Cow lick(s)

Amazingly, this kitteh just lets herself git licked.

By two cows.

On a cold day (check out the bref.)

Now I’ve seeeen it alllll [singsong]

T.J. S.—can someone please tell me why Peeps choose the nuttiest songs for vide background music? XTina is great, but the context, is like, so weiuhd! [say in John Travolta voice]



  1. anerables.

  2. //Thready Jacky thingy//

    Peeps. Today is the last day Pedigree dog food is matching all donations to the American Humane Society. Here’s how:
    Go to:

    Pedigree will MATCH all donations made on-line at the above websites.

    The AHA is a non-profit animal and child welfare organization founded in 1877. Go to the website and learn more.

  3. That is just mooalicious.
    AWWWWWWW that is true love.

  4. I like how the sheep audience in the background is so attentive!

  5. paint tastes great says:

    Soo… this is a textbook example of interspecies snorgling! Why not put it in the new category?

  6. Isn’t this a great candidate for the new Interspecies Snorgling category?

  7. country girl says:

    those cows are not licking that kitten. though the nuzzles are cute, cow tongues are very large and rough and would be visible in the footage and probably pushing the kittie around.

  8. I guess what we’re realizing is that now and then even kittehs feel insecure from all the pain, feel so ashamed….

  9. Dudes, yo. It’s the same like four seconds looped over and over again. Cow’s nudging, not licking. Once. I demand higher standards for the QTE!

  10. Seriously, Willa. Just because they put in fades and add a Christina Aguilera song doesn’t make this worth watching the full 45 seconds.

  11. Cow breath sauna.

    Schnooof, moo, shnuf, moooooo.

    **kitteh wiggles tail**

  12. terrinunbangs says:

    shoulda used a song by Cat Power; ‘specially since she said “Cat Power” in the credits…
    though really, I can’t recall any of her songs that were specifically “snorgly”…

    and yes, the sheep audience made the cuteness factor even higher (that is my non-professional opinion of course)

  13. so weird it’s wonderful!

  14. Peg of Tilling says:

    Yes, I think a true cow-lick would have lifted kitty off her feets with magic tongue-velcro action, then dropped her into the manger…oh the humanity! oh the felinity! oh the spit-matted fur!

  15. I am very confused by the background song in this video. Are the cows saying something that is bringing the kitteh down, causing her to be insecure and ashamed while having all the cow lovin’? Mean, cruel, outrageously nasty moo’s? By the looks of this interspecies snorglin’, I’d think the cows would be saying happy and lovin’ moos, and kitteh would be responding with happy and lovin’ mews. OK. Now I’m REALLY confused. Clarification, somebody???

  16. Definitely snorgling, not licking and yes, it’s the same four seconds over and over, but it is the same ANERABLE fours seconds so it is worth it! Sure would like to know what happened next though!

  17. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Cute, nay doot.

  18. China's Mom says:

    More interspecies snorgling! Loved it!

  19. A lot of cow/cat snorgles but not one cow lick.
    That wee kitty would have been soaking wet and been pushed off his perch with just one cow lick.
    I say the cows are using the kitty to warm their noses.

  20. brandy – or is the kitty using the cow bref to warm her wee self?

  21. Peg of Tilling says:

    The kitty just washed her paws and is using the cow bref to dry them.

  22. Golly. [rubbing eyes]
    Alright, I see two curious cows, one friendly kitten, but not a lot of leeeecks. Believe me, cow tongue is unmistakeable.
    Definitely counts as “Interspecies Snorgling”, though.

  23. Cow tongues are huge. That cat would have been like knocked out if the cows had been licking it. I did just notice, however, that apparently a cow stole into my bedroom and licked the back of my hair last night…I can’t imagine how it got in.

  24. Sometimes I think it’s because they don’t understand the lyrics, but in this case the person who made the video is American and seems to know English…perhaps the kitteh has self-esteem issues? ;-þ

  25. the cows are snorgling the kitty!

  26. //threadjack//

    In response to pyrit’s threadjack above, I want to suggest that – if you’re interested in donating to the American Humane Association – you also check out their rating on Charity Navigator.

    It’s just a thought.

    //end threadjack//

  27. Two things:
    1.) Cats are attention whores. The cat is thinking, “Yup, you’re big enough to eat me and you smell like poo, but if you wanna snorgle me, go ahead.”
    2.) Cows are too sweet to eat. I once saw two calves tormenting a red-tailed hawk on a fence post in a similar way. The calves were sniff-sniffing the hawk, who flew up in annoyance. As soon as he landed again, the calves came back to sniff him.

  28. I think there is some mutual nuzzling AKA of course SNORGLING going on (not licking) but either way, it’s – to state the obvious – SO CUTE. Who says cows are just insensitive louts? Not I. NOT I.
    p.s. i could do without the music. i had to jump to turn down the speakers!



  30. //threadjack addendum//


    speaking of Pedigree. i think perhaps pedigree has made the saddest commercial in the history of television.

    i watched that and thought, “why don’t they just come over to my house and punch me in the face?”

  31. I want some cow snorgling!

    I’m vegetarian, by the way. As I read about and see videos of the behaviors of animals, it’s hard to want to eat one.

    Please pass the tofu.

  32. Regarding the thread hijack about the American Humane Association – thanks for the charity-rating link! Very helpful. I know they got a low rating – BUT their “efficiency” rating was pretty good; it was their “organizational capacity” that got bad marks. Just saying.

  33. Entre le boeuf et l’âne gris…. dors,dors,petit kitty:)

  34. Aw, geez, nadia.

    *thunk*-me hitting the floor after getting ‘punched’. I totally agree with you. Made me cry. (I cry a lot, apparently). :}

    Kitty is sweet, and happy and snorgl-y.

  35. ThreeCatNight says:

    Cows snorgling a delicious little kitteh. And yes, there is no licking going on, or kitteh would have been out of the picture.

  36. Aw, geez, nadia.

    *thunk*-me hitting the floor after getting ‘punched’. I totally agree with you. Made me cry. (I cry a lot, apparently). :}

    Kitty is sweet, and happy and snorgl-y.

  37. stagewench says:

    Aw, kitty is such a sweet little fluffball!

    Gah…that commercial reminds me of that ‘How Could You?’ piece by Jim Willis…at least I think that’s his name. Makes me cry everytime.

  38. Re: song choice, perhaps kitteh has a critical, overbearing mother, even a disapproving bunneh for a mom. Or maybe the other kittehs made fun of her at school. Either way, sweet (and tewtally-agreed un-eatable) cowses are helping to lift her spirits. “We think you’re beautiful, kitteh!” So do I.

    I am so not watching that Pedigree commerical. Having cried at many a petfood ad in the past, I can only assume this is much worse. Nah gah doot (in Dana Carvey doing Bush, Sr. voice).

  39. I like the herd of goats in the back watching the happs.

    Were the credits necessary?

    Have you ere stuck your hand in a calves mouth and let him/her suck on your hand? The sweetest thing ever!

  40. Um, b’scuse me. I may be a day late on this one, but I see no lickin’. Snorgling yes, snurfling yes, licking no. Still cute tho.

  41. Did I need a song to tell me the kitty was beautiful? No. Cows are beautiful too — so — huh. Still a nice little piece though.

  42. Pheas- definitely don’t go here then:

  43. //THREADJACK//

    I never meant to impose on CO like this but I have to respond to rpennefe.

    THANK YOU rpennefe. If not for you I never would have picked up the phone and called Michael Blinds, Vice President of Development (fancy word in non-profit world for fundraising) at the American Humane Society. I work for a non-profit and am able to have an informed conversation with philanthropy staff.

    It was a wonderful conversation. NO NEED TO WORRY. The AHA is a very good organization.

    Michael has written to Charity Navigator. He says it is fairly new. Charity Navigator’s formula for rating non-profits does not work for all. For example, after Katrina, the AHA was flooded with donations. Last year, not so much. AHA has to work around huge income fluctuations. Go to older watchdog websites, like Better Business Bureau or
    and check AHA’s rating with there.

    Michael told me the Pedigree fundraiser has reached the $1M mark! Zikes!

    I told Michael all about teh CO! I lost count how many times he said, “Thank You”.

    (Bows. Walks off stage singing:) “I don’t wanna take advice from *fools, I just figure everything is cool, until I hear it from you, hear it from you.”

    *’fools’ meaning ‘just anyone’.


  44. Nutty song choice is right. It’s like…huh? lol

  45. looks like a double Kitteh huff to me, (snort) She’s some powerful kitteh!

  46. Am I missing something? Meg mentions background songs (plural) as do the credits. But all I see is the same clip looped over and over and over (with no actual licking by the cows!) with the Christina Aguileira song playing in the background. Is there something wrong with the video?

  47. Sarah A — nope, that’s the video all right.

  48. By the way, I just cleaned up a few more duplicate comments… just one click on the “Post” button is all it takes, Peeps…

  49. those were snorgles, were they not? very sweet.

  50. awww… I luf inter- species snorgling!
    One of my kittehs will sometimes leeck one of my guinea piggehs.
    But alas, no pics. Can’t do the one-handed photo-taking whilst holding a squirmy piggeh in my lap…

  51. In my last comment I typed, American Humane “Society”. Grr.
    American Humane ASSOCIATION.

    Sorry. Bleah on me.

  52. ohhh i love this, dopey background song choice aside… those nice sweet cows are being so gentle with that little kitten! (cuz everybody who already said so is right, man, cow lickage is MAJORLY sloppy and cow tongues are HUGE, that kitten woulda gone flying if they actually licked her)

    Major squees from me on this one!! SWEET!!!

  53. Nightfiresown says:

    Adorable vid if you turn off the sound!

  54. The kitteh is so cute that the cows just have to come over and sweetly snorgle it=)

  55. I think cows are kinda scary. It looks like the one in back is tryin to snack on kitty tail. Just me though…hehe.

  56. I have absolutely seen this sort of thing in action. Every spring I go to a dairy farm near me in NH to get maple syrup and check out the cows and cats. And the cats completely rule the roost. I have seen cats walk up to calves around a month old and the calves will reach right down and give them some big licks. Think about it – instant bath with those larger tongues!

    I have photos:

    What I have not yet posted – there was one day when I went and saw a cat amble towards a barn with 3-4 month old calves and set down about 2 feet too far away.. about 6 calves practically dislocated their necks trying to reach the cat. Their eyes totally say “I wanna lick yoooooouuuu”

    I’ve gone and spent several hours at a time watching this, still trying to get the perfect snorgle shot. Another month or so and I can try again this year!

  57. AuntieMame says:

    No, there’s no licking, but the concept of cow licks is just funny.

    I luuurve Mutts! My favorite comic. And the shelter stories are lovely.

  58. Yeah, cow tongues are really long….they’d probably have knocked the little guy off his beam if they’d licked him!

  59. Just want to point out that Humane Society of the United States and American Humane Association aren’t the same thing. The latter is clearly playing on the widespread appreciation of the former.

  60. THANKS a lot, shanchan, for the mutts comics (thread above) – read every single story, and found myself – at the end, not able to remember how I got there, and for how long I had been reading…… But beautiful stories.
    We have 6 stray cats, took in a baby squirrel, and a shelter dog(plus my dog) – ALL because of my daughter. (sometimes I have to remind myself it’s a GOOD thing ;> )

  61. Theo-sorry, the post screen sometimes freezes and I have to re-post-this is the first time it double posted.:}


  62. BFL — understood… it happened to me RIGHT AFTER I posted that “one click” comment, and I had to go back & delete my own dup. Heh.

  63. mmm…love the interspecies snorgling!
    I want some of those warm velvety cow muzzles to warm me up today..brr!

  64. ok – that’s the real-life shelter stories, under the mutts comic thread ….(although the comics are cute, also….)

  65. You people who claim there is no licking need to stop being so literal! Just go with the cow-ie kisses! Geesh!

  66. Skeptic –

    American Humane Association – Began in 1877 (not 1977, 1877).

    Humane Society of the United States – Began in 1954.

  67. elizabells says:

    Fer serious, Ponygirl. I was just getting ready to ask why everybody seemed so crankypants today.

    I think the brilliance of the song choice lies in precisely how much of a non-sequitur it is. Cracked me right up.

  68. Re: Mutts- I was trying to find the one my sister has on her fridge, from a couple of years ago- Starts out with a kitty sitting alone by himself in the shelter. A little girl comes and picks him, and he’s so happy as she carries him away on her shoulder, thinking aloud “I’m a keeper!”

    Makes me sob every time I go for a soda.

  69. Don’t overanalyze this, peeps. It’s a kitteh…It’s cows….It’s snorgling…Nuff sed

  70. pyrit–thanks helping prove my point. they’re different. read up, peeps!

  71. Yes, Skeptic… along with the additional point that the AHA is the original. Pyrit did more than “read up” — she called them directly.

  72. I kinda wish I hadn’t said anything about the Charity Navigator site.

    But I do want to thank pyrit for giving the AHA a call and finding out the real scoop.

    As for any crankiness you may be experiencing (from anyone)…well…I blame it on the wind, the snow, and the wind that’s hitting Chicago. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  73. HAHAHA!!! The sheep are all, “I’m puttin five on the cat…””I’ll take some of that action, 10 says he gets slobbered”…

  74. rpennefe – I appreciate people want to be shrewd with their donation money. Michael Blinds did say, twice, that Charity Navigator does a good job. He didn’t say anything negative about them. Then he explained that their criteria only sometimes works with AHA. I wanted to call Charity Navigator too, but didn’t see a toll free number! I always try to get information from the source when there are any questions. So, I meant it when I said, “Thank you” to you! I enjoyed it.

  75. OMG!!11 COWZ!!!11!

    As soon as I saw this I squealed “A JERSEY! EEE!!!OHHH! And the SHEEP!!”

    Sigh. Reminds me of home. Lof da cowz. Lof barn cats. You can’t have dairy cows without cats around. It’s a rule. Random people stop by the farm and drop off cats.

    Sometimes the kitties will curl up with the cows and calves to stay warm in the winter. But kitties need to be careful to keep out from underfoot… Yikes…

  76. It’s cute but I was hoping to see the cat actually get licked XD

  77. I know about the music – I muted it as soon as it came on! it is however, a perfect example of interspecies snorging.

  78. OK, I’m going to be uncharacteristically Nuff here…apologies in advance to all my Peeps on this:

    The first loop was funny, I loved the cattle and kitty interspecies snorgle-fest…but I had to turn the music down before my liver failed…

    …but sheesh, DON’T go to the YouTube site unless there are no kids in the room. Whole lot of triple-Xes on that sidebar…blegh…

    Now I have to explain to my son why I absolutely won’t let him see the “pretty lady pictures”. :-/


  79. WickedWendy says:

    That was just anerable! I think I need a tissue!

  80. violetgreen says:

    Sorry, but those cows were only sniffing that kitten. When I worked in the local university’s calf barn, Ari the tabby cat persisted in sleeping in the calves’ mangers despite the hazards. As soon as a calf discovered her in its manger, she was slurrpped without mercy until she got out. Whenever I saw her walking around indignantly with her fur slicked & slimed every which way, I knew she’d just had the calf-tongue treatment.

  81. Kitty is just like me, she wuvs da attention!

    Now excuse me while I go and shower MY kitten with wuv&kissiz.

  82. You SURE the cows wer’nt just tasting her and then after the video the COWS EAT DA KITTI!!!!

  83. Hummm, made me think a little of a porn threesome video, loll.

    But it’s cute to see the cows being curious about that little hair ball “What is that? It’s weird. It meoows.”


  84. Alice Shortcake says:

    There’s nothing better than a warm tongue on a cold day. Except TWO warm tongues on a cold day.



    [Tear Gland OverActivation Alert]


  86. Courtenay Brown says:

    not being lickied, kitteh’s bein snorfled – cow babies do that sort of thing….if kitteh had been licked, that big ol’ tongue would have wrapped around him or her and he/she would have hit the dirt – or worse….I choose the snorfling

  87. That is ABSOLUTELY adorable.

    What makes it even cuter, like way over the top cute, is that the little bitty kitty is not even remotely freaked out by those gigantic critters whose heads are 10 times the size of the little kitty’s ENTIRE BODY!

    Kitty is just eating it up, and looking for MORE!

  88. Hehe. Our cat used to go out and sit in with the calves that were still drinking milk. She’d let them lick her and then when she’d had enough she’d smack them in the nose and then go clean herself…. she’d be covered in milk favoured calf spit… mmm… delicious!