Pugsters Manning

Go Colts!

(and Pugsters Manning)

You gotta love the leg action.


Hope ya’ll had a great Superbowl. Thanks to Sender-Inner Anika W.



  1. “Gosh, Billy — I sure am thirsty! Why don’t I drink this tall, cool glass of water while you sing for the nice people in the audience?”

  2. vivian calloway says:

    nice tounge baby

  3. It’s like he has extra tongue.

  4. Oh my heck! My heart strings just died on me. You know me, I’m a sucker for a Pug.


  5. darkshines says:

    Sorry pug fans, he look like he is waiting for his mothership to take him home….. 😛

  6. I agree with the other Mike. This looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy

  7. Frank from Men in black must’ve changed his outfit from I <3 New York to this, just for the super bowl season.

  8. Poor puggles… They have to put up with more dressing-up indignity than any other breed.

  9. well maybe peyton will give this liite guy a rid in his new red caddy with that tongue action going on however I would not try that in chicago right now very snuggie pic

  10. the word is ride not rid sorry people

  11. He looks like Dr. Zaius in Planet of the Apes.

  12. He is totally rockin’ an Abe Lincoln beard…I can see him with a lil’ top hat…I guess that will be for President’s Day?

  13. he has some seeeerioulsy cute fur around his chin…his tongue also kinda looks like that thing people can do that looks like a clover? never been able to pull that one off, but he does it marvelously. =P

  14. NTMTOM: Whar have YEW been?

    That is, like, massive neck wattle if I’ve ever seen it.

  15. JulesNotVerne says:

    Thanks to CO (and /.) the main cheer at our Colts party was “OMG PONIES!!1!” It seems to have worked! Go Cute Pugs!

  16. TanksMommy says:

    The little legs!!! OH MY GOD! Why are pugs so cute in outfits? When I get a pug she is going to have a pink fleece and a pink Diva collar.

  17. Eeee, it’s Thalia’s first time on Cute Overload!

    Even though she’s got that impressive beard, Thalia’s a 7 year old girl!

    If you’d like to see more of her, you can visit my Puggie Flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gothiclibrarian/sets/72157594244857164/

    She just had knee surgery 2.5 weeks ago, so the jersey helped to protect her bald spots from the bitter cold we’re enduring in Indianapolis this week.


  18. tubbysnuggles says:

    YAY it’s my buddy ANIKA and CHUB!! **squee**

    I get SUCH a kick out of seeing pics my friends posted on CO. I gotta send in one of my cat these days, LOL…

    Go Chub!

  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    Judging from the look on her face, she’s actually a secret fan of the Other Guys.

  20. useta hada kitteh says:

    “Other Guys” meaning the team the blue ones were playing in that whatsit game on Sunday. (I don’t know nuthin’ from American football…)

  21. Haha, that IS an impressive beard. But she is way adorable! I cannot resist teh yummy Pug! <3

  22. Beauregard says:

    NTMTOM: BWWaahahahahah!!!

  23. thalia! you’re a star!

    i’m so pleased that her loveliness has moved off of flickr and LJ, and into the “real world” of the internet. all us peons should bask in the glory of this stupendous puggle!

  24. NTMTOM – LOL!!! Very true.

    Me thinks he’s saying “Thppppp” to the Bears.

  25. I look at this photo and I think “ventriloquist dummy.”
    Probably best not to pursue that line of thinking too far.

  26. Wups and d’oh, to Other Mike…
    “great minds often think alike”

  27. NTMTOM, bahahahaha! Great!
    Thalia is schweetie!!!

    And, it was a really fun Superbowl, if ya ask me. The rain just added that “certain something.”

    Hooray for the Colts and Pugster Manning!

  28. My two faves!! Peyton and pugs! Wahoo, Anika!

  29. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Oh so precious! I love her! So cute, her neck does kinda look like she has a beard. Hehee!

    Now I want to get a jersey outfit for my pug. 😀

  30. Man, WHATEVER!

    I’m a Bears fan.

    *Chicago not-so-silently sobs, tears up photos of Rex Grossman*

  31. Man, WHATEVER!

    I’m a Bears fan.

    *Chicago not-so-silently sobs, tears up photos of Rex Grossman*

  32. So cute pug action! Go, Colts!

  33. The 13th Rabbit says:

    Yay! Thalia came off the bench despite of her recent surgery to cheer on her favorite team! SO. CUTE. And, I will add, hardcore as well! ^o^

  34. Noooo….Thalia CAIN’T hava beeerd. It’s a fur scarf wrapped around her neck w/the ends dangling down her back. She is QUITE the fashionista. (She has Chanel on under that tee shirt her parents forced her to wear).

  35. OMG, the Chubster!! LOVE!!!

    — Andi 😀

  36. Don’t worry Theo, cos I wouldn’t have gotten NTMTOM’s post without your help (not having that Great of a Mind myself).

  37. Just wish we could see his curly laser, rocket tail!!!!
    GO COLTS!!!!

  38. Oe more great example of hilarity ensuing when the doggie outfit matches that of the owner. My dogs would tear that jersey to shreds (because they hate being clothed); I hope Thalia has a quick recovery!

    /Packers fan
    //rooted for the Bears
    ///is happy for the Colts because it’s their first Super Bowl win
    ////realizes this isn’t FARK

  39. Lourdes Reyes says:

    Um boo Colts! He’s cute but would’ve looked much cuter in a BEARS jersey! who cares if we lost we’re still the best!

  40. nope. not pretty. just isn’t. pugs aren’t cute in my book, period. pugs with stoopid gear on – even less cute.

  41. I think maybe JoggyB’s the reason that Pugster is sticking his tongue out. Heh.

  42. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! I lurve puggies! they are my favorite breed of dog, but maybe we could see this beautiful baby in a steeler jersey…yea that would be so much cuter. but even so, i love this little pug and her little tongue and her little beard! OMG! I MUST SNORGLE HER!!!