Danish Bunny Steeplechase

If that title doesn’t have you saying "Wha huhh?" then just watch this clip:

Lookit ’em go!

More information (in English!) available at KaninHop.dk.

(Thanks to Theo’s Schmoop for the adroit use of the keywords "SHOW BUNNIES JUMPING" on a recent YouTube search.)



  1. this is pretty impressive – i’m not gonna lie

  2. Ok- I think my head just exploded. I never thought I’d see bunny show jumping, but…

    I don’t know what was more odd- the hurdles or the bunnies sitting calmly on leashes.

  3. weeee bunny hoppage!

  4. ThreeCatNight says:

    Next video: “Bunnies Unleashed”
    Then: “Bunny Olympics – High Hurdles and Track”
    And I only thought that cats could jump like that — wow!

  5. Bunny hoppage. Love It.

  6. ridonk…just….wow.

  7. Oh, Theo, thank you bunches!

    I’d have never thought you could teach bunnehs tricks. But I just luv the way they stop, stare for a few seconds, then decide “Eh, I guess I’ll just jump this one too.”

  8. That is so cute! I’ve NEVER seen anything like that!! AWESOME!

  9. One word:


  10. What amazes me is if you compare the relative size of bunny vs. jump! To match their leaps, we would have to be able to jump over three- or four-story buildings.

  11. Holy crap that is AMAZING!!!

  12. Well I never.

  13. Indeed Subhangi, indeed. That there was some of the boi-yoingiest boi-yoinging ever seen by mortals. I wonder if they could go through weave poles.?

  14. lol… I have one word… *why???*
    who would ever think of teaching a bunny tricks???

  15. How is jaypo ever going to beep their noses?

  16. blueberries4me says:

    That’s awesome.

    When I first got my fat Daphne she surprised the crap outta me when she jumped on my bed (which I have to do a running jump onto myself).

  17. falnfenix says:

    ceejoe, why not? if people teach goldfish tricks, why not teach your rabbit?

  18. FalnFenix — yeah lemme see a GOLDFISH steeplechase. [snerk]

    (Actually, I’d post that in a second, come to think…)

  19. Karen in Toronto says:

    I disapprove of bunny show jumping.

    A Bunny

  20. Brillo! I love especially that they seem to be like wind-up toys. As soon as the person sets them on the ground–BOING!

  21. Karen in Toronto says:

    Bunny Sudoku??


    I can’t even do number Sudoku (I get confused by sixes and nines).

  22. That is phenominal. The best is the guy who yells out “YES” and pumps his fists when the bunny scales a particularly difficult wall o’ doom.

    And Brinann you are so right. The best is the “bunny paws” I mean “Pause” while they determine whether the next one is boing-able.

  23. Rosalynde says:

    Holy Man!!!!! I LOVE it!! And I thought the Hamster House was one of the coolest things I’ve learned about on CO . . .and then THIS comes along!!!!!! I CAN”T STAND IT!!!!!!!!

  24. OMG! It’s too cute. It’s just like a miniature horse jump thingy for bunnies!!!!! I want a bunny.

  25. And you should read the how to train your bunny page! It is funny! The good one is the Is It better to hop a male of female bit.

  26. Awww, this makes me miss my bunny!

  27. sweet jane says:

    I love how, when the first bunny is all done, he stands up a little so his human can pick him up.

  28. I like the bunny at the end of the first run. He gets up on his hinds legs and seems to go:”Did I do good, did I win, did I win!”

  29. michellemybelle says:

    Those buns are dynamite!
    The Charlie Brown Christmas tree at the end is a little weird though.

  30. I!
    I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

    Bunnies! Jumping! On leashes!


  31. LOL! That is tewtally hysterical. Good searching, Jaye!

    I find it highly amusing that grown people would put this much work into training their bunnies to jump a course. And that the bunnies would do it. Do they lead them on with carrots at first? How does this happen?

  32. Me: Wow, in Denmark they have show bunnies that go around on leashes and jump over obstacles!

    Husband: And accomplish what?

  33. wow. that is all.
    (back to work)
    (and yes, the guy pumping his fists – all Rockied out – was hilarious. ;>)

  34. Very funny. My bunnies are all like “Don’t even think it, Mom”. I only have one super bouncy and he is very busy defeating his nemesis, Blue Crushed Velvet Purse, and therefore has no time to train.

    I also love the bunny pep talks.

  35. Boingy bunnies!
    Boingy bunnies!

    I saw three bunnies at the pet store this week and I came dangerously close to taking one home.
    But between bunny disapproval, cat disapproval (3 times), and husband disapproval–it might make the house asplode…

    I still want one though…

  36. crazy sheep says:

    IAMS Superdogs, eat your hearts out!!


  37. i’m on ur leash, hoppin a hurdle!!

  38. i cant believe how effortless these high jumps are for such little critters. i am impressed! we humans are not worthy!!! lol- too funny.

  39. Friends: So,where ya been, what’s been going on in your life?

    Me: Oh, nothin’ much. Been training my rabbit for a steeplechase. You?

    Friends: …

  40. (and is the fact that I can type certain letters and numbers in sequence – to get on this thread – REALLY proof that I’m a human – really? Hmmmm?)
    Me thinks bunnies are being taught to do the same at this very moment….
    You think you’ve heard from nuffs, BEFORE? We should all be quivering in terror of the onslaught of dissapproving bunny comments that are brewing in a storm while we wait.

  41. About halfway through, one of them has amazing tock action while he or she jumps! Amazing, I tell you!

  42. I say the guy in the blue shirt with the really-high-jumping black bunny looks like he’s bowling.

  43. Crazy.

  44. The Guy Over There says:

    Anyone else notice that most of them were dutch rabbits? Is this coincidence?

  45. I’d be impressed when show horses can jump that high (at scale).

    Or they breed a bunny big enough to ride. (Wouldn’t be popular in Australia, though.)

  46. TGOT — wouldn’t they be Dutch hutch rabbits?

    Let’s just hope nobody misses one of those jumps and breaks a leg…

  47. How is this not a two-hour special on Animal Planet? I smell a ratings bonanza, people.

  48. Danish Bunnies sing this song,
    Doo Da, Doo Da.
    Danish racetrack’s eight yard’s long.
    Oh Doo Da Day.

    Goin’ to bink all night,
    Goin’ to leap all day.

    But I bet my money on a lop-eared Dutch,
    So I’m goin’ to win today.

  49. (got yer back, Lauo)

  50. I think this is great! I bet those rabbitsies are very happy and healthy, getting a lot of excercise and attention. Hop, bunny, hop!

  51. Who knew?!

  52. Wish we had some video of cat racing 😉

  53. onionpencil musashi says:

    too cool, especially the ‘sizing up’ pause, and the one who balked.. dad, i can’t jump this one from here. lol

  54. It’s interesting how steeplechase has evolved to suit a small country like Denmark. Not enough room for horses? Use bunnies! 8^)

  55. Bunny steeplechase and cat racing MUST be on Animal Planet. Who needs Puppy Bowl??
    Okay, so we need Puppy Bowl. But we could have a whole Animal Olympics here! Write in, people!

  56. ‘cha. Lauowolf scores again.

    Ack! Just realized I got earwormed. Doo dah doo dah.

  57. Jane… tell your OH… “for the love of it!”
    Need there be any other reason for Joyous Bunny Jumping…? I think not…

    Let the Bunny Jumping Continue… How wonderful this world would be if we all took our bunnies jumping….

  58. Hey CO! You’re discriminating against us poor eyesight folks with the “Type your letter thingy here in case you’re a robot thingy!”
    My eyes aren’t good at discerning them squiggles.. and it usually takes me 8 attempts to post…. WAAAAAAH! *sob*

  59. Hazel — that’s a function of the blog tool (TypePad) and not Cute Overload. And it DOES cut down the amount of comment-spam we get, dramatically. (Makes my job easier.)

    That said, yes, I agree there should be some alternative to the Captcha test. I wouldn’t be surprised if Six Apart added that feature to TypePad in the future.

  60. EC — bwaha! I bin SCOOPED!

  61. Teho, you should have seen it coming… (Seriously!)


  62. Aw thpppp, EC… my Vox neighborhood’s not exactly tiny. Sometimes a post gets by me.


  63. yeah, yeah – you slipped up, man. Don’t try to cover for that! 😉

  64. Oh, BTW – the buns in the vid Theo posted are (probably) Bygholms Ditte and Co Sinus – both of them great kaninhop champs. (Really!)

  65. Carrying over from the last post, re: baby white tigers,

    Is that not awwwwwwwwwwww inducing or what!

  66. Love the song lauowolf. Still giggling. As the owner of a bunny that hurdles a three foot tall gate, bunnies can realllyy jump. Most of the time they need motivation but some, like mine, just do it for fun.

  67. that’s the stupidest and most cruel thing i’ve seen in a long time. can’t believe people would actually do that stuff. i _can_ believe that cuteoverload would celebrate it, unfortunately.

  68. …bound to happen sooner or later. Congratulations, Pete, you’re this thread’s first NUFFINGHAM!
    Now go away.

  69. That was really weird. I have to send this to my sister; she has a pet bunny and would probably get a kick out of this.

    Too bad they didn’t show the home defense portion of the show. Bunnies bouncing around like Yoda.

  70. PS to Pete — if you were claiming that clinical animal testing for new cosmetics was cruel, I’d probably buy that (even though CO isn’t really the best forum for such a discussion). But training a rabbit to jump over things in a certain specific way isn’t any more cruel than teaching me how to use statistics.

  71. I could totally outjump those bunnies. But then again, they could totally outnibble me.

  72. Pete — I have a bun, and it’s not cruel at all — they love exercise, playing with toys (or making something into a toy that isn’t technically), and jumping, to be sure. What’s worse is a bored and too-sedentary bun, trust me.

  73. Hey nuffs! From the http://www.kaninhop.dk/uk/ website:

    “Of course now and then people, who think it is cruelty to animals, are passing by, but they have hardly ever understood, that the rabbits are hopping of joy. The critics do not think about, that all what we do, are be built on the natural movements of the rabbits.” So there! :-p

    This is the cutest durned thing I’ve seen in a long time. Those buns and Danish bun wranglers are having such FUN!

  74. Pete: Cruel? How is this any more cruel than teaching a dog some tricks? My money says the bunnies are well-taken care of, and probably enjoy what they’re doing, and probably get a nice reward when all is said and done.

    I think the bunny hopping is adorable. Boing!

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    I hope the Bunny Jumping Games stay clean. Do we really want “bunny-on-steriods” scandals?
    OOOH, that could be scary!

  76. oh I want to have a trained jumping bunny! too bad my cats would eat him.

  77. I really don’t think that if the bunny didn’t want to jump, that you could really make him/ her… I mean, remember the bunny fighting the snake- are you really going to try to tell him what to do? They must want to!

  78. Karen in Toronto says:

    Lauowolf — doo-dah — har-de-harrrr!!!

  79. That’s wonderful. I like the 3rd one, as someone mentioned, he looks like he’s trying to set up a spare (bowling) and then the “UP!” or that’s what it sounds like, and the victory arm-pump afterward. It’s all good.

  80. Ohh, this is fabulous! Go, little buns, go! I hope everyone goes to the website and reads the “rabbit hopping” section; it’s so cute and funny. Apparently females make better jumpers, because males are “often more interested in sniffing and peeing and mating our legs”. Hahaha!

  81. Lauo: lovely earworm, I’m gonna be humming that tune all day now!

    After watching this video, I started to get images in my head of my boyfriend and I lining up all our old computer cases and training a bun to jump them. That would be a video for YouTube!

  82. ARGH! Those poor buns! I love how hardcore happy the guy was that Mr. Bun was able to cleanly clear the high jump. So strange!

  83. Wow, how do you teach a bunneh? From what I understood of bunnies, they pretty much do what they want, when they want. That’s amazing! Go bunnehs!


  85. Err, Pete – as a bunny owner (and kaninhop fan), I can tell you that there’s absolutely NO WAY that any self-respecting rabbit would jump hurdles unless he/she wanted to. (BTW, my bun can clear 3 foot baby gates and such if she has a good run-up, and used to do it on a regular basis, for fun.)

    Rabbits are extremely playful, and jumping is an everyday occurrence – they do it all on their own, with absolutely no human prompting.

    See this: http://e-2c.vox.com/library/post/kaninhop.html

  86. That does it. I’m grrlcotting MIT.

    Free Theo!

  87. Focused, olympic binkage. Cruel? Ha.

    Now training me to use statistics–that would be cruel, Teho.


    too cute!

    *wipes tears of emotion from eyes*

    you have to stop doing this to me, people

  89. Skippy – *SNORT* Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll refrain from any easy jokes about similar tendencies in males of all species…

  90. Speaking of Skippy, here’s a bun by that name jumpin’ and climbin’:

    ( )
    ” “

  91. KnowTheFEAR says:

    The Guy Over There, they are dutch rabbits, except from the first one. and i thaught bunnies don’t like being put on leads. in most rabbit books they say not to, and all my rabbits’ve practically had a heart attack when we tried it!

    that’s not to say this isn’t incredibly cute. i almost died from laughing (also, the cuteness, obvy!)

  92. HA!

    I knew I’d seen all this before, and I was all “Wot, no credit to E 2 Tha Cee who had all this on her blog AGES ago?”

    Award-winning buns are giving looks of disapproval to Teho for being so slow on the uptake of their athletic fabulousity.

  93. Pheas — no worries, it was just an example. (MIT’s OpenCourseWare is quite cool, tho.)

  94. Bah-bah-bah-bah,
    Bah-bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-bah-bah, at the hop!

    Weeelll, you can run it you can bowl it
    You can stop and you can stall it at the hop
    When the bunnehs start a jumpin’
    You steeplechase when you a bunneh at the hop
    Do the race sensation that is sweepin’ the Dutch nation at the hop.

    Ah, let’s go to the hop
    Let’s go to the hop, (oh baby)
    Let’s go to the hop, (oh baby)
    Let’s go to the hop
    Come on, let’s go to the hop

  95. Even if my (hypothetical) bunny didn’t make all the hurdles I’d be picking him up and snorgling. I’d be a bad bunny coach

  96. pyrit – *Thwwwwwp* XP
    Gee, thanks for the earworm.

  97. Now I’m a little nervous… Can we top the bunny hop? Or has CO truly overloaded?

  98. Aw! what an incredibly cute/dorky way to spend some time! (trainning bunnies that is). Poor lil fella, that last bunny… He kncocked over a few sticks.

  99. Pyrit — I’m tappin’ my sock-hoppin’ feet & singin’ along… but it’s *Denmark* y’know. Danish nation.

  100. [:: bows in LT’s direction ::]

    thing is, though, teho’s schmoop is on the *exact same wavelength.* Great minds think alike – go, Jaye!

  101. OMG! Jumping bunnies! Look at em’ go!

  102. Wow, I didn’t think you could domesticate rabbits so well.

  103. Theo – Oh. The rabbits are Dutch. And I was confused.

  104. Leaping Lagomorphs, Catman, look at them go!

    (Holy Hopping Hares, that’s high!)

  105. Pyrit-
    Do you have *any* idea how annoying it is when I hum?

  106. Lauowolf – No, I don’t know that one, why don’t you hum a few bars.

    Doo dah, doo dah.

  107. does ‘jumping’ really count as a trick for a rabbit? I thought that was something they just did.

  108. Cauliflower says:

    That was AWESOME! It really made me smile. Thanks Cute Overload!

  109. acelightning says:

    Oh, that’s just wonderful! Those bunnies all look very happy to be showing off their jumping skills. And I notice that the hurdles are very carefully designed so that, if a bunny doesn’t quite clear the top, it just knocks a slat off the hurdle – the bunny won’t get hurt.

    My first rabbit was a female Dutch, and she loved it when I’d let her frolic about in the living room. In addition to jumping on or over just about everything, she used to love to run around me in circles, zig-zagging as she went. If I were a Maypole, and she had the end of a ribbon in her mouth, she’d have been a perfect Maypole dancer!

  110. I think aside from the abundant indescribable cuteness, the best part of the vid was the one um.. bunny trainer? ..that did the semi-crouching fist-pump-of-victory when his bunny did a swell job. Too damn funny.

  111. Why haven’t I thought of this before?! Walden is good on a leash, is a great jumper, is calm around loud noises and could probably be easily trained what with his obsession with bananas and raisins…

    To everyone who says, “who would think of training a rabbit?”: They actually train pretty easily, and it’s not anymore absurd than training a dog to leap over jumps. Less so, actually, since they are so well built for jumping.

  112. Something is redonk in the state of Denmark!

    Theo — Phew. I don’t think withholding my usual $0.00 per year was going to be a great motivator anyhow.

  113. Oh, the buns! How adorable!

    This made me think of Dock Dogs on ESPN or ESPN 2 or possibly ESPN 8 when nothing else was on.

    Dogs running down docks and jumping into the water. The dogs were the happiest I’ve ever seen, having fun and knowing they were being admired by a crowd.

    I bet these buns were happy too.

  114. The funniest thing is the crowds reaction. So funny the way they go nuts!

  115. Someday, somewhere, somehow, I will be a rabbit owner. This site is slowly and methodically pushing me over the lagomorph ledge.

  116. Bunny agility?

    This is tewtally bizarre. And adorable.

  117. That is why we must all move to Denmark.

  118. Oh my goodness! You don’t know how unbelievably happy this video just made me!

  119. Took my brain a while to really get that these were bunnies jumping hurdles. lololol

  120. “Me: Wow, in Denmark they have show bunnies that go around on leashes and jump over obstacles!

    “Husband: And accomplish what?”

    Oh, pooh! Husbands sit on their behinds drinking beer and watching football. What does that accomplish???

    More power to the buns, I say!

  121. ka9q's wife says:

    I always get a kick when people say something is cruel that is really not, like this video. I bet when my puppy is doing the agility training Pete will complain that is cruel as well. Pets that sit in cages all day and do nothing now that is cruel. Finding an activity that challanges your pet that is good caretaking.
    BTW Theo i used to tutor Stats, It was fun.

  122. ah, come on in, the water’s fine! You know you want one… 🙂 *waves at AmyH from far below the lagomorph ledge*

    And I agree with the others, those rabbits are clearly having the time of their lives. If they weren’t, you’d *know* it.

  123. Whooot! I would love to have the time to train Cassi to do this. When we first got her we had no CLUE what a bun could jump, so we thought putting up a 36″ barrier was enough…

    Yeah, I can see you experienced bunny owners smirking. We like to tell visitors that the Great Dane gate they see is for the little 4.5 lb ball of caramel fluff that is cocking her head so cutely at them.

  124. Not to be blunt but they’re rabbits. Is it really that surprising that they’re fast and can jump?

    Like a lot of animal activities, I wonder if the exercise is really for the owners.

  125. And to think, in the US you’d get charged with animal abuse by hyperactive individuals because the rabbits could hurt themselves.

    Actually, I do wonder about that. I’d want to make sure that the training went very slowly, just in case. Rabbits have broken their legs just thumping too hard on cement floors.

    But my first thought upon seeing this was, “Oh look, Bunny Dressage!”

  126. I couldn’t help but say “BOING!” with every leap. Contagious!

  127. How cute is that? BOING! BOING! BOING! BOING!

    I can’t believe they got bun-buns to wear leashes and run obediently beside their humans! 😀

  128. AmyH, I am so close to the lagomorph ledge it’s not funny. Only my nine guinea pigs are stopping me from being a bun owner. And, that’s just cuz I don’t need to clean up any more raisins.

    But, the boingers!!!! Oh MY!

    If anyone told me about this I would have thought they were making it up.

    It’s not a really big spectator sport, though is it? Not many folks attending.

    Those buns can really fly!

  129. I like that fact that a bun can be a danish one, too.

  130. this one is worth it for the excellent soundtrack (chorus is “doo-doo bun bun”) and the upside-down sleeping bun:

  131. haha it’s hilarious when they get to the bigger jumps and stop, they’re probably like.. WTF IS THIS THING?? WHERE ARE MY CARROTS, ASSHAT!?

  132. elizabells says:

    OOH! At the very bottom of the Rabbit Hopping portion of the website, there’s a little picture of a rabbit named… Sinus. Heeeee!

  133. HAHAHA-YAY! Leaping rabbits and bunny sudoku!! These people must be stopped!

  134. Pete: You wanna know what’s cruel? Keeping bunnies in wire bottom hutches outside where they easily overheat in the summer as they develop sores on their poor feet. You know what else is cruel? Feeding them pellets and processed ‘treats’ 24/7 so they get too fat to even groom themselves properly. Most will likely die of health deficiencies or gastrointestinal problems. Typically this is what happens to 80% of the bunnies ignorant people lovingly keep as ‘pets’. These show bunnies and other house bunnies are kept by people who know what they’re doing, hence they live a whole lot better than you think- so shut your piehole.

  135. OMG! Who woulda thunk? Especially lerve the first bun who stands up so his (human / owner / business partner?) can pick him up. And the bunny pa(ws)use is also hysterical.
    I agree with the person who said that the buns may not be welcome in Australia – we are a bit snippy about them wascally wabbits down under 😉

  136. I’ve never seen anything like this before. So, so adorable. 😀

  137. Wow! Bunny jumping – what next????
    My kids had rabbits for years and used to set up obstacle races for them. The rabbits loved it so this is the obvious next step.

    Bunny olympics anyone????

    Maybe they could do caber tossing??!!!

  138. Best reason to own a bunny EVER.

  139. I had to drive first Lauowolf’s and then Pyrit’s earworms out of my head, and all I could come up with was the antiquated “Do the bunny hop, hop hop hop. Do the bunny hop..hop! Hop! Hoppity hop!” and all three are now contending for primacy. Not a good sound track. However, I vote this entry and all the comments and their links, for first in Webbie (new) category of Best Escapist Post EVAH. Thanks as always to Meg for inventing this site and all who help make a little world where we can go to escape, or send brains out to left field, or asplode, whichever comes first.

  140. What’s next? A couture line of racing silks for bunnies and matching outfits for their owners? Team colors, with onlookers in face paint (painted-on bunny faces, of course) and giant foam bunny cutouts to wave in the bleachers? It’s all good!

  141. “I love how, when the first bunny is all done, he stands up a little so his human can pick him up.”

    I was tewtally going to say that!

  142. Jessara — as to what’s next, I predict Cirque du Bunnay.

  143. Gee thanks, Theo. I envision humans morphing into bunnay performers, with invisible lines of interspecies demarcation. As humans, the performers are limited to human-style leaps, but in their Cirque personas, they can do anything a rabbit can. Only they’re five feet tall with SERIOUS earrage. Talk about escapism – that may not be a good vision to go to sleep on.

  144. denmark. home of legos and ham-let.

    how could the danes /not/ be the ones to create the cutest field sport possible?

  145. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my heavens! I agree with the above posters: The guy fist-pumpking and screaming a victorious “YES!!” made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself.

  146. tiredcynic says:

    I love the last little bunny…he tries soooo hard.

  147. “Bunny agility?”

    That’s a separate sport, actually…

    BTW, the bun’s name is “Bygholms Co Sinus” (as in “cosine), not “Sinus.”

  148. They clearly look like they are loving it.
    I just hope indy bunny and cinnimon havn’t seen it can you imagine the disapproval level! Especailly the harness’s

  149. I wouldn’t go as far as Pete and say ‘cruel’, but pleeeeeze, what’s the point of this contest?! Why, WHY would you participate in a contest like that with your bunny?! Why does a contest like that exist?! It’s stupid. Sorry folks, but it’s stupid.

    Teach your kids how to live ‘greener’ or do some voluntary work at ‘meals on wheels’, but bunny jumping….

    “Those bunnies all look very happy to be showing off their jumping skills.”

    – WHAT?! How would you know that!? Really.

  150. “How is jaypo ever going to beep their noses?”

    Took all night, pyrit, but I did it. [brushing hands together]

  151. My favourite part was when that one bunny did that really big jump and the crowd and everyone just went wild. I guess this is a big thing in the Netherlands!

  152. Yes, JudeW, it is important that EVERY SECOND of your life be spent in meaningful service to others. I’m sure that you yourself never watch television, read a novel, go for a drink with friends, play games, or have any hobbies that do not involve total subjugation to The Good Of All.

    It certainly would explain that stick up your butt.

  153. Anyone who has seen rabbits in action shouldn’t be suprised at their jumping ability. Bunnies are seriously powered from the back end (look at all that muscle back there compared to those daintly little front legs!) and are capable of amazing standing jumps (no run ups).

    Great video, fun for all involved, and, if you know anything about buns, you can tell they’re not at all scared but are enjoying their jumps! Go bunnies! Go bunnies! Go bunnies!

  154. Thank you Jaye. My hobbies – and there are many – don’t include animals. I don’t have anything agains non-meaningful activities. Nothing at all. But I don’t need to do stupid things with animals and then pretend I know they enjoy it..

    There’s no stick up my butt. I checked.

  155. Y’know, the buns enjoy it, and so do the people. So what’s the problem, exactly?

    ( )
    ” “

  156. My favorite “But how do you know the animal enjoys it” story:

    I was at a fair once where they had a flyball demo (not a full-fledged meet, just showing folks what it was about).

    Two Jack Ruseells lined up side-by-side for their turn. Both were laser-beam focused, bodies spring-loaded, ready to go now Mom? Now Mom? Now?

    One began creeping forward, maintaining laser focus, as if there weren’t 500 people there to see that it was cheating. It ended up with its chin on the first hurdle, still staring absolutely straight ahead.

    The announcer on the PA, never missing a beat, said “Do you think your dog’s ready, ma’am?”

    JRTs were BORN for flyball.

  157. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    ‘and that was Lucinda Prior-Palmer on Hoppity, setting a new Olympic record and I think we can safely say a gold Medal is assured.’

  158. JudeW – check again.

  159. Tsk… I think we’ve had plenty ’nuff flame wars, don’cha think?…

  160. Funny, really.

    I don’t think I’m a bad person, nor uptight. I just think there are more honourable things to do in life than entering a jumping contest with your bunny pet. Excuse moi!

    I have done voluntary work in a Kibbutz, in a hospital (children’s ward – I’ve seen horrible things) and for a scout group mixing healthy and handicapped teenagers. I do voluntary work with my local Red Cross, I have worked for an AIDS, anti-homophobia group, I am a member of an animal and anti-cruelty shelter, I am trying to help implementing democracy in the world, when I get a chance (I regularly do election observation in former Communist countries), I demonstrate against racism and I am planning to volunteer for the ‘meals on wheels’ equivalent in my country. I have two cats at home (which I found abandoned and skinny on the street last year) and I love them to bits!

    What do you do in your spare time? Bunny jumping contests? Oh, joy! And the bunnies like it! I know, I asked.

  161. Gwine to smile all day, at the hop – thanks for that great vid and thanks all for the wonderful comments. You’re no bunny till some bunny loves you, I always say.

  162. Being a bunny slave for over ten years, if bunnies do not like something or enjoy doing something they will let you know. My bunnies actually volunteer at nursing homes, schools, etc. and are the guest of honor at our local easter egg hunt. I applaud all the volunteer work you do JudeW however some of us are just as busy with volunteer work it just includes animals. If you don’t like the jumping bunnies, don’t watch it.

  163. JudeW, might I point out that there are also more honourable things to do with your time than criticizing people who are simply enjoying a fun activity with their pets?

    Personally, I believe that the world would be a better place if we all took to heart the first part of the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.” These bunny-jumpers are harming no one and bringing simple pleasure to the lives of many. And them being featured on this site has very likely helped brighten the day of many people who are struggling through dark days in their own lives.

    Your list of volunteer activities is impressive, and I applaud you for them. But good works aren’t some kind of virtue competition, or shouldn’t be. Do good because it gives you pleasure and helps others, not because it helps you win one-upmanship wars with people whose hobbies are less “meaningful” than yours.

    First, do no harm. Everything else is frosting on the cake of life.

  164. Jaye, it’s not like I’ve been non-stop criticizing people on Cuteoverload, have I? I didn’t say others’ hobbies are less meaningful than mine! I just don’t like ‘humanizing’ animals. I don’t mind seeing bunnies jumping, but the entire ‘act’ of creating a contest, that people transport their bunny to cross-country to win something, doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t like people dressing their pets or colouring their pets hair. I don’t like circuses with animals. I’m entitled to my opinion, just like you.

    And I do good – or try to – BECAUSE it gives me pleasure! I wouldn’t do it otherwise, would I? I have never listed or had to list my volunteer activities ever before – as a matter of fact, it took some time to assemble it all. None of my close friends know about all the stuff I do and have done. It’s not something I use to show off. But in this case, I felt compelled to list them..

    I will never do it again.

  165. wow some of these comments…sheesh. People enjoying the companionship of animals is a WONDERFUL thing and a very happy thing to celebrate!
    I believe this website is meant to be lighthearted and fun – I don’t understand why people feel compelled to be so negative on here! If you don’t like seeing animals being loved and coddled by their devoted owners, hmmm…why come here???


  167. My favorite is that last one. He’s such a little battler. AW!!

  168. My bunny knows a lot of tricks. well, not really. He just follows me around, so when I jump on my bed he jumps up too =^_^=