Uh oh.

Um.We’re not quite sure what to think. We have the OPPOSITE of “small ear to head ratio” going on here, and yet it’s still cute.




[siren sound]





  2. Christabel says:

    What IS it?

  3. Why, Christabel, it’s a Fennec, Fennec, Fennec Fox.

  4. THERE we go. Weird. Couldn’t post at first.

    Anyway, maybe the rule shouldn’t be small ear to head ratio, but rather if one of your features is wackily out of proportion with the rest of you, it’s cute. 🙂

  5. bucky spalding says:

    Worship the mighty ears of the Fennec!!! I love these little critters so much. they have been on my Cutelist for years n years.
    They are sweet little desert dwellers. so Adoooooooorable.

  6. The best, and the worst, guard dog in the world.

  7. One strong gust of wind and off he goes!!!! Its like the pet of the flying nun.

    Can’t we just add a new rule? Head to ear ratio?

  8. Maybe the rule should be altered to “body part size out of proportion is cute”. Of course, this is NOT applicable to porn stars.

  9. See? See? I knew the small ear thing was valid, but I never felt comfortable about the seeming exclusion of our enormo-eared friends. Now, they are here to REPRESENT the qte!

  10. martha in mobile says:

    tove, so good of you to clarify…

  11. I am ded. Grateful.

  12. Meg – You got me on this one. And you’re not going to get rid of me.

  13. vivian calloway says:

    OMG! i could go for a dozen of those! do you think they get stuck in things due ot the large ears, like stuck in puppy doors or something? still i could cuddle 12 of them no prob

  14. Someone has to say it and it may as well be me:

    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? [scoots for cover]

  15. *squeal*

    so cute.
    I LURRF aminals with giant ears.

    Kittehs are the cutest when they have what i will title “large ear to head ratio”

  16. *squeal*

    so cute.
    I LURRF aminals with giant ears.

    Kittehs are the cutest when they have what i will title “large ear to head ratio”

  17. Katrina Bristow says:

    looks like you need a new rule

  18. I agree that big ears are cuter than small ears any day!

  19. And here I was all frustrated like. and now all better. Frustration? I have no job frustration.

  20. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    MEG! Geez! Turn the siren off before the poor thing goes deaf!!

  21. jaypo – LOL!

    Fennec fox – part kitteh, part bunneh, and totally redonk

  22. TheLoveOfIsis – That was funny!

  23. greenighs – I totally agree. I always thought our floppy eared friends were getting the shaft with the rule of “small ear to head ratio.”


    *smoke exits cranium*

  25. I bet that critter can hear a mouse burp five miles away!

  26. kelly and tove — interesting rule idea, but the proboscis monkey suggests it is not universally applicable.


  27. rio_kitty says:

    cuteness! I want one!! 🙂

  28. bucky spalding:

    You mean ANERABLE, don’t you?

  29. What a Beautiful little fox pup! Fennic foxes never stop the cutness unlike some animals, even as adults. This one looks well loved with his little toy in the backround and soft blue blankie.

  30. I’ve always thought big ears on small heads were cuter (look at chinchillas, for example), and wondered if I was the only one. Glad to know I’m not. 🙂

  31. WHAT. THE. HECK. *IS* THAT THING!?!?!??!?!?!?

    It’s yumm-licious, to be sure. But what is it?!?!?!?

  32. um..cuteness I meant

  33. he loves me , he loves me…sniff.sniff i knew it!

  34. Omidawg. I knew fennecs have huge ears, but before the pic loaded I could see only the ears – and I expected the head to be atleast twice as big as this!!!! Ears on fennec cubs are redonkulously big!

  35. he reminds me of the fox from The Little Price. [sigh]there will never be another fox just like this one. [sniffle]

  36. That’s a fox? Looks like kanga legs. I have never seen anything like it. How adorable. Can you keep them as pets I wonder.

  37. Ha ha! My apostacy has taken roots. I claimed all along that large ear to head ratio was just as cute as small ear to head ratio, and now you have proven my gospel.

    Otter Fennec Fox Otter Fennec Fox Otter Fennec Fox

    The truth shall set you free, my peeps.

  38. I POSTED THIS! I am famous. Anyway, these are pictures from my mom’s friend who works at the Bronx Zoo. They are indeed foxlets, being hand-reared at the moment. Can you imagine a better job?

  39. Cosmiquemuffin–
    Fabulous ref…bless you!

  40. Gratuitously gorge… completely cute… absolutely adorable…
    bewitchingly beautiful…

    OMG my brain has shortcircuited and gone into alliteration mode….. *plink* … who put the lights out?…

  41. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe a variation of Rule #10: If you haven’t grown into your ears yet, it’s cute.

    And if you’re an animal that won’t ever grow into your ears, all the better!

    All the better to hear you with, my dear!

  42. The ears are cute, sure, but look at that darling little clawed paw.


  43. new rule proposal: “applying a rule inverse is also cute”

  44. lurkingsmirk says:

    I want to grab dem ears with both hands and give the leetle head a kiss.

  45. There is no chick in its’ ear!

  46. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one crazy about fennec foxes! ADORABLE baby!!!

  47. chet's momma says:

    I wanna hand-rear them! What a gorgeous bebeh!

  48. Simple: The rule should be a *redonkulous* ear to head ratio. (Sorry, I don’t know how to spell redonkulous.)

  49. Oh sure, it looks cute now, but wait ’till someone goes and feeds it after midnight…..

  50. He’s sooooooooooo cute! *ear kerchomp* I wants to give him cuddles.

  51. you guys r silly says:

    ….um, what?
    WHAT chick…???

  52. Ice Brodie says:

    The rule should be revised to read “disproportionate body parts increase cute by ratio they’re out of proportion”

  53. sadiesauce says:

    Did anyone go to the Bronx Zoo in like 1984 and try on the fennec fox ears so you could hear like em? It was the cutest pic of my sister and I EVER TAKEN. We’ve both since found fennecs faboulous.

  54. ygrs – I don’t mean to be fennecky, but this fox has done extreme body mod and didn’t put a chick in its’ ear, which we now know is the latest thing. Sheesh.

  55. Do you suppose he could fly with those?

  56. Fennec fox! So cute.

    Perhaps any situation where the ear-to-head ratio is disproportional is cute?

  57. redZ, as if we never hunged onto every word of thine issuance anyway… We now bow.

  58. you guys r silly says:

    oh my god — you’re right!
    HOW could I have forgotten the CHICK!
    (I think you could fit a whole HEN in there…!)

  59. BeckyMonster says:

    I definitely think there should be an addendum to the ear to head ratio rule. any little critter with features so out of whack is CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!

  60. So Cute!!! 😀

  61. I love this guy. I actually like the clutching paw and the soft “baroo” eyes more than the ears/head ratio.

  62. This animal is just absurd. (but cute, of course) He looks like a cross between a small dog and a jackrabbit.

  63. How ’bout this:

    “Cuteness increases proportional to the disparity in the ear to head ratio”

  64. Actually, there is an unwritten law that states that if it is a fox, it’s cute.

  65. Oh, my, so cute. The Fennec Fox is, among other awesome things: the smallest canid (adult weight up to 3.5 lbs); one of the only foxes that makes a halfway-plausible domestic pet (the others are mostly finicky and destructive to household objects, along with being nocturnal); and being hand-reared in the Bronx even as we speak:

  66. Here’s another example of big ear to head ratio: a serval kitten!

    I think the rule should be modified to “An excessively small or large ear to head ratio is cute.”

  67. Msmolly – the Serval kitty pic was great, not cute but still beautiful and awesome!

  68. Jen M, I am wildly jealous of the person who gets to raise these pups, and immensely grateful to you for sending in these pics!

  69. that serval cat pic is just hilarious!

  70. The better to hear you with.

  71. The better to hear you with.

  72. Fennec foxes will always remind me of childhood afternoons spent reading National Geographic magazine. The photos of the fennec foxes; close ups, caught in the spotlight at night, or a family in the den, or one leaping mid air pre-pounce. Cool and cute. My favorite.
    (Yup, better than plates in lips! I turned *those* pages real fast.)

  73. Robbie -“I bet that critter can hear a mouse burp five miles away!” LMAO!!

    Pheas – good point about the proboscus monkey (not cute)

    Sidney – yes, they are the ONLY species of fox that can be kept as pets. Check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fennec

  74. Aw i love Fennecs D: I wish people wouldn’t keep them as pets though.

  75. bucky spalding says:

    “Plates in lips” omg i remember those days, reading Nat Geo on the sofa, 8 yrs old, *whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????*

  76. Jen M – *raises hand* I CAN think of a better job! Hand raising the adorable baby tiger at the zoo here in Seattle. Check out 5 videos, recorded as the cub grows. Redonkulously kyoot!!

    Pyrit – Thank GOD there’s no chick in his ear! ew

    Mr. Foxie McFennic – YOU. AHH. FABulous. Dahlink!

  77. Stephanie says:

    I’ve actually always been more of a large ear-to-head ratio kind of girl. Pups that trip over their ears, anyone?

  78. GreenEyedHawk says:

    One of my friends has a fennec fox. It’s a little skittish at first, but sweet. I love the ears!

  79. The thing that keels me: his nose is like 1/20 the size of his ears. Such a teeny tiny kissable nose.

    Oh, and Paws Up!

  80. My sister worked with one it was one her favorite animals to work with.

  81. Why can’t I have a job working with cute furry cute cutes??

  82. Shouldn’t it have been “Illogical, Illogical, Norman coordinate.” instead of “Does not compute”?

  83. I’ve never been totally comfortable with the small ear to head ratio rule either, because it would exclude fennec foxes, Corgis, and mogwai, all of which are undeniably cute. Maybe there could be an addendum to the rule, that the reverse of it is also cute.

  84. This is just simply an inverse application of the “small ear to head ratio” rule which is further enhanced by the “large eyes to small, delicate muzzle” axiom. Computation = massive cuteness.

  85. ::dusts the ears with cinnamon and powdered sugar::


  86. “This one goes out to the fox I love
    This one goes out to the fox with ears divine
    A simple fox to occupy our time
    This one goes out to the fox I love.



  87. Basset hound have enormous ears. They are also cute.
    Siamese cats have large ears for cats, and they are also cute.
    Clearly, large ears are cute.

    The rule is (gasp) wrong.

  88. Not “wrong” pyewacket. It’s just that in the early years of any cult, the doctrine is still in its developmental stages.

    I mean, look at the Catholic church, they just decided to do away with Limbo after all these years.

  89. ThreeCatNight says:

    I am cute and I know it.
    Look at my big brown eyes! (does head-tilt) You know you can’t resist me. May I kees you?

  90. OH.



    I waaaantt one!

  91. *jacks teh cinnamon-sugayr from Michelle*

    *sprinkle sprinkle*

    *nibble nibble*

    Oh Em Gee, you have killed me!

    If you’re prosh and you know it wiggle your ears! *wiggle wiggle*
    If you’re prosh and you know it wiggle your ears! *wiggle wiggle*
    If you’re prosh and you know then your ratio’ll surely show it
    If you’re prosh and you know it wiggle your ears! *wiggle wiggle*

  92. “…just decided to do away with Limbo after all these years.”

    And beach parties were never the same.

  93. I just went to the Bronx Zoo website (thanks Daniel!). One of the fennec fox kits is named “Ditka”. Ditka, peeps and Bears fans, DITKA. I kid you not. The cuteness factor has just been upped.

  94. I propose the following adjustment to rule #3:

    Replace the word “small” with “extreme” in “small ear to head ratio” .

  95. He looks ready to take off.

  96. Aubrey, glad to know I wasn’t the only one thinking along those lines at first.

    Oh, and the Proboscus monkey…its a little bit cute too. I mean lookit the *redonk* nose! 🙂

    Kelly < ---crazy.

  97. darkshines says:

    His little whiskers are killing me………

  98. Tea Redneck says:

    You’ve obviously never had the joy of owning a basset hound. I asploded from cuteness whenever my puppeh tripped over her ears, or they got stuck in her food and water.

  99. Lets not forget the most famous animal with big ears….Dumbo.

  100. It’s like dividing by zero!

  101. It’s very simple: it’s an inverse bell curve. Unusually large or small ear-to-head ratios ar cute.

  102. if { abs [size(head) – size(ears)] > normal }
    then { print [CUTE] }
    else { [] }

    p.s. I know no code.

  103. I agree that the rule should be extreme head-to-ear ratio! Cuz this lil dewd is cute!

  104. The aerospace industry goes bionic with its new early warning system.

  105. Lauo — nah, he’s picking up satellite feeds… for Fox News.

    I’ll just be off now, before the flying objects start arriving at my coordinates.

  106. polymerjones says:

    It’s like being poked in the eye over and over again with a syringe full of ice-cream flavored heroin!

    Almost cute enough for me to justify giant underground fences and the MAD attention those things need as pets.

  107. it looks like a pokemon O.O

  108. T., I don’t want to be considered Fennec-y or unfair, but for that comment your puddin ration for the year has just been halved.

  109. ambracadabra says:

    Fennec…too cute…for…werds. *gasps for breath*

  110. um, duh, rabbits have big ears

  111. Well the bad news is your pudding ration has been halved.

    The good news is we’re getting it all loaded into the puddin-pault right now.

    (Adjusts sensitive fox-eared targeting system, and waits for the first peep.
    I mean noise.)

  112. I’m so glad there are other big-ear fans here besides me! Yeah, tiny ears are qte, but huge ears RAWK!

  113. Right out of “The Little Prince”!

  114. widdle bitty head!
    big honkin’ earsies!!

    Good way to start my morning.

  115. I’m not sure how I missed this picture, but I SEE IT NOW, and you can bet I’m squealing.

    Lookit those ears. XD

  116. my husband thought this was a chihuahua. wtf?

  117. ZOMG so cute!
    I love Fennec foxes. And they never, ever stop being cute.
    Quote I once saw about Fennec’s

    “Drawn by Disney, animated by Warner Brothers.”


  118. There are other examples of this phenomenon, just go up to your nearest neighborhood beagle, and hold up his/her ears like that, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

  119. Ears that are way too big for the head ought to be a cuteness rule!

  120. Fennecs rule!! I don’t care ifit becomes a rule of cuteness, but come on! Look at him/her!

  121. I’ve always been on the opinion that while “small ear-to-head ratio” is cute, “small HEAD-to-EAR ratio” is cute too. I mean, all those small fluffy animals with HUGE ears? ANERABLE! I’m completely in favor of the little kittehs with the ears as big as their muzzlepuff moufs. I mean, these enourmous perked ears? the adorable huge floppy fuzzyness?–on some animals, tiny ears looks just…odd, whereas bigger ears look just sweet. I mean, Hello? DUMBO!!! Hugest ears EVER, and who DIDN’T Awwww! when they first flopped open???

  122. I want one sooo bad
    Oh em gee my cute has been overloaded!

  123. I can really only say:

    I’m so very happy that my favorite animal evar has finally made it to CO. 😀

  124. Omg, I laughed so LOUD at Mr. Perot, teho.

    pyrit, Aubrey and Redz, too!

    This little guy is cute, no room for ear-or there!

  125. Ok.

    So I’ve been checking this site just about daily for a long time, and love it always, but I have finally been compelled to post.

    I want one.

    So how cruel would it be to have one of these in MN? Is it even legal in MN? Does anyone know about what they cost???

  126. Those ears could pick up transmissions from little green peeps in another galaxy. Coooolllll!

  127. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Big ears on animals are awesome. One of my cats had humongous ears when she was younger. She still hasn’t quite grown into ’em (although nowhere near to the extent that this foxy guy hasn’t grown into his).

  128. Rachel: There’s something you should know about foxes…well, many: You’d need a few acres of land just to make them not feel caged; they use liberal use of 3+ strong scent glands located on their body (strong, so I hear) and, at least in CA, you actually need a permit and a reason to have one (like education). That, and they tend to need a little tlc and a lot of regular checkups. Sometimes, though…it’s worth it.

  129. My name is Jen M. but I did not send this in! Hello, fellow Jen M.!

  130. Theo–Huh? I don’t understand the reference. who’s the guy in the picture? am I sure about what?

    please clarify.

  131. [sigh]
    …it’s Ross Perot. He ran for President once on the “wacky-ass billionaires” ticket (according to David Letterman). In the Star Trek “Next Generation” universe, the Ferengi race were modeled after him. They all have… [drumroll!] …big ears.

  132. cute theory calculation

    thing (your own ears in this case) that makes you look smaller + B.E.F. + just a hint of furbrows + the look + soft-clawe action on the furnishure at the end of the pawness-up action + five-head (the ears camouflage it but it’s so there) + inquisitive look = ennnnnhhhhh! + anerable! + *plop*

  133. GAAAAH! SOOOOOOOOO CUUUTE! Must snorgle!

  134. OK, I spelled it wrong: SERVAL SERVAL SERVAL KITTEN.

  135. Theo: Oh. I get it now! Sorry, I’m notoriously clueless on the subject of pop culture. ^-^;;

  136. Fennecs make great pets actually, if you do a LOT of reading and prep before you set about getting one. They’re more like cats than dogs by any means, tending to be picky and aloof. As well as being crazy jumpers and climbers (so say goodbye to ANYTHING breakable on ANY shelf). That said they’re also very sweet and loving, especially with those that reared them young.
    You don’t require ‘acres of space’ either, as you’re not going to want to let these guys outside (they will climb any fence and usually disappear completely) They do enjoy screened in porches -under supervision. But will be quite content with a house to roam.
    Housing them beyond that, you’ll need something close to a very large ferret cage, with an open hatch and a couple stories. With lots of warm fuzzy stuff for them to burrow in, they’re tenacious diggers (also say goodbye to carpets and comfy loveseats). Its rather hard to get these guys on your schedule though, so be prepared for some long nights. Good thing they’re totally litter trainable though…mostly.
    Beyond the fox-proofing, pricey fox-condo, pricey diet (you can read up on that later, its complicated) and the loss of your stuff they really do make loving and very amusing pets.
    Found at breeder’s or at exotic pets shows and running $1,000-$2,000.

  137. I have always LOOOOVED animals with big ears. I think corgis are some of the cutest dogs ever, and I love those Egyptian cats with the big ears. SQUEE!

  138. omg! i totally want one of these!!!

  139. That is the most cutest thing EVER!

  140. Isn’t it illegal to be in possession of a wild animal…?

    Is my spelling and/or grammar OK?

  141. kittyfreek says:

    Aw Aw Aw Aw Aw Aw Awwwwwwwww
    Fennneeekuleee Fennneeekulaaaaaa

  142. I agree with the “small HEAD to EAR ratio” …I tend to think cuteness relies on the dwarfing of things – whether it’s the animal’s body parts (i.e. head or ears), the whole animal (i.e. animals in hands!), or just its defensiveness (exposed fuzzy bellies.) Just a thought.

  143. Hello, Nice sites to visit if you would like to learn more about these desert cuties 🙂
    fresno chaffee zoo

    fennec fox kits

  144. Anonymous Fox Friend says:

    New Rule of Cuteness in the making: Giant Ear to Head Ratio makes a cute animal (fennec foxes basset hounds, corgis ect.)

  145. Loving the FOXY!!! says:

    sooo cute!! where do u ppl find these pictures? do u actually take them your self?!?! MAD SKIZZLES RIGHT THERE!!! if you took these pics be proud
    very proud : )