INTERSPEECHE snugglin’ 2, Ferret boogaloo

Grover the Cat: "Zzzzzzz-itude"
Toad the Ferret:

Ne bother pas

Grover the Cat: "Git that camera out of our faux wood library study carrel and vamos!"
Toad the Ferret: [Blinking B.E.F. action]

moochas mas snugglingks

Toad the Ferret: Slightly crowded in here, but soooo comfertuhbuls!

say what?

Larissa A. Amazing work. Serious.



  1. i wanna be part of that inter species snorgling session – *right* *now*!

  2. How sweet! The interspeesh snorgling is just too moish for me!

  3. Oh! It’s too cute! Teh ferret’s pink leeps and pink schnoz, teh kitteh’s pawz, and teh “honk-shus” all around!

  4. You MUST stop this! I can’t stand it! I want to crawl right in there!

    This is lethally cute. Lethally.

  5. pookiepuff says:

    Such cute nappy time partners! I wish I were napping with them!

  6. O_o

  7. zomg!!!!!!! aaaak death splode i’m dead.

  8. …Stranger in Paradise plays softly in background…

    From different species, their love forbidden in a cold and fur-less world, still nothing could ever separate

    The Young and Clueless.

  9. its a FERRET in paradise!
    heaven with a cat on a flowered bed
    not too particular, not too preffered (pronounce each syllable)
    its just a– FERRET IN PARADISE!!!

  10. OMG yay Grover and Toad! Rissa will be soo excited to see that they’re here!

  11. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. continued–

    i like mine with fuzzy mcfuzzersons
    and may-be with a scratch oooon the chin.
    big old huggy
    and a kitty lickin’
    good god almighty can this all be real?

    just a FERRET in paradise.

  13. can’t breathe…too cute…gotta go home and snorgle with ferrets…

  14. Snuggles! That is one beautiful black-eyed white fuzzy!!!

  15. TOAD! These pictures are heavenly.

    Sweetness x 1,000!

  16. gotta love you guys! who else would do cheeseburger in paradise!?

  17. “…Stranger in Paradise plays softly in background…”

    lauowolf–so perfect!

    I want to curls up with dems.

  18. LOVE the glare in the second one… all, “Excuse me, you have a problem with this?” Absolutely too cute.


  20. Yes, the Toad tail is floooofy to the max!

  21. Aww! Third picture, the ferret is like “I weel sleep now.” The snuggling here must be illegal!

  22. That’s the stuff, bebeh.

  23. The fluffitude on the ferret’s tail is incredible. Did they use a blowdryer on it or what?

  24. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Aww it’s Toad again! I love the Elvis lip on him!\

    (Elvees leep!)

  25. I’ve only been in the presence of ferrets a few times, so I’m no expert. Can someone tell me, are their tails usually that floofy?

  26. What a way to end the day. So sweet I could cry.

  27. :O sorry ’bout the double

  28. In photo #2, kitteh and ferreet both seem to be saying, “Mind yer own beezewax. Don’t judge our love.”

  29. Ferrets in paradise, paradise
    Every morning you greet me
    Small and white, clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me

    Grover the cat loves you very moische
    Very Moische forever

    Ferret paradise, paradise
    Bless these buddies forever!

  30. WOW! I have nevah seen such a floofy ferret tail! Looks like a little cartoon!! NEED ONE!

  31. is that a ferret teef in tha last pic?? OMG.

  32. It’s Toad! Looks like he’s in full winter coat, too. Adorables!

  33. /threadjack Does anybody know how to overcome an addiction to all things Qte? I seem to be MAJORLY addicted, fer shure. Any advice is welcome.
    /end threadjack

  34. I agree, the faces have a “if lovin’ him/her is wrong, I don’t wanna be right” look on them.

  35. I agree, the faces have a “if lovin’ him/her is wrong, I don’t wanna be right” look on them.

  36. did i just ear a fewet purrin’? :O

  37. Is it just me, or is Grover’s paw as big as Toad’s whole face??

    musicchick2, sorry, you’re screwed – there is no cure for the Qte!

  38. omg, the ferret on the close up is like “eeeeeh – hold on a minooot, i think kitty squishy too mucho!”

    lol great pics

  39. hmmm, i just realized that a ferret is like a cross between a mouse and a cat.

  40. ferret liker says:

    Alex, except ferrets are not rodents. 😉

  41. “Just close the door and forget what you saw here.”

  42. mygothangel says:


    But where’s RUNTY?!?!?

  43. Misanthropic says:

    Such GORGEOUS fur on that ferreeet…
    Who wouldn’t want to snuggle that?

  44. Cha Cha – OH NOES!!! I’m DOOMED! 😉

  45. enough ferrets! they are creepy!!

  46. TOAD!!
    Toad’s a web star.
    I love Toad.

  47. Kathy Hickmen says:

    Someone always has to make a negative comment huh?

    *looks at urket and shakes her head*

    I never see anyone say “enough kittens!”

    Why be negative?

  48. Something tells me there are some ferret-mones at work here.

  49. The last photo made me sigh out loud.

  50. BFFs! They are the cutest pair ever. I love Toad.

  51. Kathy H — you’d be surprised. It’s not often we get the “too many cats” nuffers, but it’s been more than twice.

  52. Cute

  53. And grandma sewed the special lovenest pillow, too. Awww; such support from the fam!

  54. I’d give ANYTHING to be in that ferret’s place right now. Warm, soft, fuzzy kitteh snuggling head. Ohhhhhhhhh. This is agony to only be able to sit here and look at this. Wanna be that feeerrreeetttt! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  55. Isn’t that hilarious the way the ferret has a little dry mouth and his lip got folded under on one side, revealing his tiny pearly whites?

  56. Ferret Jacques, Ferret Jacques,
    Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

  57. Parfait, pyrit.

    mc2 — no cure, but what a support group!

  58. useta hada kitteh says:

    2nd pic: “I thought I toad you to grover there and stop boddering us!”

  59. first time comment!

    how much do i lurve the snoogling in the third pic!!

    i loove the snorgling!!!

  60. S Morgenstern says:

    Where are the minutes, Lone Wolf?!

  61. Kitty tummy warmth…I’m jealous!

  62. Ferrets can be cute. Cats are almost always cute. But the Lone Wolf can’t condone the co-mingling of the two! There will be no reports from the Lone Wolf on the subject!

  63. I have also heard that the Lone Wolf thinks that the US version of The Office is far superior to the UK version.

  64. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    They fit together like spoons in a draw. I wanna get in with them till winter ends…..sigh

  65. Useta – Priceless!! LOL!

  66. What A Cute Couple! Hehe

  67. Wow! I got on this site just yesterday n the pics are sooo ultra cute. N I love todays pics:) Awesome:)

  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Grover’s got beautiful eyes, I must say. And that’s one kissable pink nose on that ferret!

  69. That is by far and away the UGLIEST material I have ever seen. (and I was around in the 70’s) Nice contrast though…ugleh v. cutehs.

  70. useta hada kitteh says:

    Jen said “I was around in the 70s)

    funny, I was a square in the 70s.


    Mornin’, peeps!

  71. Musichick2, don’t try getting unhooked not only would we miss you but what do you think Nuffinghams come from.
    Could any Australian members any photos of the penguin jumpers people in UK are knitting, just as they have to be qte

  72. useta had a kitteh: that around/square really really taxed my brain here in the a.m.!

    love the comments on the ferret’s little dry elvis lip!

    but have we sufficiently considered that it seems mr. kitty here is pulling a classic cat move: going from a happy snuggle into a sudden attack? I love you ferret…oh now i will strangle you! I”m telling you, in photo #2 you can see evil starting to gleam out of his cat-eyes!

  73. I’m dead and toast if I don’t have my coffee and CO in the morning. When I’m out and about I can’t wait to get an internet connection so I can check in to see the latest CO post. I’m a gonner. Seriously. A gonner. I have gone gone way past the point of CO insanity.

  74. Need to add love for the whiskas on Mr. Kittenes. Elegante!

  75. THAT is stinkin’ cute. I like the kitty-paw hug. And I LURVE their beautifully patterned kitchen-wallpaper bed.

  76. Zen DeQuervain says:

    Yay Grover and Toad!

    Now, to get the Worlds Cutest Kitten on this site.

    Runty McRunterson ftw~

  77. The lack of claws out on the part of the kittah in the close up says it all. They are true buds.

  78. I think the last picture shows what the cat is really thinking:

    “…and if I get hungry later, I still have this nice little snack in my paws.”

  79. Alice Shortcake says:

    Toad is simply the most glamorous ferret I’ve ever seen.

  80. Softly playing in the background…

    I lovin’ you is wrong
    I don’t wanna be right
    (I don’t wanna be right)

    It is much funnier if you were here to here me singing it, I swear.

  81. hear me rather…
    I am *so* glad I read before I post…

  82. Cute, very cute. But, not as cute as my Abby!

  83. Oy. Just what I need as I freeze my feet dealing with a flood.

    If that duo were here, the did this because it si COLD and a kitty woudl Need a ferret to stay warm overnight!

  84. Awwwwww.

    Love the kitty eyes in pic#2.

  85. Ha, I think you’re ALL wrong…this kitty has a look that says, “What do you think of my new cat-toy? Pretty spiff, eh?” That last photo is all, “Take a closer look…it’s for real.” LOL.

  86. OMG, looks just like my dearly departed kitty “Magic”.

  87. Notice how kitteh’s hold on ferret gradually increases with the awareness of being observed by an other. “Not one step closer or POP goes the weasel!!”

  88. Awww! I <3 Toad and Grover. But I second: Where's Runty?

  89. I have fallen in love with Toad. I keep coming back to look at heem. His wittle toof is soooo anerable. I must have a ferret…even though they steal socks.

  90. That is so cute. My cat and ferret never snuggle. Probably because my cat is terrified of my ferret. Cat runs away in sheer terror. Ferret chases, dooking the whole time. Good times, good times.
    The last pic is a bit “Uff, hugging.. a bit… too… much…”