It’s Time For InterSnorg™

Sidebar_20070112Whuff.  OK.  Theo here.  I’ve just gone back through EVERY SINGLE CUTE OVERLOAD POST from the beginning of time, and re-categorized the whole ever-lovin’ load of ’em.

"Why?" you ask.  "Don’t you have better things to do?"  "You know they’ve got meds for that now, right?"

Fair questions all.  To the latter two, I say "no" and "yes" and "shush".  😉

As to the first question, well, here it is, at long last, our newest CO category:

Interspecies Snorgling

YAY!!!  Enjoy, Peeps.



  1. teho teh hero, yay!

  2. [tries to say that 10 times fast]

  3. Yessss….we CAN all all get along….

  4. vivian calloway says:

    um yes! best day ever!

  5. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Theo, this is completely awsome! I am all for the OCD tendencies.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


    Outrageous Cute Dependency

    …decide for yourselves…

  6. Three snorgles for Theo, the CO Librarian.

  7. you. have. officially. cracked up, cute overload!! ack! everytime i lookit this i laugh and laugh and my friends think i have a problem. well they can all eat cupcakes cause i love being OCD.

  8. Nice! I wish there was a way to have the archives include months before May ’06, though. Maybe the last category could be “May ’06 and before”?

  9. Misanthropic says:

    (Me, after scrolling through the new category:)

    BAH! The cuteness! Eehs BLINDINGK!
    *staggers away from computer with eyes shielded*

  10. Theo, you rock.

  11. Theo, thank you! Interspecies snorgling is maybe my favorite category. Two cutes for the price of one! 🙂

  12. Yay for Theo! Thanks for all your hard work on getting the cute just right.

  13. China's Mom says:

    Theo, you are an absolute genius! I had to look at all of them all over again, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!

  14. Just one more way to prove that animals are better people that we are!! Great job!

  15. thanks for a new excuse to spend time on co….gad i love ya!

  16. Hmmm… I don’t know where to go to find “Kittehs”. I see a “Kittens” category, but no “Kittehs”. Where, oh where, can they be?

  17. A glorious day, and just in time to celebrate Darwin Day!!

  18. Theo, you are the best!

  19. Robyn — got it

    Ellen C — don’t push yer luck

    RedZ — remember to play “Monkey to Man” by Elvis Costello and the Imposters

  20. interspecies snorgling, eh? sounds slightly naughty. :o)~

  21. Amazing Theo !

  22. TEHO! TEHO!! TEHO!!!

    You RAWK, man.

    This is the best category ever!!

  23. Awesome!

  24. Piggalette says:

    Yay Theo! You are awesome-sauce. 😉

  25. Theo: “More than just a Mod.”
    I imagine this was a great way for you to spend a winter day. Now Peeps have some great reading for a winter day, or any day, or night. Thanks.

  26. Love the categories!

  27. But still no category for ferrets!!! Oh the humanity!

  28. pyrit, according to LC, T. is a rocker.

    And yes, T., I love what you’ve done with the place.

  29. Thanks!

  30. Simpson O'Brien says:

    thank you, mon cherie….thank you for all you do for the QTE.
    meow and woof

  31. Ellen C, all the kittehs are classified as kittens.

  32. Awesome! Now, just get rid of Cats n Racks, and it’ll be perfect!

  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    Teho, you rock! (I know, I know, that’s been said, but it deserves to be said again.)

    Thanks. I’m off to see all the species inter-snorgling now.

  34. Awesome – !

  35. Yay for Theo!!! This just rocks!

  36. You’re welcome, everybody… but y’know it’s just one category; I’m a database admin in my “real” work so I might’ve exaggerated the difficulty just a weeeeee bit. (I do this kind of thing all the time.)

  37. Teho, just accept the love! Is your job how you met the famous Meggie-moo? I am correct – you have *actually* met her, right? (Unlike the rest of us poor mortals, who only know her through her fabulous captions…)

  38. Another Angela says:

    I hear the battle cry of the hamsters! Happy Darwin’s Birthday Redz!

    Good Job T! I’m an org freak too and my workplace milks that–I am the Evil Librarian there.

    Minor point in the “Pocket Pets” category: why is froggie and doggie in there? and Where do Wild Squirrels really belong? Are they pocket pets? Unusual animals? or should it be “Bunnies and Squirrels”? sigh, I love squirrels and ratties.

  39. !!yay!! Thank you, Theo!!!!!

  40. Teughcats: nope, Theo hasn’t met the fabulous Meg in person. Virtual only.

    -Jaye, a.k.a. Theo’s Schmoop

  41. Well, if you’re done here I’ve got a whole lot of non-virtual socks that need matching….

    (Lovely job, by the way.)

  42. wow, good jeorb theo!!

    and huzzah for interspecies snorgling, it’s one of my fave categories.

  43. is there anyway you can add a catagory for videos?

    not to sound unappreciative, but i actually thought of that a few days ago.

  44. You missed one! Isn’t there one somewhere with a cat using a dog’s ear and singing something about being beautiful?

  45. paulajeanne says:

    Thank you, Theo, for taking the time to compile these. I think I met my quota of “feel-goods” for the week, if not the month, with these and can now retire to actually do some work for which I can get paid.

  46. YAY! This is my new favorite category. You can never get too much Intersnorg!!!! Thanks Theo.

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  48. Cool! Now we have all together those things that don’t usually go together!…pass the meds 😦

  49. errrr…. Theo, unless I REALLY can’t count, you gave 3 answers to 2 questions.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teho, you’re THE BOMB! Thanx for the new category, I’m loving and laughing and OOhing and AAHHing all at once.

  51. Good idea, but I wonder if it’s almost too close to the “I shall leeeck you” category?

    Nah, always room for more!

  52. great, I think this vid really should be in there!

  53. Katherine — that’s correct. Also, my answers were in no particular order. 😉

    Snowpea — there’s overlap, sure, but it’s far from 100%.
    (And actually, we’re almost out of available category slots.)

  54. Hey how do I send stuff to the website, I tried a couple of your listed web address’s that you have listed and I could not get It sent to you.

  55. This is fabulous! Just love the new category. 😉

  56. Leah — it’s the email link under “Got Cute?” in the right-hand margin.
    The mailbox gets full a lot, though.

  57. I just looked at all those posts again and couldn’t stop giggling – awesome category!!

  58. you guys r silly says:

    teho. . .
    * THIS * is
    * WHY *
    * LOVE * you, man…

  59. I don’t know weither to go “we are not worthy” or offer a insulin drip for cute overload overdosing, going through the whole archive sooooo much cute cannot be healthy. But thats Teho like Meg dedicated to the qte

  60. Thanks!

    From one OCD CO-er to another!

    *it IS appreciated!*

  61. Ehh… I just fake it, Kathleen. (Professionally.)

  62. Go Theo, Go!

    Thank you! 🙂

  63. “Interspecies Snorgling”

    YES! YES! YES! My Cute Overload prayers have been answered!

  64. Oh, goody! It’s about time.