Prints! Prints! Prints!

Peereence_1"Someone say mah name?"

No, I mean: Prints, People! Check them out!

Large eyes! Teeny pawsitude! VULNERABLE-ANERABLES!

Look at this Red Panda:

Purple Rain—pur-her-pull Raain
and Junior Squirrel with even teenier paws:


Nice inter-office submishe, May-Li K.!



  1. *happy sigh*

  2. Peg of Tilling says:

    This is actually the artwork formerly known as lithographs.

  3. Happy V-Day folks!

  4. Thank you, whoever submitted these! 🙂

  5. You’ve got me singing, “Some day my prints will come…”

    What large eyes they have – what’s the opposite of BEF (beady-eye factor)?

  6. The artists name is FABOARTS I say no more except sit when opening the limk

  7. eeee the turtle! Those are fantastic and super-anerable. 😀

    I lurve the teeny frogs too!

  8. These are GREAT!!! I love them all. I am especially fond of the owl and the kitty.

  9. Peg O’T — nah, these prints are using their own name again. New publishing contract.

    (i.e. the prints formerly known as the artwork formerly known as prints)

  10. I love the parrots and toucan!!!!

  11. omg the kittehs…

  12. i want to live in the world these guys live in! where frogs play you happy tunes and everyone has the perfect eye-to-head ratio.

  13. The eyes! Love the eyes!

  14. eeeep! Ze monkee–he looks so sad.

    This artist knows how to work it…!

  15. kiki – I second that.

    In fact, in my next life, I wish to be one of these critters. Everytime I come across a mirror or a still pool of water I will faint from my own cuteness.

  16. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    How absolutely Gahstly, min gott can you imagine if these were living animals they’d be deformed!

  17. Ahhh….the sad-eyed monkeee. I like eet!

  18. ShelleyTambo says:

    Teho, un pinguino is my favoritest. He looks kinds pissed, maybe cuz everyone mistakes his feathers for eyelashes and thinks he’s a girl.

  19. These are the happy equivalent of those paintings of sad-eyed kittehs and pups sitting in alleys. Cuuute!

  20. The kitty and the chimp are my faves. When my kitties give me those eyes I’ll pretty much give ’em anything. For Valentine’s Day, they got a Boogie Mat! Fun times!

  21. I lurv the turtle- so sleppy.

  22. yoohoostereo says:

    “Beeeees?” “No, BEEEEAAAADS.”

  23. Really stoned animals

  24. Have you checked out rest of deviant site, rosebunny puddlebunnies by Sarah Whitton

  25. lurkingsmirk says:

    I am going cross eyed from trying to see all the cute images at once! >_<

  26. Yay, cute pics!

    Yay Prince!

    I happeeeeeee!!!!



  27. Sooo much cuteness. ACk!

    Need t-shirts made with these prints stat!

    Does anyone know how I can request the artist to do a panda?

  28. omgzzzzzz.

  29. The ikkle parrot on the sweeeng… the serenading frogletts…..


    on floor blissfully breathing my last… ahhhh

  30. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG… these are absolutely adorabubble!!!! I love the kitties… and all the big bootiful eyes… AHN!

  31. astrogrrrl says:

    these look like pets the Powerpuff Girls would have… too cute =)

  32. Yay! Lovely!

  33. Jupiter Star says:

    Yay! I LOVE this artist! I have almost all of their prints ^_^. They make me happy admidst all of the 2 months worth of accumulated snow and ice.

  34. i NEVER get suckered into buying things off of the interweb on a whim.

    but these were too cute to pass up. . .and they make excellent postcards!


  35. The frogs are the best!

  36. Goodness! That squirrel’s a dead ringer for Bubbles in the Powerpuff girls. I can’t find a pic with that exact expression, but here’s the closet I could find in a pinch.

  37. The turtle is my favorite… may have to order a magnet now lol. So cute! 😛

  38. OMG…I just browsed the gallery…um…SO Trenchcoater, y’all. Tigers with wings?? Fairies of all varieties?? Japanamae?? This is out of control. I’ve died and gone to Geek Heaven.

    It’s wild schtuff (Carson voice).

  39. they all make me feel like i’m living on ‘fantastic planet.’

    the eyes! aieeee!

  40. “Trenchcoater”??

  41. Munkie!

  42. Trenchcoaters: The guys from High School that were way too school for school but probably very bright, would skip class and take smoke breaks in the parking lot, were constantly playing dungeons and dragons or talking about playing dungeons and dragons, loved comic books and graphic novels, loved anything relating to the “fantasy genre”, had high-top sneakers that were way too big for them and were most likely adorning a long, black trench coat.

    Think Kevin Smith’s character “Silent Bob” or Jud Nelson’s “John Bender” from “The Breakfast Club”.

  43. guineapiggin9 says:

    THE EYES…They look DEEP into my soul!!! *collapses on floor*

  44. DKN — OK, I get ya. (I thought it might be a Columbine reference.)

  45. DKN, I also thought of Columbine. at the time, there were many references to “trenchcoat mafias” and the such. see:

  46. Snugliferous. Worthy of pinning up in my office for instant joy.

  47. I have died. From the cuteness. Good night everybody.

  48. I saw this on and died. And favorited….

  49. Yeah, I had kinda forgotten about the trench coat aspect to the whole Columbine tragedy. But honestly, those kids were far far far from true trenchcoaters.

  50. Apparently he lives in Honduras. I feel so cheated — I spent 3 years in Honduras and never encountered this level of cute. This stuff is better than the majority of works in the National Museum, actually.

  51. pistache268 says:

    Soft mini paws!

  52. Wow! Just great! Love all your prints! Specially love the cats… and the turtle!!!

  53. PLEASE quit posting crap to sell!!!

  54. What a cute little guy!
    And the Red Pandas aren’t too bad either 😉

  55. sb — NO!!! *Nyahhhh.*

  56. Awwwww…