I’ll show you some ivory ticklin’


Lemme hear a B-Flat, Bebeh.

Ravenswingstudio, way to go!

Now playing on CuteCast, tooooo


  1. I wish I could play that well while looking so scrumptious!

  2. That’s one talented kitty…I just wonder how long (s)he waited between practice sessions!

  3. Aww, wow. Pianocat should join Keyboard Kitten and Pianorat in a little C.O. band someday.

  4. gawd, she’s so serious and intent on her show, but all i can concentrate on is her fluffers.

  5. I don’t know about this atonal stuff. It’s a feline between art and noise.

  6. She’s working on moonlight snogata.

  7. (She missed a note, and she going to find the darn thing.)

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    WOW!! A Star Is Born!!!

    Kinda classical, kinda jazzy-jazzical?

  9. gaaaah the cuteness is gonna make me asplode!!!

  10. i love that she’s listening to the sound she’s making and realizing that she’s making it..a testament to feline intelligence, really.

    hell, it’s just so cute.

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Can the kitty be deaf like Beethoven and has to lay her head on the keys to hear it?

    My son thought it sounded like Beethoven.

  12. Seriously, I would buy a CD of this stuff.

    Then, I’m into that avant-garde stuff.

    I. Would. Totally. Buy. It.

  13. I love how kitteh looks at her mama with the camera as if to say, wtf are you looking at?

  14. pookiepuff says:

    Nora, you are the bestest piano player I’ve ever heard! hehe!

  15. i love the tail action!

  16. Madame Souscat-ska.

  17. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Sounds like Nora is into Stokhausen or John Cage.

  18. Martha in Washington, I thought it was close to Beethoven too. “Fur Elise,” to be exact. no, really :)

  19. What a brilliant kitty! She knows how to play the piano (as far as sitting on the bench and using your paws) and she almost had a tune going there several times. I’m pretty sure she’s only a little ways away from managing “Chopsticks”.

  20. Thank you for posting this video. I was having such a bad day and needed something “cute” to get my mind of things. This lovely little kitty sure did the trick.

  21. Nora’s awaiting inspiration from her mews.

  22. genetic lemon says:

    That cat’s got aspirations to BE someone, I tell you what.

  23. OMG, my face has fallen off from laughing, smiling and saying “That’s so cute!” every 3 seconds!

  24. acelightning says:

    lurkertype, I agree with you – Nora *does* seem to be getting close to playing “Chopsticks”. The rest of almost sounds like actual music, too – something modernistic, not in a standard key. Y’know, if people will buy abstract art painted by elephants and chimps, why shouldn’t there also be a market for music composed and purr-formed by cats?

  25. Ohhhh… the paws… the paws!!! I wanna pinch em.

  26. You know what they say, practice makes purrrfect

  27. Is that available on itunes?

  28. Move over Marvin Hamlisch!

  29. Gaah, I hate it when that happens: you know a piece of music, you just don’t know what it is. Can anyone help me? What is “Betsy’s student” playing in the second half?

  30. AND she’s got “sea urchin belly!”

  31. lauowolf : “Nora’s awaiting inspiration from her mews” …

    what a brilliant laconic observation …

    Yaaaaaaaay for Nora and lauowolf

  32. Nora reminds me of my Dusty…that is, if my Dusty lost a few pounds and was the size of a normal cat.

  33. Honestly. My little sister can play better than that and she can hardly play.

    (Kidding. Joke. Cute kitten!)

  34. the composer Domenico Scarlatti wrote a Cat Fugue based on the motif played by his cat on the keyboard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_fugue

  35. Where are kitty’s star- shaped glasses?

  36. i love the head action!

  37. veggie girl says:

    my dearly departed cat Squeak used to do something like that.. but while I was practicing the piano! he would sit on the bench with me, and occasionally lift a tentative paw, and play a note or two. I though that he was unique in that, until I saw this! I wish we’d had a video of us playing together, so I could post it too.

  38. I’m on UR piano
    Playin’ U a song

  39. Definately too cute for words!

  40. I am amazed and enthralled.


    I love the fierce fuzzy tail-twitchin’ determination!

  41. Nora epitomizes the cute!

    I vote to include the Thai Elephant Symphony in the CO band. They paint *and* play music (um, not at the same time).


  42. Wow. For music played by a cat, that’s surprisingly…musical!

  43. OMG this was a fantastic start to the day – It’s adorable, but hilarious, too – I almost had tears running down my face from laughing so hard. He’s so earnest!

  44. Woah, that kitteh has a serious Philllip Glass/Steve Reich minimalist music thing going for him. Go kitteh!

  45. Philip Glass, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!

    The passage around 1:15 was especially prosh.

  46. aaawaaa!so cute! =^.^=

  47. I especially love the look she gives the camera at the end of each passage.

    “I am a tortured artist. Please, leave me! I must work!”

  48. Okay, this is maybe the most amazing adorable thing I have seen on CO, thusfar.

    And there is a certain Glenn Gould moodiness about Nora’s playing…

    From the way she’s making love to the keys in the opening sequence, I wonder if the piano has a bit of catnip oil rubbed on it…hmmm….

  49. this cat is excessively cute. good looks AND talent, hey how ’bout that!
    i like her minimeowlist style. she’s clearly non traditional, at times using chin and neck to belt out some very effective chords.

    you can see she really loves to play. its her medium, her passion, her raison d’etre. wait til she plays the Met!

  50. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitten on the keys,
    Swing it like you please, babeh!
    I love the focus in that little pooty-face!

  51. I love how her ears are down and her tail is all flicky, like she’s agitattesd tuhat she just. can’t. find. teh note!

  52. “I don’t know about this atonal stuff. It’s a feline between art and noise.”

    You slay me!
    Cute kittie! I love how he delicately tickles the ivories.

  53. That has to be True Passion for Music. :)

  54. aw, she lurves her piano!

    i worked with composers in grad school, and seriously, this cat writes better music than some of them.

  55. I just can’t believe the talent this little kitty has. Needs to go on TV.

  56. I love it when kittehs play Phillip Glass!

  57. Moochia — shhhhh!!! That’s supposed to be a SECRET!

  58. Wow! Nora is so earnest, and more talented than some Peeps I know.

    You can tell she has diligently observed people piano-playing, and wishes to imitate. That’s one clever kitty!

    My sister has a cat who loves the piano, too. Whenever someone plays he will come lie on the top octaves and listen, and he will often walk across the keys just to hear the sound.

  59. Cats like vibration from sound. I had a cat that loved to frantically shake one of those musical Chinese “hand-strength” balls against his tummy with his rear paws just to hear & feel the jingle.

  60. SilvorMoon says:

    What a cool cat! I love how she presses her cheek to the keys. Just experimenting with different styles, huh, kitty?

    Best thing to me is that she looks just like my cat Sugar Bear.

  61. I think someoone’s hiding cat treats between the keys. She’s just trying to get at them.

  62. I -think- the song the student is playing is by Anna Magdelena Bach, although I don’t remember the title of it. I could be completely wrong… It was over 25 years ago that I was playing that same tune (although without kitty accompaniment!)

  63. Laurie C — yeah, I suspected catnip… not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  64. […]Extraido de Cute Overload[…]

  65. Must practice my scales and arpeggios!

  66. Heehee reminds me of my own piano practicing days! My teacher made me play certain chords over and over again, too. Plus, kitty’s song sounds very modern indeed!

  67. Yeah, I’ve played that tune too (the student’s, not the cat’s), though I can’t remember name or composer.

  68. do-me-so-me-do-me-so-me-fa-la, so it goooes, while you sing your scales and your arpegios

  69. Beyond Prosh. that is all.

  70. Wow, that’s amazing…I’ve never heard of anything quite like this! and she’s so cyoot while doing it.

  71. This is fantastic and humbling. I’m trying to learn to play the piano and this kitty is WAY beyond my skills. Plus, I’m trying to get Elvis to play as well, but he’d rather climb up on my lap and purr along.

  72. Corona – aren’t those really “ben-wa” balls?

  73. No. Way.
    That cat is TOO MUCH!!!!!

  74. Jimbo/a thinker – i think it’s the Minuet in G from J.S. Bach’s “Notebook for Anna Magdelana Bach.” Having done the beginning stuff as an adult (and not gotten any further), it’s a little fresher in my mind!

  75. I don’t think she’s imitating – it seems like she’s massaging the squishy keys of the piano to get its milk going. I guess that makes her seem less smart… but twice as cute! :)

  76. omg, its liek hes trying to play chopsticks at first. what a sweet kitty!

  77. Oh my god- playing with 2 hands?! That kitteh has just surpassed me! Damn you, base clef.

  78. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I love it whenever she looks up at the camera – priceless!!!


  79. bazu, I know exactly what you mean. When I studied piano for a while, I never really could master using both hands and playing more than one chord at a time. That’s one reason why I switched to flute and clarinet. lol

    A fresh, hot coffee and a kitteh concert. JUST what I needed to start the day!

  80. Ahh, kitty my dear, could we hear a little maozart?
    Now I know what cats think is music. Kinda reminds me of tomcat singing.

  81. Matt,
    I guess in that case she’s milking it for all it’s worth!

    She puts her head down on the keys. Where’s the milk? There’s no milk coming out! I keep kneading it with my paws, and there’s no milk! Where’s the milk?

    Looks up at the camera. Could someone please tell me how to get the milk to come out of this thing?


  82. nermalkitty says:

    i tawt i taw a puddy tat. i tawt i taw a puddy tat pwayin’ da piano?? i can’t believe how terribly sweet and intelligent puddy appears to be. gawd if i didn’t already have 2 of my own i would honestly consider kid, er, catnapping this musical genious. thank you co and to the sender inner. this is the absolute best video i have ever seen! i was bouncing up & down in my chair here at work and trying to scream out loud. lordy i luv this. now i can face the rest of my day. thanks guys. really.

  83. Zuuk, pretty sure that is a minuet by Bach.

  84. And Nora is so much prettier than Phillip Glass OR John Cage!

  85. I want to see Nora’s techno remix, featuring Photek.
    (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, trust me, you’re better off this way.)

  86. My cat, Milty, stopped playing with his track ball when I played the video with sound. His head turned back and forth. Nora must have found the perfect feline register for soothing distracted kittehs. When will the CD be available?

  87. she was very serious in her playing. this was great!

  88. Ms. Amanda says:

    That cat is lovin’ on that piano like it was covered in catnip or it was someone’s gym shoe.

  89. Wow! Looks like Mewzart was reincarnated into a kitty bod…….
    Frustrating for a genius…but so becoming of a feline. This video struck me dumb!!

  90. JuliaJellicoe says:

    It’s Concerto for Two Paws!

  91. I love the metronome tail!

    Wow, is that the most expensive “cat toy” we’ve ever seen?

  92. Alice Shortcake says:

    Next stop Carnegie Hall!

  93. Almost sounds like Phillip Glass!

  94. Nikki, you beat me to the punch! I was going to make that Aristocats joke! Ah well… with so many people visiting CO daily, one of them has got to be on the ball…


    Clearly the cat is called Nora. Why wouldn’t it be called Nora? It is suddenly clear to me that Nora is *THE* single best name for a cat.

  96. Tammie from Nebraska says:

    LOVE that video! My ALL time favorite. Nora rocks!

  97. Oh, thank heavens…I thought I was the only one who thought this sounded like Glass!

  98. phankittynatic says:

    Aw, lil’ Mozart McKittypaws is composin’!

  99. when I played this my cat suddenly came in and watched it with intense eyes! There must be some secret message in Nora’s song lol

  100. It’s so 20th Century!

  101. useta hada kitteh says:

    This made me think about a cat I once knew. Rudolf (the cat) was visiting the house I lived in (many years ago). His owner was a fantabulous pianist. I’m okay as a pianist, but far from fantabulous. Rudolf was lying on top of the piano one day when I started to practice. Cat jumped down from piano, pawed open door, and left. I guess I didn’t measure up to his exacting standards of musicality. Wonder how he would have felt about this kitteh’s compositions?

    When I tried to view this earlier today, I could only see the first little bit, where Nora’s playing just one key and listening intently. Looked like she was tuning the piano, and I thought “I want this piano tuna next time I get my piano tuned!”

  102. At first she was just snuggling with the keys, and then it was like, “Hey, I think I can actually do this!”

    I think once the duet started, Nora began to feel frustrated… “It just doesn’t sound right!!” X-o

    Yay for faux kitty psychology! ;)

  103. It almost sounds coherrent, doesn’t it?

  104. Loved it, more entertaining than what’s on TV.

  105. wow! she’s got rythm! I loved those “looks” at the camera during each interlude.

  106. sounds like nora’s trying to reignite the dadaist music movement! go nora!

  107. Reignite? REIGNITE??? Engblatt fruitcake middleware poodle porridge??!!?!!!!

  108. You can just hear that cat think, “Damn, I sure could use some opposable thumbs about right now.”

  109. l i b … it’s Thelonious Kitteh havin’ a jam session …

  110. doesn’t this remind anyone of the old disney movie the aristocats? maybe i’m just weird but the scene with the three kittens playing and singing was the first thing that came to my mind when i watched this. It was like disney come to life!

  111. Hey, Nora’s playing the same song my sister’s cat, Billy, used to play on the guitar!! Maybe they should get together and jam. This was adorable!!!

  112. No one will ever convince me that Nora is not actually creating music that his pleasing to her ear.

    Kitty Savant, intelligent beyond her normal abilities.

    If Mozart were a cat, he’d be Nora.

  113. That cat is the size of Orsen Wells……….

  114. whoa

  115. does anyone know what kind of cat this is? i have a kitty with the *exact* same markings. he was a stray that i took in 7 years ago, and i always thought he looked unique until i saw nora!

  116. little nora is gaining popularity! i saw some of her video on the local news here and it was mentioned on the aol news. just thought i’d mention it! of course i found out about her on cute overload first!

  117. Whats the big deal? some one put a cat on a piano bench and hit demo.

  118. avidcatfanman says:

    you wasted my time


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