Insert Windows Vista joke here

Oy Vey.

Not another Windows release.

[Falls asleep]


Kee H.—nice woik.



  1. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    That sleepy kitty is precious, looks verrry cuddly. I love its pink lips and underlegs.

  2. GeorgiaGirl says:

    That can’t be real.

    On the other hand, nobody’s THAT good at ‘shopping a photo.


  3. kittymomma333 says:

    Ohhhh, leeetill kittah, I feels you.

    Can I come honk-shu with yous?

  4. What a yummy keyboard feature. Mmmmmm.

  5. The Zzzzzz key is stuck.

  6. o
    lookit those little crossed back legs…

  7. LOL. Crossed legs.

    Kittens are the Zen Masters of sleep.

  8. HA HA HA, pyrit! Your comment has probably been up for about 90 seconds and I have already stolen it.

  9. I think the kitteh is doing corpse pose.

  10. Kitty Yoga!!!!!

  11. The legs crossed. Soooooooooooooooooooocute.

  12. Even if it’s Shopped, I loff it.

  13. how modest! legs delicately crossed…

  14. And now, my associate, Snooze McSnoozersons will demonstrate how to place your new laptop in “sleep” mode….

  15. Kitten on the Keyboard used to be a piano thing!

  16. MMmmm…laptop keyboards must be very warm.

  17. I’m sorry, that does not look real AT ALL.

    Cute, but not real!

  18. 2 paws up for cuteness 🙂 Reminds me of my bebeh kitteh Hillary who used to sleep like that all the time [though laptops didn’t exist back then]…

  19. I don’t think it is photoshopped, but it may well be staged.

  20. damn! look at that cross-leg action!

  21. Now that is one super-comfy kitty. I just want to put my face down and snorgle that soft belly.

    Any cat folks–have you had issues with your cat suddenly and completely *freaking* out?
    Isis was startled by something yesterday afternoon and has been mercilessly beating on the other cats ever since. The screaming, yowling fur-flying kind.

    She’s under “house arrest” in the guest room until we hear from the vet.
    If you have been through this, or have a solution, please e-mail me as this has me very upset
    /end threadjack.

  22. AuntieMame says:

    I need a six-foot wide laptop. I’ll bet it would be comfy to slepp on.

    And why on earth would this be photoshopped? Kittehs love sitting on warm things, and laptops get very toasty.

    It might possibly be deliberately posed, but there is no reason whatever to suspect ‘shopping.

  23. Not shopped, just a tie-tie kitteh who’s been gently placed on the keyboard. When a kitten needs to sleep, he’ll sleep anywheres!

  24. I love the fuzzles on his wee chest!

  25. My cat sleeps like that too, belly up, it’s hilarious! Cracks me up everytime Hahah

  26. laptop becomes cat-top!

  27. layla42,

    sorry to hear about Isis. is a good idea to have her checked out by the vet to rule out any conditions that may be causing her pain, etc. if Isis checks out OK, ask the vet for some “kitty Prozac” to give Isis for a week or two; perhaps this will calm her down.
    good luck to you

  28. Love the crossed legs! I really want to scratch that belleh.

  29. That’s definitely XP, not Vista. I’ll tell you when it’s Vista, Meg, if you tell me when Macs become more useful than cute.

  30. ouch eyp,
    Meg made a joke, and you lash out like that?

  31. layla42, “house arrest” might be the best thing for her, just some down time to pull herself together–a time out in the bathroom reboots my little cat when she’s overstimulated. Not that checking with the vet is bad.

  32. Actually, I think this kitteh is the famed and elusive “Laptop Whisperer.” Using nap osmosis to diagnose the computer problem.

  33. Look at his wittle legs!!! Wait, is this person at work? Kitties can come to work? I want a job!!

  34. The KNEES…. I…just…can’t…stand –
    The cutest knees!

  35. HOLY CRAP.

  36. eyp: Touchy, are we? If you were my son, I’d send you to your room without dinner.

    Kitty’s legs look odd, maybe they’re ‘shopped…but the picture is just too precious for me to cvare! *LOL!*


  37. “cvare”? I mean CARE! Ack. Need more coffee… 😉


  38. Ahhhh! That kitty looks so soft! I has to pets it!

  39. more solid proof that cats have great coping skills

  40. Don’t think pic is ‘shopped (just incredible). Check the shadows, including the little ear one peeking over the laptop…Pretty small detail.

  41. Besides, why bother ‘shopping it when you can stage just about anything, if your kitten is sleppy enough?

  42. ShelleyTambo says:

    layla42, I haven’t had that experience, but not too long ago, a woman at our shelter had the same problem. One of her cats had heard a noise outside that spooked him and he started turning on his brother. She had to completely resocialize and reacquaint him with his brother (according to her). Obvy, vet knows best, and there may be faster solutions. I hope so for Isis’s sake (and for your other kitties).

  43. Love the paw action! Tres cute kitteh!

  44. “Hi, I’m a Mac …”

    “… and I’m a Kee-Tee.”

  45. layla42,

    Is your cat spayed? Years ago, my perfectly pleasant calico suddenly became irritable toward her housemates. Turns out she had a cyst on an ovary. Once she was spayed, she resumed being her usual cheerful self.

  46. bunnajenny says:

    layla 42, my I also suggest the soothing power of a noise machine for house-arrested felines. George has spent a lot of time in his room in the last few months so I bought him a clock radio (all of $20) that makes bird and cricket noises. He was much more content while in solitary with something to listen to. We also bought Emily a cat-sitting DVD to keep her company when her brother is having issues…although that might be a little overstimulating for a cat with anxiety…and, as always, feliway.

  47. I M on UR keyboard
    Sheddin on UR vowels

  48. Layla 42,

    I have no idea if this will help, but if the vet doesn’t find anything physically wrong, you might try the Feliway pheromone diffuser. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it took the edge off my kitties when we moved in together and had to introduce them.

  49. she’s not dead she sleeping wake up kitty kitty…

  50. Well, I know someone who’s getting no work done today…And MUCH more original than the old fashioned dog-ate-my-homework excuse.

  51. layla42, Go to your local health food store/herb shop; get some “Rescue Remedy” it is a natural flower panic, crisis, sudden pain remedy. I’ve not ever had what you describe happen and continue. She may need some time out. Talk over the surrounding circumstances with the person (hopefully a knowledgeable one) at the store. There are also homeopathic remedies that will help. Good luck

  52. I’m loving the Siamese this week. More and more please.

  53. omg is this little kitty even real?! so sweet ..

  54. I suddenly got a wacky idea for the CO Dream Office…kittehs on com-cuters on every desk.

  55. Redz:
    Do you think my boss will go for the “diagnosis by nap osmosis” excuse? For sleeping on the keyboard?
    Hrm. .. .

  56. Aubrey — heck, I’ve ALWAYS had that “feature”.

  57. I wish my kitty would be that calm around my computer. I am fixing it and she is trying to ‘help’. I keep pushing her away and she keeps coming back. Layla42 try adding some chamomile tea to her water minus the sugar.It helps calm my animals down.

  58. It’s not the ‘feature’ I’m interested in, T., it’s the ‘creature’.

  59. This photo isn’t shopped. The kitty was probably in someone’s lap, fell asleep that way, and they set him/her on the laptop and gently crossed the legs, quickly taking the pic before the limpness of it all made them fall loose again. Keeety eeez adorables, btw. I wanna kitten so bad…. or maybe just to play wiff some. :~D

  60. Thanks everyone for the advice! I appreciate it! You peeps rock.
    We heard from the vet, and he also chalked it up to a random cat flip-out.

    She’s going to stay on guest-room arrest for the day, just because she’s also diabetic and we need to make sure her levels aren’t all wonky.

  61. Layla42: Catnip!!!

  62. Dirt will kling like magic to your new electronics duster.
    Easily absorbs static electricity
    Easy to shake out and start again.

  63. I am sooo-ooo glad I was home alone and that my mouth was not full of tea when thet kitteh appeared on my screen.
    There would have been double humilation due to the loud and strange noise(which I’ve never heard before) emanating from my mouth and tea on my screen while also dribbling out my nose!
    We mus all be careful while opening the Cute Page………

  64. LOL!!! Cute.

  65. If anyone thinks the cross legs are staged, must not have ever had a young kitteh. They are like rag dolls who can, and do, fall asleep all which-way. This looks completely natural to me and makes me miss my Siamese. This little bluepoint is darling. He/she might have been placed on the keyboard but that would only be needed if she was too tie-tie to get there herself. I had a kitteh who would always sleep on my cable box (many years ago) for the warmth, and push buttons / change channels/ turn off the recording, etc. Finally had to protect it with a cardboard box top. The point is, falling asleep on warm electronic equipment is just a perk if you’re a tired kitteh.

  66. whoa.. sorry.. that came out a lot longer than I meant it to…

  67. Oh, pee-pul…I’m looking at that laptop and I think I’m seeing that the text on it is in…Japanese.

    [bowing to receive ass with both hands]: arigato gozaimasu.

  68. What a lady-like little gem. Very modest and classy. 😉

  69. RedZ — I was thinking Korean, partly because of the LG logo…

  70. no! … too cute … she got the kitteh to match the notebook …

  71. Some real ‘Cat on my Stuff’ material!

    Thank you for the Laugh o’ the Day!

  72. I want some of whatever the kitty had for dinner!

    Girl with pink straw looks a bit like she is ready to disect the helpless kitty.

  73. snoopysnake says:

    Yes, it’s Microsoft Bellyrub 176.0. And I want it! Yes indeed! Bellyrub this kitteh 24-7!

  74. In my office we call this “waiting for Outlook to open” pose.

    Except we are not as cute as this kitten. Well, who is??

  75. Chacha:

    Waiting to re-Puss-in-Boots.

  76. Isn’t “cat-bed” a kind of scanner, rather than a computer?

  77. Bob Pedersen says:

    **bows to Tems**
    (I really like the “I’m on UR… theme)

  78. Actually, I think pyrit said it best:

    “the Zzzzz key is stuck.”

    fur shur!

  79. OK, how can I get a desktop wallpaper of theeese kitteh?

  80. Sorry, boss. I can’t submit that report right now. You see, there’s a kitten sleeping on my laptop.

  81. BlurpleBerry says:

    And this is why the Macs are the best.

  82. Widdow pink knees!! OMG! [clunk] Sorry, knocked me right out of my chair.

  83. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  84. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  85. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  86. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  87. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  88. OMG-Dis kitteh is so CUTE!!!
    My kitteh, Charlie-Anderson is SO jealous!!

  89. what a beautful little kitteh!!

  90. XP, not Vista. 🙂

  91. Earlier, I thought this was real. But now, I think it’s Shopped. Look at the keys, they don’t look like they have any weight on them. Also, look at the kitter’s left arm — it’s lifted above the laptop, and the shadow also looks as if the arm isn’t touching the ground. Shopped, folks, shopped!

    I ain’t sayin’ it’s not cute, because it is, but I think it’s Shopped!

  92. Maybe the kitteh is on the laptop because it eats its bugs, spyware, and viruses, the latest and greatest in virus and spyware removal tools. Beats the popular brands by a muzzlepuff.

  93. “Doctor, Fifi appears to be experiencing a seizure of some kind; could it be the Bluetooth radiation?”

    “Nurse, ready 5 cc’s of get-the-hell-off-my-laptop and have the patient visit us again in 15 years!”

    “Doctor, I think the kitty’s heart has stopped; maybe you frightened it with your scary words and angry voice!”


    “Yes, Doctor?”


  94. heehee, they should call it Windows Siesta!

  95. acelightning says:


  96. looks 2 cute 2 be real..:)

  97. OOOPs that kitten is in the lala land dreaming of a massage, hoping for his owner to get the new windows Vista…woww

  98. Stick with XP for now, litl kitn.
    Someday there will be comprehensive Vista service packs and driver support.

  99. little gator says:

    grabs kitteh and runs away with the cutie….

  100. Aubrey – (bows) I have only now noticed your “re-puss-in-boots”. (bows again, keeps going, hits the floor.)

  101. I’m on ur laptop
    Sleepin on ur keyboardz

  102. My take? Because Truth is stranger than fiction…No-that’s not a fake out photo!

  103. this is the cuuuutest thing I have ever seen!!

  104. korean; not japanese and
    windows xp; not vista

  105. Martha in Washington says:

    I just started taking a yoga class and this looks suspiciously like some of the poses we have done.
    I’m beginning to suspect that the instructor gets most of her poses from her cat-only cats could possibly DO some those poses. Then they sit and watch us clumsy humans try to do them and laugh their furry little butts off.

  106. Dreaming of the good old days… when computers had mice!

  107. Look like it’s crashed again 😉

  108. Looks just like my kitty!!!!!

  109. I’ve seen a lot of cat photos and cats I’ve had many myself, but that is the cutest kitten pic I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  110. and *snork* @ TFMS
    and Ko map sum ni da

  111. little gator says:

    He’s step dancing in his sleep!

  112. Martha-
    We all know yoga is just a pathetic human attempt to become as flexible as a cat.

  113. sooooo cuuuuuute… 🙂

  114. I guess we know what really killed the cat. Windows should stop blaming curiosity.

  115. Mine. mine mine mine mine……..allllll mine!
    I’ll soon teach this human!! Everything… MINE!!