OK, “snorgle” has gone mainstream

Big props to San Francisco chronicle peeps for picking up on this IMPORTANT TREND

Thanks fer pointing it out, Daisy H.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Yay! What’s next? Masterpiece Theatre?

  2. YAYYYY!!!!

  3. hee! he’s so cute! ^_^ i love tigers!:)

  4. wow Meg, I didn’t know you were moonlighting writing captions for the SF Chronicle… stheriously, it sounds just like you.

  5. oh, and i will GLADLY BE LICKED. Sacrifice in the name of tiger snorgling. 🙂

  6. Freakin’ RAD!!

  7. WOOT!!! Must be some kind of record to have a word go mainstream in less than a year. Next thing we know, it will be in the dictionary. Yay, Meg!

  8. Well, who *did* put the snorgle-proof glass in there?

    Kitteh wants kisses and huggles, and wants them now.

  9. I admit wanting to snorgle the tiger, but I am a bit surprised that the tiger wants to snorgle ME. But I’m up for that. I already put up with the love-clawing from my little tom, I can handle some blood with my cuddles. 🙂

  10. triplets! the cuteness is TOO overwhelming @_@


  11. Martha in Washington says:

    He looks like he wants it BAD!!

    The tongue!! and the gorgeous blue eyes!! I just died.

  12. Hey Meg, is Chief Sister Officer working over there at the Chronicle? It would be kind of cool to find out who wrote the caption and if they’re a closet C.O. fan.

    Apparently the term made the Urban Dictionary way back in June of ’04. OUR definition in May of last year. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=snorgle

  13. Did you guys see this one, later in the same series?

    It’s also written in Meg-speak. I was wondering whether she had taken other employment. 🙂

  14. It may be worth monitoring wordspy.com, a site that every day posts a new emerging word.

    My favorite so far: “buttcall,” which is what happens when you accidentally dial someone by sitting on your cell phone.

  15. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Now we all know where Meg goes when there is a gap in posts… She is a roving reporter.

  16. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Has anyone noticed that there is actually a snorgle.com?

  17. I wanna snorgle that tigitty NOW.


  18. In San Franscisco tiger shnorgle *you*! S/he is so darlin’: “But lookit all them sticky chirrens! I’m doing a public service here, theriouthly! *thlurp*!”. & Suda Nim, I usually call the buttcall a fanny-phone, LOL

  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    I, too, would be willing to be snorgled by that little guy! Too cool.

    Hey, everybody, scroll down past Squirrly McSquirrelsons, and there’s a new post. It’s date stamped Feb 7, but I would swear on a stack of hammies/gerbils that it wasn’t there then.

  20. OMG…I want it!! If only I wasn’t allergic…….

  21. Hotcha! And that snorgle.com has a peek-chur of a watermellony tapie bebeh in it!

    (The SF Chronicle caption is a poor imitation of Meg…we all know her tiger bebeh would want to LEECK the visitors!)

  22. Y’know, if you have a first language you learned and then later you learn another one (so that you’re not truly bilingual and fluent in both, but pretty good in the second language), some words/phrases just feel more “right” in the second language.

    For example, to me saying “Quelle heure est-il?” feels more right, and comes to my tongue more quickly, than “What time is it?”. And “Ca fait combien?” fells more right than “How much is that?”

    Along those lines, “snorgle” feels more right in my mouth (and brain) than….well, I don’t really remember the word(s) it’s meant to replace, lol! More right than “hug” or “cuddle”, I suppose.

    And “muzzlepuff”? Forget it, that’s the ONLY word that will do for that particular adorable bit of a wee kitty, puppy, etc. I’m always telling my kitteh what an adorable muzzlepuff she has!

  23. Snorgles make my nose itch. :O)

  24. Do they make tiger-sized Soft Paws?

  25. The “Day in Pictures” in the SF Chron always has cute captions and frequently, cute pics too. I just wanna know where I can get a job writing cute stuff and get paid for it!

  26. paulajeanne says:

    Rumi, you are so right. I am shocked at how quickly Meg’s “new” language has made its way into MY vocabulary. It is funny how those words like “leeck” and “snorgle” and “kitteh” just seem to fit certain situations betteh!

  27. thalestral says:


    White tigers, not cute 😦

  28. Is not like cuteoverload.com was the first place to use those words.

  29. Ya, I agree, I heard those words being used looong before I ever heard of cute overload. Probably before it was started too.
    But Cool.

  30. Why does he/she say he/she wants to lick Buenos Aires Zoo patrons? Cus you I DO live in BA and would lick the tiger for him if he wants me to 😛

  31. They got the snorgle part right, but they missed “leek”. 🙂

  32. off topic, but…

    remember those 18 baby pandas in china and the contest to name them?

    well, they’ve all got names now!

    “The names included Fuwa for baby No 9, the same as the name of the Beijing Olympics mascot, and meaning friendly.

    Baby No 1 was named Sixue, meaning “miss the snow”, twins were named Meixi and Meixin, both meaning beautiful, and the naughtiest was called Taotao, meaning mischievous.”

    namelink for more.

  33. People who get paid to write headlines and cutlines (newspaper-jargon for what everyone else in the world calls “captions”)are masters of their art, as subtle as the finest haiku writers.

    The best for the obsessed-astronaut saga? “From the Rocket to the Docket”

    The SF Chronicle years ago ran a pic of a zoo porcupine being weighed as part of a checkup.

    Cutline: “Where There’s a Quill There’s a Weigh.”

  34. SudaNim: LOL at the porcupine pun. And my fave crazy astro-chick headline: “The Dark Side of the Loon”.

  35. ya I hate that look but don’t touch rule. lol meow

  36. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/dip?o=1&f=/g/archive/2007/02/09/dip.DTL

    DISCUSTING…..Not The Cute Tiger; This Girl Eating Cocoa Bath Water That Peoples Bodies Have Been In.
    Or This Next One Is Self Expolanitory Discusting


  37. Useta; I Dont Recall Seeing It Before either; And There Are Only 10 Comments On It.

  38. A few more papers and a few more years and CO gets into the dictionary hopefully the entire glossary will make it woot!
    {Quietly slips glass cutter to tiger cub }

  39. Viva le Pink!

  40. I just TOTALLY mixed French and Spanish 😛

  41. I’ve been saying for months now that whoever does the Chronicle’s Day in Pictures is a HUGE CO fan — you can see it in their animal photos/captions. This is by far not the first. 🙂

  42. froggiecute says:

    Its not like Cuteoverload was the only or first one who those words with that meaning . I like the website, but they can’t think they were the only ones, or first ones to use those words. Just because someone uses those words does NOT mean they, or anyone they heard it from got it from Cute Overload.
    But the tiger sure was CUTE!!!

  43. Yet another reason I love my City 🙂 (As an unheard-of-outside-my-bloodline 7th generation native-born San Franciscan, it is truly MY City.)

  44. That really is just SO cool!! w00t!

  45. Well CO is the first place that I heard/saw words like “snorgle” and “muzzlepuff”, anyway. So it IS the place where SOME of us got those words.

    Though why this is an issue at all, even a minor one, I have no idea, lol…it really doesn’t matter who used what word first, for god’s sake.

  46. LOL, sounds like Meg has a job at the SF Chronicle!

  47. Chad R. Larson says:
  48. hey, I hope they follow suit with some of the headlines too. It would make it a much happier paper
    “Adorable Weensies First Bath”
    and I would probably start reading it.