Spiny Masseurs

Hedge: "Bonsoir—can I eentereste you in a sweess massage?"[dainty paws start workin’]
[thinking] what the—are these guys acupunturists!?


[thinking] wayle, OK—maybe I’ll try a few minutos—
Hedges: Try the lavender oil—all our clients love eet [More dainty paw massages]


Kitteh: Um, this is better than buttermilk, People
Hedges: Yais—I am sensing and snorting an essence of satisfactshons here… [continues with dainty paws]





  1. Hedgehs and kittehs!! And the kitteh is smiling in the last one. Must have been a good massage.

  2. What a great capture. Lucky cat wish that was me getting the massage.

  3. waaaagh! best interspecies photos ever!!!

  4. Alice Shortcake says:

    Should carry a health warning – NOT SUITABLE FOR HAIRLESS CATS

  5. What a BEAUUUUUUTIFUL Meezer! Is it possible to die of cuteness? We’ll let you know!

  6. That’s IT! I’m getting a hedgie. The first website I researched said that you shouldn’t get a hedgie if you have other pets like cats. Obviously, these hedgies aren’t freaked by the kitteh! So, I’m off to plan the hedgie abode. Yay!

  7. Menage-a-trois

  8. Greenighs… if they’re legal in your area, hedgehogs make the best pets. Carewise they’re on a level with hamsters and gerbils, and food is fairly easy to find now. They’ll do fine in a decent sized aquarium, but we built one out of chicken wire so the ferret exercise wheel would fit in it. He wore out 2 wheels. His name (of course) Sonic.

  9. I love snorgling my little hedgie, so I know how that kitty feels!

  10. What does it feel like to pet a hedgie?

  11. OK, this is beyond cute.

    What an AMAZING cat! Any particular breed? My instinct is Siamese from the coloring…but I can’t tell from the facial structure…


  12. Now THAT is awesome!

  13. I want, I want I want… the wee beigey one… I’ve rescued a few wild Scottish hedgies… found the wiff of their poo a bit overwhelming, so have never entertained the idea of having a pet spike…. but now I’ve seen this…. I want I want I want……..

  14. My teeth ache…*sigh*

  15. That cat looks purty comfterbuls. 🙂 I love it.

  16. Hedgehogs, hedgehogs,
    giving us a Swiss massage
    You and your sweet pawsicles
    Will go so very far
    Hedgehogs, hedgehogs,
    moist nosicles are a la mode
    And we know that you both know
    How snorg’lable you are!

    (With apologies to Frank Loesser… http://ascap.com/ace/search.cfm?requesttimeout=300)

  17. i want a hedgie massage!!!!

  18. So is Spiny Norman moonlighting?

  19. …and then, when they’re done with the massage, they flip over & brush out kitteh’s coat.

  20. Be still my heart! Kitty looks just like my 15-year-old diabetic Louie. Makes me want to rush home from work for a little snorgle time.

  21. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Look at the photos closely, peeps… that’s no plaid cushion, that’s SOMEBODY’S LAP. They’re wearing flannel jammies. This is all happening on SOMEBODY’S LAP.

  22. Perfectly timed for the new InterSnorg category!

  23. Looks like a flamepoint siamese to me!! Loves it!



    *really ded*

  25. Should be doin’ Biochem homework…instead I’m surfin’ CO….

    Should be wrighten’ my thesis….instead I’m surfin’ CO….

    (sing-song voice, very tired)

    LOVE the kitteh, great smile 🙂

  26. ~

  27. I got the giggles with this post and now I can’t stop! You just can’t have the pictures without the commentary that goes along — I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING!! :D!

  28. Tri-interspecies massage because the massage table looks like someone’s legs.

  29. Someone stole my cat! And aged him! And got him a lovely hedgehog masseuse!

  30. Oh, and I forgot to say- Totally smiling cat, people!!

  31. elizabells says:

    Is it totally wrong that this picture makes me want to give up a promising career at one of the top hospitals in the country so’s I can move somewhere that hedgies aren’t illegal? Curse you, NYC Dept of Health!!!

  32. I THOUGHT that was someone’s lap! That makes me sick that I’m not there, also intersnorging.

  33. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yup, def flame point Siamese. And def someone’s pajama-clad legs kitty’s stretched out on, probably purring and kneading. Lucky person. Lucky me, I get kitty jumping on my pelvis at 3am, prompting dreams of being grabbed in a very unwholesome way by Jim Carrey–I woke up rather quickly, at least.

  34. ok. Is it inter-species or interspecies?? I want to sleep tonight!!!

  35. And I LUUUUVVVVVV how the tan hedgie tewtally matches the kitteh. Tewtally.

  36. I’m pretty sure there’s only one hedgie massaging in those pictures. The darker one looks completely blissed just lying on top of the cat. Maybe it’s like those stones they use to relax you?

  37. What a beautiful cat–I love the coloring. Hedgie #1 accentuates it quite well.

    *dreams of being allowed to have more KITTEHS!*

  38. Rioux – Hahaha!!

    Martha – I think it could be either. But Theo’s the expert I take it.

  39. Oh My Goodness.

    CO, the perfect stress relief.

    I do love how Hedgie and Kitty match…and how happy both look.

  40. C.O. Instant Classic.

  41. …btw I think this might be more interspecies than we think. Is that somebody’s lap they’re all sitting on?

  42. Oops, sorry to those who already said that.

  43. I’m really digging this inter-species dating theme you’ve had going the lastfew days. Not only purrfect for Valentine’s Day, but also helpful for our colleagues in the government whom seem to need help with the concept of getting along with others.

  44. DKN — heck, I don’t know. You choose.

  45. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I love hedgies! I used to have one, his name was Harrison (‘herrison’ is French for hedgehog, so creative!)

    When they get to trusting you and lay their spines down for you, petting them feels a little bit like touching a dry corncob…kind of smooth and rough at the same time.

  46. Sue in NoCal says:

    Kitty is thinking, “So, that’s what it feels like having a little buddy sleep on you. Niiiiiice. No wonder my people like it!”

  47. Wow, what a beautiful kitters!!! And those hedgies look so happy to be hanging with their step-brother!

  48. AAAAAH! It’s true: I CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE!!!!

    I had to close my browser window to stop the involuntary squeeeeeeeeing, because there were a bunch of graduate students standing outside my office.

    I know I don’t deserve it, but is there, oh, pleasepleaseplease, is there video of this? Please, Krisa B. Is there video?

  49. Kitteh: Zut alors! Je vous adore.

    Hedgie 1: Ees no mirage. Vee are zay menage-a-massage entourage.

    Hedgie 2: Oui, avec fromage.

  50. Hey, what gives? I posted a comment early on and it’s not here. Waah!

    Pyrit, what do they DO with the cheese, hmmm?

  51. I love the little frown of concentration on the lighter hedgie. So dedicated to the massage work, he is…

  52. “Mr. Whiskerkins, I’ve got your test results back from the lab, and I’m afraid the news isn’t good. As you can see from these X-rays, you’ve got … hedgehogs.”

    “But the good news is that they appear to be topical and relatively benign. With proper treatment, many hedgehog sufferers just like yourself have gone on to live long, healthy lives.”

    (I wish I had more time to develop this joke, but I’m supposed to be working.)

  53. ZeldaPie — I’ve only deleted duplicates, I swears it on The Precioussss…

  54. Pyrit proves my theory that the comments on here are as good as the pictures!

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said here, except perhaps my blood sugar level is in danger of reaching lethal levels from the Qte of these pictures. Love the snugglin’.

  55. Okay, this? Should be illegal. I mean it. It is Too Qte.

    How the person with the lap full o’Qte survived this, we’ll never know.


  56. **This is all happening on SOMEBODY’S LAP.**

    Why yes, yes it is! Fabulous.

  57. Wow! And when they’re done back rubbing, you can use them to scour the sink! I’m trading in my ratties right now for some hedges!

  58. Martha and Theo – According to dictionary.com interspecies is a whole word and need not be hyphenated.

  59. Oh my gods, a SCHWEET hedgie kitty massage *ON SOMEONE’S LAP*. So precious…that is one happy kitty. Now I wanna hedgie!

  60. oh what a beautiful kitteh, who cares about enything else

  61. Happy kittie! Happy kittie! HAPPY KITTIEEEEEEEEE!!

    But I feel sorry for the owner of those legs if one of the hogglies takes a tumble in the, erm, wrong direction… @_@


  62. so, today has been a most wretched day, what with the multiple flight cancellations and holding for customer service reps i’ve had today (don’t know about the rest of you, but the DC area is currently an ice and snow spectacular).

    but seeing these hedges and their dainty pawsitude and the contented kitteh and the lurrve, i realize that love is all around, no need to waste it, i can have the town, why don’t i take it? i’m gonna make it after all!

  63. [snags the hat right out of the air]

  64. and the kitteh looks SO HAPPY in the last picture! 😀

  65. Aubrey – DINSDALE!?

  66. Wow.

    After a long day of snow and ice and sleet–this is exactly what I needed to make me grin for the rest of the night.

    Such a sweet series of pictures! And such a lucky human to be part of the interspecies snorgle!

  67. Tony – I’d have answered you sooner, but apparently my pelvis has been screwed onto a cakestand.

  68. If hedgees and kittehs can live in peace, then why can’t the human race? Sigh.

  69. That is one satisfied little purrmonster.

  70. THANK you, DKN. 🙂

  71. this is so incredibly cute i think i may pass out. this much cuteness should be taken in very small doses to allow one to acclimate. holy moley.

    GREAT commentary. i love zee french accents, lol

  72. AlbertaGirl says:

    greenighs – for a great website about hedgie care, visit http://www.chins-n-quills.com/forums/

    I have a hedgie and I’ve learned a lot there. Also, there are lots of cute pictures!

  73. what a good kitteh! not kronching the hedgehogs. . .

  74. See, now if cats can get along with hedge hogs and cows and skunks why can’t people get along? We are soooo behind.

  75. Sybil — I think it’s because we’re so proud of our ability to transcend our animal nature.

  76. Spiny Masseurs is my new band name.

  77. Cathryn Bauer says:

    This is just too sweet to be believed. I’m falling off my chair at the staggering preciousness of these animals.

  78. NTMTOM: “‘But the good news is that they appear to be topical and relatively benign'”.

    So, they tell jokes about the Bush administration, but they’re *nice* jokes.
    (topical… benign… get it?)

  79. Aw, the kitty looks just like my Mercutio! Flame-point meezers are the best..all the benefits of a Siamese AND a Marmy combined!

  80. I literally just said to myself, “He he, that’s adorable!”

    Weird o_O

  81. Now thats some…. cute type stuff!

  82. Hi, they seems to be the MASTER of this art.

  83. I love the cat’s expressions.

    #1: “What are YOU doing here?”
    #2: “Ugh…can’t be bothered…”
    #3: “LOOOOOOOVED!”

    Ever since a friend of mine sent me a picture of a hedge wearing a pirate hat, I’ve wanted one. This just makes it a full-out neeeeeeeeeed.

  84. Wow, that’s one sweet, pretty, mellow kitty. (oh yeah, and the hedgies are adorable too!)

  85. aww, that looks just like my cat! yayz.

  86. Kitty has recruited new friends to ensure that she is able to nap without fear of unexpected snorgle attacks on her sumptious belly.

    But quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  87. Oh that expression of bliss on the kitty’s face in the last photo.

    Where can I hire some hedgie masseuses?

  88. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    lauowolf, the hedgie fleas will guard the hedgies.

  89. everytime a see a kitty like that it reminds me of my sweet aj she had that type of sweet accomidating personality that this sweetie does

  90. The look on the cat’s face in the last shot is priceless.

  91. Someone should send this to StuffOnMyCat.com.

  92. My fiance was like “Honey, have you seen the hedgehogs on top of the kitty yet?!?!” So of course I had to check, and OMG!!!!!! I didn’t even know it was going to be this cute. I can always count on him to tell me when CO is worth checking. Thank you guys, CUTEST…THING….EVAR!


  94. What type of cat is this?

  95. sonorajayne says:

    Wow! So sweet 🙂

  96. The accent used to pretend the animals are talking is CLASSIC! I can’t stop laughing! 🙂 A southern kitteh and a french Hedgehog!

  97. But it’s the “dainty paws” that are killing me! Those lil’ pink hedge hands have pushed me over the edge!

  98. I lurve heggie legs. They remind me of green beans.

  99. There seems to be some corelation between cuteness and French accents!

  100. little gator says:

    Menagerie a trois!

  101. “There seems to be some correlation between cuteness and French accents!”

    Aye – but is it a causal relationship?

    If I learn a French accent will I become cuter? Worth a try?

  102. yellow_cat: A very satisfied one. 🙂

    Not sure, but kitty is so pretty with the points…

    MEG. I loooooooove you. *whimple*

  103. Little Gator — I was thinking “massage a twah” but that works too.

    KitKat — “but is it a causal relationship?” LOL!

  104. “Menagerie a trois!”

    ROFL! 🙂

    And ADORABLE kitteh and hedgies! I could really use a massage right about now….

  105. I think his size may limit Spiny Norman’s massage practice to, say, airplanes, perhaps large buildings. Unless those paws are daintier than I’d guessed.

  106. I like the progression of expressions on that kitteh! The first one looks like “WTF??” (pardon my acronym french)

  107. Oohh, adorable! I love flame-point Siameses…and this kitty really seems to be happy 🙂

  108. This is all very cute. I especially like the cat’s nose.

  109. I love cats. I love hedgehogs. Who could ask for anything more?

  110. Oh Lor … Enough. ENOUGH!!!!

    *covers eyes and squees shrilly*

    *splodes helplessly again*

    Aaargh, do you even KNOW hard it is to mop myself up?

    *glurp, glurp*


  111. bad kitteh says:

    What a beautiful and gorgeous cat. As others have said, the one hedgie goes so well with kittys coloring. Too bloody adorable how well they’re snuggling together..

  112. This is totally unpossible!!! I mean, LOOK!

  113. This has to be a Guinness World Record for Cuteness for sure.

    But you’ll observe that whilst the one hedgie is workin’ his paws off, his co-worker is having a good ol’ snooze. I can only conclude that the sleeping one is a true Bermudian hedgie 😉

  114. Jack, the cat, is about 5 and 1/2 months old; from the research i did when i got him, they said he was a red point Siamese, which used to be used as temple cats in Asia. he’s native to Denver, CO, and was originally named “Gracie” by his previous owners (some good old friends of mine). Krisa can post biographies of her hedgehogs if she wants, but i’m not about to get in trouble for blabbering her stuff on the internet. –Bryan B. (the little brother)

  115. I have a hedge, and I like to put him on my belly to feel his little feets, but sometimes he tries to chew on my clothing or he poops. But it’s okay cuz he’s a kyute hedger!

  116. Actually, he looks like the snoozin hedge. The more active one was probably much more expensive because of the beautiful apricot and pinto coloration. But they’re all adorable!!!

  117. that kittuh looks just like my kittuh!!! so happy weeeee

  118. Of course, hedgehogs and other critters should ALWAYS be supervised during interactions- like the owner of the lap in the pic. way to s.a.g.e.!

  119. pistache268 says:


  120. Kitteh looks mitey comfy!

  121. opie_jeanne says:


    Your kitty looks so much like my Joe that I really jumped when I saw the photo. Joe was 3 last Feb when he died. We really miss him.

    Thanks for sharing his picture with us,


  122. opie_jeanne says:

    p.s. Seal Point Siamese were temple cats.

    We didn’t know what Joe was when we rescued him, but the vet told us he was a flame point. They’re a cross between an orange tabby and a siamese, which is why they have those pale orange stripes on legs and tail. They are not a recognized color by the breeders associations.

    Some good info here, if you’re interested:


  123. cutepuncturist says:

    I am so thrilled that acupuncture got mentioned on CO!!!!
    Acupuncturists are super cute.

  124. I have a hedgie named Sonic too. It’s a female brown. They are very easy to take care of but risk hybernation in winter. I did have to wake her once by putting her on a hotwater bottle for awhile. She eats roast chicken, dry catfood, and occasionally veggies I give her. She will also swim when given a bath, eat mealworms like it’s spaghetti, and bite on cue.(normally she doesn’t bite though) They are also lower odour than a rodent. Also live about 7-10 years. Sometimes their ears get a little dry and need vaseline or their toe nails need clipped but really they aren’t much fuss.

    I got mine because I can’t have cats or dogs where I live. I had heard the hedgies will learn their name and come. She is a bit indifferent on that part. They can catch fleas so you have to watch letting them run in the grass outside. She hasn’t ever been near a cat but she has been near a lizard. Not too close to be safe but nothing bad happened.

  125. thats the CUTEST thing I ever saw!