Don’t make me remind you—did you get a Valentine ready yet?

Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW, People.

If I may make a last minute sugggestion—how about checking out your nearest PetCo for a leetle HamsterPants? Add a "Love Letters" mailbox for that spay-cial touch.

Works every time.

Penelope the Valentine Hamstress

Craig—is your last name really “Champagne”? ’cause that’s sweet. Serious.



  1. Hmm, he was supposed to be chocolate…

  2. *crossing fingers*

    I want, I want, I WANT a hammy for V-Day!

  3. I’m about to get pocket pets – two lovely ratties – pix are up now on my blog: – Come meet Lucy and Ethel.
    This hamster reminds me – I need to mail off some birthday cards.

  4. Well, Kyle…if you wait long enough, Hammy might leave you some chocolate sprinkles!


  5. OK, I love the titles if you run your mouse over the photo–“Penelope the Valentine Hamstress”

    “Hamstress” ?? Sounds like “damsel in distress”, or something…

  6. Impressive little hammy mohawk.

  7. Meg Kudos on your play of words. Spay-cial.
    Lets not forget neuter-ishly.

  8. Maybe it’s the angle but from here, that thing looks more like a possum with those ears.

  9. STOP IT! That is keeling me! I want that for V-day so bad. AHN!

  10. Gimme some money for some broccoli
    Ain’t got time to buy some carrots
    Those lonely days are gone,
    I’m a-goin’ home
    My baby, just sent me a hamster

    I don’t care how much money I gotta spend
    Got to see that hamster play on his wheel once again
    Those lonely days are gone, I’m a-goin’ home
    My baby just sent me a hamster

    Well, she sent me a hamster
    Knowing how I couldn’t live without one no more
    Those lonely days are gone, I’m a-goin’ home
    To my hamster-she sent me a hamster!

  11. heidilynn: OMG. I never even noticed those titles. I especially like the ones for the skunk and kittehs.

  12. I got a hamster for last Valentine’s Day. BEST.PRESENT.EVER!

  13. Another Angela says:

    Annie, your baby ratties are beautiful! I have a lilac rattie too. You will love them. Be prepared for a lifestyle change! Ratties really own us.

  14. Hammie: “H’lo.”

  15. Anybody can send me this Valentine anytime.

    As long as they promise to be responsible for feeding, care, and housing of said Hammy.

  16. Please you so did not just encourage people to impulse buy a hamster from a large chain which gets their animals from mass producing rodent farms? Please tell me you didn’t!!?
    Peeps if you’re wanting some hammie cuteness, do some research make a considered decision and go to a rescue centre or reputable breeder pleeez! Don’t support the cruel trade in mass bred pocket pets!

  17. Might as well just keep the hammies ourselves, then, eh Thinker?

  18. You’ve got mail….
    oh, wait, no. That’s actually just a little piece of hamster pooh. My mistake.

  19. Thanks to Aubrey for the earworm. It is much less cute than the hamsteress.

  20. bees on pie says:

    I know someone whose actual last name is “Champagne!” Coolest name ever.

  21. I knew a waiter in New Orleans whose last name was Champagne.

    That’s all.

  22. MY mailbox is never this interesting, lol.

  23. Awww, how prosh! I don’t have a human valentine, so instead I’m giving cards to my guinea piggles 🙂

  24. Please go to and find a local rescue before you buy a pet of any sort. These little guys are breeding like…well, like hamsters. Don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die!

  25. So, Meg, how much did you get paid for that PetCo plug?

    Seriously, of all the businesses/organizations to plug, why PETCO??? Their negligence has killed hundreds of animals. So not cute. Why not encourage people to adopt a hamster, rather than buy, especially from a place like PetCo?

  26. …because you needed SOMEthing to complain about, obviously

  27. No, no, no, Meg!

    Hamsters are TERRIBLE presents!

    However, if anyone wants a pet for themselves or someone who has been wanting that sort of pet for a while (and will take care of it, of course!) shortly after Valentine’s Day and Easter are good times to go to the shelter to find one 🙂 And a really cute, poorly hand-drawn IOU is THE sweetest thing.

  28. Would u please take my letter and deliver it to my MASTER?

  29. OK peeps… you should probably check in with the Uncyclopedia today. [snicker]

  30. I agree with those taking offense to the gifting of a hamster from Petco. Any gifting of animals is a touchy thing, anyway. So many animals end up unwanted this way…

    If you want to give the gift of pet-ship, please go to a shelter or rescue organization. Yay, rescue animals!

  31. cfhistorian says:

    I agree that no pet should be a surprise gift without the person’s consent…my husband was going to get me one for xmas (before I fell in love with one at Petsmart a few weeks before xmas…now we have 3!), but I’m an experienced hamster owner and a new “baby” would have been a fantastic gift. That said, hamsters are wonderful, and our oldest, Petit Four, is celebrating her 1st birthday today…happy birthday, Petit!

  32. “our oldest, Petit Four…”

    Why am I suddenly hungry for tiny cakes?

  33. do not exclude petsmart, miss!

  34. Is it just me, or does this lil’ ham has a bit of the bandicoot about him?

  35. This is one package they will have NO problem tracking. “””””””……..

  36. There’s this kid at my school who’s last name is Champagne. I like it too.

  37. Well, I for one found EXACTLY the inspiration I needed for Valentine’s day in this post!

    Thanks Meg!

    I went out and bought my boyfriend two lovely gerbils (brothers) and all the appropriate gerbil accoutrements. He absolutely flipped over them! He has named them Hellboy and Abe (props to anyone that catches that) and is very excited. He’ll be a great Gerbil Daddy 🙂 Thanks for the idea, I owe it all to you!

    By the by, I did check adoption sites but there were no small furry, appartment appropriate animals in my area, so I headed over to the PetCo down the street from my office which was not only clean, and well kept, but staffed with wonderfully knowledgable peopole. The little scamps even come with a “warantee” of sorts, since they were a gift, if my boyfriend turned out not wanting them, PetCo would take them and all their accoutrements back at no chage. Also, if they were sick (by congenital defect or something from the store), they’d pay for them to get fixed up.

    They seem pretty responsible to me.

    Now two very happy gerbils have a very loving home! And my boyfriend has some company 🙂

    Everybody wins!

  38. Chelsea Jones says:

    Speaking of PETCO, they have a REALLY fun event coming up, the Hamster Ball Derby! On March 31st at 2 pm nearly all PETCO stores will be having this fun event. All you have to bring is your hamster and a hamster ball to race. There are fun prizes and everything! I was reading this cute news story about the event and they said that last year over 14,000 hamsters raced nation wide! Despite the negative posts on here, I think it’s great that PETCO is holding an event just for Hamster lovers!