Celery mönche + schnozzle wiggles

Can’t you just HEAR the celery kronsche?

followed by schnozzle wiggles


"My beloved Peter" sent in by A.C.:^x



  1. Frist!

  2. I love this bun’s color! He looks soooo soft.

  3. Oh! The snorgly softness!!!

  4. OH. Can that bunny come hang out with me today?

  5. So velvety..

  6. his fur is so elegant! what a cute, nice handsome bunny rabbit. :o). I would love to pet him.

  7. TeratoMarty says:

    Ooo… I am a sucker for dense, velvety fur.

  8. This rabbit *seems* to approve of celery, but will he approve of this…SNORGLE!

  9. Ooooh, he’s a Rex; They have the most velvety fur in the world, just like the Velveteen Rabbit. My dear departed Roslyn was a Rex and she was soooo snorgle-able!

    Keep the bun-buns coming!

  10. Snuffle snorf. How adorable.

  11. Personally I prefer a lop eared bun bun, that velvety bit behind the ears is even softer on a flopsy lopsy!

  12. Lucky's mama says:

    Oh! What a chocolate bunny! Must snorgle his soft, silky fur!

  13. Lucky's mama says:

    Oh! What a chocolate bunny! Must snorgle his soft, silky fur!

  14. wow, i didn’t know bunnies came in velvet! i want to rub my cheek against it.


  16. Sigh…it’s the Velveteen Rabbit, come to life! I want to bury my nose in that space between his ears. Then nibble on the ears…just a little…just a little smackerel!

  17. Velvety Wabbit! I can confidently say, having had two of them, that Velvety Wabbits are the Best. I can just feel that little guy’s soft, warm, hay-scented fuzz against my cheek…

  18. Will you look at the ear angleage, people? This bun knows what he is doing.

  19. Ooh! he’s so Peter Rabbit!

    He’s all “Take that Farmer McGregor!”

  20. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yes, Peter, we can see your purdy lashes. Am I jealous? No, not a bit.

  21. a chocolate bunny? is it easter already? such a handsome bunbun.

  22. must pet the bunny

  23. Oh my god, I just want to grab him and snorgle all day long!

  24. I am reminded of this silliness, just because…

  25. ehn! how do you peeps get such *awesome* pictures like that?
    none of my aminals hold still… unless they’re slepping of course.
    or maybe I just have a crappy camera, so I can’t capture action shots. :o)

  26. Even this pic shows evidence of motion-blur, CeeJoe. (Ear edges.) Don’t feel bad.

  27. MÖNCHE?! MÖNCHE!!! I love it!

  28. Oh lordy, the fuzziness! I have spent the last fifteen minutes trying to reach into my computer to touch that über softness.

    With a face like that, how could Peter *not* be beloved?

  29. Of all the wonderful captions Meg comes up with, this one really made my morning for some reason. Short and to the point, but amazing. And it uses the term schnozzle wiggles.

  30. I could just reach out and pet that infinitely soft, sleek fur…*sigh*


  31. This bunny is so beautiful, I just want to sit and stare at him!

  32. that is the most gorgeous bunnie I have seen what wonderful color pattern on him!!!!!
    I want to snuggle that one but, I know I have to wait until he finishes his vegg!!!ies cuteness monitor now broken permanate like !!!!!!!!!!

  33. Gah!! MUST…..SNORGLE….THE….SCREEN!!!!!

  34. Such a prosh, velvety bunneh. I want to snorgle that soft looking fur, no matter how much he disapproves.

    And I agree–schnozzle wiggles is a great term.

  35. useta hada kitteh says:

    This loaded realllllly slooooowwwwllllly, just to tease me. I read the words “schnozzle wiggles” and thought “It’s gotta be a bunbun!” Then the cho’late earses started to appear, a tiny nibble at a time… waiting… waiting… OOOOOOHHHH BUNBUN FOR ME!!!!

    Thanks Meg. He’s gorgeous. I love the way their mouths wiggle when they’re eating.

  36. I see a lot of bunnies out and about on CO. Do they housetrain pretty well or are these just short photo-op excursions?

  37. little miao says:

    this perfectly prosh bunny has inspired me to go replenish my stock of celery.

  38. My kids saw this as I gazed at the computer screen…now they want a rabbit.

  39. He’s seriously the perfect bunneh. The fur, the slight disapproval in his eye, the obvious nose wiggling.

    He is simply too much. I seriously need to go lay down for a couple of minutes.

  40. that is the plushiest bun i’ve ever seen. i want to snuggleh with the bunneh!!!

  41. Me, too, thinkie. It’s a rex, the velvetiest of wabbits. [pulls imaginary floof from mouth]

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    Beautiful plush bun.
    I just want to grab it!
    It would be so much fun,
    to hug a little wabbit!
    (Love those antenna-ears)

  43. Don’t just stand there! Would a little ranch – or better yet some peanut butter – be too difficult to grab for me?!

  44. I wonder how many adoptions this site is responsible for…
    Speaking just for me, I can say it definitely got two little guinea piggies adopted – my little boys Tedros and Tariq!

  45. “Well its a-one for the bunny
    Two for the show
    Three for the photo
    Now go go go
    Oh, aren’t you
    Lovin’ my bun’s seude shoes …”

  46. Gold star for the razor-sharp rockabunny, Subh.

  47. Adam, they do housetrain very well! Sometimes they don’t notice when the leetle poopies sneak out, but they clean up easily enough. Also, they will chew anything of value, so no unattended hopping throughout the house, unless you have thoroughly protected all cords, etc!

  48. Hmm, on second thought, no unattended hopping. Period.

  49. (Katerpie speaks truth)

  50. awwww how lovely!!! that bunny looks sooo squeezable and kissable and everything!

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ya know, before I began playing here, I wasn’t a big fan of bunz. I must say that CO has changed my opinion of bunnehs – I would much rather sink my fingers into his floof than this keyboard….

  52. Another Angela says:

    Many house bunnies have the run of the house, but only after bunny-proofing. My wonderful house bunnies both did. Now my second (a beautiful spotted rex named Kito) is over 12 years old (requiring quite a bit of specialized care). After having house bunnies, I can’t stand the idea of one living in a cage. or a hutch outside alone ;(

  53. thalias_ash says:

    My bun is a “free-range bun” and is remarkably well house-trained. However, I will admit, that sometimes, during most of extreme excitement and large hops, a poo or two will slip out unnoticed.

    But come on…who amongst us isn’t guilty of that??

    *shifty eyes*

  54. thalias_ash says:

    Oh and if you smeared peanut butter on that, my rabbit would turn into an absolute fiend to get to it!

    I still remember when he was only a pound or so…my dad had a plate of saltine crackers and peanut butter in his lap whilst he lounged in his recliner. One little nose-twitch..two…several rapid twitches…and then Bun hopped into his lap, shot his jaws of doom out and onto the helpless snack and then flew! away through the air and behind the sofa.

    My big, rough steel-workin’ father was all, “uh..what just happened here?”

    Bun is now up to a grand total of three pounds but he can still steal him some peanut butter, if need be.

  55. thalias_ash says:

    Oh and if you smeared peanut butter on that, my rabbit would turn into an absolute fiend to get to it!

    I still remember when he was only a pound or so…my dad had a plate of saltine crackers and peanut butter in his lap whilst he lounged in his recliner. One little nose-twitch..two…several rapid twitches…and then Bun hopped into his lap, shot his jaws of doom out and onto the helpless snack and then flew! away through the air and behind the sofa.

    My big, rough steel-workin’ father was all, “uh..what just happened here?”

    Bun is now up to a grand total of three pounds but he can still steal him some peanut butter, if need be.

  56. thalias_ash says:

    Well, I admit it’s a cute story…but youse guys don’t have to read it three times. 🙂

  57. Peter’s a handsome fella, and I can literally hear the “mönsche” – it’s being supplied by my bunnage, chowin’ down on parsley

    ( )
    ” “

  58. darkshines says:

    I want to get a house rabbit, are there particular breeds that are best? I wanted an albino or white rabbit, the guy in the store suggested a minitre dutch lop, he has a white one with blue eyes…..

  59. herpantsness says:


    velvet bunny town!

  60. pookiepuff says:

    I don’t understand why bunnies are called “disapproving”. Can someone explain? I have 3 bunnies and I don’t think they’re ever disapproving. And how does one house train a bunny? I would love to have them just roam around free. I tried to train mine to go in a litter box in their cage but they wanted to sleep in it. I put some of their soiled bedding and stuff in it but they still just wanted to sleep in it so I stopped doing that. Anyway… Peter is such a lovely bun!!! I love his dark chocolate fur! I want to stroke his velvetiness!!!

  61. PookiePuff — go here:

    It’s simple.

    (Oh wait, wrong smiley…)

  62. Note especially:
    “Never give a bunny decaf.”

  63. Good lord people, the cheeks! The CHEEKS!!!!!!

    That is all. 🙂

  64. Oh! So velvety and soft! May snorgle? Please? PLEASE may I snorgle?

    Oh good. *buries nose in velveteen rabbit*

  65. thalias_ash says:

    For good rabbit info and training tips:


    And check out their links on rabbit rescue organizations. These buns are usually healthier and better socially acclimated to humans since they’re usually in foster homes.

  66. I have a “play area” for buns so they aren’t caged up all the time. That makes me sad, too, Angela!

  67. Such rich chocolate softness! I sooo want a bun! I love it!

  68. No one does beady like a bunny.

  69. I concur with Redzilla. This rabbit appears to approve of celery.

    And I can see the wiggling shnozzle, even though the image is not animated. I can even hear the krönsche. Have I been looking at Cute Overload too long?

  70. Yes and no.

  71. useta hada kitteh...and a bunneh or 21 says:

    darkshines: You want a white bunny? My fave! I had New Zealand Whites when I was small. Some people don’t like their red eyes, I love ’em (prolly because I grew up with them, from about age 4 to age 8). For me, they’re the “real” rabbits. (Don’t know how they are as house bunnies, though, ours were in a huge outdoor cage (on the ground) with a hutch for warmth.)

  72. Awww!!!! Snuggly and smooth!

  73. OMG, he looks like the softest bun EVERRRR. I must stroke his wee little nose!

  74. Ok, I’ve made up my own little story to go with this picture, because this is what I immediately thought when I saw it-

    Chompers McFloofikins was obviously just enjoying his lunch at the time. As the camera approached, the little nibblings got slower and slower. When the camera reached a certain point, all happy chompage stopped, followed by a look of ‘Uhm…can you go away so I can eat? Thanks.’

  75. Can you imagine what Gund would pay to get that kind of plush goodness for their toys?

  76. I have a sudden urge for dark chocolate truffle with a hint of carrot, I wonder why?

  77. Look how nicely he is sitting there eating his treat!!!

    Max’s modus operandi in that situation is to rip the stalk out of my hands and jump on the kitchen chair because his girlfriend cannot jump that high and so HE DOESN’T HAVE TO SHARE!

  78. Now that’s a velvetine rabbit!

  79. the roundest most velvety thing I have ever seen!

  80. WHEn did they start making real bunnies from velvet?

  81. My bunny is excellent with her litter habits. She is free-range but I covered all the cords when I first moved in. She got one fan cord when I was careless, and did a fair amount of damage to a shoe once, but she’s a remarkably curious bunny. She once climbed a ladder to get up to some tasty tea bread on the table, and she tried to go swimming in the bathtub a couple of weeks ago! She’s a little firecracker but I love her so.

  82. Ok, this is by no means meant to be Nuffish — it’s honest-to-deity curiosity. I was told NEVER to feed my guinea pigs celery because they were not able to digest the strings and it could really mess up their insides. Are rabbits different? I’m guessing yes. (I’m a little worried about the bun and other buns that might be hurt by evil celery – please calm my fears, bunny owners!!)


  84. useta hada kitteh says:

    Alexis — you got me wondering, so I googled rabbit food celery and found that celery is okay for bunbuns. The three sites I looked at showed celery in their list of veggies to feed the buns, along with hay and pellets.

    Our old “Grandmother Rabbit” used to range freely around our farmyard, and loved to eat dandelions! It was great fun to watch them disappear through her chompers (stem first, flower last).

  85. …is there anything ofter than a bunneh? I think not!

    I want to steal this one!!

  86. Cute bunny, total photoshop

  87. acelightning says:

    If the week *has* to start with a Monday, at least there’s a lovely picture of a beautiful velvety-soft Rex rabbit noshing on a crunchy celery stalk to make things all better – thanks, CO!

  88. beautiful bun, beautiful pic

  89. You can really sense the softness. Gorgeous bun.

  90. Someone asked if New Zealand Whites (big white rabbits w/red eyes – and sadly, your standard “lab” rabbit) make good house buns – yes!!!! The best and bun I ever had was a NZ White named Jospehine…I often wonder what she was used for at the lab, because she was the brightest rabbit I’d ever lived with.

    You do have to keep in mind that New Zealands are bigger than a lot of pet buns – the girls can get to be 10 -11 pounds easily, and I had one who maxed out at 14. (She wasn’t fat, she was just big!)So you have to keep size and strength in mind when bunny proofing. And don’t forget the girls like to DIG.

  91. Celery is great for buns, (someone asked this) and they love it!!! Just don’t feed them *too* much, or their poo becomes less… well… solid.

  92. darkshines says:

    Wow, thanks useta, I just love albino animals, they often get overlooked, and they are so beautiful!

  93. Brilliant photo … i can almost feel the fuzzy bun schnoz … well done

  94. Celery + bunnages – as long as you take out the stringy stuff.

    Photoshop – hah! Not on your life – go to YouTube and look at the buns chompin’ on food, OK? That oughta set you straight. 😉

  95. My first bunny was a female white New Zealand who got to 11 pounds. As for which breed of bunny makes the best pet, they all do. Just keep in mind the smaller the bunny the more energy they have.

  96. I’d also suggest choosing on personality rather than looks – you’ll get a better match that way.

    and (if you don’t mind a little grandstanding for a moment) – please adopt! There are lots of great bunnies in shelters, and not enough room for them.

    See http://www.rabbit.org for more info. …

  97. That is THE softest-looking bunny animal I’ve ever seen!!

  98. Ohhhhhhh. Just Ohhhhhh.

    That is the perfect bunneh pic.


    And I’ll second (third? fourth? googleth?) being pwned by a bunny. Not to mention jump on board the adoption wagon. If you live near Boston I’d recommend http://www.rabbitnetwork.org , they have lots of buns and good peeps.

  99. darkshines says:

    I live in a huge city, so I don’t think there is a shelter near me, unfortunately, but I will investigate! I have never bught an animal get, we always find them on ur dorrstep with notes, I guess this is the first pet I’ve chosen…..

  100. Watch out, he eats celery AND people.

  101. That rabbit is beautiful! Looks like he is covered in velvet. *wants to snorgle*

  102. He looks so soft! 😀