Control over the remote

[the delightful sound of swiveling muzzlepuffs, sweeping over remote control]

Ham 1: "I wanna watch 24!"
Ham 2: "No way, José, it’s time for ‘Heroes’"
Ham 3: "Dewds, "Heroes" beats "24" head-to-head, but "24," along with a stronger performance from "Prison Break," helps Fox eke out a wins in the hams 1-3 years demographic, according to preliminary data released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. So—the choice is obvious."

[Great ball of fur frenzy ensues]


Thanks, Jessica W. from NY Hamster House!



  1. Hey, what does this blue button do. Nooooo, not the blue button…..

  2. Is that a bone-shaped snack I see?

  3. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    OMG. Too cute. And did you see her page? AHN! Cuteness abounds in the NYHH. I think Jesus was my favorite.

  4. It’s Sam, Norm and Cliffie.

  5. Ham #2 gets my vote because obviously Heroes is quality television that is way cooler than anything else out there.

    Oh and also cuz I imagined that #2 is the guy on the right climbin on top of the remote and look at that little pawsitude action he’s got goin.




  7. insane names

    moo cow, kaiser wilhelm, jack bauer, TOFURKEY.

  8. ASDF — which one’s which? And are you including the remote?

  9. LOL. Theo ya kill me go to past hammies at the site.

  10. This one just keeps getting me the name of the file is Tivo whores. LOL

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    DAH! So that’s where my remote is…

  12. Susie — I got it, no worries; just couldn’t let the nyuk pass.
    Did you see there’s been a “God” hamster?

  13. Hey there, it’s Jessica, Founder of the New York Hamster House (along with Kaiser Wilhelm Hamster). The hamsters in the photo are Sinead, Killer, and Whale, three of the cutest hammies EVER! They lived together for a while and would sleep snuggled all together. Though, I had to order three new remotes from Time Warner Cable because those monsters eat all the important buttons off ….

  14. Someone named their hamsters God and Jesus. I don’t know what else to type after that sentence. 🙂

  15. Finally! It’s been soooo loooong since the last hammie post. Clearly they love their remote … deeleescious buttonses!

  16. Martha — FYI — that “someone” is the person who commented right before you.


  17. Once again, Meg’s captions kill me along with those dwarf hammies!
    I know the real reason the hammies are pawning over the remote: they want to watch TIVOed reruns of “Rescue Me” (which beats 24 and Heroes anyday, IMHO).
    Gotta love the bone toy (chew?)…is there a dog hammie in there somewhere?

  18. itty bitty babies! cute!! 🙂

  19. Standins, waiting for their chance to replace their cousins in the “Mousetrap” game.

  20. genetic lemon says:

    Is that soylent green I see there? And that hamster on the lower right reminds me of monorail cat.

  21. This so reminds me – okay, when we first moved to this big city, hubby realized I was depressed because I had way too much concrete and not enough nature in my life (I grew up in the mountains). Being as we were living on the 50th floor of a high-end apartment complex, dogs and cats were out of the question. Hubby suggested girbils! We adopted the whole (male) litter and set them up in a fabulous cage. Two weeks later, after having given them a bit more freedom than we anticipated, the gerbils had taken up residency in the oven, dishwasher, closet, and clothes drawer. We didn’t have the (lack of) heart to put them back in the cage (which they avoided at all cost), so they continued to live freely in the apartment. They did as they pleased. Everyone thought we were absolutely nuts, but we rather enjoyed the situation, aside from having to watch every single step. To be woken up by gerbil licks on the cheek is THE cutest thing. The epic saga of the gerbils’ destiny is a whole different story…….

  22. AuntieMame says:

    What awesome hammie names. History, religion, literature, pop culture, you name it.

    “Jesus is related to God (duh!)…”


    And I love how the doggie biscuit is as big as the hammies are!

  23. pookiepuff says:

    OH! MY! GOODNESS! I LOVE this kind of hamster! They are so adorable! That puppy biscuit in the photo is also really cute!

  24. The more hammies I see here, the more I think I may have to get one, someday. They really are adorable. And this photo is TOO much.

    Ok, now I’m off to watch the Momma kitteh “Mom Kronshe” video again….you know the one I mean.

  25. how can they resist…?
    the beautiful shiny buttons…
    the jolly candy-like buttons…

  26. Tony James says:

    Apologies for the profanity, but I can hear Meester Xhamster #3 muttering, “Bollocks to this – I’m off!”
    Currently freezing various bits of me off in Maynard MA – any chance that there are any Cuteologists ™ in the vicinity..?

  27. Tony, I’m an hour south of your location. >^.^<

  28. Sue from NoCal says:

    The Dennis the Menace comic the other day had Dennis talking to his little buddy, “Don’t cry, Joey. Ham sandwiches aren’t made out of hamsters.”
    Heaven forbid!!

  29. Whoa Deb, so am I.

  30. The ones that got me were “Brook Lyn Bridge” and “Garamond”. (Someone’s a graphic designer!)

  31. As a trustee, I’m really happy that the New York Hamster House has appeared on this site more than once!

    By the way, God the Hamster (a.k.a. Frankie) came to live with me and was spoiled and cuddled for the rest of his short hammy life. God loves you and me. 😉

  32. Hamster #2 is trying to defeat Hamster #1 with his patented weapon, ‘The Ham-Stare’.

  33. Thalia…small world!

    I’m located 1/2 south of Boston, 1/2 hour northeast of Providence and 1/2 hour northwest of the Cape.

    It doesn’t get any better, location wise!

  34. this is SUCH a cute site just found it tonight!! I love that pic little Hammies!

  35. Hammie #3 is off to find the remote that works.

  36. That third dude at the bottom is like, “I’m gonna go get the cheese puffs while those two aren’t lookin’….”

  37. I love the NYHH. At least, I’ve read so much about them and been to the site several times to keep updated.

    I’d love to adopt, but I need to know what my housing and financial situation is going to be like in the near future. I may be moving in with a cat.

    I might be able to make some time to volunteer or help out if I can’t adopt.

    I love, love, love hammies (and gerbils and rats and mice), but it’s been about 13 years since my last one (out of five) passed away.

  38. Ack! I just wanna take that one whose beady little eyes are facing us and let him run up one arm and down the other, over and over if he wants.


  39. useta hada kitteh says:

    I loves the eyes on that guy in front!

    I was just wishing that my computer mouse was really a computer hamster that looked just like the one that’s looking in our direction.

  40. As for the bone shaped chew toy, it’s probably a milkbone, those are good for hammies! In fact sometimes when a gerbil breaks a bone, they suggest to give them some dog food to get more protein in their diet.

  41. And when I master the shiny buttons here, I can — dare I say it — rule the world!

  42. Like Claire said, Milk-Bones are great for hammies– one of the main reasons is that they are hard and help keep the hammies’ teeth to a reasonable length.

    My current dwarf hamster, Coral, LOVES her puppy bones. When I put one in her cage it’s like Christmas, birthdays and winning the lottery all rolled into one. I can practically see her little brain explode with overwhelming happiness (OMG!! Yay PONIES!11!!) What’s funniest is that she then picks up the Milk-Bone (which is as big as she is– she’s small even for a dwarf hamster) in her mouth, lifts it as high as she can possibly get it, and starts running at top speed around the cage as fast as her little legs can go. I can only assume she’s trying to find a safe place to hide it, or maybe it’s total brain overload. Anyway, she has to lift her head up so high that she loses all ability to see where she’s going, and the inevitable outcome is her whamming the Milk-Bone into every available cage surface at top speed, producing an incredible cacophony of CRASH! CLATTER! BOING! I about wet my pants the first time I saw it, and she does the SAME THING every single time.

    In summary, hamsters + Milk Bones = truly excellent entertainment.

  43. Since I’ve never had hamsters, I have a question: are there different kinds of hamsters? ‘Cause these little guys look different from Lucy & Lucy2 of internet fame. Anybody?

  44. HedgePigLove says:

    Musicchick2 – Basically, there’s two types of hamsters – Syrians (larger, very solitary/don’t live well together) and Dwarfs (smaller little balls of fur, tend to be communal but not always). Both types make excellent pets (since I’m active in small mammal rescue, I’ve had quite a few hammies pass through here). Good information can be found here:

    If you’re seriously thinking about getting a hamster, please consider adoption 🙂

    Oh, and the hammies above? They’re dwarfs.


  45. Yep, MC2, there are several different types of hamsters (sometimes different colors of the same breed). All of mine were Syrian hamsters, which are the golden (or golden with white) variety, and of normal size. There are also dwarf hamsters, and even something called “Alien hamsters” (they’re hairless by genetic defect, but they’re breeding them now as a separate type).

    A few things can vary among breeds or types, the most obvious being size, fur, and eye color.

    (Now we know :o)

  47. At our house, we call the remote, the “Power”. As in,
    “Who has the Power?”, or,
    “I have the Power!”,
    or, “I lost the Power.”

    Unless it is in the wrong hands, then, it is called, the “Dooferizer”.

  48. I’m just going to borrow one or two of them for some hammie huffin’.
    And maybe a long drawn out snorgle too…


    Seriously, though, I think I am going to have to go to this hamster house. any human accomodations there?

    Useta — I totally agree with you about the computer gerbil.

  50. they look just like my hamster. too cute!

  51. I love the crunch berries beside the hammies. Helps underscore the scale. I wonder if crunch berries are an appropriate hamster treat.

  52. Aw! Siberian Dwarf hamsters! My brother has one of those–soooo adorable!

  53. OMG Meg you surpassed yourself. “Tivo whores” – LOL.

    And Jessica – LOVE yer hammies!!! Soooo cute!

    Me thinks they’re trying to hide the remote.

    “Sinead, coast clear?”
    “Alright, Killer – HEAVE HO!”

  54. If I’m not mistaken the “Crunch Berries” are a type of hammie treat, they’re hard like pumice stone and good for grinding down teef. Berry flavored! 😀 I’ve gotten them for my gerbs before <3

  55. Toborzgrrl says:

    Remotes Repaired While You Wait

    Non-chewed buttons for a small additional fee

  56. As if hamsters weren’t cute enough…they had to go and make dwarf ones.

  57. Christine says:

    I LOVE HAMMIES! So cute. 🙂

  58. DOn’t fight little dudes! Monday IS a TIVO sceduling nightmare, but here’s what you do: Get Prisonbreak and 24 on TIVO, and THEN, either watch Heros online OR get it Friday nights on SciFi – right before Battlestar! Now that’s a lineup that can’t be beat.

    Wow, I can’t belive my life has come to this… LOOK AT THE HAMMIES!

  59. Martha in Washington says:

    I had assumed that the threesome of cuteness were all males since they were fighting over the remote.

  60. darkshines says:

    I had two russian hamsters, called Boris and Uri, they were bloody vicious! They loved puppy milk bones too, and would try to cram whole ones in the their muzzle pouches…..Silly ham-hams!

  61. darkshines says:

    Theo: Thats Boris and Yuri, right there! Haha, I love the way they think the can make it fit, like when dogs have big sticks and try to go through doorways, it just ain’t gonna go…..

  62. All right, it’s a very cute picture of George, but I want him back now! [I have a hamster named George, who is the spitting image of the grey hamster pictured above, the one pointed away from the remote.]

  63. all ican say is that…all this nonsense is driving all of you craaazy!

  64. Geeky haCKsters 🙂

  65. Posted a link to this loveliness at the relevant Television without Pity forum: