“He only has a very faint skunk scent”—I’ll bet

Sender-inner Karla’s Friend’s Aunt’s Cousin took these pics. 😉 Apparently, this lil’ skunk was found on the side of the road, orphaned, it’s mother roadkill. After bringing the skunk home, they placed him in the barn with a mother cat and kittens. Apparently, Lil’ McSkunkersons is easy to pick up and pet, and "only has a very faint skunk scent".


Someone git the Lysol

One question: what will happen when the skunk gets a little older (and stinkier!?)

Whoever smelt it, dealt it

Check out this kitteh, he’s all: "I can’t even focus muh eyeballs much less deal with this OUTRAGEOUS McSkunkersons!"


Mom’s all: "whuh?"

An adoptive McSkunkersons Mother's work is never done

Lovely work, Karla 😉



  1. Hmm…I don’t think full grown skunks are too different in size from cats right? So I think it’ll work out just fine! ^_^
    Love the look on mom cat’s face: Yes, these are my babies, what about it?

  2. one o’ these things is not like the other!! *singsong*

  3. Cute! I’m so glad they gave the baby stinky a home. They can have him descented when he’s older. Cute!

  4. I bet this is how Pepe Le Pew got started. I wonder when Mr. McSkunky will get his French accent?

  5. Something is stinky around here!!!

    I love the 2 different species combo!


  6. Heh, Caitlin, that’s exactly what I was thinking…

  7. tiny bubbles says:

    So cute! I’ve heard skunks make nice pets.

  8. Veddy cute. Little Skunky here will have a lot more than a “faint” skunk scent when he gets older, though. Unless they have him descented.

    I love mixing species. I’d love to try a skunk for a pet.

  9. tiny bubbles says:

    I think that McSkunkersons is giving that kitteh a tummy-snorgle…

  10. I love how that mother cat is so regal and haughty. “Yes? Is there something wrong?”

  11. Disappoving mama cat!

  12. So cute!!!

  13. That black and white one must have his good looks from his dad 🙂

  14. Cutest kittens! Cutest skunklet! I can die now!!!

  15. Renee in Texas says:

    OH! I think this explains Pepe Le Pue’s facination with the cute kitty he’s always chasing! LOL

  16. So cute. Animals take care of one another. Thanks for saving the baby skunk.

  17. So smoochable. I just want to cuddle them all.

  18. They can get the skunk’s scent gland removed- I hope they will as I have heard they make wonderful pets if domesticated.

  19. This story made me so happy! Sweet lil’ baby skunk 🙂

  20. Deckard Canine says:

    Someday, when I get a place that allows it, I’ll get a somewhat unusual pet of one kind or another. A de-scented (properly with a hyphen) skunk would be high on my list.

  21. I particularly like how the lil skunklet is making biscuits on mamacat’s tummy…soooo happppeeeee.

  22. Call the undertaker, ‘cuz I am DED.

    Lurrrve the kitteh/skunklet wrassling action. Dying for a COXCU of teeny skunkal pawsitude in Pic 4. And…Whisky Tango…? Interspecies Snorgling? Is that new? OMG!!!

  23. martha in mobile says:

    When I was small and skunks were still legal as pets where I lived, we had a skunk. They tend to overeat and develop a shape like a striped avocado. She are very cute with how she trundled down the hallway. She liked to curl up on my chest. I miss my “Flower.”

  24. i bet it would be cool to have a pet skunk…. it would make an interesting pet. i just wanna pick him up and snorgle him!!!!

  25. Baby skunks, I have always thought, are the epitome of cuteness. *le sigh*

  26. Mama Cat: [in haughty voice] Yes, if you must know. He is adopted.

  27. So this is how they started that cartoon….PEPE LePew

  28. Wonderful story/photos!

    LOVE the photo of baby skunk on kitty’s tummy.

    I’m of the opinion that unless a skunk sprays for protection or is (gulp)killed by a vehicle, they are generally “stink free”.

    I’ve encountered skunks in my yard, the wood pile, literally standing next to my dog while he sniffed a bush, yet have never “smelled” them in those instances.

  29. I dunno, I’ve always thought most minty and catnippy plants smell like skunk, so maybe mama kitty thinks it’s a nice smell. 🙂

  30. Skunk still smell (a little) after the operation but they make wonderful pet just like cats, so this could make up for it!
    My mom had one when i was a kid so i know for sure 🙂

  31. Somebody already beat me to the Pepe le Pew reference, but anyway skunks are pretty cool little thingys and I understand they are gentle and friendly by nature.

  32. Aiiiieeee!!! (head asplodes)Love the markings on the skunklet – and mama cat rocks for taking him in!

  33. I wonder if cat milk has the proper nutrients for a baby skunk. Cute anyways. 🙂



    (almost as much as I love CapsLock!!)

  35. Gawd, that is too funny! Maybe that’s why Pepe LePew imprinted on kittehs!

  36. That mom cat is a milf (if I were a cat).

    she’s a hottie.

  37. What a lovely family. Bebeh skunk got lucky!

  38. When I was younger (like 15) I worked at a science for kids museum over a summer. We had a pet skunk and she was AMAZING. Super friendly, very snorgly and snugglable. She ate mealworms and veggies, and the kids loved her. She had her scent sacs removed surgically, and the oils basically oozed out of her…she always smells *faintly* skunk-like and if it got strong we just bathed her. She LOVED baths.

    Most fun I ever had at a job in my life. It’s been all downhill from there.

  39. Skunks can be de-scented and make really nice pets. Check out Hobkin, the little brown house-skunk:


  40. I just finished a week of taking care of a friend’s cats, including putting food out for two ferals who won’t come within 50′ of anybody. Sometimes yesterday’s food dish smelled pretty darn funky. Skunks may be hibernating now, so maybe it’s a fox; I know there are gray foxes in the area. And I really hope little orphan Pepe doesn’t get scared by something, or he could suddenly be a less than pleasant houseguest. But a very cute one.

  41. After the polar bear’s “Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!”, this mother cat’s “Whuh?” is second funniest AE = Animal Exclamation. lol

  42. I wish skunks were legal to own in Texas…*sigh* I’ve always wanted a skunkie of my verra own!


  43. Awww, that is just the cutest little skunker!!

  44. A skunk can be “descented”! My brother had a skunk named Fremont many years ago in San Antonio. It liked quiet dark places and lived in a closet. It sat on his shoulder and followed him and his son around. It lived for many years… but…. it was still a wild animal and bit people.

  45. michellemybelle says:

    That’s a great story all around, and an excellent way to build up to the InterSnorg!

  46. Mom’s face:”Its a living!”

  47. Brava, Mama Kitty, for taking in that little orphink! I want all of them to come live with me. . . PS–Please spay mama and the babies for their own goods. . .

  48. I love skunk smell. Reminds me of my childhood driving all over North and South Dakota visitng my brothers at their Boy Scout Jamborees.
    Last summer I saw a skunk in the wild for the first time. We locked eyes. It was cool. My hubby said it was my spirit animal.

  49. Skunks DO make great pets, I’ve had several and even raised a couple of litters. (with cats & Great Danes). They are usually taken from their Moms a little early (can be descented within days of birth) because she will teach them to be wild..they ARE NOT domesticated animals. Water gun good, hand bad.

    They do bond quickly with their families and other animals but don’t do well if re-adopted out. Anyone thinking of getting one should do the research and be sure they want one.

    They are playful and intelligent and very affectionate. They also clean themselves like cats and wabbits

    They do well on cat food and if given several small meals a day they can become daytimers and won’t gain too much weight. Great link Sheenanana, Hobkin is too Qte. They do need protein. Grubs and grasshoppers are part of their natural diet …take them gardening in the spring. They’ll love the digging and finding grub gold.

    Mine also loved cucumbers and peas.

  50. This is incredible. A skunkie and kittie breastfed by the same mommy…

    This stuff should go on National Geographics!

    Great Work!

  51. omg! that is so cute. Definitely the best post so far

  52. violetgreen says:

    “…he ain’t stinky, he’s my bro-therrr…”

  53. thank goodness for kind people like this to take in baby mcskunkle. and what a good momsie kittie! great story and photos.

  54. Lil Kitty says “Yo, dis is my brotha by another motha”

    Awesome pics and posts. I wish there was a head shot of the bebe Pepe… so we could see the beady lil eyes.

  55. I wonder if cat milk has the proper nutrients for a baby skunk. Cute anyways. 🙂

    Well zandaperl… considering skunk mum is pancaked onto some road somewhere… I reckon any milk is better than none!

    Cute pix

  56. Skunks consorting with cats is an ominous sign. Beware.

  57. Mother:

    “Look, the government is paying me $500 a month – YOU’D do it too for that kind of tin!

  58. hmmmm…Aubrey…i am not so sure…that seem like an awfully low pension to take care of a skunk…they are high maintenance!

  59. This is way too adorable! Thanks for the great shots!!

  60. Aubrey, taking the results of her Sarcasm Quiz out for a spin. Rawr.

  61. I love the photos, love li’l stubbers baby skunk, but o how I love that beautiful mama cat. what a queenie! i love that they bliss out too when they’re nursing babies (the skunk’s not the only one makin’ biscuits- look at mama’s paw!)

    and that’s not disapproval on her face, that’s the Look of Love… a low-lidded gaze, or a super slow-mo blink, can soothe my cats if they’re a little stressed out, or make them purr at a distance if they’re already comfortable. It’s like you’re blowing them a kiss. sometimes it makes me friends with a stranger cat, too… try it, it’s fun!

  62. Beautiful torby kittens too, by the way… but I agree with Awwww. Barn cats or not, get everybody spayed and neutered!

    I love the bumpersticker, modeled on “I (heart) my (doghead)”, that says “I (spade) my cat.”

  63. “Pleeeease! Make it go away!”


  64. what ees thees “making biscuits”?

    oh and Hester, I totally agree about the “look of love”, I give that to my kittehs all the time 🙂

  65. Caitlin,
    I’m not 100% sure (someone can correct me if I’m wrong), but I think “making biscuits” refers to the way babies ‘knead’ their mum’s tummies to pump the milk.
    My 9yo Cairn Terrior/Poodle pumps his teddy bear’s tummy as he suckles its arm after a long day.

  66. Awwww, so cute! They should probably check to make sure skunks are legal in whatever state they are in, and if so go have it de-musked right away. Although, like Mythbusters proved, it takes quite a lot to actually get a skunk to spray…that was a disturbing (but informative) episode. I don’t think they permanently hurt the little guy, but he was scared.

  67. OMIGOSH.. those last 2 pics are just to die for! SO ADORABLE!
    I love that pic of the bebeh skunky nursing on momma cat right next to a bebeh kitten!
    How CUTE!!
    Is the person going to keep the skunk? Release it back into the wild?
    Give it to a zoo?
    If you’re going to keep it, are you going to get it descented?
    So neat!

  68. is it OK if I ask her Auntie to send me the bebe skunkie? I want a bebe skunkie myself.

    namnamnamnam on all their little bellies

  69. useta hada kitteh says:

    Caitlin and alivicwil — yup, “making biscuits” refers to the way kittens (and grown up cats, for that matter) “knead” their paws on their momma, or on someone’s lap, or whatever feels good at the time. Flexing paws and relaxing them. We just called it “kneading” at our house. With grown-up cats you can end up with claw marks, but they’re gentle, loving claw marks, and it’s a small price to pay to have a big, beautiful cat kneading his or her paws on your lap and purring like an outboard motor.

  70. Brandi Lee says:

    I had no idea people raised and show skunks wow

  71. Don’t feel bad Mommy Cat, ALL my kids were little stinkers!

  72. Yitzysmommie says:

    I LLOOVVE EET! Wonderful story and great pics! This made my morning, especially the kitteh vs McSkunkerson. And the comments – I’ve been giggling non stop, making MY kitteh give me the cat version of baroo?

  73. ThreeCatNight says:

    Mama Cat: “What is the problem? We love the little stinker! Please don’t judge!”

  74. When I just had two McFerretsons, I took them up to visit my mom and dad one weekend, originally intending to show them off to my niece and nephew. The niece and nephew loved them, as predicted, but what surprised me was how taken my dad was with them.

    I had forgotten this, but my dad had two pet skunks as a kid. He named them Roger and Rachel. He said they weren’t de-scented, but they never sprayed anyone or anything; apparently they were SO tame that they didn’t perceive anything as a threat. He said they would follow him around like dogs, and that he could clear the town square in a matter of moments when he came up there with his two skunks waddling behind. 🙂 My ferrets reminded him of his skunks. He offered to trade me a dog for both the ferrets, but I refused, instead offering to put him in touch with a really nice lady who runs a local ferret shelter…

    These pictures are adorable. I’ve always thought skunks were too darned cute to be so feared and reviled.

  75. that’s wonderful!

  76. TanksMommy says:

    Ok…the pic where the skunk is on top of the kitten. Look at his face. Weeeee!!!!! I dont know who my new brother is but this is fun!!!! And the moms expression with the skunk boobfeeding. She’s like ummm…Im too tired to argue with him. LOL!!

  77. Queen of the Weezils says:

    Skunks are related to ferrets, which have diets similar to cats. That leads me to *assume* the Mama Cat’s milk would be healthy for a growing skunk and that skunk and cats could happily play together as they get older. If it gets enough handling as a baby, I bet it won’t spray much as an adult. In the meantime, they are so cute! Kudos to the cat owners for finding a good solution for the orphaned skunk baby.

  78. Best mother EVA!!!!

  79. Cliffy: “Yeh, deah, Normie. What you see as “making biscuits” is actually the baby’s way of stimulating milk production in the mother. It never quite goes away and is a memory of a better time as well. Very, eh, whattya call…instinctual deah.”

  80. The skunk is way cute! And they do make very good pets, my uncle had one for awhile. If you get her/him de-scented you shouldn’t have a problem at all! ^.^

  81. Indeed, skunks are in fact about the size of a medium house cat. They can be descented after a certain age like ferrets, and from what I understand can be good pets like cats.

  82. Tammie from Nebraska says:

    AS much as I dislike skunks, I have to admit those are some cute pix.

  83. Faint skunksmell isn’t much different from the smell of cut grass. If a descented skunk smelled like that, then that’s not anything to worry about.

    Skunky: NEVER

  84. gigglingpear says:

    Momcat is stunning!
    (LOL, P. Erasmus!)

    ps. Love the new intersnorgle category 🙂

  85. Bwa ha ha ha, I love it.

  86. sure skunks are cute. you must, however, remember that a skunk may be BORN with rabies. they can acquire the disease from their mother in vitro! there is no effective rabies vaccination for the animal. they should NOT be considered a pet, and should be taken to an animal refuge center. sorry to rain on your parade.

  87. Skunks are rabies carriers, and should be rehabilitated by a licensed rehabber ONLY. It is against the law for anyone who is not a licensed rehabber to have a black & white skunk. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Whoever rescued this little guy needs to contact a wildlife rescue group.

    Only brown & white skunks are legal to own as pets.

  88. bucky spalding says:

    Skunks can be kept as pets but they are the very definition of “high maintainnance”. NEVER keep a wild skunk. There are domestic skunk breeders for the pet market. Do your research

  89. Here’s that skunks-as-pets link reformatted:

    Note also the “Legal?” link in the left margin; in alpha order by state:

  90. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. LOVE the kitten in pic#3. (“Wheeeee!!! Skunky tail!”)

  91. Well, actually the legality of owning black and white skunks depends where you live. Some places, it’s totally illegal, others you can get a permit. The problem with B/W skunks is that someone could trap a wild skunk that’s been untested for rabies and pass it off as a domesticated pet. I’m certain that whoever owns this skunky has been responsible and tested the little guy before letting it mingle with the cats.

  92. That last pic…the little skunky paw on the belly-part. Awwww…this is going out as my Valentine e-mail. My sister had a skunk visit her back glass door quite frequently; “it” would await her cat, Max, who would trot out to meet his pal and return several hours later smelling faintly skunky. Those two were good buds for awhile and then. Well. No more visits. I’m sure that momcat in the picture is telling everyone to get over it, move on and leave her and her charges to get on with the important business of Life.

  93. OMG. I have wanted a skunk all my life! You can have them de-skunked and neutered and all, and they can be potty trained just like kitties!

  94. one of the erins says:

    That is a total zerbert the skunk is doing on the cat in the third picture… ^_^

  95. Lynne in Georgia says:

    Grandpa used to call skunks “woods pussies” – guess he wasn’t far wrong!

  96. Jody in Michigan says:

    I had a male pet skunk for 8 yrs. Females are more social than males. Lotta fun but a lotta work…they like to dig as that’s one way they find their food in the wild. Mine loved to eat grasshoppers that I’d catch for him and feed him wearing heavy garden gloves. They need canine & feline distemper shots and they get round worm if not vaccinated which can strangulate their lungs. I miss my Sammy Skunka.

  97. this is almsot cutest and sweetest and most oddest thing i’ve seen on cute overload! 🙂

  98. ur lucky 2 have a pet like sammy, jody:) he must have been so awsome and fun to have as a pet;)