Cute Overload

“He only has a very faint skunk scent”—I’ll bet


Sender-inner Karla’s Friend’s Aunt’s Cousin took these pics. 😉 Apparently, this lil’ skunk was found on the side of the road, orphaned, it’s mother roadkill. After bringing the skunk home, they placed him in the barn with a mother cat and kittens. Apparently, Lil’ McSkunkersons is easy to pick up and pet, and "only has a very faint skunk scent".


One question: what will happen when the skunk gets a little older (and stinkier!?)

Check out this kitteh, he’s all: "I can’t even focus muh eyeballs much less deal with this OUTRAGEOUS McSkunkersons!"

Mom’s all: "whuh?"

Lovely work, Karla 😉