Is it possible to snorgle—A BIRD!?

Look, People, I’ve never snorgled a bird. It’s not that I don’t think they’re snorglable, I just haven’t had the opportunity to SNORT THEIR FEATHERS like this guy. I can imagine it’s a fresh, bird-seedy smell, and is prolly pretty soft.

But heck—you’re the experts—what do you think? Let’s take a look:



Meeshon Accompleeshed.

Rick and Ming C., luuuuve the orange heart on your bird’s cheek.



  1. Awwwww! Man is all birdy smells good! Birdy is all yeahhh…that’s what’s up!

    Do I hint a smile on his little birdy cheek?

    TRES cute!

  2. Oh wow my first CO first comment!

    How exciting!

    Is there an acceptance speech involved, because I’ll totally write and deliver one.

  3. That cheek-heart is way too prosh!

  4. Awww, this reminds me of when I used to snorgle my cockatiel! So sweet!

  5. Oh so cute. That heart just pushes it right over the top.

  6. Bird snorgle in full effect, indeed. However, methinks he is dangerously close to a feather in the eye!

  7. Sure, I think you can snorgle a bird. I snorgled a one-celled paramecium once. The little microscopic hairs kind of tickle, but really, they’re quite affectionate. So yeah, birds should be a piece of cake.

  8. ‘tiel huffing in it’s purest form. Hey, dude – don’ bogart that bird!

  9. NTMTOM:

    Now, that’s just cilia.

  10. I’m sorry, Aubrey. That WAS cilia, and I promise never to re-petri that joke ever again.

  11. Yep. My Sid loooooves to be snorgled!!!! (we named *cough* HER Sid Vicious before realizing it was a she…it’s cuz she has one hell of a mohawk…)

  12. I snorgles my birdies every day. Have a cockatoo (rose breasted, very pink!) an african grey and a conure. Totally snorglable.
    Mine smell good too.
    Nothing like a face full of bird while they make little happy noises.
    You make me want to wake them for snorgle time right now!

  13. Thank you, Not That Mike (TOM); you’re a man of culture after all. Microbe you an apology.

  14. That bird’s all like “Thee wheeskers teekle!”

  15. Never mind the apology, Aubrey, just buy me lunch. No need to go out to fancy restaurant — eukaryote.

  16. darkshines says:

    If I tried this with my cocktiel, he would bite my nose off. He was recused from a house where they had an aggressive dog that kept knocking over his cage and scaring him. He is now so happy in our house (after being there for 6 years!) that he can talk, whistle, sing, make a noise like a car alarm……usually at 4am…. :S But I love him, and wish I could snorgle him……! 🙂

  17. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Snorgle” nothin’, he’s try to snort that bird!

  18. It’s muy cute but to me that’s and asthma attack waiting to happen 😦

  19. *swoons over biology puns*

    …as for the burdy, tres cute! I love it when men are all cuddly with their pets 🙂

  20. Wow how he dont eat it. Looks like he already done ate his fingernails.

  21. “That’s just cilia.” BWAHAHAHAHA. I almost peed.

    We used to have three cockatiels, two of which constituted a breeding pair. The third was a bit younger and would repeat their…erm…sounds. It was hilaaaaarious.

    And I definitely snorgled them.

  22. I have 2 chickens. They are snorgle-licious 🙂

  23. OMIGOSH I snorgles my little birdy all teh time, and she does smell like bird seeds. SO CUTE.

  24. Birds are totally snorglable: They feel soft and smell gooooood. I introduced “birdsniffing” as interest on Livejournal! My tiely boy smells like white corn chips, and my leetle hen smells like sweet body powder for leetle old ladies. Yay for tiel snorgling!

  25. That bird seems to like it.

  26. I snorgle all three of my parrots constantly. Not only is it possible, it’s highly recommended!

  27. Actually, they smell a bit like warm PopTarts. Birdie snorgling is part of my daily routine.

  28. I wish I had a birdy to snorgle. All I have is an anti-social cat who dislikes snorgling.

  29. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Beware psittacosis.

  30. I don’t think he’s snorgling the bird. I think he may be inflating it.

  31. They smell like chicken.

  32. Awwwwwww at the orange heart!!! Gotta love parrots.

    NTMTOM and Aubrey – you guys killed me.

  33. Lady Chroe says:

    My husband and I used to joke that our ‘tiel smelled like WHEATIES. They are indeed snorglable!

  34. My Umbrella Cockatoo is TOTALLY snorglable. Only problem is, I end up looking like I snorgled a powder-covered donut–that white birdy powder gets all over my schnozz.

  35. Careful! Cockatiel sniffing addictive–I know from personal experience. Nothing smells better.

  36. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m with the person who thinks he looks like he’s inflating it.

    I’m not a bird person, but finally came and read these comments — and had a blast with NTMTOM and Aubrey’s puns! To borrow a phrase, “You Guys Are Silly” — and I love it!

  37. I have had the opportunity to snorgle a bird… a pretty large bird. I think it was a cockatoo. One like Baretta had. I came up looking like a huge coke junkie! I had white powder all over my face. I don’t know anything about birds but I assume it was the bird equivalent of dander.

  38. charliewabba says:

    this is my first post, and I just have to say – yes, yes, yes, they smell like sugar. Conures smell like fruit. African Greys smell like nuts-cumin-fruit-sugar all mixed together. I highly endorse bird snorgling.

  39. Awwwww…I miss my ‘tiel! He was the male version of the one in this picture. He was indeed snorgled quite a bit and he loved to snorgle back. 😥

  40. Yes, cockatiels can be snorgled, I’ve been snorgling mine for over 20 years! They smell like maple syrup.

  41. i snorgle my starlings daily. i love birdy feather smells.

  42. [tapping podium]
    Attention! Settle down, everyone.

    First, I’d like to introduce Nienna to Teh Peeps. Welcome, Nienna!
    [golf claps]

    That’s nearly all I had to say, but before I cede the floor, I’d like to point out that Nienna has NOT been bleened. “And she will know your ways as if they were her own.”


    Thank you, and carry on…
    [steps away from podium]

  43. I concur, cockatiels make for great snorgling! Those little head feathers are so unbelievably soft …

  44. Cockatiels are very snorgable, I used to have a birdy just like that one, she loved to give kisses. Their feathers are so soft!

  45. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Wee birdies are incredibly open to being snorgled. They are receptive and make sweet gurgling-like sounds while you do it, to convey their contentment. Because their bodies are so small, you can wrap both hands around them and love them as long as you wish, without them wriggling away! I taught my late parakeet to “kiss”….he also liked his belly being rubbed. How sweet. <3

  46. We used to babysit an African Grey. Ha. All day long, “Gooo ‘Gators!” And, (in commanding voice) “Riiiiley!” (Riley was the husband’s name.) Hee hee. Poor guy. 😉

    Theo – Well behaved women rarely make first post history. Or is it, wild women never get the bleens?

  47. Just looking at that pic is giving me an asthma attack…wish I could safely snorgle a warm-blooded animal again without fear of wheezing…*sigh*

    Oh Theo, don’t’cha know?! Nienna *IS* the Kwisatz Haderach! Hail to the Muad’Peep! *LMAO!*


  48. I have a little parrotlet and he has been learning the joys of scritches and snorgles. It took a bit of convincing at first but he sure does love ’em now.

    And there is nothing on earth like the sweet smell of little birdy feathers. Mmmm. I could seriously become addicted if not I’m not careful.

  49. Oh this makes me miss snorgling my little loverbird. He was super-snorgable and always smelled wonderful!

  50. I snorgle my ‘tiel Brian on a daily basis. He is soft and dusty!

  51. Jupiter Star says:

    TOTALLY possible and fuuuun, too…I snorgle my little parakeets every change I get. Except for the partially blind one because it scares her. Which is incredibly sad because she has the longest, softest feathers EVER!

  52. I cannot start my day without snorgling my wee poopers. The two parrotlets bear it with varying degrees of tolerance, but the pionus gets angry with me if I don’t pick him up, cup him in my hand and snorg his little back for at least a few minutes before breakfast. He smells like maple syrup and his little feathery chaps fairly cry out to be sniffed.

  53. Birdie harmonica!

  54. Birdie snorgling is not to be confused with Conure Huffing, while making feathers puff out in a silly way on their birdy heads is fun, this leads to dangerous Canary Billowing, which can be deadly.

  55. not that you guys r silly, the other you guys r silly says:

    I agree — he’s NOT snorgling it, he’s PLAYING it. It definately IS a specially modified ocarina, known more commonly as a cockarina.

  56. Ah, parrot huffing. I’m quite an addict. I’m convinced I’m going to get a feather lodged in my sinus and have to have it surgically removed. Questions will arise. Interventions will be planned. But I will go on huffing. I like the way their feathers feel when I huff in and out quickly through my nose. Tickly.

  57. This is a whole new world you ‘Boid people are revealing. Who knew a whole class of people were secretly snorting feathers and loving it?

  58. And I can’t say for sure whether Andi is joking or not. Afraid to ask.

  59. When I snorgle my lovebirds chest she “purrs” at me and closes her eyes. It’s the closest thing to heaven.

  60. What IS the white stuff that comes off of cockatoos? I’m curious.

  61. It’s for real, Pyrit, it’s for real.

  62. snusnu: maple syrup and birdies don’t mix. Trust me on this.

  63. The “white stuff” is dander and it comes from a gland over the tail. A preening bird will first delve into that area, then groom its feathers. The dander keeps them conditioned and probably water-resistant.

    My cockatiel smells like popcorn. I can’t say he enjoys being snorgled as much as we enjoy huffing him, but he accepts the indignity in return for head-petting.

    Nothing smells better than a happy healthy cockatiel, not lilacs or lavender or even the ocean.

  64. I love how you boid huffers are making them sound like a bunch of Jelly Bellys (is that the jellybean kind with all the crazy flavas?)

    And really I just love how the smell of one’s beloved beast is all a part of the romance. And how a snorgle is so ruff & so tender (or: overwhelming/delicate) just like people-love.

  65. I love how you boid huffers are making them sound like a bunch of Jelly Bellys (is that the jellybean kind with all the crazy flavas?)

    And really I just love how the smell of one’s beloved beast is all a part of the romance. And how a snorgle is so ruff & so tender (or: overwhelming/delicate) just like people-love.

  66. My bird experience is limited, but when I was a little girl my grandparents had a parakeet named Sweetie. She was just like a teeny little person-part of the family!
    There was this white cockatoo (the big ones?)in a huge cage at the local pet store. They left the cage door unlocked in case he wanted out, but he never tried to escape. He was so funny! I’d go visit him, and if I bobbed my head up and down, he’s do the same. Whatever silly movement I did, he’d mimic. And when I’d go “awww…such a pretty bird”, he’d “bow” his head against the side of the cage for scratchies. Are all of them so affectionate and funny?

  67. I have 2 cockatiels, Cleo & Lucius, and I loooove snorgling and mwah-mwah-mwahing Lucius until she’s like, “hey, knock it off!” (in cockatiel language.)

  68. that guy looks like juan!

  69. Absolutely! My sweeeeeeet ‘tiel, Amy, smells just like fresh-mowed hay. Really.

  70. In the words of Meg: “Ah, a booteeful McBirdiesons. I must snorgle eet!”
    God, that cheek heart is so cute.
    From reading all the comments, I want to go find a pet birdie and snorgle it just to see what it smells like! I hope curiosity doesn’t kill birds like it does to cats…
    I also love Aubrey’s and NTMTOM’s biology puns. It’s nice to know I’m not the only nerd around here!

  71. Jess The Admin says:

    Absolutely. Birds are totally snorgleable. My lovie Cooter like to snorgle inside my shirt. I can’t believe I just wrote “snorgle” twice. No wait, three times!

  72. Never mind the bird…the guy is too cute!…really Mr. Bird snorgler your pretty cute!

  73. I couldn’t help noticing myself that this dewd has such nice eyelashes – I’m jealous and I’m a girl! Anyway… back to the bird and the snorgling action!

  74. eukaryotes! Ha! Many thanks, now I’ll remember how to ronounce it. that’s a great one. (It did take a lil’ Wikipedia-ing to comprehend, I admit…)

  75. Andi (the one up there with one i) – MmmmKay.

  76. Sir Real – I just happen to have an extra ‘p’ you can have.

  77. Our beloved Birdie (RIP), a cockatiel, smelled like cinnamon. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. It was lovely. Definitely snorgleable.

  78. Love the heart-cheek; Love the itty-bitty fingernails that will never scratch or hurt the bird!

  79. i agree, birds smell like popcorn–at least my mom’s cockatiel does. my quaker lifts up his wing and lets you snorgle under there. for real, it smells like heaven. and his white powdery stuff comes from his pin feathers. when new feathers first come in they have a white, waxy coating on the outside of them. they look like tiny white toothpicks. when he preens himself the white stuff flakes off and the feather fluffs out. and yes, it can make you sneeze.

  80. Awwww! I have a couple of teils too… They smell like seeds and they’re sooo soft… My Hoshi loves to be snorgled (I can’t say the same for Buddy though :P)

  81. book_monstercats says:

    I agree about the snorgling guy, his eyelashes are to die for and he’s holding the boidie so tenderly, so top marks to CO for giving us girlies something to sigh over (thinking about the controversial “***** ‘n’ racks” t’other day. I’d prefer something a little less explicit myself)

  82. book_monstercats says:

    OOOOPS! Sorry, just seen Theo’s very firm closure of comments on the hedge’n’rack blog. I wasn’t trying to get in through the back door.

  83. in these days of bird ‘flu, is it really such a good idea to be getting up close and personal with yer birdies?

  84. joggyb: I’ll risk it. My green-cheek conure doesn’t socialize much, so not a real risk of being infe…GACK! GOLGHHH uhnnnn

  85. I had a lovebird that snorgled me, He would sleep in the crook of my neck and we would watch tv together, sometimes he liked to sleep in my eye socket. I guess he wanted to make sure I saw him! There is nothing in the world like some good bird snuggling.!

  86. Well, birds kept in the home aren’t going to spontaneously contract bird flu, now are they? I shall snorgle and, if the snorgling causes my demise, I shall die happy.

  87. Sarah: In my youth, I wore eyeglasses. And my constant companion was a lutino cockatiel. He would stick his face behind my glasses and preen my eyelashes. He would also make the sound of the zipper on my purse, often while preening my eyelashes.

  88. I like to nab my finch and snorgle his belly. He always seems a little surprised, and I always wind up with a mouthful of feets. And when I blow warm air on his back and neck, he actually does inflate – all his feathers go *poof* like when he’s sunning himself. I highly recommend it.

    Andi: My guy likes my eyelashes too, but he’s not too delicate about it and I wind up with a poked eye. 😦

  89. danceswithcrows says:

    Aubrey and other incorrigible punsters, if the biology puns get any cilia, I will file a protist! (Not that it’d help when there are birds, hammies, and kitties to snorgle….)

  90. “I’m not touching THAT one with a ten-foot ovipositor.”

  91. Parrots are very snorgleable. My cockatiel, Judah ( ), smells like cinnamon and a faint, pleasant musty smell that reminds me of the under-stairs storage space in the house I grew up in. Unless he’s been sleeping in his pellet dish, then he smells like fruit.

  92. Shawna — fixed your link. Gotta leave some whitespace at the end.

  93. My bird only lets my husband snorgle him. If I’m well behaved he might let me kiss him on the head. Except for one time, when I took him to a friend for babysitting, he turned into a hussy and let EVERYONE snorgle him.

  94. uh. is he blowing his nose?

  95. Snorgling birds is so much more fun than snorgling cats or dogs. Their feathers are so soft, and they make little adorable noises when you do it 😀

  96. It reminds me of when I had chickens to love. They were huggable, lovable, good-smelling, and cuddly!

  97. Starbelly says:

    Cockatiels are completely snorgable. Our Ernie bird was dusty smelling, but completely loveable!

  98. SEXXXY!!!!! Fuhget the boid! I’d like to snorgle HIM!!!

  99. i leerrrrvveee to snorgle my quaker “COCO”, he has THE greatest birdy smell in the world.Except when he takes a bath- then he actually has the “wet dog smell” weird;cant figure out why either.. other than that,he smells wunnerful!!

  100. Rick and Ming says:

    Thanks for all the fun comments! It’s so nice to know that a ton of birdies out in the world are getting attentive snorgling action. Our cockatiel smells like rainbows, sunshine, and fluff; she smells like sweet heaven. Sometimes she smells like sunflower seediness, millet, or popcorn, depending on what treats she’s had. She usually doesn’t like being grabbed as such in the picture (but who’s gonna win – daddy or baby?); she’d much rather snuggle up to our faces and bump her head against our fingers for an hour of non-stop head scratching.

    Carla, Moosie, book_monstercats, and TM – that’s MY man! I’m the only one who gets to snorgle him and his eyelashes – neener neeeener! 😉 (He secretly thanks you for the ego boost and gives you a coy smile and wink)

  101. Hey, Rick and Ming, I think your tiel and mine were separated in the nest! At our house we call what’s happening in the picture “hen capture” and usually only Daddy manages to do it. She pretends not to like it even when she has cleverly manipulated Daddy into capturing her! However, she likes to sit on my knee and nudge my fingers with her beak so I’ll scritch her, or to snuggle in the crook of my arm. She is a fussy girl but really very affectionate.

    And Rick, with the glasses and beard, you look a lot like my husband, only his hair is reddish-blond turning silver. Do you get preening of the whiskers?

  102. ahhaah. Sorry bout that Ming. I couldn’t resist mentioning that. I was so overtaken by such a cute pic. You should take it as a compliment! 😉 *wink* hahaha

  103. My leetle white dove used to smell sooooo good, a fresh, dusty smell. I lost her a few years back, but she liked being snorgled on her back.