Wii Kittehs

People, we all know that most kittehs are not strangers to technology. But did you know that kittehs all over are playing your Wii while you’re at the office?

Alert reader Emily M. says site "WiiKitty" is keeping track of those Wii-playin’ kittehs. I bet they’re all extra good at tennis.


Nice shot, Emily M.



  1. Is that… pro wrestling for Wii…??
    (I very much like kitters’ nose spots, too.)

  2. Saint Stryfe says:

    Kittehs are also good at the delicate operations required in Trauma Center: Second Opinion, but they won’t let you see that – they don’t want you to think they’d ever use those skills on you.

  3. I’ve seen some kittehs get into some pretty good wrestling matches. I can see how they’d be good at Pro Wrestling on Wii. They’re a natural.

  4. My kitty’s introduction to Wii remotes was rather unfortunate.. she chose to sneak up and sit on the arm of the sofa where an inexperienced Wii user was playing tennis. She’s fine now, though.

  5. Im in ur house, pwnin ur wii

  6. grasshoppah…only when you grab this Wii control off my head can you play the game..

  7. Kittles looks disgruntled!

  8. Not that cute.

  9. luf da pink freckled nose!

  10. Its Wii-on-your-cat! Or someone’s cat, anyway.

  11. Hee hee hee… Why does he get a Wii and I don’t 🙂

  12. Oh not you tooooo

  13. Oh, and you know this guy is so totally playing a first-person shooter. (Do they have those for the Wii?)

  14. Whoops, there was supposed to be a link in there:

  15. Mine just try to bat the nunchuck cable while I’m boxing…grr…


  16. that cat sure looks pleased. ha.

  17. That’s totally the Mohawk form from Wario Ware!

  18. I think it’s “get your own time.”

    (It’s funny how I buy things, but the cats won’t share.)

  19. Behold Teh Fearsome.

    WiiKitty there looks like he’d be a pretty formidable opponent. Either that or he’s about to bite the arm off whoever put the Wii on his head.

  20. Aww, harsh, Jorden!

    Geez, this kitteh’s more technologically savvy than I am. I think he’s cuuuute.

  21. how cute. he would prolly kick my butt at tennis the way he looks.

  22. Ms. Amanda says:

    I have found another reason to exist. Well, at least another reason to annoy my cat and put off doing homework for a while.

  23. “Hey! I am *not* a table! Getitoff!”

    Great nose spots–very pretty.

  24. Alright-I take it back.

  25. marsheeeee says:

    Thanks for posting this! I’m still laughing, and boy did I need this. /* threadjack, sort of: I couldn’t find one of my cats this morning (he does go outside) in or out, and I worried about him all morning. Went home at lunch, had put together a “missing cat” flyer for the neighborhood on my computer in my room, then got up to go back to work. Who’s lying in the hallway, all “What?? What you lookin’ at?” Where had he been? Who knows. Does anybody else believe there is a special twilight-zonish cat dimension that humans are not privy to? Here’s positive proof. End of threadjack. Back to your regularly scheduled CO */

  26. Judging by the position of the light on the Wiimote, he must be disgruntled at being “Player Number Two”… 😉


  27. the video-game-playing pets are coming out of the woodwork over at Kotaku. so thats what they do all day while we’re at work…



  28. marsheeeee — Yes! We have a portal at our house, too.

  29. this picture could probably also be posted at catsthatlooklikehitler.com.

  30. marsheeeee …. my cat, who never goes outside, did the vanishing thing recently. I finally found her INSIDE my pillowcase.
    btw … WiiKitty is about to chew the crap out of this controller.

  31. marsheeeee- my parents have a bed frame that makes it very difficult to get under the bed, let alone look under it. Makes a wonderful portal.

  32. Wii would like to play with that adoreably cute lil kit!

  33. acelightning says:


  34. Dewd, i bet he’s playing that balancing game in Wario Ware…


  35. Hey my Dogs were way ahead of technology.

    They would Wii all over the house when they were puppies.

    Don’t touch the yellow wiimote.

  36. Remind me of the bunny with a pancake on its head…except this one would be:

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about…so here’s a kitteh with a Wiimote on its head.” 😀

  37. That’d be Oolong, T-Will (may he rest in peace).

  38. Oh, wii are you doing this to me????

    *SPLODES helplessly*

  39. hehehhe … I love the irritated “eh” look … reminds of the cat listening to techno on exctacy .gif that was circulating a while back … scroll to the bottom of attached url if you haven’t seen … lotta love went into that …

  40. I realize the Opera browser is only in beta right now, but whenever I try to look up Cute Overload on the Wii, the system simply freezes up on me. Just saying… Hopefully the full version will be better suited to (sorry to have to phrase this like this) handle teh Qte.

  41. Robert M — it may have something to do with all the ads & widgets… but can you load CO from the “backdoor” URL? That is, http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/