Ribble ribble

From condos to castles, Barry has you coveredFrog-saver and stellar mortgage broker Barry writes:

"My wife and I were at a Chinese market when we spotted these bull frogs being sold for the Chinese New Year to be eaten. We decided to save one from a sad death and took it home. They sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat. When we arrived home, our dog Puka fell in love with the frog. She thinks its her baby. She mothers it and follows it everywhere. If he tries to hop away she will nudge it back with her paw. When its in the tank she never leaves its side. She loves her Phineous frog!"

Shifty eyes

[will you please check out the eyeball action on this frog]


Ehn! [pushes with nose]

Run away!



  1. Aww! Such a sweet story!
    I love those ‘unlikely friends’!

  2. Aw! That is so schweet! Froggies kinda skeer me for some reason, but this is just too cute!

  3. In every picture, the dog only has eyes for the frog. So cute. 🙂

  4. Matbe she read to much fairy tail and think there is a prince in there….squeak!

  5. How cute!

  6. This is something we don’t see everyday… and I agree with Sneezy, Puka only has eyes for her frog.

    So cute!

    My dog would’ve ran away from it :/

  7. That is just about the sweetest thing I’ve heard since the baby ducky and her/his fam. BABY!!!

  8. I think it’s simply FANTASTIC!! how they saved a frog!! That’s so amazing, I would have done the same thing!! KUDOS TO YOU, MR. BROKER!! And hey, they dog’s a sweetie cutiepie lovely, aswell!! Much love!

  9. My dog has the anti-relationship with them amphibians (toads, in this case, not frogs). You know how toads have that coating that tastes bad and makes your mouth foam (not that I know this personally)?

    He came in one day with somone obviously in his (very large) mouth, which was foaming. He then spat out a toad on the floor.

    Subsequent series of events, written in Official Dog Logic ™:

    (spit out toad)
    “Hey, look, a toad!”
    (pick up toad)
    (spit out toad)
    “Hey, look, a toad!”

    This continues until I can get the toad and return it to the back yard.

    He has yet to actually hurt a toad doing this.

    What worries me is that this happens once or twice a year. He’s generally a pretty smart dog…..

  10. Um, that should have been “something” in his mouth. I didn’t find out it was a “someone” until a little later.

  11. I dunno, in the last photo, Phineas has a look…”THIS is better than being served as frog legs?”
    He is a stylin’ frog, though (I like his verdigris patina in the last photo), and it’s been ages since I’ve seen a Peke.

  12. Is this a rule of cuteness? “Unlikely friends”?

  13. ’cause it should be! Love this one!

  14. Bats, all frogs automatically look Disapproving. They’re clearly part of the lagomorph family.

  15. I can’t believe people eat those frogs! That’s nasty!

  16. TM — in my pre-vegetarian days, I tried them. It’s literally a “tastes like chicken” thing, with lotsa garlic. Snails too. With enough butter and garlic, I would eat a sliced boot.

    /activate soapbox

    And speaking of global environmental interconnectedness, gourmet demand for frogs’ legs is now so high that they’re *majorly* harvested in India for export.This has led to a big increase in pest insect species that the frogs eat, so now Indian farmers have to buy chemical insecticides.

    /soapbox off

  17. Oops: insect “populations,” not “species.”

    Fingers clearly faster than brain today.

  18. michellemybelle says:

    This story is a fantastic example of BFF and BEF – they have got it goin’ on!

    Barry just found a whole new customer base too, I imagine.

  19. adorable!!!

  20. um, ADORABLE!!! but i have to say… the froggie looks a leetle gross in the first picture… otherwise, the doggie is incredibly cute and oh-so-motherly <3!

  21. SudaNim: isn’t that toad-coating hallucinogenic? Or is that only w/certain species? Which reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer kept licking a toad to get high. Heh.

  22. That is one lucky froggy. For him this will be the Year of the Dog.

    Side note: San Francisco is having a huge Chinese New Year party March 3 in Chinatown, natch! See you there!

  23. Dustbunny — I think it’s only the Cane Toads in Australia that get you high.

    In my dog’s case, the ones here only make him stupid.

  24. Lucky frog! Yay!! Cute little doggie too.

  25. that’s one lucky frog..

  26. Definitely one of the cutely weirdest, or weirdly cute, things I’ve ever seen on here. If that frog could talk…

  27. Another Angela says:

    Bullfrog tadpoles have a protective horrible flavor, but these aren’t toads, and aren’t psychoactive. Very nice of you to save him from market, but please don’t release a bullfrog anywhere they are not native (like the west coast) because they can be devastating to native amphibians!

  28. really too cute for words. so I won’t bother.

  29. Suda Nim, have you heard this story of the dog who was addicted to toads? It’s hilarious.


  30. This one just made me go “awwwwwwwww…” What a sweet story. So happy the frog was spared and Puka has a new friend!

  31. Cane Toads in Australia are EVIL …

    they spit poison at peeps and pets, esp dogs …

    if a doggie ingests the poison, it’ll foam at the mouth & soon die …

    the remedy is to hose the poison out of said doggie’s mouth with water, again & again & again until the doggie stops gagging from the poison …

    THEN, you go kill the evil cane toad with a hammer or a golf club …

    all this sounds cavemannish but cane toads are notorious for being resistant to all poisons and cause a lot of grief, in the suburbs as well as in the country …

    BTW, kittehs hate them and stay well away from these creatures from Hell.

  32. Oh my that is sooo sweet! I just love frogs and I probably would have done that too 🙂

  33. Colorado river toads (found in the southwestern U.S.) are also toxic to dogs (and probably other species that feel the need to try eating them). I suspect a number of toads have this type of defense mechanism.

  34. Those frogs will eat kittens and ducklings 😀

  35. What a strange and adorable story..what an odd couple!

  36. I love this site and I think it’s great that we all can come here to feel good..but am I the only one who finds the beginning of this story off-putting?

    I don’t want to be a hater, but Mister broker is evidently not vegetarian (since he buys meat). Which makes him a culturally unaware hypocrite.

    Being Chinese, I’m a little tired of the whole ‘ew, they eat *what*? that is so cruel’ mentality, as the speaker talks around a mouthful of hen, cow, or pig.

  37. GORGEOUS DOG – Which breed is it?

  38. I think it is a bit quirky that this toad was a pre-dinner rescue–not sure I’d rescue a frog from being food.

    That said, as a pet froggy, he is cute. He seems to be smiling in the last pic.

  39. I wonder what Puka named her froggie baby. Since Puka means “hole, space, OR opening” in Hawaiian… What should we name the froggie? Look here for ideas: http://fm.hisurf.com/hawaiian/dictionary.taf?_function=list&_start=1

    Aw… c’mon. Play along…it’s Saturday! 😉

  40. Doafy – HILARIOUS!!! LOL! Po puppy! Hee hee hee

  41. By the way, what about KEIKI as a name for the frog? It means “little one, baby, or child” in Hawaiian.

  42. awww, how cute! it’s such a funny little story, i’m amazed at how animals bond!

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    speaking of cane toad. Take a look at this little animation.
    i laughed so hard.

  44. Ha, i think the dog’s Pekingnese(?)! I dare say, the frog from the Chinese market shouldn’t have any trouble talking with a Pekingnese 😉

  45. “I don’t want to be a hater, but Mister broker is evidently not vegetarian (since he buys meat). Which makes him a culturally unaware hypocrite. Being Chinese, I’m a little tired of the whole ‘ew, they eat *what*? that is so cruel’ mentality, as the speaker talks around a mouthful of hen, cow, or pig. “

    E.W., I thought I was going to be the first one to say this. I am totally in agreement. The statement “sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat” reeked of Eurocentricity. Just because it’s not a piece of meat to you doesn’t mean it’s not a piece of meat to millions of other people in the world.

  46. EW and Van — I say this is a perfect time to start making fun of the French!

  47. ka9q's wife says:

    I forgot to point out that the above movie may not be work safe. In fact it may not be safe for those with a weak stomach or those easily offended.
    However i find it very funny.

  48. heh. the pet has a pet.

  49. “E.W., I thought I was going to be the first one to say this. I am totally in agreement. The statement “sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat” reeked of Eurocentricity. Just because it’s not a piece of meat to you doesn’t mean it’s not a piece of meat to millions of other people in the world.”

    I think you misunderstand. The frog was put into a bag, ALIVE. LIVING ANIMALS are not ‘pieces of meat’, regardless of your culture.

  50. Misanthropic says:

    That is too cute.
    I think “Unlikely Friends” or “Pets with Pets” should def. be a Rule…

    I would include raving about the obvious issue at hand, but frankly, it seems to be getting covered just fine.

  51. Having been to plenty of Chinese restaurants with lots of aquariums in the front (and plenty of Southern seafood restaurants), I agree that this attitude of “saving” your food could seem a tad snobbish.

    But…this is a cute frog, I have to admit. Enough to make me feel a tad guilty for all the frog’s legs I’ve eaten over the years!

  52. Anastasia_Beaverhousen says:

    um actually, living animals are pieces of meat in Japan…thus sushi was born…so pls everyone relax

  53. “Being Chinese, I’m a little tired of the whole ‘ew, they eat *what*? that is so cruel’ mentality, as the speaker talks around a mouthful of hen, cow, or pig.”

    Being vegan, I feel the same way. 😉

  54. Oh, but I forgot to mention that it’s nice that his intentions were good, and he DID save the frog, and the pictures are very cute.

  55. Oh, but I forgot to mention that it’s nice that his intentions were good, and he saved the frog, and the pictures are very cute!

  56. Stupid double post. Sorry.

  57. Good for you, Barry! I like frogs, too. Seems some people have to find something wrong with any good deed.

    Your dog kinda reminds me of how our huge Maine Coon fell in love with this scruffy little kitten my boyfriend brought home. Scruffy kitteh is a sleek, pretty adolescent now, but Coonie still takes care of her like he’s her momma.

  58. re Dustbunny:

    Marge: “Homer, are you licking toads again??”

    Homer: “I’m not NOT licking toads…”

  59. ps van: Eurocentricity? As in, focusing on Europeans? What are you getting at, exactly? I thought this was a story of a Chinese-born frog, not a French one or an Italian one.

    a la The Princess bride: That word you keep using…I do not think it means what you think it means.

  60. I love their kinda matching beady eyes…
    Maybe pups thinks it’s some kind of a larval Peke?

  61. gloom raider says:

    I have horrible frog-fear, and even I find this somewhat cute.

    As to the eurocentric thing, I think a lot of people who didn’t grow up in the country would have a hard time looking at a living animal and saying, “THAT’s my dinner tonight!” Heck, I did spend a lot of time on a farm as a child and don’t want to look my food, of whatever species, in the eye.

  62. In the next pic the froggie turns into a fluffy white doggie.

  63. Thank you for saving the frog. But what are you going to do with it now?

  64. Could it be this puppeh has a little wee bit of Kitler in her? Look again!

  65. This is a great story.

    As for the PC police, I think you guys should lighten up. The sentence in question “They sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like I had bought a piece of meat.” could be read in a few ways – I think he was acknowledging that it was seen as a piece of meat at the market and that really who’s to say there is anything wrong with that?…but to him it was just a frog. This doesn’t strike me as commentary on the way another culture deals with food. He said he was “saving” him from a sad death, which is a fact regardless of what the animal is, again no cultural commentary. I eat meat. I can still see any animal death as a sad death.

    And the term’s “ethnocentric” not “eurocentric”. I just don’t think it applies to this story.

  66. It’s CUTE. ‘NUFF said.

  67. It’s great that they saved the frog-and the icing on the cake? Dog’s best friend! Too charming!

  68. Awwww, such a sweet story!!! I’m not too fond of frogs, but this is just too sweet. (Though the frog does look disapproving.)

    Suda Nim – LOL!!!Keep an eye on your dog, dude!

  69. canaduck, nicely said 🙂 yay for vegans!! lol

  70. love it – well done saving froggie 🙂 I like his green smile. he’s kinda chunky for a frog huh.

  71. Ho this is so cuuute!!!
    Inter-species love, gotta love that :-D.

    Thank you mister for having saved that frog, it’s a noble thing to do.

    I like the way the dog (holly cute!) looks at the frog, awwww.

    More love like this please!

    (And I’m for respect towards animals, wherever in the world it is. Alive, or not. At least Amerindians had it, they were not taking more than what they needed, never wasted. Just saying.

    I’m a Belgian-European and I love animals, frogs and cows included. End of story. )

  72. Since we are talking about cultural norms the correct term is eurocentric. From the dictionary: Centered or focused on Europe or European peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence.

    I happen to totally agree with EW. And to connect to something else that was said up thread. Please, PLEASE don’t release this frog into the wild. Those of us who live in the DC metro area remember that the Snake Head Fish crisis was caused when something that was supposed to be dinner was released into a non-native habitat.

  73. Can we please make “interspecies bonding” a new category? Pleeeeeeeease?

  74. This is just so sweet!

  75. book_monstercats says:

    I try to ensure that what little meat I eat has been farmed naturally, and killed humanely. The problem I have with frogs’ legs is that I don’t see how they can be killed humanely. I’ve heard horrible stories. ’nuff said, however. I respect other cultures’ rights to view animals differently. But what an adorable story and a VERY handsome frog. No wonder Puka fell in love.

  76. Phineas Phrog is a new phavorite. (As is Suda Nim’s spitty dog story.)

  77. Well folks, according to la letter, the frog is now a PET and not likely to be released, so chill on that bit.

    And yeesh, some people have to find offences to their culture EVERYWHERE. Maybe if we all stopped getting so bloody indignant over slights real or perceived to our respective culture, life would be a little nicer all around?

    Chill. It’s a cute tale of a froggie and a doggie.

  78. …also, some duplicate comments have been phixed

  79. Well, I think that’s a cute couple and want to eat them both! *Gobble* :oP

    Ally—–An excellant point! I’m in the same area, what ever happened to the Snake Head? Haven’t heard anymore have you?

  80. This is pretty much the cutest ever.

  81. Persephone says:

    Frog and dog are both adorable. 🙂 And it’s so cute when different species of animals loff each other! 😀

    Ps “Eurocentric” means seeing things from a European/Western point of view, so it would be Eurocentric to say that eating a cow is fine but buying a live frog to eat is creepy. “Ethnocentric” means seeing everything from YOUR OWN cultural point of view without acknowledging others, so if you’re being Eurocentric, you are also being Ethnocentric. Got it? 🙂

  82. E.W.: I prefer cow, myself. I’m not too fond of amphibian meat…but if they kill it before they cook it, I’m good. What’s the worst is this tradition in Latin America, where you carve out the still-beating heart of a bat and boil it in water, then consume it to alleviate respiratory problems stemming from smog.

    I love that kind of dog. Whenever I see one, I MUST PET IT. I’m so fortunate to work at a pet store. 😀

  83. TastesLikeChicken says:

    3 peke photos. I am dead with cuteness and then a chin appears. Double dead.

  84. Soooo cute. I love the middle picture.

    To everyone else, let’s take a lesson from Puka and Phineous and all just get along, regardless of differences 🙂

  85. lurkingsmirk says:

    (insert tasteless joke about buying the peke at the Chinese meat market as well)

    And Teri, I think you have it flipped…if we stopped slighting each other’s cultures, life would be a little nicer all around. The “I don’t need to change, YOU change” mentality just feeds the fire.

    Speaking of cruelty to frogs, did anyone have to dissect them in biology? Our froggies were drugged and technically still alive when we were told to saw off their heads! I don’t think that’s any worse than eating them, no one’s experiment worked anyways.

  86. Dogs ‘n’ frogs! Another CO category is born.

  87. meh. in my opinion you have no right to complain about people eating whatever if you eat any meat at all. so unless you’re vegan or vegetarian, give it up. if you want to act superior enough in your non frog eating, then stop eating meat. put up or shut up. the one thing i can see people complaining about is how the animals are slaughtered for food, but c’mon you’re getting it alive. any cruelty in the slaughter of the frog before eating would be yours alone.

    lurkingsmirk… we dissected dead fogs. they were very formaldehydey.

    that unpleasantness said, that was really cute. i think the whole interspecies friendships are DEFINITELY a cute rule.

  88. E.W. – I reread the story again…. and no. I don’t agree. Mister Broker mentioned it being a chinese market (as opposed to, say, his local market place, or something. Had that detail not been mentioned, there would have been a flock of “wheredo you live that you eat toads???” questions… there was now “eww.. omg. chinese r weird!” mentality in the post.

    And Mister Broker is not ‘evidentally’ no a vegitarian’… I don’t have to eat meat to know what itl ooks like or how it comes packaged. Just like I don’t have to maintain an aquarium to know how a goldfish will be given to me at the petstore… and I don’t need to keep a garden to know how Ill get a baby plant from the nursery.

    Anyway, in no place did Mister Broker say “omg, it was so terrible!!”… all mister Broker said was that they decided to save A toad (not all of them.. not throwing a fit or anything.. just purchase one of them) from being killed and eaten. The fact that it was a toad probably had little to do with it,so much as the fact that it waxs alive at the time. Everyone understands that chicken comes from those flappy feathery things. But most people would feel bad if they were given a clucking ball of feathers rather then a plastic wrapped bag of chicken wings.

    and there IS nothing wrong with ‘ew, they eat what?’… we grow up with conceptions. People look at *me* funny because I like to eat sushi (yes, raw fish and all)… and I look at people around me funny because they eat things like… fried pickels. it’s jsut different.

    I won’t deny that there is an amount of cultural stigmata involved, but it happens all over. but I didn’t see ANY of that in Mister Broker’s story. Except that he seemed a bit disturbed over the concept of puttin a LIVE ANIMAL in a bag… like it was already dead, and sliced up on the butcher block.

  89. yay froggie! I love his eyes — right on the top of his head, like Kermit. 🙂

    I think it’s great that Barry bought one of these frogs to be a pet. Lucky frog! For some people, you have to be some sort of vegan, mosquito-saving, never-ever-looked-cross-eyed-at-an-animal person in order to have enough ‘street cred’ to say anything positive about animals. Yeesh. I’m not a big fan of hypocrisy either, but isn’t this peke-froggie combo better than one more frog for dinner??

  90. I’m always pleased to hear about cows and chickens that break loose from slaughter houses and become pets, even though I eat some beef and chicken.

    I’m with Teri, I don’t think this was mean’t to be a story about what “bad” things other cultures eat. I think it’s suppose to be a story about how a man took home a frog and it became friends with his dog. Sure, if you spin an album backwards you can hear all sorts of noises that sound like devil worshipping, or you can just hear noises. You can stare at alcohol ads and think you see skulls in the ice cubes, or you can just see ice cubes. It’s getting to the point where a body can’t say or write a word without someone finding insult.

  91. cfhistorian says:

    *squees over the cute!*

  92. lurkingsmirk…and if we just simply ACCEPTED that there were differences and neither slighted nor freaked at a slight, it would be a nice place to be.

    We’re both on track.

    And this is a posting about a dog and a frog, NOT cultures. (considering that the gentleman DID NOT pontificate about how wrong/right the practice was. Just that they felt bad for the frog, bought one and took it home for a pet.)

  93. How do you people think a chicken gets turned into KFC? You slaughter it first, just like any Chinese person would do to the frog before cooking it. It doesn’t matter if this is done before or after the animal is sold. Chinese prefer to slaughter the animal in the home for better taste. How is that any different from slaughtering the animal at a factory or plant? This is just like when PETA protests selling of live animals at Taiwanese markets… It doesn’t matter if they’re live or not when they’re bought.

    The line “they sealed it in a bag with a sticker price tag just like a piece of meat” reeks of condescension. If there is any sentence in the post that indicates the “eurocentricity” others have mentioned, its this line. What else does this line indicate in tone and direct delivery that the sellers are insensitive enough to sell a frog like its food?

    This isn’t about political correctness. I don’t give a crap about political correctness. I and others find this post offensive, though I don’t think Barry was meaning to be. I’ll say it again, THIS ISN’T ABOUT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. I responded to this post and other comments because the words in them are OFFENSIVE. If you all wish to continue in ignorance, fine, go ahead and presume this is just an effort to P.C white people into submission. Its not. Its just another reminder of the “ching-chonging” and “eye-pulling” and incessant questions about if my family eats dogs and cats and frogs (no my family does not) that I’ve dealt with all my life. Disagree with me over if the post’s messages are truly offensive if you wish, but trying to change the fact that I and others (Asians AND caring people) that read this site feel offended and slighted by this post into something as shallow as “political correctness” only reveals your ignorance and arrogant inhumanity.

    And for the record, unless you are Asian you will never understand the shame and anger that accompanies being asked quesitons like “Why do you people eat frog legs? That’s disgusting!” or “Why do Chinese people sell animals alive? That’s so mean!”.

  94. Um yeah.
    Oh look, there’s a dog and a frog, and they’re friends. Don’t see that every day.

  95. now if i can get my cats to accept my puppy.
    I showed them the frog and dog pic but they just walked on by.

  96. I can just picture him walking the frog on a leash. That would be loads of fun to watch. *Hoppity-hop*

  97. hehe i think that the dog is in looouvre with the frog. tres cute!

  98. Gracie….how about you not make assumptions about us? Cause, see…this post was the first time I heard of the Chinese eating frog legs as a dish during their new years celebration. Prior to today, I thought frog’s legs were a French dish. I have never EVER EVER behaved in the manner of the people you obviously have had to deal with, and I personal do not know ANYONE who would do ANY of that crap to the Chinese or to African Canadians or the Japanese or East Indians or to Arabic peoples or ANYONE.

    I don’t care what people eat. I might not enjoy it personally, but I don’t go making racial and cultural assumptions based on it.

    And just so you know, us ‘Eurocentric white folk’ have our own stereotypes to deal with. Don’t believe me? I’m of Irish decent, and that apparently makes me an alcoholic manic depressive with a taste for violence and tall tales. “No Irish need apply” “Jack the Ripper must be Irish because no human being could commit those crimes” (real actual assumption) But guess what? I don’t let that bother me. Anyone who believes any of that crap is a fool.

    I am not ignorant. I am not inhumane. And i WILL NOT be pigeon-holed into that catagory by anyone for any reason whatsoever.

    Now, relax, look! A dog and a frog are bestest friends! WOW!

  99. gracie, stop victimizing yourself. i’m chinese, too, and i noticed his “condescending,” “eurocentric” tone, but i kept it to myself because i know i’ve cracked my share of jokes about other races (especially about french food).

    if i told you some african tribes drink animal blood the same way we drink milk, would you be completely accepting and understanding of that?

  100. so my point is, keep it to yourself. stop whining.

  101. My Vietnamese co-worker went on a diatribe the other day about “sausage-eating, lederhosen-wearing Krauts,” even though my Germanic last name is clearly printed on a sign outside my door. She’s basically a likeable person, so I shrugged it off. And I certainly don’t wear lederhosen and I don’t eat sausage.

    Now, back to the topic. A dog and a frog are best friends! Cool!

  102. That frog is so cute!!! I adore the second picture the best. “Look at the adorable frog!!!” and everyone else around me exclaimed “Look at the cute dog!!”… To each their own. 🙂

    Froggeh “My left side is my best…”
    Puppeh mutters under breath “Camera hog.”

  103. On a side note, irony isn’t dead. 🙂

    A dog and a frog can be best friends but humans of different cultures rip each other up in the comments.

  104. I’m not entirely sure how a cute frog and his doggy pal turned into commentroversy… but anyway, really cute story and I love the frog.

  105. I’m not entirely sure how a cute frog and his doggy pal turned into commentroversy… but anyway, really cute story and I love the frog.

  106. ThreeCatNight says:

    Chels, I’m with you.
    Two totally disparate species were introduced, bonded in friendship, and somehow it turned into a political and ethnic diatribe!
    Jeez – just take a lesson from the animal world.
    If a sweet little dog and a reptile can live together, why can’t the rest of us?
    Some doth protest too much!

  107. Um…how do we know the frog isn’t terrified out of his mind?

  108. SW — what *are* we going to do with you….

  109. you guys r silly says:

    WTB!? [winks at teho]
    wow….I didn’t see THIS one coming…I’m not even sure what all the fighting is ABOUT this time…
    * anyways * …
    I think interspecies bonding should DEFINATELY be a rule now too! &:o)

  110. twinklekiss says:

    I think this story is great. Also he was kind to save the frog from it’s death and in doing so, his dog has a new friend.

  111. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wazzup? I’m with chels & ygrs -odd place for a commentroversy. Great story, adorable doggie, and believe me when I say this is the first time in my life that I have thought a frog other than Kermit was cute.
    YMommie, scratching her head (and I DON’T have fleas…)

  112. I’m going to reply to this:

    ***”And for the record, unless you are Asian you will never understand the shame and anger that accompanies being asked quesitons like “Why do you people eat frog legs? That’s disgusting!” or “Why do Chinese people sell animals alive? That’s so mean!”.***

    Gracie, I am an Asian. And I’m one of those people that sometimes eat things that most people find disgusting.

    Ashamed, humiliated, anger? Why bother? I just shrug them of with amusement.

    Try not being mad. People have concepts, misconceptions, and they are bounded by ideas, cultures, religion. You cannot escape that. I wouldn’t be surprised to know that you yourself find some aspects of other people’s cultures weird. Some people voice them out, some don’t.

    Some people get mad, some understand that the ‘outsiders view’ are based on little understanding of your culture.

    Until you understand that we are surrounded by things that shape us differently, and that so many people around us are very different, and that people are attached to their personal stigmas, you will get frustrated and angry almost all the time.

    Try taking in deep breaths.

    You can’t change everyone even if you try. There will be people who will continue to see things differently than you do.

  113. @michellemybell: Yes, he did find a whole new customer base. I’m putting my house on the market in Houston in the late Spring – guess which broker I’m calling?

  114. Thats very honorable of him to buy a frog that is meant for food, and to give it a great life.

    I don’t care what your ethnic background is, slaughtering animals for food is wrong. There are so many other ways to get your protein that don’t give you cancer.

  115. I’ve heard frog legs are good with onions. *opens puddin cup*

  116. I can totally believe that as I had a persian cat who loved my iguana – who was six feet long. I would come home from work and find them cuddled up together on the couch. I was waiting for the day when I came home to furry lizards.

  117. pugmamatimestwo says:

    A pure white Peke–how gorgeous! She’s so adorable with her BFF (that’s Best Frog Forever, ha ha).

  118. meowprrprr says:

    MAJOR KUDOS to Mr.-Stellar-Mortgage-Broker-Barry. I’ve been a fan of CO for a while and this is the first story I felt compelled to post a comment on. I commend your saving of the amphib!! Your story should be made into a vegetarian children’s storybook! hahahaha…that’s an AWESOME idea. i insist you market this.

  119. That McFroggersons is snorgleadorable! (That is probably the only time those exact words have ever been said in the entire history of the universe.)

  120. What an adorable story about pup and frog! Kudos to frog saver couple, what a lovely thing to do!

  121. Whatta-wha? I’m Chinese and I’ve never even heard of frogs sold for the new year.

    Frogs make OK pets – I raised a tadpole right up to a froglet (it still had the tadpole tail). So cute.

  122. “Since we are talking about cultural norms the correct term is eurocentric. From the dictionary: Centered or focused on Europe or European peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence.”

    So France, Belgium and Italy (PLACES WHERE FROGS ARE ALSO CONSUMED) aren’t located in Europe in your world?

    The correct term is ethnocentric.

  123. a frog and a dooogg
    they love to snooogg
    in the early mornin’ fooogg
    on the cutest blog!

    <3 em

  124. Gina Gregoire says:

    Posted by: van | Feb 10, 2007 at 03:53 PM

    Yes, it may be Eurocentric, but, when I buy meat it is not moving.
    Chinese have no problem eating things that most people consider pets. I have seen an HBO special that shows just how inhumane Chinese people are. Clubbing a cat into unconsciousness and then skinning it alive. Yeah, nice people you are, NOT.

  125. rubber duck says:

    “eating things that most people [what ‘MOST people’, pray?] consider pets…” “…just how inhumane Chinese people are”. Better if I don’t even begin to deconstruct your phrasing. Animal rights, legislation and attitudes towards animals are not the same everywhere in the world, but there are more than a handful of countries (in Europe as well) where cruelty towards animals DOES happen in one form or another. Hopefully legislation and attitudes change, but there is much to be hoped for in most countries. It is simply easier to think of “the others” as cruel and “inhumane” (a culturally defined word).

    By the way, I, personally, love little piglets – or even grown pigs, actually – and if I saw them sold alive at the market I would certainly feel an urge to buy one to be a pet, although I know perfectly well that I cannot.

    However, a cute story of an unusual friendship. If you buy a pet in similar conditions, two things to remember are not to let in loose in the wild in your country (but why would you do this to any pet) and that it MIGHT potentially carry diseases that don’t exist in your country. So be careful.

    A gentle pat to Mr Froggie from me.

  126. How considerate sweet and cute!

  127. Suddenly, the world is a much better place =]
    thank god for people like you. That frog is one lucky chap…i’m happy for all of ya~