I’m not just the spokesman—I’m also a client

Exten-shons aren’t just for the starlets, People.

Thanks to my proven Guinea Peeg Extenshons products, ANYONE can get their Strawberry Blonde on.

Just look at me! Look at dee fabulousnays!

Pure and Total Luxury!

Nice work, GiggleSugar!



  1. First time commenter … long time lurker!

    That is teh cuteness – but I am so glad that my guineas are of the short hair variety!

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Where’s the broom handle?

  3. So thats where the swifter came from.
    Luxuriates in softest hair

  4. So thats where the swifter came from.
    Luxuriates in softest hair

  5. I must wear it on my head! The chirping and whistling would keep me company all day.

  6. WTF?

  7. OMG it’s a Guinea Wig

  8. *SCREAMS*

  9. Wow, it’s like a Guinea Cousin-It 😀 I don’t know if it’s cute or disturbing! I want to see it with bed head!

  10. Aluriaphin says:

    Oh. Em. Gee. OMG!!!! That is KA-RAZY!!! *dies*

  11. Ack…that pigpig has nicer hair than I do!

  12. Oh my! It’s Donald Trump’s toupee!

  13. Is that a tribble??

  14. It looks like ‘Cousin It’ finally found a pet that looks like him.

  15. OMG…
    Guinea Wig???
    You owe me a new keyboard… I just snorted tea all over mine!

  16. That piggie has better-looking hair that I do…*envious* 🙂


    On a sadder note…I have a rather painful announcement to make…

    As many Peeps know, a few weeks ago I had a severe asthma attack that has forced me to re-think my health needs. This includes eliminating as many allergens as possible from my home.

    In light of this, my beloved husband has posted a desperate request, and I’ve been given the go-ahead by Theo to plug the link in comments. If there are any Peeps that can help us…please, I implore you to click the link. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.




  17. Denita, so sorry to hear that… Elric sounds just like my 6-year-old bookitty Snark. We’re one over the limit at our Houston apartment, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

  18. The Guy Over There says:

    Fact: Cousin It of the Addams Family may have just been a giant guinea pig. Being so cute, it’s no wonder he always had his way with the laydees.

  19. I’ve had lots of piggies! all of the shorthaired or Abbysinian variety. The Peruvians like that one take alot of upkeep! you must keep their hair in fabric rollers..to prevent painful tangles.

    Piggies Rule! 🙂

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    So Frank Sinatra’s toupee has come back to haunt us.
    ‘Iv’e not got you stuck on my skin’

    Denita sorry you’ve got to give up yout cats. If it wasn’t for the fact that am in England I’d certainly have one of them

  21. these are not just any extensions people! This guinea is clearly wearing a look from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves’s line of hair additions!
    it looks way better on the guinea pig than on her, that’s for sure!

  22. marsheeeee says:

    I am so jealous! That hair is gorgeous. And Denita, I am sorry you have to give up your cats. I’m too far away to take any of them on even if I weren’t over my limit, but I’ll pray your sweeties get adopted into lovely homes.

  23. Someone left their piggie in the rain.
    And I don’t think that I would steal it,
    Cos I only want to feel it.
    And I’ll never see a sight like this again.
    Oh noes….

    (And oh noes, D2D.
    I’m so sorry to hear this.
    Keep us posted on relocation news)

  24. Were it not that I lived in NYC, Denitia, I would definitely take the kitties. However, I do have a suggestion to make- put the notices of this in as many places as possible including local churches, coffee shops, yarn stores and schools. Surely there is somebody who will take in those lovely kitties, while living close enough so you can visit them once in a while.

  25. This is the first thing I saw this morning. Sure woke me up. Thanks,
    Strawberry Blonde Alarm Clock.

  26. I was wondering who stole my hairpiece! =)

  27. Good lord, Liza, you beat me to it…this looks way more natural than that thing Trump wears so proudly!

  28. Thanks for the suggestions, Peeps, and the sympathy… We’re doing what we can, I just hope I can find them homes that I’ll be able to keep in touch and monitor their progress. We were thoroughly burned the last time we had to give up beloved pets; after the birth of my son (and the increased bills this entailed) we entrusted our eight ferrets to a next-door neighbor, who promptly broke up the group (who had been together for five years!) and gave away all of them to several strangers, some of whom allowed our babies to escape and get run over on the highway. Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings, and we vowed never to let it happen again. Which is why I’m appealing to this trusted circle of Peeps, who I know will treat them with kindness and love them.


  29. I imagine the wee piggie has got extra long legs to prevent all that hair getting mussed in the wood shavings……..

    Now that would look interesting….

    *off to muse on the complexities of the universe…..*

    ps. good luck with the kitty’s rehoming DTD……

  30. book_monstercats says:

    Safetyfox, that was a great post! Made my (now very) long day!!

    D2D, so sorry about the awful asthma attacks – it was only a couple of weeks ago you had the last bad one. I hope you find homes (better still, A home) for the kitties. England is too far away, sadly.

  31. Okay, so this answers one question I’ve worried about. If I happen to suffer from post-menopausal hairloss as an older woman, I’ll know where to get a good, and cuddly, hairpiece. Perfect match. Perfect.

  32. D2D, that is indeed a post no one should have to make, I’m so sorry.

    Where else have you announced this? I know that some DailyKitten.com peeps are in TX and if they can’t take your kittehs in, they’re very knowledgable about saving and protecting kittehs…

  33. No, I am not addicted. (Ack, who am I kidding?) says:

    Ha, guinea wig – there is no way to top that. Lovely comment. I am just glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time! ^^

  34. Ok, So they’ve washed and dried her. Now it’s time for a haircut! I suggest a bob, or maybe a pixie cut… because I can’t see that pigs legs!

  35. Is the hair for sale….I need a new weave.

  36. OMG!! reedeeecoulously scrumptiousness!!!! lol

  37. This also makes me wonder: exactly what kind of pocket pet/rodent is Donald Trump’s onion loaf?

  38. D2D — Vox seems to be really sluggish at the moment, but I’ve just posted a cross-ref here:

  39. onionpencil musashi says:

    so, does it wear it in PIG tails when it’s just lounging about at home? 8D

  40. D2d, my sympathies and wishes for success in finding your bebehs good homes. No one should have to go through that, but one needs to breathe…

    On piggier topics, this one’s ‘tocks are buried by locks.

  41. Seriously, that is awesome. My shorthair piggie Dennis is probably jealous of that hair.

  42. snoopysnake says:

    Ooh, goooorgeous! I would love to let it sit in my lap while I brush and stroke its fur.

    I think it’s really ironic that in magazines and on TV long haired women are pushed to cut it, and short haired women are pushed to get extensions. BTW, don’t get suckered into donating your hair to alleged “cancer” charities. Chance of someone’s donated hair going on a child’s head is very slim. Look at this http://www.squidoo.com/locksoflove# and spread the word. Also, NEVER suggest to a stranger to donate their hair; it is very rude.

  43. OMG. Where’s the piggie?!

  44. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  45. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Guinea Wigs?!!! Hehee, brilliant!

    What gorgeous hair this piggy has. I’m actually kind of jealous. Ok really jealous. Why can’t my hair be so shiny! Jealous of a guinea pigs’ hair, oh I’m so ashamed!

  46. ‘Tocks in locks in socks on box?

  47. this little piggie must be loaded. i looked into getting extensions for my wedding, but they cost $2000! maybe i should have put a guinea pig on my head.

  48. “does this colour go with the green? d’you think?”

  49. Jupiter Star says:

    All I can think is, Hollywood, eat your heart out ^_^.

  50. Is he lying down? Otherwise, how can he walk without tripping over his own hair?

  51. Even if he is lying down, if he gets up his leetle legs couldn’t be long enough to hold all that hair up.

  52. Oh, may gawd! they could so breed these to make toupets!!!

  53. StuffOnMyCat has another view of this…


  54. Redzilla, we are of the same mind…this piglette needs to volunteer for Locks of Love. I for one would be totally cool with having a one-of-a-kind piglet wiglet!

  55. Toupets! TOUPETS!!!

    Ahem. Thank you, Heather.

  56. D2D—– Sure glad help got to you in time. Hate you have to get rid of your pets, but YOU are the most important. That was way way to close.

    Is this picture for real?!? I’ve never seen such beautiful fur. Looks like an ad for Pantene!

  57. Guinea wig? Toupet? You peeps are too moische.

    But I believe the politically correct term is “hairpeegs.”

  58. I have a long-haired guinea pig like this. Adorable! But he has brown/black/gray coloring, and looks like an old man toupee.

  59. Oh my goodness! I think a lot of women would be proud to have hair like that.

  60. Dickie Twinkles says:


    I had a peruvian piggie called ziggy wig…he was quite literally like a mop – he was a diabetic pee-sack and was always sopping wet, poor thing!

  61. Having never had any guinea pigs or pocket pets, this is really redonkulous! I can totally imagine little girls BEGGING to brush and style his/her hair. Barrettes anyone?

  62. OMG! That’s crazy!

  63. [coughs]
    ahem, shouldn’t the title of this post refer to the *spokespig* ?

  64. MC2 — I’m thinking Mohawk Party. BYOGP.
    (or would that be “mo-wheek”?)

  65. snoopysnake- that article you link to doesn’t debunk *all* organizations, just locks of love. Wigs for Kids seems to be fine.

    Also, I get her problem that they’re not making as many wigs as they should be, but her main problem seems to be that they go to kids with alopecia, mostly, instead of cancer. That seems like spliting hairs. (No pun intended)

    Back to the cute: I totally want to wear him on my head.

  66. LesbianNeoCon says:


  67. My son’s kindergarten class has a guinea pig like this, although a black one. I think it’s a “Silky” pig as its hair doesn’t flop over its face like a Peruvian. Anyway, we shampoo him to keep his hair nice and give him haircuts when he gets too toupee-like. Very cute!

  68. Never in my life have I seen anything so ridiculous and wonderful. 😀

  69. OMG It’s a Star Trek Tribble!!!!!! I actually had to go look up the word on a Trekie site cause I couldnt remember the name of the GP like thing. Remember them?????

  70. OMG It’s a Star Trek Tribble!!!!!! I actually had to go look up the word on a Trekie site cause I couldnt remember the name of the GP like thing. Remember them?????

  71. Happy Valentines Day from ROSENPIG!! The time travelling guineapig!


    Rosenpig invites all the myspace using CO readers to be his friend. (Only if you have lots of freshums for snagglin on.)

    Mention you’ve got veggies and Rosenpig will leave you a cute message! Squeak!


    Aha ha ha, long haired piggies aren’t as great for time travelling. They get all tangled up!

  72. darkshines says:

    My guinea pig, Dave, was exactly the same, execept grey with red eyes, and covered on rosettes (you know, those little cowlicks that looked like someones poked them?). He lived in a happy gay guinea pig community of eight dudes for a good ten years. They all loved each other, its aaaaallll good. Haha. And yes, they all had human names. His friends were called George, Malcolm, Steve, Buddy, Bert, Barney and Barry.

  73. holy crap, what a crazy guinea pig, poor thing. Do you think it hates it’s life? or is really in love with itself?

  74. Guinea wig was so hilariousss

  75. BunnyBooBoo says:

    Guinea wig is genius, Britney could do with one of those.

  76. Britney nuthin’… Donald Trump already HAS one.