Ferret Loaf

Bake at 425 for 18 minutes.

Careful to not allow fur to singe.

Poke with a toothpeeck to test if center is done.

et, Voilà!


For the whole family, Peewee ferret and Espinosa J.



  1. Awww I love ferrets. Bleen. That one is very cute. Also.. […]

  2. Yummy!


    So cute! Don’t accidentally bake the little guy!

  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  5. Christina says:

    Don’tcha just love how they get into everything? I used to have one I miss him sooooo much.He was the sweetest thing.

  6. I found my kitten sleeping way in the back of the cupboard inside a bundt cake pan circa 1975. Mr. Furry McFerretsons looks pretty comfortable in dat loaf pan. Make sure to remove him BEFORE baking.

  7. So… wrong.. yet, so… cute!


  9. lurkingsmirk says:

    Nooooo don’t poke with toothpick…it may be the last thing you do with that hand!

  10. Beauregard says:

    PeeWee??? What a cute namezers!

  11. Shouldn’t this be on a rack to cool off?

  12. FyreKnight says:

    I love how the little one is all “can’t you see I’m sleeping?” out of the corner of his eye

  13. Winston & Charlotte's Mommy says:

    I haven’t had ferrets before… do you serve them with gravy, or a sweet dipping sauce?

  14. I miss my ferrets. They would get into everything and everywhere. And they were so slinky.

    Now I live in Evil California where Ferret McFerretsons are banned.

    *sigh* My fiance is too straight-arrow to let me smuggle one of those cuties across state lines (or whatever).

  15. genetic lemon says:

    I wonder how that ferret got into the baking cupboard … Hm. Something to research. Also, check out the spiky hair action, eh?

  16. I love their little gelatin bodies that can squoosh into anythin! I miss my ferret tho, too 😦

  17. acelightning says:

    I hope that pan wasn’t buttered before the ferret decided it looked like a cozy place to take a nap…

  18. Ferrets are similar to cats..they love tight places.

  19. Gross.

  20. smilingdog says:

    McFerrets lurve to snooze in that ‘pan drawer’ under the stove! I wonder…is that where him are??!!

  21. Ringringring banana bread!

  22. Wups, it’s supposed to be four and twenty blackbirds.

  23. Cute ferret, creepy caption. =)

  24. Peg of Tilling:

    “I’ve got this feeling, it’s so appealing”

    Drat! I have that song stuck in my head now.

    Also, Tilling as in Lucia and Miss Mapp?

  25. Not crazy about the caption.
    Just crazy about the picture. VERY VERY Cozy looking.

  26. Awwww. 🙂 That is such a ferret-y place to sleep. Mah fuzzies back home always found their ways in to drawers and cabinets found little bowls to sleep in.

    I miss mah fuzzies. But alas, pets are not allowed in dorms.

  27. “Shouldn’t this be on a rack to cool off?”

    2 points to Lauowolf for making me laugh this morning. Now don’t go starting a Commentroversy.

  28. What Redzilla said. Cooling rack very funny.LMAO

  29. Sorry for the earworm, BeachyKeen–but yes, Mapp & Lucia is where the name comes from, because sometimes my life echoes those books in quite an alarming manner.

  30. Oh my, I just looove how some people just don’t get dark humor. I wonder if they are shocked when Meg says that a puppy ears are chompable…

  31. cute, but…eew.

  32. *deep breath* FEWWEEEETSpoit! *thud!*


  33. mmmmmm….ferret bread puddin :o)

  34. Maybe it’s the mocha, but I’m feeling the *opposite* of cynical this morning. And Teh Peeps are on point! Gold stars all ’round.

  35. Guuuuuyyyyyys!!!

    It’s not a toothpick, it’s a toothPEECK! TEWtelly different. Toothpeecks don’t hurt one bit. They teeckle!

  36. Thanks for the link, Theo–I haven’t laughed like that since http://www.peepreseach.org.

  37. Not to be gross, but please tell me that ya’ll wash those pans before using them!

  38. Warm furry Ferretloaf. Mmmmmmmmm.

  39. “Shouldn’t this be on a rack to cool off?”

    Lauowolf, you da (wo)man.

  40. Oh, and that’s an anerable ferretykins.

  41. My three McFerretsons brothers won’t stay out of my chest of drawers. I’ve just about decided to store my dainties somewhere else and give up the dresser to the fuzzbutts. Turns out an underwire bra makes a perfect sleeping pouch for a ferret. They always remind me of the worms in the Men In Black movies, only cuter and with fur.

  42. And oh yes, PeeWee is most indubitably anerable, as are all ferretkind.

  43. I dont like all the comments about eating animals and stuff….i just don;t like imagining it beacuse i have a really vivid imagination. Any way….. <3<3<3

  44. it’s a fluffy pound cake! ^_^

  45. I love that the picture is named “little muffin”. He just needs a frilly cupcake liner hat.

  46. EW. New category: Cute or Unsanitary?

  47. Sorry… ferret loaf just does NOT sound tasty.

  48. Remember, weasel cake may LOOK delicious, but it will add ten pounds to your hips. Cuteness goes straight to the hips.

  49. LOL Enigma Noir..

  50. marsheeeee says:

    Noelegy: Cats like underwire bras, too. One of my cats loves to curl up in one of the cups of mine. It’s really funny. Anerable ferret, btw.

  51. I love the site, but this photo is gross on so many levels.

  52. That’s nothing. Here’s 4 ferrets in an oven!


  53. …not the COOKING part of the oven, thankfully

  54. marsheeeee, noelegy–

    are u guys just trying to change the way we enjoy our cats ‘n’ racks around here? cuz i don’t think the C.O. regulars will let it fly. right guys?? right. now down to business…. how long are you supposed to let the furret cool before eating? and how much fat per serving….actually, what’s the serving size??

  55. So for all those with the fancy-schmancy new kitchens with warming drawers etc., look out for ferrets? Is that what we’re sayin’ here? Clearly all drawers in and around ovens should be checked regularly for furry slinkies.

  56. Hahahaha, this is SO funny and cute!

    Hmmm, Animals in Unlikely Places are Cute?

  57. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m in ur pan, loafin’ around…

  58. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Noelegy! Are you a fellow CSer as well? With the ferret avatar??

    This is a very ferret-esque place to sleep. My ferret somehow always gets into the drawer under the stove.

  59. The 13th Rabbit says:

    It’s a Spice Weasel!

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    It ain’t done cooking in my house unless there is animal fur in it.;)

    Open invitation to dinner for everyone!!!

  61. darkshines says:

    The 13th Rabbit? got it, very funny, you mde me lol, futurama ftw!

  62. Meg- we need high altitude directions too!

  63. L.M. — [snicker!]
    “…you ain’t nuthin’ but a ferret in the sky”

  64. Couldn’t eat a whole one…..

  65. AlbertaGirl says:

    LOL at The 13th Rabbit. Bam!

  66. disgusting.

  67. GreenEyedHawk: Yes, that’s me! That’s Shiro, one of my Ferret McFerretsons, in my CS avatar. *waves*

  68. I’m Peewee’s mom. Peewee the Wonder Ferret gets into everything! He always pulls the baking utensil drawer open & climbs in for a nap in the baking pans. Why? I don’t know. It’s a ferret secret. He has the run of the house- & runs his dad & me as well!- & he loves going for walks on his leash, especially to the beach. There isn’t a ferret around who is as ridiculously loved as Peewee

    I didn’t make the caption, the site creators did.

  69. Catharine — yep, Meg is all about the captions. (Me too, sometimes.) Tickle Peewee for us!

  70. Theo: Consider Peewee properly tickled! And properly loved!

    To anyone out there who may be considering a sweet peester as a pet, keep in mind they are extremely adorable, lovable, snugable & playful, & have funny personalities & get into everything! “Ferret proofing” your house needs to be done on a regular basis, as they are so smart they will quickly discover, or create, an alternate route to the top of the washer, the back of the fridge, the top shelf of the storage closet, etc. To furrets, a simple “No” is considered an invitation to use creative problem solving & they do it with amazing speed!

    I’m blessed that I can work from home so I have him as my companion all day long to keep me from being lonely. Keep that in mind if you want a furret for a fur-iend, or any small animal. If YOU get lonely being by yourself all day, so that you go out to seek companionship & friends, remember that our little fur-iends get lonely, too. Unfortunately they don’t have the advantage of access to the car for a quick trip to the local coffee shop to chat. If your little fur-iend is stuck in a cage all day he will be very lonely, can become withdrawn & even aggresive (imagine being locked in a cell with the guards poking at you through the bars all day!!).

    Peewee wears a quick-release collar with a bell in the house so that when I call him he responds by shaking his head & I can hear the bell jingle. Since furetts can’t respond by barking or meowing, the jingle bell is a sanity saver!

    Peeww’s favourite snack is Newmans Organic Raisons & Cascadian Farm Organic Oat O’s. His favourite activities are wrestling on the bed, playing hide & seek, walking on his leash & greeting all the neighbourhood dogs & their humans.