Alien life discovered [in prosh crocheted sweater]

  KoKo’s new sweater – 3 mos. old 
  Originally uploaded by kikileta.



  1. thing is, it looks like it’s being crocheted while the doggy’s wearing it! What’s up with that string in the back? Maybe this is just a fitting. and… otherwise bleen?

  2. Oh. my. Gawd.

    I honestly can’t tell if that’s a puppeh or a kitteh.

    But it’s completely adorable!

  3. What sort of dog is this little cutie?

  4. Darn, I thought I would get to be first for once since not all the peeps are glued to their computers on Saturday…

  5. Haha! Touche teughcats!

  6. This little pocket pup couldn’t get any cuter!

    Anyone know what breed it is?

  7. This reminds me of cute puppy I saw today. Pity didn’t have a camera :-[(>. (S)He was tinie tiny and despite being in smallest coat (its been snowy here) he was drowned in it with this “sure I’ll grow into this look”


    It’s somehow hard for me to admit that I find this cute…but I do!

  9. gwenchocolate says:


  10. that cute pic is just made complete with the stray piece of yarn hanging out in the bg. LUV EET!

  11. i dunno…first thing I thought was Brian Peppers…

  12. I don’t think that is yarn in the background–it looks more like a wire “stapled” to the wall.

  13. I think it’s a Japanese Chin…

  14. Gone Daddygone says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a hydrocephalic (sp?) Japanese Chin.

    I think he should go in the “sad” category.

  15. Beaten to the Brian Peppers punch!

  16. More sad than prosh. He looks like Gir from Invader Zim.

  17. CUTE CUTE CUTE – that is the “baroo…?” look in those eyes tops even that prosh little sweater!

  18. Half puppers, half keetawn, all coot!!!

  19. The sweater is too tight and his head is going to explode!



  20. It’s a Japanese Chin puppy…funny that it has no chin… I can’t remember what the translation for chin is, but it should be snorglicious!

  21. Another Angela says:

    The link takes you to a Japanese Chin flicker group. I’ve never heard of the breed myself. Maybe they have to knit the sweater on the puppy since it will never get its head through the neckhole again.

  22. ok…….what does prosh mean???

    prosh as in precious??

  23. Another Angela says:

    oh, and doafy, Teho is really going to love your incredibly humble and gracious first post.

  24. I actually find that a little disturbing. Look at its nose and eyes– these poor doggies have been bred to be deformed.

  25. pistache268 says:

    LOL, Brian Peppers.

  26. Wow. It looks so small. Like, like, like a HAMSTER!

    (I don’t know where that came from :P)

  27. I’ll go with Another Angela’s idea: that they have to knit it on to the dog because of the size of it’s head. The big question now is how do they get the pup to stay still long enough?

    (and I think my first post was totally within the rules. It was the fifth where I let my sword-waving, chest puffing tendencies take control) 🙂

  28. little wee one….cuddles and kisses…what a lovely coat you have to keep you safe and warm!!

  29. lurkingsmirk says:

    Aw puppers kind of looks like an eccentric old man…

  30. That’s a dog? Sorry excuse for a dog.

  31. someone.else says:

    I hope Brian Peppers finds some peace and kindness – what a rotten hand he was dealt

  32. I agree with doafy…the sweater appears to be in the midst of being knitted directly onto Chinless Chin. Exciting alien technology.

  33. seriously. WHAT IS THAT?!?! i mean it could be a dog. or maybe not.

  34. This is soooooooooo cute! Why do they have just one picture instead of different pictures like they usually do? just wondering!! 😉

  35. i think this belongs in the “cute or sad?” category. i just can’t tell!

  36. Ok, so how small is it really? Maybe he’s like 92 pounds and all the floof makes us think he’s teeny? Naw, he’s gotta be teeny. And so cute!

  37. I vote for this in the “sad” category — it looks like it has the canine version of Down’s syndrome.

  38. “Maybe they have to knit the sweater on the puppy since it will never get its head through the neckhole again.”

    This made me snork out loud

  39. Can I put him in my pocket?
    That would keep him warm and comfy and I could snorgle that big-headed-puppy anytime I want.

  40. What type of a dog is that? I must immediately get on the waiting list.

  41. Yes that little head is in need of mucho snorgling.

  42. AHHHHHHH!!!

  43. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw this puppers on a cartoon when I was a kid. Looked just like him (except the cartoon one didn’t have a cute coat)

  44. what in the good lord’s name is that critter??????????
    I don’t know what to think about this one. Don’t get me wrong but whatt is that thing ?

  45. useta – that cartoon was Bugs Bunny and the character was Marvin the Martian

  46. Woods Walker says:

    The pup is definately snorgle matterial no matter what breed it is.-Woods Walker

  47. it’s like a Blythe doll mated with a chihuahua…

  48. useta hada kitteh says:

    Jasper — good try, but Marvin the Martian wasn’t who I was thinking of (though Marvin is one of my faves). I’m sure it was a funny tiny big-headed puppy. I’m going off to spend some quality time with google. I’ll be back…

  49. Adorable!!!!

  50. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m sure you’re all dyin’ to know which cartoon character I wuz thinkin’ of. Yup, bet yer all just on the edge of your seat… Well, after much googling, I found it. And it wasn’t a puppers! It was a kitters! A black ‘n’ white kitters named “Pussyfoot” — same beeeeeeg head and liiiiiitttle body. Pussyfoot was adopted by a very large bulldog named Marc Antony, who was always having to protect the little kitters from harm. Kitty looked just like this funny little puppers.

  51. is it edible?

  52. “Come Pinky, we must prepare for tomorrow night”
    “Gee, Brain, what are we doing tomorrow night?”
    “The same thing we do every night, Pinky — Try to take over the world!”

  53. avathebunny says:

    wow. I was completely silent for a few moments and then a loud, “AAAAWWWWWWWW”

  54. It’s a chihuahua pup!
    It’s a kitten!
    It’s a … uh …um …

    It’s cute. Kinda like in an Independence-Day-baby-alien way.

  55. is there a “cute but funny” category? lol. only 3 months old? wee pup!! and so adorable 🙂

  56. o, god, everybody has to look at the other pics on the flickr!! *dies*

  57. o, god, everybody has to look at the other pics on the flickr!! *dies*

  58. Well, looking at the current photos of the same dog, it looks like the massive head is a trait of youth. He looks much more normal (and still prosh) now.

  59. I think it’s a prototype for the new Gremlins 3 movie.

  60. It looks like an anime version of some Japanese cartoon sidekick…you know, the one that follows the hero around but doesn’t actually say any words, just exclamatory “WHA?!” and “AAAHH” and “AI!” noises. I think the cartoon came before the dog and they bred one to match…

  61. It looks like an anime version of some Japanese cartoon sidekick…you know, the one that follows the hero around but doesn’t actually say any words, just exclamatory “WHA?!” and “AAAHH” and “AI!” noises. I think the cartoon came before the dog and they bred one to match…

  62. TanksMommy says:

    A puppeh in a sweater. Nothing cuter. They either look humiliated or think they’re hot. LOL!

  63. bahahahah.

    You could sit him facing a corner, and he could look at both walls…

    I always feel sorry for squashy-faced animals, with their squashy-faces and respiratory distress and wall-eyes…

    Love the floppy ears tho

  64. O M G!!!!! lol

  65. sadie_asher says:

    Sorry, just not cute in my books…. don’t like that kind of dog. Good to hear it’s cute-ifying some peoples’ day though.

  66. guineapiggin9 says:

    WTF!? I think I just died from the cute!!!

  67. This is one strange animal! The proportions are really strange, the head is too big!!!

  68. little miao says:


  69. hehe! That’s hilarious, but CUTE!

  70. You’re supposed to grow into your FEET, dog, not your HEAD!


  71. for the person who was reminded of a cartoon: i’m thinking orbity, from the jetsons. that being is neither dog nor cat, but orbity.

  72. TastesLikeChicken says:

    I collect one of these on Sunday! Haven’t had a puppeh for 20+ years (previous pups lived for a long, long time then had rescue adult dog) so wish me luck – the puddles, the disturbed nights, the puppy smell, the belly rubs…..

  73. This pup follows cuteness rules 15, 19, 6 and 2. But most obviously 16! head, eyes, ears- there’s just something about him! He’s definately a doggie though- no self respecting kitteh would tolerate a knit sweater.

  74. I suspect this pupper has a weighted butt to keep it from falling over on its nose due to its head size.

  75. spongebrooke says:

    I THOUGHT that was a Japanese Chin. Gosh they’re funny looking puppies!

  76. The 13th Rabbit says:

    It’s definitely a Japanese Chin….and she seems to have grown into her head, more or less.

    The rest of the photos in the Flickr group are priceless as well…though not quite so over-the-top. 😀

  77. That is the ugliest animal I have ever seen.

  78. Thrown Down Stairs says:

    “I vote for this in the “sad” category — it looks like it has the canine version of Down’s syndrome.”

    Yeah, nail on the head :). The dog also has a “why the hell am I wearing this thing?!” look on eet.

  79. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this is the dog version of Brian Peppers. This means I’m not crazy.

  80. owie owie! says:

    oh my god……

  81. uberkitten says:

    Yeah… not cute.

    I almost never post here, but I’m really freaking sick of people thinking health-impairing deformities due to overbreeding are “Ahhnn… so prosh!”

    WTF is wrong with you people?

  82. It may look weird, but can it breathe? If it can, and obviously survives just fine, then it’s mostly evolution being guided by people- like we’ve done for thousands of years. however, the birth defects inherent in breeding special dogs/cats/whatever are too bad. But anyway, if you think that puppy if weird, have you ever seen an aye-aye?

  83. I mean “is” weird.

  84. Martha in Washington says:

    Okay, when I first saw this my first thought was “bobblehead”. Anybody else see this?

  85. Man, with that head to body ratio it’s a wonder she can walk without falling over.

  86. Aww look at its big head! How a strange sorta way

  87. Martha in WA — actually, yes. Huh.

  88. Sorry guys, but that is one UGLY ARSE “dog”!!!

    WOW! They should put a little mask on him instead of a little sweater…

  89. That’s probably the cutest teeny weeny puppy I’ve ever seen. Is it a shih-tzu or a japanese chin or what? ADORABLE!

  90. oh my god!!!! this pup is absoutly adorable. i could just eat it up lol

  91. Looks like one of those rubber dolls where the head gets real big when you squeeze the body. Not cute (the doll or the dog).

  92. Yitzysmommie says:

    Martha in W and Teho – for all you bobble-ito lovers out there, check out the Skippyjon Jones books. I predict you will howl. Skippyjon deserves his very own entry into CO because these are the first books that my husb & I ENJOY reading over & over (and over and over) to the grands.
    I agree that this pooch definitely looks like a bobblehead.

  93. awwww, you know what, it just makes me sad when people come on here and feel the need to say, man that is ugly.
    That’s someone’s pet.
    and it’s cute! (esp once you see her grown-up pics!)

  94. you guys r silly says:

    kewt kewt kewt kewt kewt KEYOOT!

  95. This pup is a bit ugly, but also irresistibly cute 🙂 A little alien dog… paint him green! 🙂

  96. aww Ceebs, it makes me sad when people mutate (breed) dogs to the point of looking like this…

    …and it makes me sad that people can’t just be happy with mutts…

    we all have our crosses to bear…

  97. I nominate this one for the “Cute or Sad” category. Look at that expression!

  98. THIS! It doesn’t GET any better than this! 😀

  99. WickedWendy says:

    Is that a dog or a kat?

  100. darkshines says:

    I can understand why people think this is cute, but just remember, this little dude is somehow related to a wolf, and through thousands of years of inbreeding and such, this has been created. The only thing this has to do with a wolf is that it might be a nice snack for one. Sorry, not cute. Just sad.

  101. The only sad thing is its expression.


  102. what kind of dog is it? whatever it is its SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!