Trying to get comfertuhbuls

There simply AREN’T any cuter mewing sounds…you seriously gotta crank the sound on thees one.


Mandy C.—yer killin’ us.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Teeny mews!

    They look like they’re trying to trade skins. 🙂

  2. Where’s their mum? Can’t be comfortable without their mum!

  3. pookiepuff says:

    I love their tiny pink paws!

  4. such cute kits, Mandy must be putting this video on here so that they can be adopted. GIMME the lot of them!!!!

  5. I can’t even begin to express how cute that is.. i can’t.. oh god!

  6. OMG Meg…..What Kind Of Medical Coverage Do You Accept? I Wanna Submit This Site As Blood Pressure And Depression Management.

  7. Well, actually whoever put the video on youtube is adoptioning them. I want the one with more orange on its face. I CALL DIBS ON IT!!!!!!

  8. Ohmigod — were they -just- born?? Lookit their tiny pink toes! Teeny tiny mews.

  9. I want to snort them. Just mainline the cute. Wee lil behbehs, all wrinkly, pink and chilly lookin’.

  10. The kitteh appears and my head nearly explodes. But just when I think I have it stabilized, they bring out ANOTH


  11. Ohhhh my goodness. This just couldn’t be any more heartbreakingly cute!

    “Where are we? Where’s mommy? I’m so glad you’re here with me brudder. Meer!”

    It’s just too much.

  12. Aw, it’s like they’re trying to tie themselves into a little kitten-knot.

    Bless their little cotton socks =)

  13. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe, I’m the Mandy in question and I posted it because it’s the first video that I found (in about a zillion, no lie…) that made my boyfriend and all of our friends crowd around my computer and nearly melt onto me. And I STILL can’t watch it without getting all melty inside.

  14. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe, I’m the Mandy in question and I posted it because it’s the first video that I found (in about a zillion, no lie…) that made my boyfriend and all of our friends crowd around my computer and nearly melt onto me. And I STILL can’t watch it without getting all melty inside.

  15. Oh my goodness. What I wouldn’t give to get in on some of that snuggle action.

  16. Er…sorry about the double posting, guys…I think the internet hiccuped onto me or something…

  17. My 5 year old cat Frosty is upset by the kitten meowing. She keeps crying and looking for kittens by the computer, getting more anxious by the second. I had to turn the sound off. Poor girl. She never reacts to any computer sounds except those types of kitten videos. She also disapproved of this one.

    She is a shelter rescue..I wonder if that means she had a litter. Anyone else’s cat react like that?

  18. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Teeny pink pawsicles! Teeny pink nosicles! Teeny mews!!!!!

    >>>>POIT< <<<

  19. AdieAngel says:

    Kitteh 1: Hey, brother!

    Kitteh 2: (sad) Hi.

    Kitteh 1: Wot’s this? Ooh, a foot (climbs under). Ooh, another foot! This is awesome, brah!

    Kitteh 2: Dude. Get off me.

    SO SO cute! Love it!

  20. Looks like they’re kitty wrasslin in slow mo. And getting too tired to go for the pin. Ehn, ehn… almost got it… just need to… zzzzzzzzzzz.

  21. all three of my cats just came running from far-flung parts of the house. too priceless!

  22. “Let’s see, are we supposed to be tangling ourselves, or untangling ourselves?” I like the mew the kitty on top does at the end, like, “I’ve had enough of this nonsense!”

    They look like they can’t even use their toesies yet.

  23. teehee, they’re playing twister!

  24. Mine too. Pooh jumped up on the desk to see where the baby kittehs were, and Tipper stopped in his tracks, all alert like.

    I think they’re desperately searching for warmth and nourishment from ‘dere Mommy.

  25. They’re so TEENY!!!

  26. My Circe went looking around for the babies, and started to seem a little distraught about not being able to find them. My other cat, Jane, couldn’t care less about them.

  27. Nah, my cats don’t care at ALL.
    I do, though! EE
    Have you ever seen that youtube video with the very angry shelter cat named Burger? He’s screaming and screaming and hissing and spitting and he sounds like something from the exorcist. I’ve played it before and my cats never even wake up

  28. My kitties came leaping onto my desk to look for the kittens. Not so much distraught as confused. One of my kittens keeps looking behind my laptop screen, “WTF, where did they go?”

    Those mews are the cutest! Good thing those baby kittens grow up a bit to look less like aliens and more like kittens 😉

  29. these kitties sort of made me sad. they are way too small to leave their mama and some human put them on a bed to take a video of them. they look a bit scared and are trying to cuddle each other. poor liddle things.

  30. acelightning says:

    They’re so new, they don’t even have *fur* yet! And their little pink feetsies look like flippers. Love the tiny mews!

  31. Teeny pink noses, teeny pink toses, sooo fat…


  32. ahh they are lovely 🙂

    but do we really need the advert on the left it is always about death or heart attacks i come here to avoid the news 😦

  33. Is it just me, or can you guys actually hear an adult cat’s meow somewhere at the beginning? I think that is the mom. Eeps!

  34. oh my!
    they’re like…tiny worms!
    rollin’ around…gah!

  35. TanksMommy says:

    OH MY GOD… Im dead…the cuteness killed me. Teeny tiny pink paws and noses! Little mews! The one is crying cummere brother! Im cold let’s snuggle! nothing cuter than a baby kitteh…except a peep, or a harpseal..or a….hmmm

  36. slow-mo kitten wrestling!

    go wildcats!

  37. My cat Polly (also an adult shelter adoption) always perks up when she hears kittens and looks around. Once I had a show on the cats of Rome (if you ever go there its amazing they live in all of the ruins and are cared for by women in the city) they showed a new litter of kittens. As they mewed she was going crazy and kept looking behind the tv for the litter!

  38. omg, how adorabubble! put dem liddle babehs back with their momma!

  39. I know I hear tv or radio, but it also sounds like birds chirping in the background at one point.

  40. bucky spalding says:

    i kinda agree with Lil. these micro-kittehs are sooo leeetle and helpless….they want their mama. makes a tear come in my eye. put them back in their leeetle basket! *kisses the pink toes*

  41. I would hug them and love them.

  42. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOOh, I want to reach in and gently put them back with their mom!
    I also want to quit my job & stay home to be a foster mom for cats and their teensy prosh little fuzz ball babies.

  43. The kittehs are being put up for adoption and they are being advertised so they can get a good home. I think they can stand one and a half minutes out there for that purpose, and for the purpose of causing widespread poiting and the furtherance of world peace.

  44. Kitty 1: Mommy? Mommy?
    (Kitty 2 gets put down next to Kitty 1)
    Kitty 2: Sniff… Hey what’s this?
    Kitty 1: Hey, something furry!
    Kitty 2: Ooof. Paw in the face. Now I will lay on top of you…
    Kitty 1: Hey! Can’t… ehn… breathe! Must get out!
    Kitty 2: What are you doing?
    (both meow, video ends)

    This video is just too cute! Adorable little mews and not one but 2 newborn kits, crawling all over each other… Awww!

  45. “I’m going to put my head on top of you!”
    “No, I’m going to put my head on top of YOU!”
    “My head is on top of you! You cannot put your head on top of me!”
    “I’m going to squeeze my head out from under you and put it on top of YOU!”

  46. Like the double sideways nose vacuum action.
    “Vacuum to the left…and vacuum to the right…and to the left…and to the right…”

  47. Not that cute. When they are older, they will be. 🙂

  48. oh, thanks alot, CO! another widow-maker. when my husband sees this he is going to crumble into a heap of fine, pearlescent powder. i can’t grow old with powder! oh, CO, why do you want to keel my husband with zee keeeteeez???

  49. They’re kinda trying to wrestle. They’re just so very, very feeble.

  50. bunninator says:

    Anybody else think these guys look like seals that can only sort of wedge themselves around with useless little flippers?

    SO CUTE!

  51. “Get offa me! You’re too heavy! Mooooooom!”

  52. Anniekins says:

    Looks comfy 😉

  53. Alice Shortcake says:

    Those little pink noses and toesies – lovely. Who needs a hot water bottle when you’ve got a sibling?

  54. My tortie couldn’t care less.
    No maternal whatevers at all.
    Good thing she’s fixed

  55. Not a kity knot,
    It’s like little beads of mercury.
    It’s going to go Futt, and then there’ll just be one big kitten.

  56. Actually mercury is poison if you touch it with bare hands….

  57. I have some wee new ones like these at my house. Mama is a stray who found her way into the basement. They are so prosh!!!

  58. SeaBreeze says:

    While the kittens are prosh beyond words, separating them from their mom is not. Kittens this tiny only cry out for help when they are very frightened, because to do so risks their very lives in the wild. Mama cats getting upset at hearing these cries only confirm that this is not such a cute video after all. My vote is to not blur the lines at all between totally caring and responsible treatment of animals … and unkindness of any sort. Scaring these kittens is NOT cute. Rip me if you wish, but I’ve seen too many children and animals wounded by people who were “just having some fun with them.” Hence, my zero tolerance policy.

  59. Bright pink feetlets….little helpless mewing….yep, my heart just exploded, thanks.

  60. retinaburn says:

    Am I the only person who saw this and felt extremely claustrophobic?

    It’s cute, but it made me feel really bad for them. 😦

  61. SeaBreeze says:

    I figured it out, my criteria for what’s really “fun” or not … does the critter involved think it’s fun?

    Or not?

    I think this kitten thinks it is NOT fun at all, but very very scary!!

    Scary is *not* cute. It’s scary. And sad, very very sad.

  62. Omg! I was watching them and one like totally squished the other ones toe! Cute!!

  63. Adorable, but why isn’t the mom spayed? Too many cats in the shelter because of people who aren’t responsible about their animals. (I’m not implying that these kittens are not in a loving home.)

  64. this is by far THE most adorable thing I have EVER seen!