Playing with FIAH!

Will you please look at Señor Pup here, checking out his bowl that is OCCUPADO by a daring kitteh. Is this kitteh playing with FIAH or what. He’s doing what kittehs do best—some major taunting.


Kitteh: "Oh, don’t mind moi, I’m just makin’ muhself comfertuhbuls…"

Pup: [licks chops]


Marisa L.? Way to GO. Serious. Way to go.



  1. Watch out, Kitteh! You’re going to get GLOMPed soon. ‘Cause how else is Pupper going to get that little morsel out of his bowl?

  2. The dog’s yellow tag says “THERAPY DOG”. He’s gonna need it!

    And, Kitty Bowl!

  3. I bet that was NOT the water bowl!

  4. useta hada kitteh says:

    Kitteh: What’s yer problem, Dawg? I’m just sittin’ here in this nice round bathtub, which is, I might point out, just the size of me, a-washin’ my paws. Some privacy please…”

    Dawg: “Huh? didn’t that used to be my dish?”

    Kitteh: “We all must make some sacrifices in this life. This is MINE, now.”

  5. Haha. I like how the kitty’s head moved slightly away when the dog licked its chops.

  6. I’m glad nobody’s in the room because I did some major LOL. That’s too funny! *clap*

  7. awwwww……….. is it a bengal?

  8. Move over Kiteh you’re laying in my food. Too cute.

  9. lol – i read the caption out loud here at … ahem… work i love meg is capable of making simple text sound funny by way of spelling. it cracks me up.

  10. they match!

  11. haha, love it!

  12. heidilynn says:

    Looks like a heat duct underneath the bowl? If it is, I’ll bet that metal bowl is roasty-toasty, hence the attraction to kitty. I could use a nice, heated bed!

    (Our dog’s bowl is by a heat vent, because that’s where it will fit in the kitchen. It bugs her when the heat is on–she will nudge the bowl until it is further away from the blowing heat before she eats. )

  13. SeaBreeze says:

    “Here, let me help you clean yourself off. Slurp, sluuuurrrp!”

  14. Hey look, A TREAT! Mmmmmm….

  15. martha in mobile says:

    im n UR bwl, washin mi paw

  16. little gator says:

    Did you say daring Kitteh or darling kitteh? either works for me.

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hey, dog, I’ve staked out my territory! Go find your own! What — you’re still here?! Okay, I’m going to be totally nonchalant now.
    (Licking continues, much to doggie’s chagrin)

  18. [LOL]
    [right here at my desk at work]

    A MOST amusing post.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    If you look at the color of the kitten and then look at the color of the dog, it is clear that the dog has injested many kittens of precisely this type in order to keep his coat all gruff and shiny. 🙂

  20. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh: “I love this place! They bring new meaning to ‘breakfast in bed’! *honk-shu, honk-shu!*”

    Dorg: “Baroo?”

  21. Garcon zere ees a hair(ball) een my soup du jour!

  22. AWWWWWWWWWWWW, a tortoisehell puppeh! What dog is that?

    I love how they kinda match.

  23. It looks like the puppeh is going to need a new food bowl.


  24. useta hada kitteh says:

    I just scrolled my mouse over the pics to find out the tag on them. They’re labelled with a 4 and a 6… somewhere in the universe there are more pics to this story! Come on, sender-inner, share! Did the kitteh take over the food dish forever? Did the doggie get his revenge? Did they or did they not live happily ever after? Tune in later (I hope) for the next installment of As the Food Dish Turns…

  25. im in ur dish
    sheddin on ur chow

  26. useta hada kitteh says:

    Okay, technical question here. How come I’m having to fill out the test to prove I’m not a robot every time I post today? (and yesterday, too, I think) And how come my name and email address are automatically filling themselves in, even though I think I have that turned off in my internet options thingy?

  27. Take one with water in the mornin’.

  28. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Duh your in my bowl,
    So! you got a problem with that pal?

  29. I’ve got my feets in yer kibble.
    And in the macaronis!!

  30. I used to have a whacked out siamese kitty who liked to sleep in his water dish during the summer. When he got cold he’d come and get into bed with me. Nothing like waking up to a wet cat draped across your neck!

  31. That kitteh, in his sexy Latin accent, is saying, “I am de pack leader. I am domeenant. I will not acknowledge you unteel you are calm-submeessive. Leemeets, boundaries, and then keeble. I am de Dog Food Whisperer.”

  32. I bet the dog is thinking “Mmm…a treat for moi?”


  33. Doggie might be havin some MeowMein for dinner tonight!! toooo cute!!!

  34. Kitteh is SO relaxed, she is warshing her feets.

    Doggie is all “Well, dagnappit, my kibbles turned to catbits!”

  35. i’m trying to comment on the new post, the one with the huuuge ears, and i cant. anyone else?

  36. Winston & Charlotte's Mommy says:

    Pup is a therapy dog, no wonder it’s soooo patient with kitty

  37. First of all, I eet your foods *munchmunchmunch*

    Then, I sleep een your bowls *snuggluggleuggle*

    Adding eeensult to eeenjury 😮

  38. That kitty has some balls!

  39. I’m in ur bowl whetting ur appetite!

  40. Talk about Kitten Chow. . .

  41. Look At The Size Of That Kibble

    Yay; Kibbles & Kitties

    That Dinner Is Lookiing A Bit “Frisky”

    Yum; 9 Lives For Lunch

    Cat Food Looks Better Than It Sounded; But How Did They Fit It In The Can?

  42. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, kayte!

    What a great dog. Love his grizzled jowls!

    I’m sure he’s thinking “Oh, cool, they brought carry-out!”

  43. Dog:”Mongo is thirsty, Mongo wants water.”

    Kitty:Scratch, lick, clean, wash, wash….

    Dog:”You not water, Mongo wants water.”

    Kitty:”Yeah so…”

    Dog licking chops:”Mongo hungry.”


  44. Roberta, wouldn’t it be Kibbles’n’Kits?

    I’m gonna get me some Kibbles’n’Kits

  45. Yeah Useta & Kelly; I Am Having The Same Things Happen. Kelly; You Have To Be Patient; I Think It Will Post; Just Slowly.

  46. BlueFairy says:

    My dog Pearl loves to help my kitties keep clean. When she sees Monk washing up, she goes over and really gives him a tongue scrubbing until he is soaked. So if she found a kittie bathing in her bowl, it better know how to swim.

  47. Yeah Pheas; That Would Be Better :)Thanks

  48. Blue…..The Night My Schnoodle Died My Sons Schnauzer “Buzz” Had Her Soacking Wet. I Think He Knew. I Think Pebbles Had A Stroke At The Groomers That Morning. She Was 16 Years Old.

    Hope The Link Works

  49. Dog: YUMMY!
    Cat: I leeck myself in the face of danger!


  50. kitteh: la la laaaah.

    dawg: I mo eetchoo.

  51. That dog’s not thinking of chomping the kitteh. He’s trying to figure out what she’s doing. “Let’s see .. first she sticks out her tongue.. ok let me try that .. and then she washes her foot .. hmmm”.

    And I support the theory that the kitteh picked the bowl not only because it’s a bowl (isn’t there a category of cats-in-bowls?) but also because it’s toasty warm on the heat vent.

  52. Kayte – PRICELESS!!! 😀

    DaisyCat – LOL!

    Roberta, Pheas, Bob & OMG – ^5’s

    Kelly – refresh the page maybe?

    Peeps, you are all so witty today. I love it!! Especially when you’re so observant to notice the heat vent, etc. Cuteologists ROCK!

  53. Ya know, I’m as with it as the next person.
    And I’m sure that no-cooking, live foods and all are just as healthy as all get-out.
    But this is just wrong.

  54. Im in ur bowl, pickin my toes … and absorbing heat waves.
    Baffled dog says, WTF? Wasn’t there water here before, or food, or something? Now it’s THIS thing!

  55. just goes to show that dogs drool and kittehs RULE

  56. acelightning says:

    There’s what looks like a carpet-covered climbing-place-for-cats right next to the dish – no wonder the cat considers the dish part of her territory as well.

  57. has anyone considered the possibility that it is this kitteh’s giant food bowl (little kittehs need lots of food to grow), and the only way he can protect his food from being snarfed by the dog while he’s taking a nap is to take a nap in the bowl itself??

    way to guard the meow mix!

  58. I love how the kitteh so neatly fits in the bowl, as if he/she were made for it! LOL

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Noel, it’s a physical property of element Kitteh (Kh) to shrink or expand to to fill the available space.

  60. AWW what cute stripey kitty! Looks so snuggly there in that bowl – I bet the pup is jealous and wishing there were a bowl large enough for him!

  61. Obvy kitteh has been here more than once before…she’s tuned around… “EVERYthing here is mine!1!

  62. Musicchick…..Thank You; John Sabastian Helped Mine Quite A Bit.

    BTW; I Had Me A Kitty Named Mewsic Once.

  63. AuntiMame: Oh. I thought, according to beginning college chemistry, that was a property of a gas? Sorry. It’s been a while since I’ve read a chemistry textbook. I should find a textbook and look up the properties of elemental Kitteh (Kh). Maybe Kh is always in a gas form, especially given the formula Kh + beans = Kh (g).

  64. HRH: But, as might have happened soon after the taking of the above photos, dogs drool on kittehs, and kittehs better get umbrellas, cuz kittehs are gonna get “rained” on!

  65. Kh + beans -> Kh (g) + Mw

    Kh = elemental Kitteh
    Mw = elemental Meow

    In this case, the catalyst is the spice and fiber content of the beans.

  66. AuntiMame, If that hypothesis were really true, then a cat alone in a football field would expand to become the size of the entire said field. I’ve never seen a cat the size of a football field, although I’ve seen some pretty large cats.

  67. AuntieMame says:

    It’s entirely voluntary, of course. Gas expands because it has to. A cat expands because it damn well wants to!

    Also, a cat has only a certain mass, and the farther you stretch it, the thinner it gets. The reason you’ve never seen a cat the size of a football field is because at that extent of expansion, it’s invisible.

    It’s the same property that explains why you can fit grown adults, any number of canines, or a combination of both, in a king-sized bed, but there is never room for even one adult plus a cat.

  68. AuntieM-

    Thank you.
    I’ve been mystified for years by the cat + bed phenomenon.

    Now I just need to know why any feline food stuff, no matter how favored in the past must not be consumed if purchased in bulk.

  69. lauowolf…

    Could be the smell? Could it be that cats sense of smell gets saturated with the bulk stuff to the point that they don’t want it anymore?

    Just curious?

  70. book_monstercats says:

    I wish Auntiemame had been my science teacher at skool. It would all have made sense then. Love, love, LOVE the kitteh’s stripes. I want to lick ’em (ptooey – spits out shed hairs)

  71. Well it’s in cans.
    And they are packed away, out of sight.
    But since I have only to take the cheddar out of the fridge to bring my cheese-lovers on the run, I’m not ruling out anything.

  72. I have to sometime re-take chemistry (had to withdraw due to migraines) in college. The professor was incredibly boring, dull, and over my head. He quit, so there might be a vacancy at the college. AuntiMame, why don’t you be the college chemistry proff? You’re way more fun than he ever was!

    Also, who says there can’t be invisible cats? I think I might have one, but I keep stepping on its tail because I can’t see it.

    So, in other words, in the presence of a football field, a cat expands so much that it becomes invisible. That way it can get front-row seats without paying the huge ticket fee, and get all the popcorn, beer, hot dogs, pizza, and pop it wants. When it comes to football games like the Super Bowl, cat food is DEFINITELY out of the question!

    In that case, the cat expands because it wants to. It wants to be invisible at a Super Bowl game.

  73. Rich Fader says:

    [cue Copland’s “Hoedown” and the mellow tones of Sam Elliot…]

    “Kitten…it’s what’s for dinner.”

    [bum bum bum!]

  74. Mmmmm Hmmmm, yep. This pic was definitaly taken moments before a major GALGH!