Bunny costume

This is Rusty the bunny—lyin’ on his side. Funny thing is, it looks like someone wearing a bunny costume after long day…


Check out more Rusty adventures on the Killay Pet Shop stream 😉



  1. Love the extreme close-up!

  2. Tocks tocks tail ‘n tocks. And feeties. Sleep well, Rusty-boo!

  3. Tail-licious Saturday!!

  4. well, i’ll say. where is pooh bear and tigger and piglet and owl and gopher and kanga and roo? anyway, it’s still a good thing to wake up to at 12:00 along with swedish pancakes and bacon….but i still mis tigger…. =(

  5. Saw this over on the “snorgle” post and wanted to share:

    I, too, would be willing to be snorgled by that little guy! Too cool.

    Hey, everybody, scroll down past Squirrly McSquirrelsons, and there’s a new post. It’s date stamped Feb 7, but I would swear on a stack of hammies/gerbils that it wasn’t there then.

    Posted by: useta hada kitteh | Feb 10, 2007 at 05:42 AM

    Useta, I think it’s dated wrong, ’cause the comments are from 2/9 & 2/10

  6. thedistractor says:

    This looks like a friend of mine after a night of heavy drinking, without the tail and furry legs of course.

  7. Floofy feet and tocks!

    Maybe it *is* someone in a bunny costume. What we don’t know is that the cages in the background are very, VERY big.

  8. Looks like someone’s pooped after handing out Easter eggs!

  9. I want to reach out tickle those feets…so floofy!

  10. thats one sleepy fuzzy bun bum!

  11. Heeey, what’s down Doc?

    Crunching carrot sounds wouldn’t even wake this guy.

    Tired from being a wascally wabbit, maybe?

  12. Bun Tocks!

  13. Squeeee! Floofy bunfoots! *faints*

  14. Bunny is just slacking off and avoiding chores. It’s actually his turn to vacuum the rug.

  15. guineapiggin9 says:

    bunny buns!!!!

  16. pookiepuff says:

    Bunny feet are so precious and fluffy! I love them! ^-^

  17. Rusty’s too sexy for his fur… 😉

    Glad you approved of this one, Meg!

    ( )
    ” “

  18. Rusty bun-bun’s exhausted from trying out for the Danish Bunny Steeplechase

  19. So lovely to see Rusty on here 🙂 if you like looking at bunnie buns (and who in their right mind doesn’t!) worth having a look at the bunny bums pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/bunnybums/pool/

  20. Bun’Tocks! Wheee!

  21. proshtock floof! I am amazed at the size of those slippers.

  22. useta hada kitteh says:

    FEEEEETS!!!!11!!! and da tail!!!!1!!!11! Oh the flufferness… I kain’t even make sense, my brain’s all gone… sigh…

  23. acelightning says:

    That is one relaxed bunbun! I think I’ll go flop down like that myself…

  24. “I’ve fallen! And I … zzz … can’tzzzz … getzzzzz … upzzzzzz… Zzzzzzz.” =:o}

  25. little miao says:

    fuzzy tail bunny feets!!!!

  26. … I can’t even tell whether or not that’s a real bunny.

    Totally looks stuffed!


  27. *hugs* Whast a cute bunny butt! I love it!

  28. awww…I know those feet!! 🙂

    Rusty is super adorable 🙂

  29. such clean feet! xD they look so comfortable..

  30. Heavens to Betsy cute bunny booty shot!!!

  31. Good use of the close up lens.

    Fluffy feet!

  32. He looks like the Ware-Rabbit

  33. That’s JUST what I thought Fred!

  34. Glad I’m not the only adult Wallace & Gromit fanatic! Gromit should run for parliment.

  35. (Crunch off a bite of carrot. Crunch, munch, munch.) “Nyeah, what’s up, Tock?”

  36. Bun’s got to learn to hang up his furry pantaloons at night.
    They’re going to be all wrinkly in the morning.

  37. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Tick the Tocks

  38. This is Thumper’s cousin, “Thud”.

  39. This is Thumper’s cousin, “Thud”.

  40. Oops. (..and I’m Ricochet Rabbit, apparently.)

  41. It’s good to have a little redundancy built into the system, in case of catastrophic failure.

    (thanks to Wolf/Umuhk for re-posting the link to all of these)

  42. What a sudden, unexpected surprise, like de ja vu all over again.

  43. tockies! on a bunnyboo! coated in fuzz! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!