Ferret snorkling

Look, I know there are three bowls of food here.

Alls I need is water for the time bein’. [dunks entire head in bowl]

Daaaat’s corrrecte.


Holy Jacques Cousteau, Ashlie W.!



  1. Carla Bernal says:

    Cute! I love ferrets!

  2. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Ohhh snorkeling ferrets! My ferret does this too, in the dogs’ water bowl. Dunks his whole head in and bubble bubble bubble bubble!

  3. At super fancy human feasts: finger bowls.
    At super fancy ferret feasts: snout bowls.

  4. Ha ha ha ha… I wonder how much water he gets up his nose?

  5. Perhaps he thought he saw a fishy? 😛

  6. Tsk, Meg, you know perfectly well it’s spelled “SNORGLING.”

  7. Beastmaster says:

    My ferrets do this too! If there are any ice cubes they carefully remove each one with their jaws, place them beside the bowl, and walk away.

  8. is it just me.. or does it look like our ferrety little friend is bobbing for apples?

  9. Hm….my ferret does that to, wonder why??? She puts her nose all the way under water and then she kind of stirs the water with her head. I thought she was a bit crazy or something 😛 Anyone know why they do this??

  10. They do this because they are omnivores and think there are feeeeshes in the water. Apparently this is also why they get stuck in toilets, although I have never witnessed this myself.

  11. He looks like a thin bear.

  12. Is he making bubbles? It looks like a tidal wave. Surfs UP!

  13. cats swirl their water too…they pretend that they are drinking from a river

  14. Is he making bubbles? It looks like a tidal wave. Surfs UP!

  15. It’s a long-legged otter!

  16. >They do this because they are omnivores and think there are feeeeshes in the water. Apparently this is also why they get stuck in toilets, although I have never witnessed this myself.

    Ah…. makes sense! I’m sooo getting my ferrets some rubber fishes!

  17. Rob, that’s neat-o! One of my cats pushes his bowl around until the water sloshes everywhere before he deems it OK to drink!

    During the day: cute
    During the night: annoying


  18. Make sure they’re very hard rubber then, Marianne…they have this thing for chewing pieces off of soft rubber toys. If they swallow those it can cause an intestinal blockage!

    *sigh* I miss me fewwets…


  19. Thanks Loris and Marianne for the explanation.
    They must be fun pets to have.

  20. these pretzels…..are making me…..thirsty!

  21. My ferrets all like to do this – in my water glass! Then they shake their heads around and sneeze. In my water glass.

  22. Makes me miss my fair-rats too…

  23. martha in mobile says:

    Deb — remind me to bring my own glass to your house…

  24. katerpie, my male likes to slosh the water around too. And in the middle of the night. *sigh*

    Maybe I need to get a deeper water bowl instead. He tries to snorkle in the one they have, but it’s not deep enough.

  25. So…this is snorKling, vs snorGling.

  26. Oh my…I must remember to giggle hysterically at these pics only when I’m the only one home. My dad’s here and he gave me a funny look because I was giggling about this (not to mention the comments)

  27. Ohhh!

    My ferret once tried to do this in a mug of hot tea. Oops! I was very frightened for her, but she was okay — just a little chastened. Ever since, she has been a lot more careful about looking for feeshes!

  28. That’s AWESOME!!!

    I would love to see this in action…hmmmmm, youtube, here i come!

  29. I think Meg’s vocabulary is falling victim to her own standard modifications to regular vocabulary.

    It’s a little disorienting.

    But cute ferreet!

  30. belphebe, good to hear I’m not alone! there are perpetually little wet paw marks all over my apartment. i need a bowl with a rubber bottom to minimize scooting, eliminating the lovely “ERRR!! ERRR!” sound in the middle of the night.

  31. My guys all do this. It’s hilarious to watch.

  32. So what would happen if you put a couple feeder goldfish in the waterdish? Maybe I could do that for my cats…. But let me know if ferrets like it….

  33. Um, thinkie, I doubt Meg intended to suggest the ferret was “snorgling” the bowl of water. How silly would that be? Of course, he’s snorkling. You just can’t see his tiny little snorkle mask.

  34. That’s my big boy Shadow!!! He has since passed on to the great beyond, but boy did he LOVE to snorkle! I was having such a rotten day, so I came for some CO joy, and there is my boy! What a feeling! Thanks Meg!!!!

  35. Aww! He obviously hadn’t been to Kenya to get his free snorkle.


  36. About the feeders in the water: we had a pet racoon when I was a teen (mother was hit by a car) and she LOVED it when we put fish in her water bowl.

    She still brings her babies back to my dad’s place every year to feast on cat food left on the porch for her 🙂 Such a fun sight.

  37. What a cutie! I asked a bud about the feeeshing idea, (because he knows lots about mustelids and the like. He chuckled and said that maybe the reason why, but more likely it is “I am ze ferrette and I luuuurve to plaaaaaaay in the water….”

  38. Redz, I think you’re right. It should be snorkEling, which rather confused me for a bit, but you are perfectly correct.

  39. Another Angela says:

    My ratties love to snorkel too. And there is a super cute photo of two ratties ice-fishing here!

  40. “Dive! Dive! All Dive!!”

  41. Aww I know that ferret!

  42. I amagined a cartoon gargling noise as soon as i saw this.

  43. Is it just me or does it look like Mr. Ferretson here is licking a bowl full of tiny see-through plasctic forks!?

    Have I overdosed on cute at some point in time?

    Seriously, that does NOT look like water to me!!

  44. useta hada kitteh says:

    Kasia — I see what you mean, but I think the water just looks weird because there’s been a fierce water-stirring motion goin’ on. With ferret-head spoon.

  45. Ashlie W—- Thanks for sharing Shadow’s picture with us. I’m sure you miss him. Bet he was lots of fun :o)

  46. oooh I love ferrets! congrats on another article lauding your site (in the Hallmark magazine) – I just read it and came to check in.
    My ferret feels the need to knock over any bowls of water he can. After splashing around in the bowl first, of course!

  47. Two of my ferrets lap water out of the dog’s dish (they also have a water bottle in their cage) like a dog does. The third does like the one in the photo: he sticks his entire face into the water, and then pulls it out and goes into sneezing fits.

  48. Cute.

  49. slytherin queen says:

    So cute!