In the Heart of the Birthday Jungle

Bright shapes curled, lay, and sat between the cushions, leaning against the table legs, clinging to the rug, half coming out, half effaced within the camera flash, in all the attitudes of puffy abandonment and delicate despair.


Another call in the kitchenette went off, followed by a heavy rumble of the floor under my feet. The cake was being served. The cake! And this was the place where some of the yelpers had withdrawn from, stampeding for the most frivolous of foods.


“The howwah! The howwah!”

(with apologies to Joe Conrad)



  1. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Tissue paper heaven!

  2. Miss_Thing says:

    Ahhhh…I love the smell of tissue paper in the morning…

  3. Ahh…any cat’s favorite part of present opening.
    Lovely crackly tissue paper and wrapping paper, and ribbons! Lots of ribbons!

    Such a lovely kitty too…beautiful markings.

  4. The kitten is Yuki. She’s bigger now, and fluffier. She lives with her sister (Mei) who is 100% gray. And even fluffier.

  5. She looks so snorgable in the first picture and so ready to play…

    The second picture is kinda “Set… ready… “

  6. In the jungle, the mighty jungle
    The lion sleeps toniiiiight….

    aweem awep aweem awep
    aweem awep aween awep

    Sorry, the title made that song pop into my head. Thought I’d share.

    Kitties and gift wrap…almost more fun than the gift!

  7. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! bfl, I was tewtally just gonna sing that song for all of you guys, but i guess i’m not anymore cuz u already did!…Great minds think alike i suppose.

  8. And today is my birthday!! Woo hoo!! A kitty amongst the wrapping paper is the BEST gift!

  9. Don’t apologize. This version is already way better than Conrad’s.

  10. Awwwww! My Vinci looks a lot like this kitty!!!! The only difference is that Vinci has a white beauty splotch on his forehead and little black beauty spots in his white fur around his nose and on his paws!

  11. These photos remind me of when I had a kitty years ago. Looks a lot like she did. Except, she would say heck with the tissue paper, and go straight to attacking the boxes and the gift bags!

  12. Awww—She’s beautiful :o)
    The 2nd pic would make a great puzzle, so colorful!

    Theo—Is she one of your foster kitties?


  13. Carlisa — nope, she’s one of the cats-in-law. We got lots o’ those.

  14. someone.else says:

    I love the paraphrase – this is hilarious!

  15. At the party, the birthday party
    The kitty leaps tonight
    At the party, the birthday party
    The kitty leaps tonight

    Chorus: Weemoway etc.

    In the paper, the torn up paper
    The kitty lurks tonight
    In the paper, the torn up paper
    The kitty lurks tonight

    Chorus: Weemoway etc.

    Hush, my darling, don’t cry my darling
    Wal-Mart takes returns
    Hush, my darling, don’t cry my darling
    Wal-Mart takes returns

    Chorus: Weemoway etc.

  16. Kudos to the Kitty-in-Law!

    Peg of Tilling—-Yay! Welcome to Hollywood! :o)

  17. Oh pretty kitty. So expressive!

  18. Hollywood, Carlisa? Swimmin’ pools, movie stars?

    Oh wait, that’s Beverleeeee…Hills, that is. Never mind.

  19. Cat+wrapping paper = endless fun and pounces!

  20. A lil’ kitty paradise!

  21. What fun!

  22. Wheeee!!! B&W Tux kitty amid so many pretty colours!

    [sigh] And her name is Yuki too.

    *really missing my 2-hour-adopted kitten…*

  23. “attitudes of puffy abandonment and delicate despair”

    outstanding prose

    and! omg qte kitteh lolz!

  24. Peg of Tilling…you have succeeded in making me laugh my brains out, DESPITE the fact that you mentioned my place of work during my weekend! Therefore, you shall be spared my wrath… 😉

    Seriously though, that was fantastic!

    As for the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, In the Tissue of the Night, I wish I could have a giant pile of crackly paper to leap around in too! Wait for me, kitty! *dives in*


  25. em…what’s a howwah?

  26. The English major in me appreciates this!

  27. M.V. — rent this, and all will become clear. 😉

  28. Ah, just what I needed to get those essays pressed off 🙂

    But I must know, who’s birthday was it, Theo?

  29. I just noticed the CO imprint on th pictures. Is that new?

    (goes to check)

  30. Them’s crazy eyes!

  31. Peg of Tilling wins.

    (in the wrappings, the torn-up wrappings, the kitten sleeeps toniiiight)

  32. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks, LurkerT, but I think the prize goes to Theo for the captions…When I was in college I had a professor from Texas who said “The Horah, the Horah” but we did not dance.

  33. Poor meow. Birthdays can be traumatizing, but this takes the cake.

    Another English major here. We NEED to make fund of that book.

  34. ‘m gonna pounce, pounce
    I’m gonna pounce

    I’m gonna pounce
    Like a pussy cat

    I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    You’re feelin’ hollow for the deal is done
    I’m gonna pounce, I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    You hear a rustle but you pass on by
    I’m gonna pounce, I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    You see a shadow stretching over the sun
    I’m gonna pounce
    That’s when the cutest little kitty comes and hits you in the eye

    I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    I’m gonna pounce
    I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    I’m gonna pounce
    I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    I’m gonna pounce, pounce
    I’m gonna pounce
    Like a pussy cat!!

  35. what a happy kitty its to busy to notice anyone but all that stuff to jump in and out of, go get them kitty

  36. Hope that who ever had the birthday had a good one !!!!!!!!

  37. definitely cuter than kurtz-era brando.

    meg, you slay me.

  38. DLT — Meg??

  39. R. Moore & Leah — it was our youngest’s 13th. She exchanged the fringe-y jacket for something more to her own tastes, but by & large it was a successful inaugural to The Teen Years.

  40. puurrr….

  41. P. Erasmus says:
  42. i just buy my kitty tissue paper for prezzies now. I tried the cat toys, the cat food, the little laser thing… all he wants is the tissue paper. At 2am there is the crinkly sound of kitteh tearing across the house to jump onto the tissue and attack it.

  43. whats with the watermark?!

  44. LMAO!!!! This looks like my mum’s cat Sunshine on Christmas morning. I swear she was so impatient for the paper she started to ‘help’ us unwrap our pressies. I think my brother still has scars from that.

  45. Happy Birthday to her, then!

    I don’t suppose she reads CO?

  46. Her mental powers are levitating that sheet of blue tissue.

  47. Cute….so terribly cute. Just love your blog.
    Peep into my friendship blog at for some beautiful e-greeting cards and friendly tips.

  48. RE: P o’ T “I had a professor from Texas who said “The Horah, the Horah” but we did not dance.”

    Oh, my. The wit and humor just never ends around here. Thank you for the laugh.

  49. Blake (a girl) says:

    Hahaha, I just finished reading “Heart of Darkness” for my Senior English class. This is the perfect ending to the unit, I think. Such an arduous book!! But what a sweet sweet kitty 🙂

  50. Aww totally reminds me of my late kitty.. he used to do that every xmas and birthday. Makes me miss him.

  51. Heeeyyy…. it’s my Dad’s birthday today! Whoa!

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    This looks like the “Heart of Brightness”! Loved your re-versioning of Conrad, Teho.

    That kitty can come and play in my birfday paper anytime!