably involve your toes. RAGGIES RULE!

  93. Omg TFMS your clue comment killed me!

  94. Why do these humans do this sort of thing to a cat.
    Have you not figured it out yet!?!?!

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