Did we mention Happy Valentine’s Day?

One more Valentine for you

(yes, you deserve at least TWO Valentines today.)

Yes, it’s Babytalk fer crying out loud. But the deer ending did it for me.

Thanks, Stacey 😉



  1. omg. /dies


  2. this almost made me cry. am i unstable?


  4. Karen in Toronto says:

    A secret CO Valentine! Luffingk it, dahlink.

  5. Cuppy cuppy cup cake?

    I am going to go sing this to Meeeester TFMS until he kicks me in the shins.

  6. Whoa, it’s a CO oldies slideshow!

  7. Oldies, but goodies, Theo.

  8. This one was in the related links, too…

    (internet animemes)

  9. Ok. G’night folks.
    I’m officially dead.

    The severe cuteness of the song…some of my favorite ol’ CO piccies…

    Notify my next of kin, peeps.

  10. bunnajenny says:

    crawling out of hibernation to share box of tissues with anner.

    Unstable is not crying at overloadingly cute animal videos. Pedigree near did me in on the Westminster KC broadcast with their ads.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Peeps!

  11. renna_darling says:

    awwwwwww wow totally made my day!

  12. Awwwwww! I don’t know what is cuter the pics or the song!

  13. “am I unstable?”

    No – that’s a mustang thing.

    You are quite clear-thinking, anner, and in good CO company.

  14. pookiepuff says:

    I’ve heard this song before! I don’t know where, but I love it! It’s so cute! And the matching pictures!!! Did you see them people?! GAAAH!

  15. I have tears too … oh gooey gooey gooey i am a dork but I need a tissue.

  16. Even though I’m just bitter and lonely, and am waiting for Half Price Chocolate Day, this is pretty darn cute! Also, I’m with Meg: Deer/Dear puns always rock.

  17. I usually love absolutely everything on C.O. but the baby talk in this video made me barf in my mouth a little.

  18. ::melt::

  19. I’m with the crying, unstable bunch…
    cute loving animals just keeeeeel me with emotion!

  20. the much-used original song. i luv the “now i’m done” at the end. and i lurve all these CO pics. oooh the memoirs…..

  21. I’m having hyperglycemia. Good thing I work in a hospital. I’m heading over to the ER now for some insulin. I don’t know what to tell them about the barfing rainbows though…


    *dies* *dies again*

    oh my gods that is so anerable!

  23. lurkingsmirk says:

    I just ate an entire box of candy hearts before watching this. Now I have no choice but to faint from all the sweetness!

  24. elizabells says:

    Cause nobody loves me,
    It’s truuuuuuuuue
    Not like teh cyooooooooooot…

    What? I’m lonely and it’s my birthday, lemme make bad Portishead puns!

  25. The song is a little over-the-top (I have to counter it with “Ah et too moishe”…thank god for that!), and there weren’t enough kittehs, but the video-maker’s heart is definitely in the right place!

  26. Bwahhahahhahhaha!!!XD

    Okay, that was too cute!

    Mushier than overripe bananas, but cute!

  27. tabbycat917 says:

    i love it soo moishe!!!!

  28. I’m wiping away a couple of tears here and wishing you the very moischiest of Valentines Days, too! :.)

  29. yeah, i almost cried too lol. i thought it was just me.

  30. OMG, I too am barfing rainbows.

    CO’s greatest hits with a punny song. It is really too too moishe.

    I feel like I want to put little paper Valentine’s cards into tissue-paper-covered kleenex boxes for all of you. 🙂

  31. I watched it…then I watched it with the sound off, and I liked it better that way, especially after knowing the puns :).

  32. guineapiggin9 says:


  33. I actually teared up at the sickening cuteness.

    The cuteness! I’ve been overloaded!

  34. Aubrey – you enabling is much appreciated 😉

  35. AWWWWW. So sweet.
    Especially for all us geeky tax accountants who are postponing any Valentine’s Day celebrations to the weekend because we can’t possibly leave work before 9.
    [yes, I know I am a whiner. But you should see my desk!]
    [Actually I can’t even see my desk – that’s part of the problem.]
    [goes back for another cute fix.]

  36. I am dumb and watched it with the sound off first. Turning the volume up helped it make sense. Love the dear pun.

  37. It sorta sounds like Love You by Syd Barrett!

  38. Awwwwwwwww…{dead}

    (But what a way to go)

  39. I love the video, but that song makes me want to kill small children.

  40. enjoy your VD, everyone!
    is anyone else unable to connect to Vox?

  41. Well that one did me in. I can’t stop squeeing or barfing rainbows. I’m with Mel, I work in a hospital too so I’ll just be headin’ over to the ER now.

    The bird’s wing around the rodent (sorry don’t know what it is… a mouse, a rat?). Really, too moishe!

  42. bunnajenny, thank you, i’m not alone! the pedigree commercials made me cry too, even after more than once. visited a shelter 2 weeks ago and the sad pleading dog eyes made me cry as well. thankfully i had the sound turned down on this… not sure I could take it at full vol.

  43. Good grief, I think I have diabetes after watching that.

  44. Oh my! That was one of the cutest things in the WORLD!

  45. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I never had much use for this day, but that video warmed my heart (no pun intended – well, maybe a little).

    Happy V.D. all!!

  46. Aawwwwww, how cute!

    Almost as fun as going and leaving insulting Valentine’s under everyone’s name at work today 😛

  47. That song, those photos…a gorgeous Valentine tribute to those precious creatures!

    It sure is a tearjerker!

  48. -threadjack continued-


    From work, I can use my Vox just fine. At home, however, it took me over an hour to get on Vox and whenever I go into my Neighborhood my computer shuts down altogether. Most tiresome.

    -threadjack discontinued-


  50. OK, normally I’m not a big cute HUMAN fan, but that voice is just ANERABLE. Le sigh…

  51. Aubs,

    mmmm, that’s interesting. after dinner and several reboots (with obligatory cursing) I am finally able to get into Vox. it is, however, insanely s – l – o – o – o -w
    tiresome indeed.

  52. Ummm…whoever that little child is, I want to squeeze and never let go. That was the cutest song in the entire world, I’m dying/crying.

  53. I too, get a little teary eyed at the Purina commercials. Mostly the one that ends with “but I know that I’m a good dog, and I just want to go home” with all the pound doggies. Sadness. This was less sad, but made me embarassed about other people overhearing the song on my computer. I can deal with people know I have a cute animal thing, but I most assuredly do NOT have a baby-talk thing.

  54. omg, the Purina commercial!! my friend and i cried for like 10 min after it was over lol

  55. I am weak. I cannot feel my limbs. I have listened to that precious little child a dozen times. It gives me chill bumps all over. This was by far, bar none the BEST Valentine I have EVER received !!!

  56. THank GOD! MY husband was worried there was something wrong with me about the pedigree commercials. Im so happy I’m not the only one. I just changed the channel as soon as they went to commercial cause I just cant stand it! And I love Mulder, lol! But that commercial is too much!

  57. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sheesh I am suffering from a sugar rush. A bit too cutesy pie for me but some nice pics.

  58. The best! What an absolute charmer and wonderful surprise. ;D

    Love, love, love it! Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

  59. Shannon, I wrote about that commercial on my Vox blog and I was tearing up just typing the words.

  60. elizabells says:

    Don’t feel bad, Aubrey. I cry at Battlestar Galactica reruns. It’s a silent shame.

    And the Pedigree commercials gave me a very confusing crying for the doggies/wanting to marry David Duchovney because he’s not only gorgeous but clearly LOVES DOGGIES dichotomy.

  61. The song has been part of a virus on a web page at one time which featured a rudimentary small animated gif of a singing loaf of bread.

    Almost killed me too.

  62. Forgot, I don’t think I’ve seen the Pedigree or Purina commercials, but if it involves a dog pound/animal shelter, I saw one that had Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” tearing up just thinking about it, and another one was just a dog dreaming about being loved and owned by someone but he wakes up in the pound. Yep, that kinda thing gets me every time and I cannot keep the channel on. I don’t think they run those anymore though.

  63. All of the pedigree commercials and adopting dog commercials. I have no control and burst into tears every time. It made watching the westminster dog show a big difficult. My chocolate flavored lab was all “you okay?” And she’d come over and put her head on my leg and I’d start bawling all over again. My husband eventually made me change the channel whenever the commercials came on. I want to adopt them all.

    PS Hope you all had a lovely valentines. I’ve always used it as an opportunity to say I love you to my family and friends as well as my hubby. Makes it seem less commercialized that way.

  64. WAY.





  65. My Schmoop gave me this book for V-Day:


    It is totally a dead-tree tribute to CO! There’s even a chapter on interspecies snorgling, although the author doesn’t use that term for some reason. Anyway, score!

  66. LOL!!! I first heard this song for that show on Discovery Channel called “Honey, We’re Killing The Kids”.

    (still LOLing uncontrollably)

    My sister and I couldn’t stop singing it. We’d sing it for hours on end, in pitch-perfect baby voices. Ah, summer.

  67. Too cute! The local country station morning show uses a clip of that song (the “cuppy cake/apple of my eye” part) as filler occasionally and I’ve never heard the full version! It always cracks me up!

  68. Oh god, I really hate syrupy songs like that! :gags: But if you put it on mute, it’s great!!!

  69. BAHAHAHAawwww!

  70. pistache268 says:

    Needs more kittyloaf! 🙂